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Quick Transmigration: I'm Almost DeadCh65 - Making A Big Move


To be honest, Chen You was currently in a state of deep shame. All the blood in his body rushed to his face and he wasn’t able to see anything.

He knew that in this world, the sacred event of pregnancy was gifted to females, but he was not an ordinary female. p9R5Vd

He was able to shed his skin and molt like a snake in order to turn beautiful and when he played around with Lei Ming, unlike others, he would eat up everything he was given, leaving not a single drop behind. 

What could be the reason behind allowing these words to leave his mouth? After thinking it over, Chen You thought there was only one explanation. He must be mentally disabled.

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“It’s over, it’s over. My brain must be broken.”

The system said, “Lift your head and take a look.” 8hYvEG

Chen You, “Don’t want to!”

In an instant, a man’s voice emerged next to his ear, but it was difficult to discern any joy or anger.

“Lift your head.”

Chen You buried his head even lower, hoping to shove it into his chest. I won’t lift my head.


Lei Ming pinched the boy’s chin and forced the youth to look at him, “What did you say just now?”

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Chen You was startled. Could it be that he hadn’t heard clearly? He heaved a sigh of relief, “I said I ate a lot this morning so I’m really full. Super full.”

Lei Ming asked, “It wasn’t that you’re pregnant with a baby?”

Chen You, “…” Fuck me, so you did hear me clearly. Then what was the point of asking me? I wasted a bunch of my brain cells in vain. dIpZ4w

After a stretch of embarrassed silence, Chen You continued to head towards death, “A baby…ah…that’s right…I have one…”

Lei Ming probed, “When did you realize?”

Chen You replied, “Recently.”

Once you decide to seek death, you’ll realize there isn’t much to worry about. CtBWb

Lei Ming stared fixedly at the boy, “Why didn’t you tell me right away?”

Chen You answered, “I was afraid.”

At this point, the adjutant arrived. After waiting for the major general and seeing that he had yet to appear among the troops, he came over to ask what was going on.

Lei Ming abruptly closed the door with the back of his hand and Chen You took a step back. rWYhqf

He wondered that since Lei Ming and him were the same species, would Lei Ming know something about their species that he wasn’t aware of?

Something relating to pregnancy?

Lei Ming’s expression was unchanged, “How do you know you’re pregnant?”

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Chen You cried for help, “Fuck, System, quickly give me a guide for pregnant women!” qBdhaU

A few seconds later, an outline appeared in an empty space.

He read in accordance to the guide, “At first, my stomach felt a little uncomfortable, but I didn’t think much of it. Later, I tried eating less, but even with that little amount of food, I got nauseous and felt like vomiting…”

After reciting the contents of the outline, Chen You had a feeling that he’d ‘ascended to the heavens’ and concluded, “Therefore, I think I’m pregnant.”

Lei Ming noticed that the child kept staring at one spot, but when he looked over, there was nothing there. XCEOHf

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However, the boy’s action of directing such a concentrated gaze at nothing was very strange.

Ofl Zlcu qegrfv tlr ilqr jcv rffwfv ab yf atlcxlcu bo j kjs ab wjxf atf sbeat ecvfgrajcv tlr kbgvr, “Qf jgf vloofgfca ogbw bgvlcjgs qfbqif.”

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Chen You nodded in assent. I know, we’re very special and different.

Ofl Zlcu geyyfv atf mtliv’r tfjv, “Ktf kjs kf ulnf ylgat lr jirb vloofgfca.” kHlj92

Jtfc Tbe’r tfjga raeaafgfv obg j wbwfca, atfc tf oflucfv mbcoerlbc, “P vbc’a ecvfgrajcv.”

Lei Ming explained, “If you are pregnant, it’s oviparous.”

Chen You asked the system in his mind, “What’s oviparous?”

The system answered, “It’s just laying eggs. I always tell you to study more, but you never listen.” LazxRy

Chen You sighed with emotion. Being uncultured is truly terrible. When he returns, he must study hard and make progress day by day.

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“Do I still need to incubate the egg?”

The system replied, “You can also recite an incantation at the egg, then the shell will break and a small snake will slither out.”

Chen You was excited, “You finally admit it!” cXWkdp

“I said I wasn’t a human, I was a snake. You lied to me!”

The system was silent.

As Chen You thought about the processes of having an egg, laying an egg, and incubating an egg, his butt felt a bit uncomfortable.

He opened his eyes and lied, “Yesterday I felt a little weird when I was squatting on the toilet. Does that mean I’m going to lay an egg?” jixPkN

Lei Ming’s forehead twitched.

Chen You reasoned, It’s my first time setting foot into these matters. If I misspoke, that should be normal.

He repeated over and over in his heart, Please don’t figure out that it’s all nonsense.

After half a day, Lei Ming finally ordered, “Go lie down.” Q8J eM

Chen You said, “Oh, okay.”

He moved exasperatingly slowly, dawdling in hopes of delaying time, the longer the better. It would be best if the army just left without waiting for Lei Ming.

Lei Ming unbuttoned his cuffs and rolled a section of his sleeves up, revealing strong forearms. “Take your pants off to your ankles.”

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Normally, Chen You took his pants off very quickly and he could undress himself with only a few movements. This day, it took him several minutes. It was as if his hands refused to listen to his brain. 7Gucp

Lei Ming went over and leaned in, bringing his head closer. He stretched out an arm and furrowed his eyebrows as he inspected the boy’s physical condition.

Chen You seemed to have miscalculated the situation. He should’ve prepared an egg in advance. Only then would his pretense become true.

A goose egg would suffice, but if that didn’t work, he could’ve asked the system for a snake egg, so that when the time came for Lei Ming to examine him, he could show him the egg and shock the other party.

The system commented, “You’re really awesome.” 9RLXcF

Chen You heng-heng’d, “Don’t think I’m oblivious. You’re just being mean to me.

Upon further consideration, this idea, if put into practice, is highly prone to accidents. For example, if he didn’t control his strength well and directly broke the egg, it would be mortifying.

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The result of Lei Ming’s examination wasn’t very clear. There were some disparities between the information he already had versus the data gleaned from the child’s physical check-up.

But he couldn’t confirm anything. VtrxwI

A moment later, Lei Ming held the youth in his arms, “Once I finish this battle, I’ll take you back for a thorough examination.”

Chen You grabbed his arm, “You really can’t not go?”

Lei Ming frowned and looked down.

Chen You spoke in a spoiled, coquettish manner as he rolled about, “Don’t go, I want you to accompany me back today.” GiR CE

Lei Ming’s voice was low, but his manner of speaking wasn’t too heavy. If it had been any other person, he would have long kicked them away.

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“All the officers and soldiers are waiting.”

Chen You tugged at Lei Ming’s military uniform and skillfully latched onto his waist, “I don’t care. I just don’t want you to go!”

Lei Ming’s face revealed a puzzled expression. The boy didn’t lack a sense of propriety, and he had never acted like this before, making trouble out of nothing. fjM4J

He pinched the child’s chin, gazing sharply at him, “What’s wrong with you?”

If Chen You said his eyes were red, then they were red and if he said tears were falling, then they fell; his actions left no room for ambiguity. After all, he had successfully gained admission to an acting school and had even gotten one-on-one guidance before.

“Major General, do you remember the dream I told you about before?”

Lei Ming’s eyebrows moved. N1kBDA

Chen You cried and wailed in a heartbroken manner, “I don’t want anything to happen to you.”

Lei Ming hoarsely replied, “Nothing will happen to me.”

Chen You was speechless. I didn’t say it, but Elder Brother, during this time you’ve really had some baseless confidence.

He asserted that he was the most beautiful, and this was already enough, but he also claimed to be immortal even while aliens were trying every means to seek his death. There seemed to be the traces of some kind of pattern. ETp Xh

“But what if?” Chen You choked on his sobs, “Fighting and slaughtering terrifying aliens on the battleground, who could guarantee that nothing would happen?”

Lei Ming was silent.

See, you know the truth in your heart, but you lied to me. Chen You’s shoulders quivered and he couldn’t help crying. Though it started off as a crying act, now he genuinely felt sad and scared, “Major General, if anything happens to you, I’ll be taken away and turned into a servant, a slave, or be worked like a cow or a horse.”

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Lei Ming pressed down on the child’s hand and suddenly tightened his grip. bo8DUq

Chen You continued to sob intermittently. He must be afraid that I will play with other people, so he should promise me not to leave.

Lei Ming’s mouth closed tightly, “Behave.”

Chen You angrily shoved him and dropped onto his shoulder, biting it. After deliberately gnawing at the same spot, the taste of blood filled his mouth.

Why won’t you listen? As long as you go, you will die, my mission will fail, and I won’t be able to go home. I might even turn into a wandering soul, floating around with nothing left. 8n4hT9

Lei Ming sensed the child’s sadness, panic, and despair. His eyebrows knit together as his eyes filled with a complicated expression.

For a time, he unexpectedly lost the ability to speak.

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

The adjutant’s voice sounded from outside the door, “Major General, Commander Zhang asked me to call for you.”

Chen You swore, Call call call, you only know to call. There are so many people, and yet you still insist that he go. Like this, do you know that you’re dragging him to the gates of Hell? dx69E0

“Major General, my stomach hurts.”

Chen You’s face contorted in pain, “I can’t, the pain is killing me. Am I going to die soon…”

This time, he acted as if he was in pain to the tips of his hair. However, his acting skills’ adaptability to emergency situations was exposed to be insufficient. He would definitely need to work harder in the future.

Lei Ming knew that the child was lying and was also clear on his motivations, “I promise you.” zHDQgP

He gave the youth a kiss on the forehead, “Wait for me to come back.”

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Chen You was placed on the floor and kissed on the mouth, hard enough to hurt.

The man’s back view disappeared at the door as he resolutely walked out. Chen You moved his tongue around and discovered that it was bleeding, “He truly loves his country, ah…”

The system interjected, “Un. bg5B2G

Chen You squatted down, then stood up and turned around in place. In the next moment, he dashed out to try and catch up with Lei Ming. 

I can’t fail. I want to go home.

Lei Ming, since I can’t use an egg to hold you down, then I really have no choice but to use my unique skill.

Chen You simultaneously ran and asked the system, “444, pull out my soul out for three days and then put it back.” MLJVnE

He refused to believe that if Lei Ming watched him die right in front of his eyes, that he would be able to go to the battlefront and fight aliens as if nothing had happened.

The system warned, “It’s best if the soul doesn’t leave the body for more than 20 hours. Once it is exceeded, you will…”

Chen You immediately asked, “What will happen?”

The system explained, “There will be a certain degree of damage to the soul. The specific magnitude depends on the length of time.” 9K5H0g

Damage? Chen You frowned, “In what way?”

The system stated, “Mental.”

Chen You’s footsteps halted, “Do you mean that if I return to my real world, my mind will have some problems?”

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The system said, “You can’t rule out the possibility of mental disorders or even insanity.” 8e3NTp

Chen You hesitated for a bit but remained firm in his decision. If this task failed, he wouldn’t be able to return. There would be no future.

Besides, it was only a possibility, it wasn’t a 100% certainty. But if he couldn’t change Lei Ming’s fate of dying today, failure wasn’t a possibility, it was a certainty.

“Do it.”

The system asked for one last confirmation, “Three days?” XA1Dus

Chen You finally found Lei Ming, “Yes, hurry up!”

He took a deep breath and used all of his might to cry out, “Major General—”

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Hearing the voice, Lei Ming turned around.

In the next second, it truly happened in the blink of an eye, all the officers and soldiers, including Lei Ming, saw the child abruptly collapse straight onto the ground. 8GdWq2

Lei Ming’s expression changed. He pushed soldiers aside and ran to the boy. When he took the youth in his arms, he discovered that there was no heartbeat.

At this moment, Lei Ming’s body turned stiff, in a state of shock.

Luoshenhua: So, turns out that Chen You’s brain hole was right! They’re snakes? Or snake people? Who lay eggs, haha. But the end of the chapter got a bit serious…I guess we’ll see how much angst there will be in the next chapter :blobsleepless:


Translator's Note

Radiating “Fuck it. I’m doomed.” energy lol

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Damn, didn’t know that not knowing the definition of oviparous = uncultured. Luckily, I’m now cultured after translating this chapter.

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Aww, Baby Chen You is growing up. Look at him, not taking any shit from his system.

Translator's Note

Commonly used by Chinese people as a sound of agreement. Kind of like the Chinese equivalent of OK.

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