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Reborn As The Villain President's LoverChapter 32


The production team was very efficient. After Chu Cheng decided to invest, they released the news that Chen Jiyuan had stopped acting and terminated his contract.

 After a while, some gossip passers-by moved the news to the Forum-“Eating melons, Chen Jiyuan strikes at <A page of love poem>?” 2 9pAs


Main Building: Chen Jiyuan and the crew of “A Page of Love Poems” have canceled their contract. Is it true?

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“The marketing news on the front page disclosed the incident, as if it was because Wang Pengyu’s incident affected Xinhai Company. Xinhai is the investor of <A Love Poem on a Page>, so now the capital chain of the production team is broken and it may not be able to be filmed. It is normal for Chen Jiyuan to want to cancel the contract.” itZdjN


“What’s normal? The cast hasn’t issued a press release saying it would stop filming. Isn’t it worse when one of their actors offered to cancel his contract?”

 “Yes, things are dead, people are alive. If the crew wants to shoot, it’s better to find another investor.”



“It’s not that easy. It was originally a low-cost online drama. Few people are willing to invest. Now something has happened in Xinhai. The drama has been filmed for half a month. Who would want to take over at this time?”

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“Therefore, Chen Jiyuan’s intention to cancel the contract is also reasonable.”


“The reason is this. It is a matter of a contract itself. It is fine to pay the penalty. However, it is the crew that has just had an accident. It is a bit inhuman for him to stop playing and want to cancel the contract.”

“Normal, isn’t Chen Jiyuan such a person? For the sake of an explosion, they were absolutely forbidden to make a supporting actor get more attention than him. How good do you expect him to be? Now when such a thing happens to the crew, of course he ran away. “


 Soon, Chen Jiyuan’s fans arrived at the battlefield, waving flags and shouting on Chen Jiyuan’s behalf: “Before everything is settled, some people can’t wait to bring fake ideas. If there is no cancellation, will they kneel down upstairs to apologize to Chen Jiyuan?” VXDIbl

“Ha ha, it’s a cooperative relationship. It’s always said whether or not to terminate the contract. Even if Chen Jiyuan has terminated the contract, what will happen? The investor has such a big problem, who can guarantee that the play can still be shot normally. “


“Some people shouldn’t be too fierce. They stare at Chen Jiyuan every day. Is Chen Jiyuan RMB? It’s hard not to stare for a day? ”


When everyone saw the fans coming in, they broke up. However, some people were very interested in the Wang Pengyu incident. “Speaking of which, it seems that several stars were involved in the Wang Pengyu incident.”

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“Is Li Wei involved?”

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“Pa ibbxfv ilxf tf kjr lc atf tba rfjgmt atja vjs. Cijr, Ol Qfl’r wbwfcaew lc atf qjra akb sfjgr tjr yffc ubbv. P vlvc’a fzqfma atlr ab tjqqfc ja atlr alwf, yea la klii jirb xlii tlw.”


“Ofa’r rff lo atfs mjc wjxf la atgbeut. Po atfs mjc wjxf la atgbeut, wjsyf atfgf’r ralii tbqf. Po atfs mjc’a wjxf la atgbeut, la’r ublcu ab yegc.”


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“Haven’t you heard of him in the second season of <48 hours of decisive battle>?  Let’s see if this variety show can help him. If not, he’ll get a cold welcome. “




The melon eaters were still eating melons here, and the crew of “A Page of Love Poems” officially issued a statement.


The statement said that the production team temporarily stopped filming the series for some reasons.

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However, during this period, male lead Chen Jiyuan violated the spirit of the contract and proposed to cancel the contract in the middle of filming. The production team failed to retain him.


Now all promotions related to Chen Jiyuan in the official blog would be deleted and Chen Jiyuan and the crew would be formally separated.


As soon as the statement came out, Chen Jiyuan’s fans and anti-fans immediately tore up in the forum.


Chen Jiyuan’s anti-fans accused Chen Jiyuan of not upholding the contract. To cancel the contract at this time was obviously to make matters even worse. Chen Jiyuan fans said that Chen Jiyuan was not a charity worker. Why would he have to get stuck in the mess?


The two sides were in a stalemate. The crew of “A Page of Love Poems” issued a second statement: The cast will re-select the male lead and continue to shoot “A Page of Love Poems”.


The author of “A Page of Love Poems” forwarded this post with the following words: “Come on!”


The fans who had been concerned about the drama also came to the bottom of the official Weibo page to cheer on the cast, crying that they must not choose anyone to play the male lead because of the urgency of the situation. Their brother Zhang Fei was so good that the crew had to choose a good candidate.

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The production team took the first two moves step by step, and was about to take the third step to officially announce that Ji Qingzhou would be acting as Zhang Fei, when suddenly an accident occurred-Fang Yaoxuan’s agent contacted the director and said Fang Yaoxuan was willing to save the scene and play the role of Zhang Fei.


 Director Wang was surprised, Jiang Nan was also surprised, the two looked at each other, they didn’t understand what was going on?  Fang Yaoxuan, who was a first-tier actor and was popular, was unexpectedly willing to come at this time to play male lead in their little online drama, what was this?


 Fang Yaoxuan had a fairly comfortable time. Luo Yu was ill and he didn’t have any other outings, so he stayed at Luo Yu’s new home to take care of him.  Sick Luo Yu was particularly sentimental and liked to recall the past eventful years. While recovering from the illness, he chatted with him about when they first started out.


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At that time, they first entered the entertainment circle, they supported each other, acted together, recited lines together, cheered each other during the day, and talked about what happened on the set at night. That was when Fang Yaoxuan fell in love with Luo Yu. Unfortunately, Luo Yu didn’t accept him.


Fang Yaoxuan listened to his recollection of the past and felt that he had returned to the time when they were just starting out. The two men were chatting and laughing in Luo Yu’s new room, which was rather warm.


After more than a week in a row, Luo Yu recovered from his illness. He looked at Fang Yaoxuan and was moved, “After all these years, with so many people around me, you are still the best to me.”


Fang Yaoxuan couldn’t help it, “I can always be kind to you.”

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Luo Yu smiled and shook his head.


Fang Yaoxuan took his hand and said to him, “You know, I have always liked you.”


Luo Yu nodded and refused, “But Yaoxuan, as you know, I have always regarded you as my best friend.”


Fang Yaoxuan had heard these words too many times, every time, but even though he knew that this was the standard ending, he still felt uncomfortable when he heard them.


He turned his head and said nothing.


Luo Yu looked at him and said nothing.


 A few days later, Fang Yaoxuan finished shooting for a group of magazines and went to find Luo Yu, only to find that he was not at home and asked where he had gone. Luo Yu’s WeChat reply was slow. Fang Yaoxuan waited a long time before he saw his reply saying, “I’m having dinner with Lin Mengmeng.”

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Fang Yaoxuan looked at the three words ‘Lin Mengmeng’ on his phone. At that moment, anger and sadness welled up in his heart.


 Lin Mengmeng was the daughter of lam’s enterprise, and had been chasing Luo Yu for a while. Fang Yaoxuan asked him if he liked Lin Mengmeng. Luo Yu didn’t give a positive answer, but said he could have a look at her first.  However, first contact was the opportunity.


Fang Yaoxuan felt resentful. He was so kind to Luo Yu that he poured out his heart and lungs. He wanted Luo Yu to give him what he wanted, but in the end, he did not even have a chance to “try first”.


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He was just Luo Yu’s friend!  Luo Yu only saw him as a friend! Fang Yaoxuan squeezed his fist, but anger was powerless.


He left Luo Yu’s new home, and when he passed by the hospital, he thought of Ji Qingzhou again. He remembered that Ji Qingzhou had not been as kind and tender to him as he was before. Fang Yaoxuan couldn’t understand how a person could suddenly act like a different person. He clearly liked him before. As a result, in less than a day, he was regarded as a scourge and turned to throw himself at someone he hated.


What he thought, he felt that Chu Cheng must have grasped the handle of Ji Qingzhou and used it to coerce him. Otherwise, how could Ji Qingzhou look so anxious to draw a clear line every time he saw him. He parked the car on the side of the road, thinking about whether Ji Qingzhou was really captured by Chu Cheng. In order to protect himself, he pretended not to like him.


The more he thought, the more he thought it was possible.  Why did Chu Cheng loan money to Ji Qingzhou? When he loaned the money, did he not ask Ji Qingzhou for anything? If so, then this was the key for Chu Cheng’s hold on Ji Qingzhou now, and Ji Qingzhou, also because of this, had to choose to stay beside him and draw a clear line with himself.

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He remembered that day in the hospital, Ji Qingzhou shouted at Chu Cheng, “I don’t want to, you forced me to do it”, which strengthened this belief even more. Fang Yaoxuan thought of it, his heart had been focused on Luo Yu these days, he almost forgot the existence of the little body double. In case his little body double was still obsessed with him, waiting for him to save him from the fire pit, only to find that he had not made any moves, was it not against the true love play he had set up?


Therefore, Fang Yaoxuan immediately called Ji Qingzhou. As a result, Fang Yaoxuan remembered that he had been blocked by Ji Qingzhou.


Fang Yao Xuan remembered that Ji Qingzhou appeared to have taken part in a movie not long ago, so he went on to research, so he planned to take a look at his developments on Weibo. As a result, he saw two statements from the cast of “a page of love poems”. Fang Yaoxuan got an idea. Chu Cheng was able to prevent everything from happening. Could he still prevent it from happening on the set?  He and Ji Qingzhou were both actors, but Chu Cheng was not. Fang Yaoxuan felt like someone had just dozed off and handed the pillow to him. He did not believe it. Chu Cheng couldn’t prevent him from acting with Ji Qingzhou. Even if Chu Cheng wanted to, Ji Qingzhou would not agree with him. 

As a result, Fang Yaoxuan called his agent and said that he was willing to save the drama. The agent almost threw his phone. He only felt that his artist was crazy. M2BLgN


As a producer of the drama, Jiang Nan felt very surprised and even pleased with Fang Yaoxuan’s rescue at this time, provided that if they did not agree with Chu Cheng to let Ji Qingzhou play the male lead.

 Now the words had been released, and Chu Cheng’s funds were in place. At this time, it was said that Fang Yaoxuan would play the male lead, and Ji Qingzhou would continue to play the supporting character. Without saying, Chu Cheng was likely to be angry, he would probably withdraw his capital on the spot and become furious. Jiang Nan couldn’t say such a thing. It was shameless. It was really shameless to say such a thing at this time.

 However, according to Fang Yaoxuan’s side, what was currently vacant on the set was the role of male number three. Could he act as male lead number three? Jiang Nan felt that she couldn’t say it either. Fang Yaoxuan’s fame and willingness to play in their low-cost online drama had already given them face. As a result, they also asked the other party to match a newcomer who had no works and no popularity in his new career. Unless Fang Yao Xuan was crazy, he was expected to scold her on the spot: Are you okay? Don’t you have a bit of pressure in your mind?  I7LdWJ

Although Jiang Nan felt that Fang Yaoxuan was already possessed by the desire to rescue the drama at this time.



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