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Reborn As The Villain President's LoverChapter 35


 Chu Cheng thought it was unnecessary, but if he really participated in “A Page of Love Poems” but didn’t tell Chu Xin, when “A Page of Love Poems” was broadcast, Chu Xin would definitely want to talk with him.


 “All right, I’ll tell him.”  


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Ji Qingzhou was relieved, in his memory, the original book mentioned Chu Xin, Chu Xin wouldn’t allow Chu Cheng debut in filming. Let his brother educate him, Ji Qingzhou thought. After all, he couldn’t lecture him.  


The two people spoke a few words, then Chu Cheng finally hung up the video call.  


Ji Qingzhou looked at his phone in a complicated mood, only feeling that the current trend was too magical, and Fang Yaoxuan, the spicy chicken, was to be blamed!

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What sense of existence? Well, Chu Cheng really wanted to debut, he also really wanted to become the president of his support club.


Ji Qingzhou thought and couldn’t help but pray, he hoped his boss could be as the book said, majestic like a working machine and he pressured Chu Cheng, that restless heart.


However, the cruel reality was always caught off guard.


Chu Xin looked at his brother and put down his pen. “What did you just say? You’re going to film? “


Chu Cheng nodded. “I have contacted the crew, and I just signed the contract.”

  Byo Ux

“Can you explain why?”


Chu Cheng leaned back and looked serious. “Of course, it is for the sake of drawing materials. My next book is about the entertainment industry, but as you know, although our family has an entertainment company, I went to the cultural industry early, so I don’t know much about this industry. I just want to practice it in depth. After all, practice gives true knowledge.”

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When Meng Sheng took over New Culture at first, in order to save the website better, they pushed a number of great gods, both male and female.  


 Some were already on this website, but they were ready to seal the deal because of the decline of the website; Also, they had not written online articles before, so they dug them up.  


Chu Cheng watched them dig people around, but was also busy with other affairs, so he took that piece of work. While docking the author, he felt that it was better to rely on himself than to rely on others. Wasn’t it writing stories? His strength.


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So Chu Cheng wore a waistcoat, incarnating “a miserable life”, and published his first fantasy novel “To the Sky” in New Culture. When Meng Sheng looked at them and came back to Chu Cheng to communicate with him about the quantity and quality of website authors, he found that his partner had become a well-known great god on the website, and countless readers regularly sent out urgent reminders under his articles. Meng Sheng felt that although his school brother was young, his skill was not small at all, and he almost broke Chu Cheng’s shoulder with excitement.


Now, as a New Culture male author in the fantasy area, he even said that he would write an entertainment novel next. Chu Xin felt that his IQ was insulted. “Let me remind you that you write fantasy novels, not urban.”  


Chu Cheng had thought of an excuse and had no fear of his brother. “Who stipulated that the entertainment industry must be an urban theme? Can’t I write a novel about the entertainment industry to fix it? ”  


Chu Xin, “… you have quite a lot of ideas.”

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“As a cultural person, you must always keep changing ideas and enthusiasm for creation.”  


Chu Xin smiled. “Xiao Cheng, just because I don’t say anything doesn’t mean I don’t know.”


“If you know it, you know. I have nothing to hide.”


 “So I hope you can grasp the scale.”  

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“Gbc’a kbggs, P tjnf ws bkc vlrmgfalbc.”

  iJ c5n

 “Kb yf tbcfra, P vbc’a atlcx ktja sbe jgf vblcu cbk lr sbeg bkc wfjregf.”


 “Kb wfjregf atlr xlcv bo atlcu, P kjr atf mifjgfra ja atja alwf. Po P jw ubbv, la klii bcis yf j wbcat, jcv cbatlcu klii tjqqfc. Aera ilxf atja.”

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“Then your agent?”


“I already have a suitable candidate. I’ll tell him. Don’t worry, brother.”


Chu Xin couldn’t and reluctantly agreed, but he felt that this was not a good signal. However, Chu Xin didn’t want to argue, but only felt that he was thinking too much.


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Zhou Chengfeng looked at the little prince who suddenly appeared in front of him and listened to his calm words. He always felt that he could hear Chu Cheng’s every word clearly, but when he put it together, how come he couldn’t understand it?  


“So, from today, you are my agent for this month.”


He was doomed.


Zhou Chengfeng only felt that his eyes were black and he couldn’t bear it. He struggled and asked, “Boss Chu, do you want to act? Does Boss Chu Xin know?”  

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“You said my brother? Of course he knows, I can’t hide it from him. “


 “So, Boss Chu Xin agreed?”




 Zhou Chengfeng was speechless, turned to look at Ji Qingzhou and motioned to him: You should also advise him!  


Ji Qingzhou thought: What ah, he already advised by the way, Chu Cheng could say ten sentences, also could demonstrate from various aspects the advantage of him acting male lead No.3, he said too much.


Chu Cheng looked at Zhou Chengfeng’s eyes and asked Ji Qingzhou, “Does Zhouzhou have any opinions?”


“Zhouzhou does not dare to have any opinions.”

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 Chu Cheng was not very satisfied with this answer. “Zhouzhou, what am I to you?”


Ji Qingzhou blinked, the two of them had so many identities, which one was Chu Cheng asking about now? He thought about it. In front of Zhou Chengfeng, Chu Cheng would not let him answer golden backer, daddy or brother. It should almost be, “Idol?”  


“Now that your idol is going to debut, what should you do?”


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“Call my idol and help my idol.”


 Chu Cheng looked at Zhou Chengfeng and spread his hand in the direction of Ji Qingzhou. “Look, I even have the president of my support club.”


Zhou Chengfeng: …


Ji Qingzhou, president of the support club: …

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Zhou Chengfeng looked at Ji Qingzhou, and Ji Qingzhou could only look at him with a dry smile. How could he have thought that Chu Cheng would really make his debut and film, and he actually became the president of Chu Cheng’s support club?  


Zhou Chengfeng was speechless, “OK, I’ll talk to the cast, but Boss Chu, you see, do you have a stage name? Keep a low profile. ”  


Chu Cheng thought about it. “That’s fine. Change' sincere' into ' city' .”

 Zhou Chengfeng felt that this change was a little small, but he was the little prince of his company, and he did not dare to ask too much, so he agreed.


Zhou Chengfeng held Chu Cheng who decided to act as male lead No. 3 in <A page of love poems>. He met the director and told the director about it. Sure enough, he successfully blew the director’s mind on the spot. The director called Jiang Nan, and Jiang Nan was too surprised to speak at that end. 6uGHEP


 The three people rarely kept completely consistent silence, silence, silence was no longer Cambridge tonight, and silence had now become Chu Cheng who wanted to make his debut. pW5HqM


Director Wang felt that it was really not easy to shoot this drama. It didn’t take long for the drama to start shooting. The investor had an accident and the actors stopped acting. He thought that the drama was finished. As a result, a new investor appeared and a popular star volunteered to save the scene. He thought that his drama was expected to be on fire now. As a result, the investor drove away the popular star and decided to act next time according to the routine.


Director Wang felt that the development of this matter was much more exciting than the campus idol drama he was shooting.   Sx2F7j


Jiang Nan deserved to be the smartest among them, and she was the first to react to this matter and agreed.  The reason was simple: Zhuang Xiangyang, the male lead No.3, had few scenes, so it was easy to perform. Compared with acting skills, everyone paid more attention to the value of face and the development of feelings between the teenagers and girls. Although Chu Cheng wanted to debut and had never acted in a drama, he had a superior appearance. Even if he didn’t say anything or do anything, his standing in front of the camera perfectly conformed to the modern girl’s fantasy of first love.

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.


Jiang Nan even thought that Ji Qingzhou and Chu Cheng were the two male beauties, and with Zhou Ling’s sweetness and loveliness, their online drama might really be able to fight their way with their faces. At least, at present, there was no idol drama she had ever seen that had a more beautiful cast than them. ZMEKD0


At least, among the idol dramas she had seen so far, there was no one with a higher value than them.  


Jiang Nan thought it was feasible, so she hung up the phone now, contacted Xuan Fa to adjust the cast, and publicize instead. L48blW


Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

As for Chu Cheng’s acting skills, Jiang Nan sent a text message to Ji Qingzhou. “Xiao Ji, Xiao Chu is acting as Zhuang Xiangyang. We have 10,000 wishes here, but Xiao Chu is not a professional actor. You are his younger brother. You’ll act a few scenes with him, so it would be good for you to teach him a bit, it will be hard on you.”


Ji Qingzhou looked at his phone and turned to look at Chu Cheng with a smile. iNzqKw


Chu Cheng asked him, “What are you laughing at?”  


Ji Qingzhou shook his head. “Nothing, producer Jiang said thank you for joining.”   xT17ek


“Does it make you feel ridiculous that I’m being thanked for joining?”  


“Of course not.” oi HjZ


“Then what are you laughing at?”  


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Ji Qingzhou looked at him and approached him. “You know the saying,’ There is a priority in teaching, and there is a specialization in the profession.'” D7aSWd


“Yes, from Han Yu’s  ‘Teacher’s Talk ‘.”


 “So,” Ji Qingzhou dragged the word, “although you are my idol, it is for you to better interpret your role, brother, I’d better teach you the basic skills of an actor.” JILn46


Chu Cheng: “… so you are now …”

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“Yes,” Ji Qingzhou patted him on the shoulder and said excitedly, “I’ll be your temporary teacher this month when you film, Chu Cheng.” FLlC3a


Chu Cheng: ..…


“I hope you can listen carefully to your classmate and be a good student who respects teachers and respects the profession.” OQwel1


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Chu Cheng: …


When Ji Qingzhou saw that he was speechless, he became proud of himself: “Either, you should give me a teacher’s gift first?” I1wg8J


Chu Cheng looked at his face that tried to conceal his expectation and excitement, and felt that Ji Qingzhou’s peacock tail was about to open again.  


He smiled, “OK.”   fGMbtO


Saying that, he pulled Ji Qingzhou into his arms, he stretched his hand to the back of his head, lowered his head and bit his lip then kissed him for a while.


Until he kissed enough, Chu Cheng slightly loosened his grip on Ji Qingzhou, he leaned against his forehead and asked, “Teacher, are you satisfied with this master ceremony? If you are not satisfied, I can do it again. ”   BLK7de


Ji Qingzhou glared at him angrily. “That’s how you respect your teacher!”


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Chu Cheng pinched his face. “Teachers teach students in accordance with their aptitude. Then students respect teachers. Naturally, according to different teachers, my respect for Teacher Ji is too strong. It can only be expressed in this way.” UFRcV7


Ji Qingzhou was speechless. “I think you are going to make Confucius grieve.” 0LJFey


“How come? I know how to be flexible, and I must be Confucius’ favorite student.”

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.


Ji Qingzhou coldly hummed. na729G


Chu Cheng looked at him like this and thought he was interesting and lovely. He lowered his head and kissed him quickly. “Whether I am Confucius’ favorite student or not, I must be Teacher Ji’s favorite student, right?”


Ji Qingzhou giggled, “I only have one student. How are you my favorite?” 8LjemA


Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

“It is enough to have me as a student.”  


Chu Cheng remembered his words before, “Teacher, I want to be your close disciple, and be taught behind closed doors. Moreover, there are not many students, and only one is good. ”   dvlcgw


Ji,Qingzhou smiled instantly. “Close the door, and close the door to teach, hahaha.” He couldn’t hold back and smiled in Chu Cheng’s arms for a long time. Finally, he smiled and looked at Chu Cheng, and his eyes were full of smiles. “Okay, I will only accept you.”


 Chu Cheng was very satisfied and kissed his forehead. “Thank you, teacher.” Ji Qingzhou looked at him and thought of the similar scene that he said he wanted to be an only child that day. He couldn’t hold back, he hugged Chu Cheng’s waist and kissed his lips, and whispered, “So, add some more teacher gifts.” R82DGp


Chu Cheng had always liked his directness and initiative, he moved forward slightly and kissed him gently.



Translator's Note


8awr x

Translator's Note

Cheng means sincere so he changed it to Chu Shi ztvF3G

Translator's Note

It’s a poem

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Translator's Note

Confucius is a chinese philosopher according to google-sama

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