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Raising a Bun with a Daily Life SystemCh1 - A dream about a sexual encounter


1 – A dream about a sexual encounter  (mildly NSFW)

translator: xiin
editor: butter

Yuan Xi had a dream. He was a hot blooded male in his prime, and although he was a genuine virgin, they were in the information age. Even if he did not want to watch, every now and then an advertisement would pop up to teach him how to jerk off.

So, there wasn’t anything surprising about having such a dream.

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

And because he was not interested in women and only liked men, it had not seemed too unexpected that the figure who had appeared in his dream was a sexy man with a powerful figure.

It was just that this dream was blurry and dark as pitch. He could tell the man’s outline was excellent, and touching him felt very good, but he couldn’t see his face. Though, as far as the present situation went, as long as his features were not too bad, it was definitely his kind of dish. oKYdVl

Besides, this was his dream. Wouldn’t he look exactly like how he wanted him to look?

When he thought of this, Yuan Xi immediately felt great. It was like he had suddenly been infused with energy as he boldly began to do all the things he usually wouldn’t dare to do.

There was nothing to be afraid of in his own dream. Even if it was his first time, there would be nobody to laugh at him, so Yuan Xi opened up even more.

He took the initiative to go and feel up the ‘inflatable doll’ in his imagination. KeaRmM

Aiyo, this arm was so strong. My god, this chest was really powerful. *Drooling* these abs… this was way, way too was in line with his fantasies. At first glance this wasn’t something that a little weak chicken who sat in an office all day could be compared to.

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The vigorous tension under his skin made Yuan Xi especially envious and he couldn’t help but reach up to kiss and touch. If it hadn’t been that Yuan Xi had a baby face, this kind of behaviour would have come across as dreadfully frivolous…

Yuan Xi messed around until his own lower body swelled up. His confused mind pondered for a long time before coming to the conclusion that it was time to score a homerun, so he reached out his hand to try and touch the inflatable doll’s buttocks.

But his hand was caught before he could touch, and the hand that grasped his was very strong, and very irrefutable. cyEaKw

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Yuan Xi was shocked, thinking that this was indeed a dream. Did the inflatable doll want to take the initiative and service him? With this in mind, he was even happier as he laid down on the bed and relaxed, anticipating his enjoyment.

The inflatable doll’s methods were very good and the virgin Yuan Xi’s mind was almost instantly unable to think. The hands that roved around his body seemed to have some magic power that ignited fire wherever they touched, making him feel like there was an electric current passing through his whole body. He had an indescribable sense of physical excitement.

It was really too wonderful. Yuan Xi had never had a dream with sensations like this; it was simply beyond his ability to imagine. The level of fantasy was high enough to write a lewd story with… hey, hey, he didn’t realize that he had such talent in this area.

Yuan Xi was dazed and extremely satisfied with this beautiful wet dream of his. It wasn’t until a sharp pain came from behind that his wonderful journey came to an end. pbcXsl

How could he still feel pain in his dreams? And it hurt so much, not to mention that the pain had come from that place that was awkward to talk about! What on earth was going on? How could he be stabbed there in his dream by the inflatable doll that his mind had made up? What kind of mysterious development was this?

A low, magnetic voice sounded, “First time?” There was some surprise and doubt in the tone.

Yuan Xi grit his teeth in pain. All the things he had wanted from this dream vanished like smoke from his heart and he only wanted to wake up as quickly as possible. But as soon as the thought surfaced, he suddenly felt a slightly chilly thing swipe across that place, then all the pain disappeared instantly.

It was amazing. Not only did it not hurt at all, there was also an unspeakable tingling that flew up and made him experience what it meant to feel an intolerable itch for something. ao1Lnu

Everything that followed made Yuan Xi deeply feel that this truly was a dream, and a very exaggerated and strange dream and that.

He unexpectedly went the whole way with a man, and he was actually the one who had been topped!

The point was, this first time of his should’ve been painful to the point where he wanted to die, but it actually felt so good that he couldn’t even find where north was. Other than the initial sharp feeling, he never felt pain again, but was instead serviced from beginning to end.

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Such unscientific and illogical events could only be encountered in dreams. ihn9V8

Yuan Xi sighed and went to sleep completely satiated, filled with deep languor after a series of high tides.

Because of this, he also missed the opportunity to realize that this was reality a bit earlier.

The man straightened up, his gaze falling on the teenager lying in bed. Although there was no light, it did not affect his vision at all.

The teenager’s body was not bad at all; his healthy wheat colored skin was both firm and lustrous, and those small buttocks of his were extremely tight. The man’s mouth curved slightly as he gave them a light slap. The crisp sound echoed in the room, but the person who had just been slapped only turned over and murmured to himself before continuing to sleep. pSvRyU

The smile on the man’s mouth deepened. Although it had been his first time, he had truly been an unexpectedly pleasant young man. The man’s gaze carried some intent as he looked at him a little longer, but he ultimately did not indulge himself.

He got out of bed and stood beside it as he pressed lightly on his wrist, causing a pressed silver uniform to appear and wrap around his powerful body. Unfortunately, Yuan Xi was sleeping; if he had been awake to see such a scene, his eyes would’ve been shining – not because of how handsome the man looked with clothes on, but because of the convenience of having clothes that appeared on one’s body at the press of a button. It was so high-tech; could it be any cooler?!

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The man glanced at Yuan Xi again and was just about to leave when he hesitated. He reached out and covered Yuan Xi with a thin sheet from the foot of the bed before he finally turned around and left.

Yuan Xi stayed in a deep, satisfied slumber until the next morning when he suddenly jumped out of bed. Although there were no classes today, he still had to work two jobs. DUk0jI

Especially his morning job; he worked at a breakfast shop. How would he be able to work if he showed up late?!

Yuan Xi was grumbling about how the damned alarm clock hadn’t gone off as he hurriedly pulled his clothes on. It wasn’t until he was fully dressed that he realized that the situation in front of him seemed… not quite right.

He blinked and looked at the completely unfamiliar room. How was this in any way similar to his own small cubicle of a room that was only ten square meters big?! His poor self could only stare foolishly at the extravagance of this place!

Calm down, calm down. Yuan Xi tried to pacify his pounding heart. Although he was a self-proclaimed loser, he was one that had seen the world. He had struggled alone for so many years and had seen all kinds of storms and hardships. Hadn’t he survived through them all? retmqg

Right after he managed to calm down, Yuan Xi’s face changed again, He hadn’t noticed before, but now that he was walking, the discomfort that came from a certain part of his lower body really made itself known.

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No, it couldn’t be… Yuan Xi’s face was full of frustrated defeat. He couldn’t possibly be this unlucky.

He unwillingly lifted his legs slowly and the hot, throbbing feeling was so obvious that he could no longer deceive himself.

Goddamn, how the hell was this a wet dream, Lao Tzu had really taken the real thing up his ass! ijO4uf

The purity that Lao Tzu had maintained for more than twenty years was unknowingly given away just like this…

Yuan Xi’s entire person was in a state of blank foolishness. He had always known that he was a little bit careless, and treated a lot of things too casually, but even though he wasn’t a woman, to have sex with someone while dazed and confused, what kind of situation was this?

This was no longer just carelessness. This had to be the manifestation of a deep mental problem!

Moreover, it seemed that the person who he had slept with was a true, genuine scum, leaving so freely after doing the deed without leaving even a trace of himself behind. UVC9FA

Yuan Xi was not pretentious enough to think about figuring out who it had been. In fact, he was currently considering a more realistic and cruel issue.

He had looked around and taken note of the luxuriousness and ostentatious nature of the decor and could no longer ignore the fact that it must be a hotel suite.

Based on his years of working experience, the price of one night in a suite of this level would definitely require him to sell a kidney.

So, Scumbag, it’s fine for you to be free and unrestrained, saving us the embarrassment of meeting face to face, but did you pay for the room? UK msH

Lao Tzu was a grown man and doesn’t require a proper set-up for his first night since losing his virginity is no big deal, but if you make Lao Tzu have to dig up a kidney, Lao Tzu will definitely fight you to the death, Scumbag!

xiin: i’m only picking this up as a side project and will only post chapters when the mood strikes. if anyone plans to pick this up properly please feel free to go ahead and do so!  

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