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Quick Transmigration: I'm Almost DeadCh61 - I Misjudged You


On the road, Chen You was occupied with doing one thing: fiddling with his uniform.

When he sat down, he didn’t slouch or cross his legs. He seemed like an upstanding, proper young man. LsIW f

But his mouth never stopped moving.

“Adjutant, is my cap crooked?”

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

“No, it’s good.”

“How about my belt? Do I need to tighten it?” NJ01X2

“It fits you.”

“Adjutant, the button over here looks a little loose. It won’t fall off, will it?”

“It won’t.”

The adjutant hadn’t found a spouse yet, but he was already facing the challenges of raising a child.


It’s so difficult.

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The adjutant didn’t have it easy, forced to be a dad, an older brother, and even a teacher.

Chen You adjusted the collar of his uniform, “Adjutant, I’m very happy.”

The adjutant glanced over at the child, I can see that. You’re so happy you’re bursting with joy. qQWRJf

Chen You’s conscience returned and he decided not to bother the adjutant any longer. Instead, he looked for the system to chat and glean some extra information.

At present, he only knew that Lei Ming would die by an alien attack and that the fatal wound was from an alien clawing his stomach.

He was unclear about anything else.

Chen You hehe’d, “Honey, tell me the target’s fate again.” 03q7QW

System, “…” I don’t want to talk to you.

Chen You added, “Xiao Ming is not human. How could he die such an untimely death when he’s so fierce?”

The system said, “It was an accident.”

Chen You felt surprised in his heart, “What kind of accident would come up?” ipbEnq

The system didn’t respond.

Chen You knit his brows and frowned. In fact, Lei Ming was also an alien species. Could it be that at that time, his body was about to evolve and he fell into a vulnerable state, allowing his opponent to take advantage?


Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

Chen You was very concerned about this matter, but he always had the impression that Lei Ming would eventually evolve, becoming even more powerful and invincible. OQGdBK

“According to Xiao Ming’s original fate, which day did he have the accident?”

There was only silence.

Chen You pleaded, “4-ah, don’t be like this. I only have you.”

The system made a sound, “Didn’t you say you wanted to knock me flying?” CgkJ8

“I was just joking with you.” Chen You continued, “You’re a system made out of data, there’s no way you could be sent flying.”

The system replied, “You know a lot.”

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Chen You was modest, “Compare to you, it’s nothing.”

The system threatened, “One more violation and I’ll revoke your license.” Zg47D1

Chen You stated, “That sounds very serious, ah.”

System, “…”

“Okay, okay. I won’t force you.” Chen You said, “I’ll find a solution myself.”

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Vsrafw, “Efwfwyfg, cfnfg wfcalbc jcsatlcu gfijafv ab sbeg ajrx ab atf ajgufa. Yatfgklrf, sbe klii ojli jcv sbe’ii yf lwwfvljafis rfca ab atlr kbgiv.” l7INf8

Bj-mtj, Jtfc Tbe yla boo j qlfmf bo tlr olcufgcjli.

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Mbg rbwf qfbqif, ktfc atfs fcmbecafg eqrfaalcu wjaafgr, atfs kbc’a yf jyif ab obmer atflg jaafcalbc jcv klii pera mgjnf rbwfatlcu ab fja.

Chen You is one of them. He rummaged through his backpack and pulled out a carrot as an enigmatic expression suddenly appeared on his face.

The adjutant asked for one. lWntcy

Chen You’s expression turned even more strange, “Adjutant, I’m sorry but this is for the major general.”

The adjutant was speechless. It’s just a carrot, it’s not like they don’t have them over there. How many planets do you need to travel past to deliver this? 

He looked at the child holding the carrot like it was a baby and decided to say nothing.

Once they arrived, there was a hovercraft already waiting for them. When the soldiers spotted the adjutant, they snapped to attention, saluted, then stared wide-eyed. LDo 4p

They watched the golden-haired youth lazily extend his limbs and stretch. He was so beautiful, it seemed like he was shining, dazzling them with his brilliance.

The adjutant coughed, “Still looking?”

The soldiers’ faces were red, their hearts beating fast, and they didn’t know what to do with their hands and feet, unable to find their original positions.

Chen You tidied up his military uniform, exuding a special atmosphere, like a fresh green bamboo sprout after rain. His entire body seemed to emit rainbow sunbeams. TrilZU

The adjutant shook his head and sighed. Not only was the boy beautiful beyond words, but he was also tempting as a demon. Major General’s decision this time seemed a bit irrational.

As soon as Chen You saw Lei Ming, his feet left the ground and he immediately ran to him.

Lei Ming caught the child.

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Several high-ranking generals standing on the side had never seen Chen You before. Upon witnessing this, they were struck dumb with astonishment. Even after the major general carried the boy away, they still hadn’t returned to themselves. qs V7G

That person carrying the child, who was it?

And that child, truly exquisite.

The generals surrounded the adjutant, all speaking at once, asking this and that.

The adjutant said, “The only thing you need to know is that the major general doesn’t like people staring at the boy.” hi6l4

These high-ranking generals were all intelligent enough, so they passed down the information, informing the soldiers below them that if they wanted to look, they would have to do it secretly.

But it’s best not to look at all.

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This planet was on the edge of the territory. Its development lagged behind others and the living standards of its residents was low.

Due to the alien invasion, the environment wasn’t great either. The air was polluted and it was impossible to compare Lei Ming’s residence here to his lavish mansion on the capital star. AdUlKi

However, to Chen You, who had previously lived in a mud house, it was already quite nice.

He took his bag and patted the carrots inside, “I specially brought this for you.”

When Lei Ming thought of a certain scene, his face stiffened.

Chen You also thought of it and his face was hot as he peeled the skin off the carrots, “Now we can eat them.” CAuRgV

Lei Ming didn’t want to acknowledge him.

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Chen You’s face turned bitter. There were two carrots, and he had even picked out the biggest and best-looking ones, but he couldn’t eat them all by himself. It was such a waste, really shameful.

If he gave them to the kitchen to cook with, he would feel even more ashamed.

Chen You shook the carrot, “Not even one bite? It’s really delicious, both sweet and crunchy.” IzaRfj

Lei Ming was agitated. He didn’t want to give others something the child had already eaten.

“I have an idea!”

Chen You abruptly shouted and asked Lei Ming to bring him a small knife to carve the carrot.

Lei Ming was perplexed, “What are you doing?” KTN4BI

Chen You, “Shhh, don’t talk.”

Lei Ming, “…”

In this futuristic world, some traditional crafts had already been lost and gotten replaced by advanced technology.

It was Lei Ming’s first time seeing a hand-carved vegetable. His eyes were full of wonder. ysdolV

The child pursed his lips, earnestly devoting his attention to carving the carrots, immersed in his own world.

Lei Ming couldn’t help but lean over and rub the youth’s soft, delicate ears.

Chen You almost scratched his finger. Big brother ai, what do you mean by flirting with me like this? I don’t plan to eat dinner or a midnight snack. I’m saving my stomach to eat paste. You wait a bit, ah.

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Lei Ming sat next to him with a poker-face and placed his hand on the boy’s waist without saying a word, gently stroking. njdeiw

Chen You’s hand shook again, “…” All right, all right. I know what you want.

Lei Ming was stunned speechless.

Chen You didn’t know how much time had passed before he finally put the knife away. In front of him were two small birds close together, each looking slightly different.

One was slim and bent over, a bit listless. The other was holding its head high, its slightly rough body standing up tall and straight, fit as a fiddle. dFUGqM

Chen You only realized what he had carved after emerging from his stimulated state, “Fuck me. System, how could I be so dirty? Spit it out, did you take over my brain and control my hands and feet?”

System, “To be honest, I misjudged you.”

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Chen You silently shouted, Come back, my moral integrity.

Chen You looked left and right and couldn’t help but relax. Fortunately, Lei Ming wasn’t here. pa4dID

A cold voice came from behind, “Looking for me?”

Chen You turned his head around with a whoosh. The man was sitting on a chair, greatly amused.

“You know how to do a lot of things.”

Chen You put on a bold front and hahahahaha’d, “Excuse my poor performance.” wIJmyi

Lei Ming’s gaze swept over the table.

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

Chen You pointed to the one with its head held high, “Major General, this is you.”

Lei Ming raised his eyebrows, “Then the other…”

Chen You replied, “It’s you when you haven’t woken up.” 0PeUYo

Lei Ming’s lips were drawn, at a loss for words.

He cleaned up the table and put the products of his hard work by the head of the bed. Chen You walked over to the man, sat on his lap, and stared at him.

Xiao Ming, as long as I stop you from going to the battlefield on the day of your accident, you should be fine.

Chen You inexplicably sighed. If the worlds hadn’t gotten mixed up, the soul in this body wouldn’t be his and everything would’ve been different. w28d5h

His face was pinched and Chen You’s train of thought returned. He lifted his head and blinked.

His lips were soft and he kept his body still, letting Lei Ming kiss him for a long time.

Dong dong dong—

Chen You thought it was his own heartbeat but later discovered that the thumping sound was coming from the man’s heart. ZK nUQ

Just as he was thinking about how nice this feeling was, there was a voice in his ear, “Who gave you the pipes?”

The feeling disappeared.

Chen You couldn’t betray his adjutant and Big Brother Bing, “I’ve already thrown them away. Major General, let’s turn the page on this.”

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

Lei Ming raised his eyes, “Turn the page?” R4etQh

Chen You looked at him, “We can’t?”

Lei Ming replied, “Can’t.”

You’re a little wayward, ah, Xiao Ming. Chen You tugged at his cuff, Did you see the words I embroidered? Did you like them?”

Lei Ming grabbed the boy’s hand, intending to feed him some paste. AXO6Ls

“It’s not dark yet.”

“Feed me when it’s dark. I want to go out for a walk……don’t walk, don’t walk……I was wrong……”

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One night passed and at dawn, Chen You was alone in a vacant room. After washing up and brushing his teeth, he went out and encountered Wu Wei. It seemed like he had been staying by the major general’s side for a while.

Wu Wei’s expression wasn’t good, but his tone was still gentle, “Little friend, where can you not play? Why did you come here?” E19WqD

Chen You answered, “I didn’t come to play.”

“Not here to play?” Wu Wei asked, “You’re a little kid, what can you do here?”

Chen You walked forward, unwilling to speak with him.

Wu Wei pressed down on the child’s shoulder, “Lei Ming is good to you. Don’t make trouble for him.” MjkHRD

Chen You rolled his eyes, “I feel like your area of management is very wide.”

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Wu Wei frowned, “What are you saying?”

Chen You struggled to free himself, “I’m saying that you’re very annoying.”

Wu Wei’s complexion turned worse. Pgsjwk

Chen You said, “Uncle, you always say that I’m just a kid and that I don’t understand, but you never explain anything.”

“Next time you have something to tell me, just keep it plain and simple, okay?”

 Inadvertently finding a red mark on the boy’s neck, Wu Wei’s pupils shrank and his fists clenched. Just as he was about to make a move, a sentry started walking in their direction. He dropped his hands and turned away.

Chen You swallowed his saliva and the hand in his pocket loosened. He had been holding onto a gun. In that moment, he had sensed a murderous intent. GR0Jcd

If Wu Wei dared to make a move, he also dared.

Two days after Chen You’s arrival, the army had a face-to-face confrontation with the alien invaders. Clearly, there was a 10% chance of victory, but the fight ended up less than satisfactory.

Since someone within the army was making mischief and divulging military secrets, the alien forces had made preparations in advance.

Chen You was the only newcomer who had arrived and within the regiments, he was the only one who wasn’t a soldier. ibhPUA

It was unknown from which direction this wind blew, but a rumor arose and started spreading that he was the mole. 

Even more incriminating was the fact that in Chen You’s backpack, they had found things like scales, characteristic to alien species.

A huge pot fell from the sky.

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Chen You separated himself from this pot and went to see Lei Ming. Don’t listen to their nonsense. I would never harm you. It’s a conspiracy, definitely a conspiracy! wlmV5I

Others kept demanding for him to be locked up and investigated.

Chen You looked over to Wu Wei’s seat. It’s you, Big Uncle. I’m guessing it’s you.

If my guess is wrong, then I’ll acknowledge that I’m the villain.

But if you’re the one contacting the alien invaders behind everyone’s back, then not only are you a villain, but you’re also brain damaged, an idiot, a psychopath, and you should be cast aside and despised. m5G4Bc

Wu Wei inclined his head, talking with others around him. That expression, those movements, it seemed as if he was speaking on behalf of Chen You.

Chen You pursed his lips and stared at the man sitting in the middle.

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After making eye contact for a few seconds, Lei Ming stood up, “You come with me.”

Luoshenhua: Lol, I was dying as I translated the first half of this chapter. Let me know if you’re not into me inserting commentary, by the way, there was just too much happening this time haha. If you prefer, I can keep it to straight-up footnotes. Also, I will release another chapter this weekend since I missed last week OTL I’m going to use this memorial weekend to try my best to form some semblance of a stockpile, wish me luck! xHOwnv

Translator's Note

Holy shit, I was legit wheezing when I was translating this part of the chapter. Oh my lord, Chen You, why are you like this XD

Translator's Note

It’s too late now. Poor baby, you’re a lost cause. (but so am I since I’m translating this novel)

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Lol the raws literally have this: 哈哈哈哈哈

Translator's Note

哈哈哈哈哈, so am I, Lei Ming. So am I.

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