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Reborn As The Villain President's LoverChapter 30





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Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.


Only then did the crowd react and return to the first group chat. JNfhod


Shao Yong, as the man who opened the can of worms, was the first to speak: Isn’t Ah Cheng going to support this drama as an investor? Wouldn’t you call an investor a golden backer?

Yu Anyi asked in disbelief: Is it that simple?

“Otherwise?” Shao Yong perfunctorily said, “Ah Cheng is this drama’s investor, and Xiao Ji is this drama’s actor. He is not only the drama’s golden backer, but he can also spend a few days with Xiao Ji under the name of supervising the shooting expenses. It’s perfect.”

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Yao Xiuyuan immediately replied: 666, whether this explanation makes sense or not, Ah Cheng, think it over.

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Chu Cheng watched the conversation continue, thinking that there was no real necessity to ponder over the matter. Ji Qingzhou wasn’t the main character. He was just a supporting character.

Even if he were to invest in it and the drama continues filming, there would be two possible results in the end: 1. After broadcasting, it didn’t do well, and to make no losses would be a blessing. 2. After broadcasting, it made money, but as with most TV dramas, the first people to become popular would be the male and female protagonist. Ji Qingzhou, who played only a small part in the drama as the third male lead, was at a disadvantage when it came to attracting potential fans. It would be Chen Jiyuan who obtained the most profit in the end. Chu Cheng did not see himself as such a generous person who would be agreeable to taking his own money to benefit Chen Jiyuan. Thus there was nothing to consider. No matter what the result was, both were undesirable.

Chu Cheng was not worried about Ji Qingzhou. After all, he had plenty of resources.

It wouldn’t matter even if this drama were to really stop filming, as he could just find Ji Qingzhou another gig and he would not be inconvenienced. He forgot about investing in the drama. 1avHgW

Chu Cheng picked up Li Fei’s phone call, exchanged a few polite greetings, and when Li Fei raised the matter with “Boss Chu, there has been a problem with the capital of the production team recently. You see, Xiao Ji is still filming with the production team. It would not be good to stop filming at this time. Don’t you think this is the appropriate moment to invest a little?”

Chu Cheng calmly replied, “I have no intentions to do so recently.”

“The cost of this drama is not high, so there’s no need to invest too much. You can think about it.” Li Fei suggested.

Because he was abroad when Chu Cheng last called, he did not get to speak with Chu Cheng. Upon his return, Chu Cheng had already settled the matter with Jiang Nan, and he also learned about Chu Cheng’s relationship with Ji Qingzhou from Jiang Nan. Now that something had happened to the Wang family and the capital chain was broken, Li Fei’s first thought was Chu Cheng. He believed that with Chu Cheng and Ji Qingzhou’s relationship and the fact that the investment didn’t need to be big, Chu Cheng should accept. 1OxvPL

Unexpectedly, Chu Cheng refused directly.

“Mr. Li, let’s stop with the formalities and get straight to the point,” Chu Cheng said. “This investment is really not big, but it’s useless to me. In terms of business, firstly, I haven’t seen this project and I don’t know whether it’ll earn a lot or lose a lot, so I don’t want to spend this pointless money. Secondly, even if the project is profitable and the drama explodes in popularity, it’s the male and female lead who’ll gain popularity, and it has little to do with Ji Qingzhou. He will at most gain a few fans. The public knows that such a person exists, but it will be incomparable to Chen Jiyuan’s gain. There’s no need for me to spend money supporting a person I don’t like, so this project earning money is not beneficial for me. Thirdly, if this project has losses, then all the more does this not benefit me, isn’t that right? ”

Li Fei was rendered speechless. It was true that Ji Qingzhou was only male lead No.3. Although he had a good set up, he did not have many scenes. Even if the drama became popular, it would not affect him much. Li Fei didn’t expect Chu Cheng to understand the words so clearly. He was worried and unwilling to give up the lifeline. He hesitated and said, “I can let the screenwriter change the script and give Xiao Ji more screen time, letting there be two male leads.”

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Chu Cheng smiled, “It’s not necessary, Mr. Li. I can understand your worry, but in doing so, the actor will surely be scolded. When the show is aired, the book fans will not care what the reason is, they will only frown upon the actor for having extra scenes. It’s not necessary, you’d better find someone else.” U5SxTO

Having said his piece, he briefly exchanged courtesies and hung up, leaving Li Fei staring at the phone worriedly. Amidst his fretting, he received a phone call from Jiang Nan, and before Li Fei could speak, the sound of Jiang Nan’s scolding came through, “Chen Jiyuan, that fool, to think he’s stirring up trouble about his contract at this time! He really regards himself as a protagonist. Does he think that the cast can’t go on without him? Well, then let’s see who can’t handle who leaving. Mr. Li, I have already agreed to cancel his contract. This is how it is, and I’m just letting you know. If you have any objections, you don’t have to say anything. After all, others have already signed the papers and are packing up to leave! ”

Li Fei paused for a moment, then suddenly clapped his thigh, “Good cancellation!”

Before Jiang Nan could ask him what was wrong, she heard Li Fei’s laughter from the other end. “It’s truly like ‘ When surrounded by mountain ranges and girdled by a winding river, I doubt there is any road ahead; but after seeing the shady willows and blooming flowers, I come to another village. ‘ While I was worrying about what to do, he cancelled his contract and has pointed me towards a clear path.”

Li Fei thought that his luck was not bad and that God took good care of him. Chen Jiyuan didn’t cancel his contract any earlier or later, to cancel his contract at this timing, it was really too appropriate, too coincidental.

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

“Xiao Nan, let me tell you, rearrange it to make Ji Qingzhou the male lead and await my good news.” Li Fei said and ended the call.

Jiang Nan looked at her phone, stunned. How did Ji Qingzhou suddenly become the male lead? What happened? Was Chen Jiyuan’s termination so worthy of Li Fei’s happiness? HX4wEW

Jiang Nan felt very confused.

Chu Cheng was talking to his friends when his cell phone rang again. He looked at the two characters “Li Fei” on the caller ID and only felt that Li Fei was quite persistent, unexpectedly calling him again.

“Mr. Li, I think I …”

“Boss Chu,” Li Fei interrupted him, “just now something happened on the set. Chen Jiyuan canceled his contract and quit the drama. So now, Xiao Ji is the male lead. Boss Chu, since this is the case, will you still not invest?” EmQG5y

Chu Cheng was instantly shocked. What did Li Fei say? Ji Qingzhou’s role has risen to male lead? In less than ten minutes, how could Ji Qingzhou become the male lead?! Chu Cheng didn’t speak, he thought it was too unrealistic.

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20 minutes ago, Chen Jiyuan formally proposed to terminate his contract with Jiang Nan. The reason for the termination was very simple. No one knew when the funds would be available when this kind of problem occurred in the production team. If the funds took too long to appear, the drama would be ruined. Chen Jiyuan had long wanted to leave the production team because of the Chu Cheng incident and now the production team had temporarily stopped filming because of Wang Pengyu’s accident and a broken capital chain, Chen Jiyuan seized this opportunity and blamed the fault on the production team, citing his inability to wait, and proposed the cancellation of his contract.

Jiang Nan urged him to stay for quite a while, trying to reason with emotions and touch with truth. However, Chen Jiyuan was determined to cancel the contract.

Zhang Hui had quarreled with him several times about the matter and no longer wanted to argue with him, simply sitting aside. Chen Jiyuan and Jiang Nan held different opinions. At the end of the day, both of them quarreled not to be outdone. yzgeau

Jiang Nan was so angry that she clapped her hands on the table and said, “Okay, cancel the contract. Pay the penalty fees. To think that you believe the drama can’t be filmed without you. Without you, the show will have no issues!”

This led to Jiang Nan calling Li Fei.

Chu Cheng sat before his desk with one hand on his phone and the other hand tapping against the table top with his pen. With Ji Qingzhou as the main character, the situation had changed. There were still two possible outcomes for the project: to become popular or to fail. However, if it failed, he would have losses. If it became popular, the one who profited would not only be him, but also Ji Qingzhou.

Li Fei desperately tried to persuade him from the other end of the phone, “Mr. Chu, you see, we have also done market research on this drama. Campus idol dramas have their own market. This drama is adapted from an IP and although this IP is not like the IPs you own, it is a big IP. As long as it is an IP, most of them already have fans from the books. The most important thing is that it has a low cost and a small investment. Mr. Chu, this is the first drama of Ji Qingzhou. If it’s really dropped, it won’t be good for him, but if you’re willing to invest, he will act as the male lead smoothly. If the drama is successful, as you said, the male and female leads will be the first to become popular. When that time comes, with you making money and Ji Qingzhou becoming popular, why not? ” Rd1ptQ

Chu Cheng thought he was quite good with his words, knowing how to use his own words to support himself. He sighed and let go. “Send me the details of your project. Do you have my email? Send it to me.”

Li Fei replied eagerly, not forgetting to compliment, “I heard the director say that Xiao Ji has a strong business ability. Although he is a newcomer, he was in good condition when filming and didn’t need too much guidance. Xiao Chu, your younger brother is quite good.”

Chu Cheng smiled, “That is, it’s just that what’s the use of strong professional ability? The newcomer is the newcomer and a second-tier actor can do whatever they want.”

“It is their fault, I have already told them. Xiao Chu, you don’t know, it’s not easy for our crew. Stars live in bright colors, and fans stare at them on the internet. If they casually say “no” to us on Weibo, fans would bomb us collectively. Chen Jiyuan was the biggest actor on the production team. It took us some time to sign him. Naturally, we had to hold on to him. He wanted to focus on Ji Qingzhou. We can’t refute him for a newcomer, can we? Otherwise, we have no grievances or enmities with Xiao Ji, and there is no need to target him. ” YwQtFl

“You are wronged by this?” Chu Cheng thought it was funny, “Mr. Li, I didn’t seriously pursue this matter for the sake of elder sister Jiang. Otherwise, how could the assistant director of your production group still stay in the production group? If I want to say that I won’t invest in this drama, if I do, the assistant director should leave as early as possible. ”

Li Fei wanted to sell miserably, but instead of selling miserably, he was beaten by Chu Cheng. He could only say with a dry smile, “Xiao Chu is always right. He really did not do it properly and should learn.”

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