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Reborn As The Villain President's LoverChapter 34


Twooooo chaps, i frigging did it :blobhighfive:

  LFa RE

“Am I an idiot!” Ji Qingzhou felt that his golden father’s brain didn’t seem to be so bright today. “Look, you are an investor in this drama, and Xiao Qian is your spy here. Zhou Chengfeng calls you Boss Chu, and I am surrounded by your eyes. Even if I want to relive my nightmare with Fang Yaoxuan and continue doomed love, I can’t let him appear in the crew. Wouldn’t I be afraid that you would find out soon enough?”  


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“Maybe you are thinking in reverse. You think that I wouldn’t doubt you, just in the name of work, and you can cover up the actual relationship between you two.”


Ji Qingzhou didn’t expect him to think of reverse psychology. He couldn’t wait to give him a long thumb. “You are really amazing. You are so amazing. It’s no wonder that you have a successful career at a young age.”


Chu Cheng smiled and said, “Thank you.”



“So how are you going to believe me?” Ji Qingzhou sat down in the chair by the window. “Either I will write you a guarantee to ensure that I won’t even look at Fang Yaoxuan in the future.”

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“It’s not necessary,” Chu Cheng said. “Although I had some doubts about you at first, you really seem to be ignorant, so I believe you this time.”  


“What if something similar happens in the future?”


“Then you need to ask yourself, what charm did you use at that time, that Fang Yaoxuan chased you so hard, preferring to appear in front of you?”


Ji Qingzhou was speechless. What was his charm? It was clearly Luo Yu’s charm. If Fang Yaoxuan wasn’t obsessed with Luo Yu’s charm, he wouldn’t have looked for a body double, and he wouldn’t have pursued him so hard.


Chu Cheng said, but he couldn’t help being curious. “Ji Qingzhou, since it happened to be here, you might as well tell me. What step did you and Fang Yaoxuan carry on behind my back at that time? Love each other secretly? Exchange ideas? Is it true that you said you hadn’t held hands before? “

 “Of course it is true!” Ji Qingzhou felt really wronged. He was sitting in a hotel with good people, and the pot came from heaven! Spicy chicken Fang Yaoxuan, what a mess it was to come out at this time!


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It wasn’t easy to convince Chu Cheng and now the topic had been revived.”Look at me like this. Do I look like I’ve had some intimacy with him before?” Ji Qingzhou asked. q2Bo8J


This was different.


 It was really not like that. Chu Cheng looked at him, “What step did you go to then?” owQf7A


How could he say this? Ji Qingzhou thought about it and said awkwardly, “I think others are quite good, but he was also very good.”

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 Chu Cheng laughed, “I think everyone thinks he’s quite good.” ukeCNS


“That’s different,” Ji Qingzhou explained, who was very eager to survive. “I thought he was quite good, that is, although he was a popular star, he didn’t have any pride at all, he was good at chasing. But I think you are very good. It is the kind of good from the inside out, from body to heart. Really, you are the best. “

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“Vkffa kbgvr, rkffa kbgvr ulnf mbibg.” F0MyP4


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“Vlcmfgfis, rlcmfgfis.”


“Vb lr atlr j mjgv obg wf?” Jte Jtfcu jrxfv tlw, “Kbvjs’r ubbv mjgv.”   X4g1np


Al Hlcuhtbe atbeuta tf kjr delaf qbkfgoei, jcv tf vlv cba obgufa ab rffx yfcfolar obg tlwrfio ja atlr alwf. Qtja mbeiv tf vb? Lf mbeiv bcis rfcv la. “Tfr, sbe jgf rb ubbv, P klii rfcv la ab sbe.”  


Ji Qingzhou tried to please him.   ojWsSU


Chu Cheng accepted this card and reminded him, “Remember, the second one.”


However, accepting the card only meant accepting the card. Chu Cheng didn’t believe him before, and he wasn’t stupid. At that time, Ji Qingzhou was willing to cancel his contract for Fang Yaoxuan, he probably liked him. BmU2rH


Only later, because of the debt, he had no choice but to follow him. Secondly, he couldn’t see why Fang Yaoxuan liked him and was worried that he had other purposes, so he stayed away from Fang Yaoxuan and kept his place.


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Reason told Chu Cheng that it was nothing. The two of them were trading for money. As long as Ji Qingzhou obediently stayed by his side now, it didn’t matter to him who he liked before. Anyway, he didn’t like Ji Qingzhou, he just wanted to sleep with him. xwNamX


But feelings made Chu Cheng unhappy. Why was it that all Ji Qingzhou’s firsts were his? When it came to feelings, Fang Yaoxuan was the first person he liked?


 What was so good about Fang Yaoxuan? It was not just that Fang Yaoxuan was getting popular in the entertainment circle. After so many years, he hadn’t even gotten an award, and he was not even a top performer in the industry. When Chu Cheng realized that he was haggling over every ounce now, he got a fright. He was actually worrying about Fang Yaoxuan and Ji Qingzhou!   r4dAkb


Chu Cheng thought it was unscientific. He cared about what to do. It was not the first day he knew. There was nothing to care about. He didn’t plan to fall in love with Ji Qingzhou. Did Ji Qingzhou like Fang Yaoxuan?

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

When Chu Cheng thought of this, he only felt that he was confused by Fang Yaoxuan’s sudden operation today. He even cared about these boring things. He quickly thought of a good reason for himself. What he cared about was not that Ji Qingzhou liked Fang Yaoxuan, but that Ji Qingzhou had established an exclusive relationship with him and dared to like others. This kind of green hatpainting behavior, he couldn’t accept, so of course he cared.


He finally felt a little comfortable when he thought like that. Ji Qingzhou looked at him as his expression fluctuated and was finally restored to his usual calm expression, he asked, “What’s wrong with you? Why aren’t you speaking? ”  


“Nothing.” Chu Cheng calmly said, “Thinking that I let Jiang Nan reject Fang Yaoxuan this time, I don’t know what Fang Yaoxuan will do next.”

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“He should give up.” Ji Qingzhou wanted to think, “He’s been rejected, what else can he do? Can he insist on acting for zero pay? “


“What if you are attracted to him?”


Ji Qingzhou felt it was impossible. Fang Yaoxuan only regarded the original owner as a body double at the time. How could he do that? Chu Cheng saw that he didn’t speak, and deliberately said, “In fact, if Fang Yaoxuan really participated in the performance, it would outweigh the disadvantages. In the public, with his joining, this drama will definitely be better for my investment. Maybe you can become popular. In private, you can also test your self-control and see if you have completely stopped liking him as you said.”


He never thought that Chu Cheng would turn around on this mountain road. “I don’t want it.”  He refused. “Although I can stand the test, you can’t test me like this. I don’t want to see him in the crew.”


 “What are you afraid of if you can stand the test?”


“I’m afraid he will disgust me!”


Chu Cheng smiled, Ji Qingzhou looked at him and asked him, “Aren’t you afraid that he will make you sick? In case he pesters me every day after the drama ends, and approaches me while speaking ill of you, wouldn’t you be disgusted? ”  

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Chu Cheng: … It’s disgusting.


Ji Qingzhou stopped laughing when he saw him, and advised him, “Life is not easy, why bother to find nausea for yourself, right?”


“At this time, you are very eloquent.”


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Ji Qingzhou sighed, “I would have looked at the bright moon, but the bright moon shone on the ditch.”

  b WH0x

Chu Cheng: …


“Forget the ditch, Dad.”


Chu Cheng smiled helplessly. “OK, I’ll let you go this time.” Ji Qingzhou just breathed a sigh of relief when he heard Chu Cheng say, “However, Fang Yaoxuan is so obsessed with you and tries to approach you in this way. I am really unwilling.”

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“How do you want to fight him back?” Ji Qingzhou was curious.


Chu Cheng thought for a moment. “Did you say before that there are not many scenes of this male lead No.3?”




“That’s easy,” Chu Cheng said. “The best way to hit a person is what he wants. He can’t get it, but you get it.”


“What you mean by this is …”


Chu Cheng smiled. “Yes, you are like this, and so is this character.”  


Ji Qingzhou thought his golden father is probably crazy. “Do you know what you are talking about?”  

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“Of course I know.”


 “So you’re going to…”


“Just what you think.”


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Ji Qingzhou held his forehead, “Chu Cheng, calm down, you are a little impulsive now.”


“I’m impulsive? I am not impulsive, I am very rational. “


 “You want to make a debut, you should be too embarrassed to say that you are being rational!”  


Ji Qingzhou felt he couldn’t read him, “Aren’t you very busy? Worry about your company, how can you have time to film? “

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“I didn’t tell you before. I have been relatively leisurely recently. Besides, this drama’s filming schedule is only for one month. Who said that I want to be a star? I just grabbed his role.”


Ji Qingzhou tried to persuade him, “There are many ways to fight a person, so there is no need to choose this one.”


“There are many ways to fight a person, but this is the best, isn’t it? Besides, me acting this role. First, it can stimulate Fang Yaoxuan to make him unhappy;  Second, the crew needs to give me a salary to reasonably reduce the losses that my investment may face; Third, the drama can be started as soon as possible, so as not to waste investment due to too much time delay. It is beneficial to both public and private. ” Chu Cheng thought it was feasible, “I think there are more people in the entertainment industry who have no acting skills. Now, aren’t many actors making this industry with their faces?  I have enough face value and height. Playing male lead No.3, I think it should not be very difficult. “


“But you haven’t studied professionally.”


“Those singers who debuted in talent shows and went to act after they made their debut in the talent show. Did they study professionally? No, not at all.”


Words were said, but Ji Qingzhou still felt it was inappropriate. “You are a president.”


“Doesn’t the president earn extra money?”

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“No, mainly, don’t they all know you? Like general manager Li and sister Jiang?”

 “What’s wrong with it? I’m not going to be a star. I just want to rob Fang Yaoxuan of a role to stimulate him. Even if these people know me, they can post ‘Surprised!’  The president of New Culture is unwilling to be lonely and plays idol drama in person?  How dare they? ”  


“Will this really not affect your image?” xbhFX2


“You think too much, I can keep a low profile. Except for Li Fei, who wants to cooperate with me, most people don’t really know what I look like. My former senior Meng Sheng is responsible for the external publicity of New Culture. Besides, if you know what it is, you should advertise the New Culture. “

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Ji Qingzhou listened to his rebuttals, he only felt that white could be said to be black by him. “I can’t say more, but if you want to film, don’t you need to tell your brother?” QRkjWS


Translator's Note



Translator's Note

is an expression that Chinese use when a woman cheats on her husband or boyfriend because the phrase sounds similar to the word for cuckold. As0QOb

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