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Quick Transmigration: I'm Almost DeadCh57 - I’m Pretty, Pretty


Major General Lei Ming brought home an extremely ugly child and even took it to some large, public gatherings. He seemed to care a lot about it.

This news provoked much discussion not only on the capital star, but even spread to other planets. PebvcV

First of all, the child was ugly enough to make one speechless. Second, Lei Ming was good-looking enough to make one speechless.

These two extremes together were enough to destroy the universe.

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The old man had only heard some things from his comrades-in-arms, but from their words, he had never encountered an uglier verbal description of a person. He wanted to ask some more, but the other party could only psychologically prepare him.

He sat in the hall, his tea nearing the bottom of the cup, but his grandson still hadn’t brought anyone down. t90UnQ

The old man wondered, How ugly can he actually be? He called over a servant and inquired about the young man’s condition.

The servant was cautious with his words and actions. After being clearly taught by his master, he dared not to talk nonsense again.

When the old man realized he wouldn’t be able to learn anything, he let the servant go back. Anyways, he was already here. He wouldn’t miss meeting the person, and he wouldn’t leave.

Upstairs, Lei Ming pulled the child out of bed and gave him a suit.


Chen You was bleary-eyed and half asleep, “What?”

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When he caught sight of the clothes, he immediately woke up. “Can I go out now?”

Lei Ming made an affirmative noise and ordered, “Dress yourself.”

Chen You smiled and said, “Yes, Major General!” qBE3Ne

Lei Ming discovered that the child was like the sun, specifically the summer sun. Regardless of whether other people wanted it or not, it shone brightly, emitting heat and warmth.

After getting dressed, Chen You fiddled with the thing on his neck and the rope around his pendants. This was his daily task. If he missed wearing them for a day, he wouldn’t have enough energy. 

This world is poisonous.

Chen You jumped around in front of Lei Ming. “Major General, do I look good enough?” mezT2y

Lei Ming raised his arm and pressed his palm against the top of the child’s head.

Chen You couldn’t jump anymore.

An adult bullying a child, you really have some nerve.

The sound of footsteps echoed from the top of the stairs, and the servants looked over, only to see the young master coming down with an unfamiliar boy. wYM9sL

The youth wore a simple white coat with matching trousers. His hair was not long or short; it was pure gold, and several wisps of hair were beautifully curled.

His neck was slender, and his whole person seemed to embody the springtime, moist with morning dew and full of vitality.

As he got closer and closer, the servants stared at the young man in a daze. His facial features were exquisite and noble, his skin was white as milk, his cheeks were stained a soft pink, his lips seemed soft as water, and his pupils shone with mist.

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

He was as beautiful as a doll: a collector’s item that was the only one of its kind in the entire galaxy. zBHfcC

So beautiful.

The servants restrained the feelings manifesting in their hearts. Where did this little beauty come from? They were always working here, but no one had seen the master bring anyone back.

Also, what about the ugly child, then? Did they recently go blind?

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“Zlcu-fg, sbe afii Xgjcvojatfg, ktb lr atlr?” Mbg j ybs klat atlr jqqfjgjcmf, la kjr lwqbrrlyif obg tlw ab yf mbwqifafis ecxcbkc ab atf qeyilm. Lbk mbeiv tf tjnf cfnfg rffc tlw yfobgf?

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Lei Ming casually said, “This is him.”

The old man couldn’t understand his grandson’s words right away, “What are you saying?” rZj7YU

Though some of the servants caught on, they still couldn’t accept what he was saying subconsciously, because it was really too outrageous. It simply didn’t conform at all with convention and logic.

Ugly duckling, the real life edition?

It must be that the young master was lying. His purpose was to protect the ugly child and send his grandfather away.

But…the beauty’s mannerisms and bearing were exactly the same as the original ugly child! Look at the sitting posture, the way the tip of his toes touched the ground, and how after he saw the fruit, he immediately started drooling, unable to control his expression! faECmu

So to say, was it really the same person?

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

The servants held their frightened hearts and peeked at the little beauty. They all had selective amnesia and forgot how they had previously treated the child who hadn’t yet turned pretty, rapidly losing their ability to think.

Chen You saw that everyone was obsessed with looking at him and reached the height of excitement, blithering “System, System, you tell me the truth, exactly what type of beauty have I become?”

The system said, “No type.” d48pP

Chen You, “…Bullshit!”

Then he must be beautiful enough to shock Heaven and Earth, and ghosts and gods.

A servant who was glancing over as he walked, accidentally hit a wall, but continued staring.

Chen You, “…” IYdz7G

This kind of sky-shattering plot that was used in advertisements had appeared. It looked like he wouldn’t be able to casually go out in the future.

Otherwise, wherever he would go, it would turn into the scene of a traffic accident, Truly frightening.

After a long while, the old man finally finished listening to his grandson’s explanation. He looked at the child with a complicated gaze. The child was said to be ugly beyond comparison, but now he was presented with someone who was dazzlingly beautiful.

It was like a layer of skin had been shed. qQUMBj

This was fine, though the words he had prepared could no longer be used. The child was so good, he didn’t have the heart to say any more.

Chen You smiled and said, “Grandpa, hello.”

As soon as he smiled, he emitted his own seven-colored sunshine. The surrounding servants were struck dizzy, and even the soldiers at the door straightened up.

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The old man turned his head and said to his grandson, “How can you bear to lay a hand on a child this cute?!” kNRGmQ

Lei Ming’s face slightly twitched. “He is fully grown.”

The old man replied, “He’s still a child!”

Once Chen You overheard this, he leaned over and said, “Grandpa, fully grown means I’m an adult.”

The old man, “…” hSxXuy

“Child, do you know what you are doing now?” In other words, his phrasing was even more unpleasant to hear, as his status as a male attendant was another matter.

Chen You hastened to take this opportunity to brush up his goodwill. “I like to be with the major general.” I really like it. This golden thigh was so thick, he couldn’t even hold onto it with both hands; he had to use four hands instead.

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

Lei Ming heard these words and raised his eyelids.

The old man tugged at his face. “You are still small, how can you know what you really like?” g Vliz

Chen You glanced over at Lei Ming and stealthily winked at him. “Grandpa, I know.”

Lei Ming stared back at him.

The old man thought that the child was a little bit like his grandson, since neither listened to his words.

As he was leaving, the old man still found it difficult to believe. “Ming-er, in order to bluff your way through, you really didn’t find some random family’s child?” 2RL6k5

Lei Ming said, “I didn’t find one.”

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

The old man considered, with an appearance like that, it truly wasn’t easy to find.

“You’d better keep the child hidden away, don’t show him off.”

Not only did an ugly one turn out to be not ugly, but it was even extremely beautiful. Going out would likely cause many unexpected incidents. oKJEXQ

Lei Ming made a noise of assent. In his eyes, other people all fell into one unified module, there was no distinction between them.

When this child appeared, there was a separate module. At present, the module was still being labeled, and there were even some small red flowers.

Chen You wandered around in front of the servants. Everyone take a look at Laozi, look, look, look. Blind your eyes, ba!

The servants bowed their heads, blinded. Byt6lr

Once Chen You finished sauntering around the hall, he went to walk through the garden. The sight of him entered the soldiers’ eyes and reached their hearts. It was truly a special kind of torment.

After a while, Chen You found a target to work on. He adjusted his condition to fit the beauty of this child, “Little brother, can you give me a mirror?”

The soldier brother’s face turned red, his hand almost trembling as it pressed the optical computer, and a mirror appeared.

Chen You looked at the young man in the mirror and kept exclaiming and sighing nonstop. “Really beautiful.” XnyJzt

The system statistics: twenty-one times.

“So beautiful, ah.”

Twenty-two times.

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“Ai, you say yourself, how are you this beautiful, ah?” Kp8yio

The system crashed.

Chen You turned a circle in front of the mirror, and under the soldier brother’s nose, there were two bloodstains.


Chen You was originally incredibly ugly, but Lei Ming still took him out. Now he was impossibly beautiful, but he was not allowed to go out. oZLSBe

It was understandable.

Soldiers are committed to maintaining world peace as their own duty. Now he was like this, even wild geese who caught sight of him would turn their heads and fall from the sky, not to mention ordinary people on the ground.

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

Chen You spoke until his lips split, using upwards of three hundred methods on Lei Ming before he was finally able to gain permission to freely move up and down the stairs, though he still couldn’t walk out of the gate.

The adjutant who came to give a report of general affairs, saw the teenager who was enjoying the breeze and leaning against the balcony; even the silky hair that was drifting in the wind was nice to look at. PGi4bK

When he regained his senses, he frowned. Had the Major General already discarded that child?

Seeing the person who was arriving, Chen You waved his arm. “Adjutant, I haven’t seen you in a long time.”

The adjutant listened to the familiar voice, and stared as his mind fell into disarray.

The young man trotted over and stood in front of him, raising his head as he smiled. He was as pure and bright as he always had been, but now that his face had changed, he was good-looking to the point that it was hard for people to look at him directly. 3v1Rfs

“Me, it’s me!”

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The adjutant looked like he had seen a ghost. He didn’t know what was happening.

Chen You laughed, “The major general gave me something to eat, and I became beautiful.”

The adjutant thought the world was playing a joke. He wanted to laugh, but nothing came out. 2MBvue

Because no matter how the person changed, the spirit reflected in his eyes would not change.

He ascertained that this youth, who was attractive enough to win over the will of the populace, and that inconspicuous child contained the same soul on the inside.

The adjutant emerged from his daze. “What did the major general give you? It’s so magical. Can you give me a little, so I can give it to my little brother to eat?” His younger brother had always wanted to be better looking and find a good home. If he could be like this child, it would resolve one of his concerns.

Chen You scratched his face, How can I phrase this? “It’s a type of paste.” DsTVFm

The adjutant immediately asked for the exact type of paste.

“I don’t know the details,” Chen You said. “Maybe, you can go and ask?”

The adjutant went to ask and came back with an ashen face.

Chen You suppressed his laughter. “How was it?” E186u3

The adjutant shook his head. He felt like if he stayed a second longer, the major general would beat someone up.

Chen You was helpless. Adjutant, I do want to help you get a little paste, but I can’t, ah. My appetite is too big, I can’t even control myself.

“Now that you’ve become like this,” the adjutant steadily concluded, “the Major General must not let you go out.”

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Chen You’s face was bitter, “Yes.” R3ny5A

The adjutant wanted to rub his head, but stopped himself in time. He didn’t want to challenge the major general’s bottom line.

After becoming beautiful, Chen You could no longer use a mirror, because as long as he saw his reflection, he would be amazed by his own appearance and want to take a lick.

He sang as he showered, “I’m pretty, pretty, I’m drunk, drunk…”

From outside the door, Lei Ming saw two shining white little pieces swaying back and forth. Qo DuZ

Luoshenhua: Happy April Fool’s! I got nothing except for this chapter which, honestly, is crack-headed enough to be an April Fool’s joke. This whole arc so far is wild enough lol

If you're reading this, this translation is stolen. Please support our translators at chrysanthemumgarden.com

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