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Reborn As The Villain President's LoverChapter 36


The funds were in place, the actors were in place, and <A Page of Love Poems> was officially being remade. Chu Cheng wanted to fire the deputy director, but both the director and Jiang Nan begged, and the deputy director apologized again. After thinking about it , Chu Cheng thought about how he looked down on Ji Qingzhou, but now he would have to greet Ji Qingzhou attentively. In the past, he didn’t pay attention to him, but now he had to be enthusiastic about him.

The photographer re-photographed Ji Qingzhou, as well as his couple photos with Zhou Ling. k6xqmI

Zhou Ling had a good sense of Ji Qingzhou when she acted with him before. Seeing that he was promoted to the male lead , she didn’t feel uncomfortable, but congratulated him generously.

Chu Cheng looked at their interaction and suddenly remembered something and turned to Zhou Chengfeng. “Give me Ji Qingzhou’s script.”

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Xiao Qian cleverly replied, “I’ll get it.”

Zhou Chengfeng was puzzled. “What do you want to do with his script?” l4vab

Chu Cheng looked at Ji Qingzhou looking at Zhou Ling and said nothing. When it was Chu Cheng’s turn to take a photo, the photographer was obviously nervous, but fortunately Chu Cheng cooperated very well, and he did what the photographer said, and it went well.

After taking the pictures, the two went to have lunch together. Ji Qingzhou remembered that Chu Cheng had a scene in the afternoon, so he wanted to practice with him after dinner. As a result, he just said it, and Chu Cheng replied, “Don’t worry, let’s talk about you first.”

“What happened to me?” Ji Qingzhou felt doubtful.

Chu Cheng looked at him, tutted and sighed, “Zhouzhou, you’re very happy now. You’re acting the male lead, embracing her left and right, kissing her face and forehead, everything. It’s almost impossible to let me drive directly. Is it cool?”


What did Ji Qingzhou think it was? It turned out to be this. He looked at Chu Cheng in distress, but still couldn’t resist laughing. “It wasn’t what I asked. The script was written like this, and the script was changed according to the original.”

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“But it is you who benefits now.”

“Then I can’t help it.”

“You can’t help it, I can,” Chu Cheng smiled. “I’ll go to the screenwriter later and tell her that there can be hugs, but there will be no kisses.” BMedLo

Ji Qingzhou: …

Ji Qingzhou felt that it was inappropriate to tamper with the script without authorization. “Chu Cheng, you know, I am an actor, and actors will always encounter this kind of scenes.”

Chu Cheng sneered, “Did I spend money to invest to see you and other women kiss in front of me?”

Ji Qingzhou pulled his arm helplessly and advised, “It’s all fake.” Cvl5H

“Aren’t you the one?”

“Dad …” Ji Qingzhou tried to play emotional cards.

However, his golden father was very tough this time. “What did Dad say to you before, no puppy love!  You are good, you can’t fall in love and put it aside first. You even want to kiss other women in front of your father. At this time, you are not shy, you can let it go and sacrifice for your work. ”

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“However, if you tamper with the script without authorization, won’t it harm the drama?” PAdlXg

“Ktlr vgjwj klii vlf klatbea xlrrlcu? P atlcx Te Ccsl tjr cfnfg xlrrfv jcsbcf lc lvbi vgjwjr, jcv atf gjalcur kfgf delaf tlut. “

“P jw kbgglfv atja lo sbe vb atlr, atf mgfk klii offi atja sbe lcafgofgf abb wemt jcv fnjiejaf sbe yjvis.”

“P mjc ralii erf atfw. Cgf atfs ubbv ja la?” Jte Jtfcu atbeuta atja Al Hlcuhtbe’r kbgglfr kfgf eccfmfrrjgs. “P’w jc lcnfrabg, jcv atf lcnfrabg lr atf ojatfg. Po atfs jgfc’a olilji ab wf, P kbc’a tfiq. Cgf atfs mgjhs?”

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

Ji Qingzhou thought what he said was right, besides, Chu Cheng’s background was there, the cast and these people really couldn’t do anything with him. “Well, then, I’ll listen to you.” Awz7j2

“Listening to your tone, you are very sorry?” Chu Cheng asked him.

Ji Qingzhou looked at him and was puzzled. “Where did you hear that I was sorry?”

” ‘All right,’I’ll listen to you’, what reluctant words.”

Ji Qingzhou: … qXmiB8

Ji Qingzhou thought that his father probably came from reading comprehension, and he could analyze the regrets behind these simple words!

“Are you good at doing the question’ What is the mood of the author when writing this sentence?  Your reading comprehension score must be very high, right? No.1 in grade? Full marks! ”

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Chu Cheng said modestly, “There will still be some deductions.”

“How can you deduct points!” Ji Qingzhou felt that his Chinese teacher was too bad. “You can hear my regret from my simple’ OK’ three words. What analysis can’t you make? You are simply a master of reading comprehension, the king of kings, the strongest king! ” BAKZPv

Chu Cheng smiled, “Don’t you regret it?”

Ji Qingzhou was sitting in danger, and his words were just right, for fear that he would interpret new ideas again, his words were clear: “I don’t regret it.”

Chu Cheng looked at him with a smile, and Ji Qingzhou asked him, “When I said this, what was my mood? Please asking Boss Chu to answer.”

“Isn’t it a feeling of not regretting at all?” x0DQ S

“No,” Ji Qingzhou turned to look at him. “It’s for fear that you won’t believe it and tell other meanings.” Chu Cheng laughed, and Ji Qingzhou looked at him silently. Chu Cheng stretched out his hand and grabbed his shoulder. “Well, just don’t regret it, don’t regret it, I will go and talk to the editor about this matter later.”

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Ji Qingzhou nodded, “Hmm.”

Chu Cheng thought about it for a while, and then he said, “But let me make it clear. It’s not only the scene, but also the drama you take in. I won’t allow intimate scenes. Hugging is my biggest concession. The others are not the best. If there are some, I will ask Zhou Chengfeng to talk to the screenwriter and directly delete or change the drama. ”

Ji Qingzhou had no obsession with intimate scenes and even because he had not been in close contact with others except Chu Cheng, he still had some problems with the scene. RVI4JP

Chu Cheng initially proposed deletion, but he tried to respect the original work. In addition, because some people who didn’t want the cast to feel like Chu Cheng had to participate in the show and change the scenes, he was an investor who abused his power, so they advised him. In essence, he actually didn’t care about these things, and even felt that it was good to delete them.

He nodded and kissed Chu Cheng to show sincerity. “I’ll listen to you.”

Chu Cheng was very satisfied. “Of course you have to listen to me. I am so good to you. If you don’t listen to me, who would you listen to?”

Ji Qingzhou smiled and nodded his head. q3h58l

Chu Cheng looked at him and only felt that he was particularly lovable every time he was embarrassed. He leaned forward and kissed Ji Qingzhou. “Although you can’t kiss others in front of me, you can kiss me.”

“I thank you for not saying that I can kiss you in front of others.”

“You can do it if you want. In front of whom do you want to kiss me, Fang Yaoxuan?”

After Chu Cheng finished, he suddenly felt that this idea was good. “Next time we see Fang Yaoxuan, we can practice it.” RI7an

“How can we? Did I promise you? ”

Chu Cheng smiled. “So, you don’t want to make out with me in front of Fang Yaoxuan?”

Ji Qingzhou: ..…

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This was how chatting suddenly became a delivery proposition! KYoup4

Ji Qingzhou smiled and held Chu Cheng’s hand, with a sincere voice, “I am especially willing!”

“Then it’s a deal.” Chu Cheng accepted.

Ji Qingzhou could only chime in, “It’s a deal.”

On the third day of the resumption of filming, the crew officially announced that Ji Qingzhou would play the leading role of Zhang Fei and Chu Cheng would play the role of Zhuang Xiangyang, male lead No.3. In addition to the fixed makeup posters of the two, a group of interactive posters shot by the two and Zhou Ling were posted. ietrRl

Paying attention to the book fans of this drama for a while.

Wasn’t Ji Qingzhou the third male lead announced by the official before?

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How did he become the male lead!

However, they soon realized that Chen Jiyuan almost quit, and it was time-consuming and laborious to re-elect the leading role. If one of the actors in the crew was promoted to male lead, it would save time and effort. ItBrgl

As for the missing supporting role, it was always easier to replace a supporting role than to replace a leading role at any time.

Besides! The supporting role of this replacement was still so handsome!

“What kind of fairy beauty is this? I always worried that the crew would choose a male lead because of the emergency. I didn’t expect that it was Ji Qingzhou who filled the position. I’m satisfied! And where is little brother Chu Shi’s from? He’s so handsome. The crew is so good at casting this time. ”

“Hey, I cried with true feelings. I was uneasy every day before. Now I am relieved. I just see that the actors seem to be newcomers and little brothers. I hope that their acting skills will be better.” Wd5jpF

“Am I the only one who wants to insult the retoucher again? If you look at the pictures on the official blog two times of Ji Qingzhou, don’t you feel ashamed? They meant to tell me that that was a person?”

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Soon someone replied to her, “Hahahaha, sister, the Weibo post of Zhuang Xiangyang, the official publicity poster, has been deleted.”

“Don’t blame the crew. The places where a star has been are basically like this, and the crew must have felt very helpless.”

“I can’t say it upstairs. Thanks to the grace of the star actor, I think the current configuration is very good, handsome men and women, I can see it, little love poem come on!” 6MdW9z

“Little love poem dashing ahead powerfully!”

In the heart of selling Amway the original book fans of A Page of Love Poems quickly moved the poster of the official announcement to the forum after seeing the crew announce it again. FyA0Gh

Main building: I thought there was a financial problem with the drama < A Page of love poem>, and Chen Jiyuan stopped rejected the role. It was estimated that it wouldn’t air. Unexpectedly, the crew started shooting again. Moreover, the current lineup and the appearance are quite amazing. [picture] [picture] [picture] [picture]

Soon, a passer-by entered this post, “excuse me, I don’t know anyone except Zhou Ling.”

“These four pictures, I only know the female host. Who are the men, male lead and the second and third male lead?”

“Ji Qingzhou plays the male lead? Wasn’t he cast as the third male lead before? It can be seen that the crew really has no one, not optimistic. ” bSsoD

“They look good! An Idol drama is to look at the faces. I am very satisfied with these faces. Idol drama is meant to have a youthful atmosphere. ”

“I also think that the value of this drama is quite high. If they are not decieving, the drama will have a high value.”

“Zhou Ling and Ji Qingzhou are definitely not cheating after watching the video. It is this new Zhuang Xiangyang. The photo is so handsome. I don’t know if the real person will look like this.”

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“Wait for the drama, they’re shooting it now, if it’s fast, it will be aired during the winter vacation, if it is slow, it will be during summer vacation next year, so wait. This drama has a feeling of having a long way to go. I am quite curious whether it will eventually jump or explode. Wait and see. ” x8sHvK

“It’s just a rush. If it explodes, it’s estimated that Chen Jiyuan will regret to death.”

“Maybe it just exploded without him.”

“Hahahaha, upstairs, this is how much resentment you have.”

“Running at a critical moment, as the book’s fan, I’ll remember him for a lifetime, hehe.” spX7uJ

Translator's Note

means to advertise something or someone that one adores to others, sometimes in defiance of others’ disinterest

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