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Quick Transmigration: I'm Almost DeadCh56 - Tricked


The rope was long and thin, roughly estimated to be two meters. Chen You seriously wrapped his pendants, first winding it around the left in three circles, then encircling the right with three circles, before finally tying a bow.

He was satisfied with the result. Un, really beautiful. He could definitely sell it at an auction house for a high price. 6lzRNb

After all, such pendants could be regarded as a rare treasure, and might even have value as a collector’s item.

Chen You waited with his heart, mind, and body all filled with anticipation as his eyes stared without letting up for even a moment. He hoped that the pendants tied with the magic rope would suddenly show a miraculous scene and fly up, spin around, or even jump.

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One second, two seconds… he meditated till he counted to ten, but there was no response.

There really was no reaction at all. jJlug5

Chen You was like a kid who had been deceived by his parents and didn’t get to eat the lollipop he wanted. He was extremely upset.

When he was just about to say something, he suddenly felt the two pendants that were tied together move on their own, but the moment passed by extremely fast before they became still again.


Chen You turned his head and stared at Lei Ming who was poking around the screen in front of him. He didn’t know what he was trying to accomplish. KxIfj

His expression looked very solemn.

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Chen You finally realized that the rope was a high-tech product and must be controlled by the optical computer. His mind exploded.

It turned out that it wasn’t his pendants playing with a rope. It was Lei Ming playing with him.

Lei Ming adjusted the data. “Did the pendants have a reaction?” jEimKU

Chen You issued a string of sounds, “Yes, yes, yes, yes, they did!”

Lei Ming continued to adjust the data.

Chen You said, “Cold.” What the fuck. The rope suddenly turned icy, and it felt like the pendants were going to freeze.

Lei Ming raised a number, “Now?” qZBHxR

Chen You answered, “Hot.”

A second earlier, the pendants were almost frozen, but a second later they were in the mouth of a volcano, about to melt.

He grabbed his pendants and jumped up and down like a frightened little white rabbit. “Now it’s both cold and hot!”

Lei Ming’s face was devoid of expression, and he said in a deep voice, “Wait a moment, let me study it a bit more.” jVKdsO

Chen You, “…” I say, Ming-zi, ai. You don’t even know how it works, yet you still take me to play. Are you not afraid that I’ll be played with till I’m broken?

He quickly ran over to the man’s side, struggling to look at the screen but failing. He was too short as his body was still growing.

The screen was densely packed, filled with many things: different colored lights, tabs for temperature, rate, and texture. There were even some simulation scenes?!

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What the hell? Chen You was still a child. He really didn’t understand, truly did not understand. nZLTG9

“Major General, how do you play with this?”

Lei Ming pursed his lips and didn’t let out a sound. He seemed to have encountered a problem.

Chen You pulled at the bow tie and was caught off guard when he was suddenly shocked by an electric current and then shocked again.

What do I do if I want to hit someone? tfBWVS

Lei Ming tilted his head down, asking a question with his eyes.

Chen You grinned, “Why doesn’t the major general personally experience the feeling of being electrified?”

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Ofl Zlcu’r ujhf vjgxfcfv lcab jc jysrr. “P tjnf fzqfglfcmfv la, ogbw sbeg ybvs.”

Jtfc Tbe yilcxfv, ecmifjg. tvNc6O

Ofl Zlcu’r fsfygbkr gjlrfv, “Tbe vbc’a xcbk?”

Chen You shook his head. I don’t know, ba. How am I supposed to know anything? The me right now is not the me from the past.

Lei Ming turned his head. His voice was dull, but the tips of his ears were red. “Inside, you have electricity.

“…” elZ3gG

Chen You closed his gaping mouth and pressed back the jaw that almost fell off. My god, it turns out that I am actually terrifying to such an extent.

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Not only can I eat the thing that grows bigger and bigger without throwing up, but I can also discharge electricity.

Sure enough, I’m not human.

Jtfc Tbe kjr jogjlv tf’v cfnfg yf jyif ab vlufra atlr lcobgwjalbc. “Jjc Zjpbg Xfcfgji jirb ufcfgjaf fifmaglmlas?” chBf3n

“Rb.” Ofl Zlcu rjlv, “P jw vloofgfca ogbw sbe.”

Okay, okay. I know. Chen You rolled his eyes. These words didn’t need to be said. After all was said and done, the fact remained that he was female.

A possibility flashed through his mind, Does that mean I’ll have to bear a son to carry on the family name?

Chen You shouted in his heart, but the system was not online at this time, so a prompt stated, “If you need something, please leave a message after the tone.” 1ImgFG

Forget it, asking the system is useless.

Another shock came and Chen You shuddered. He felt that not only was his hair transforming into a hedgehog, but that his pendants were also being burnt. He angrily roared, “Do you know how to use this or not?”

The room was silent.

Lei Ming looked down from his higher point of view, his eyes slightly narrowed and his face taut. His expression was very fierce, as if he was in the middle of training his subordinates. wDz3LP

Chen You’s neck shrunk back. Xiao Ming was a major general, and he was Xiao Ming’s person. Like a cat eating a fish, their relationship had a natural order to it. He couldn’t say anything.

Yet, Lei Ming did not utter a single word, did not reprimand, did not do anything, and just turned his attention back to the screen.

It looked like this had succeeded in arousing his interest.

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

After fumbling around for a bit, he seemed to have discovered the correct procedures. Lei Ming’s finger touched the screen, pressing here and there, and his movements were much smoother. o J2NQ

Chen You found that his pendants were starting to move, and that the rope around them had a warming effect. He laughed heartily, “So fun, ah.”

Lei Ming let the child play for a while, then said, “Change the type of play.”

Chen You hadn’t been able to fully react when he was taken by the man to another bigger bedroom. There was no time to refuse.

I was tricked. KiW5G1

After Chen You ate… un, he reckoned there had been several large bowls of nutritional porridge, the system finally came back online, expressing his opinion, “Really pathetic.”

Chen You was very upset, “Go away, go away. When I need you, you are not there. Right now, I don’t need you.”

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The system came up with an idea, “You could also tie the rope around his pendants.”

Chen You was immediately invigorated, “Why didn’t I think of that?” X0PjAT

The system said, “Your brain has already been completely flooded, there isn’t a single dry patch of land in there.”

Chen You, “Yi.

That night, Chen You sneakily took the rope and stealthily went to grab one of the man’s pendants that was lying exposed to the outside.

You can’t blame me, ba. You’re the one who fell asleep and carelessly let your pendant fall out. hsLblG

Lei Ming suddenly opened his eyes.

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Chen You hit upon an idea in this moment of desperation and pretended to be sleepwalking while holding the pendant in one hand. “I want a sugar cane. Dad, you buy me a sugar cane…”

He muttered to himself, then retreated and rolled over, making no further movements.

Chen You laughed in his heart. “Hey, hey, hey, how did I do just now? Wasn’t I awesome?” 8r2qbd

The system replied, “You turn back around.”

Chen You reacted quickly this time, “Won’t turn!”

He could feel the man’s breath spray onto the nape of his neck, with an intense gaze fixated on him.

“Fuck. What’s going on, System? What’s with this familiar bloodcurdling sensation that seems to have followed me to the third world?” YLdN8s

The system, “It’s a misconception, ba.”

In the middle of Chen You wavering between turning back or not, he accidentally fell asleep.

When he woke up in the morning, Chen You found that there was a rope around his pendants. When did it get there? How could he not have any impression of this happening?

“Major General, how did this happen?” 8AYyC0

Lei Ming buttoned his jacket. “You probably did it while you were sleepwalking.”

Chen You, “…” Bullying a child.

The rope was tied in a very strange way. It didn’t feel bad, he was just a little unaccustomed to it.

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After tugging at the rope a few times, Chen You started panicking. “Major General, it looks like this can’t be untied.” Gbh1IU

The action of Lei Ming buttoning up his jacket didn’t stop, “Is that so?”

Chen You wasted no time and quickly showed him the pendants. “I don’t know what’s going on. The more I pull at it, the tighter the rope gets.”

Lei Ming said, “Then don’t pull.”

Chen You’s face displayed a ‘Xiao Ming, you must be teasing me’ expression, “If I can’t take the rope off, I can’t use my pendants.” KL9ueB

Lei Ming spoke, “Doesn’t affect you.”

Chen You died.

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“However,” Lei Ming added, “the rope can be untied.”

Chen You’s corpse rose from the dead, “How?” XOqZHh

Lei Ming, “Wait for when I have time to study it.”

Chen You pulled at his clothes. Don’t be like this, Xiao Ming. Last night, I was wrong.

Lei Ming bowed his head as his eyes swept over the child whose hands were grabbing onto his clothes. “Today, you can play games.”

Chen You felt much better in his heart. sK8XBU

Lei Ming walked to the door.

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

Chen You’s eyes eagerly followed him. “When can I go out?”

Lei Ming asked, “Go out and do what?”

“Sunbathe.” Chen You answered, “I haven’t basked in the sun for several days.” l3Ftdf

Lei Ming said, “Open the window and you’ll feel it.”

You’re so irritating. Chen You couldn’t control this qilin arm. “I don’t know what my second brother is doing. I want to see him.”

Lei Ming spoke, “He’s just doing some chores.”

Chen You’s qilin arm waved and stopped in the air before a man-made ray of sunlight shone onto the crown of his head. CHlIVh

His mood, how to phrase it, was probably the same sensation as one being blessed by a fabled creature.

Lei Ming called down some sunlight for the youth, and then left.

The door could be opened or closed by a system in the optical computer. To put it bluntly, it was controlled by Lei Ming, and Chen You had no way of slipping out.

“You tell me the truth, what do I look like now?” yHG6CF

System, “It’s hard to say.”

Chen You’s heart thumped. Could it be that he ate too much, exceeded his capacity, and instead of becoming beautiful, he actually got uglier?

“In other words, my appearance is?”

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The system said, “If you see yourself, you’ll know.” 85 UbX

Chen You wholeheartedly thought, I guess I should still play with my pendants.

While the rope was tied around his pendants for the day, Chen You picked off many of the little things embedded in the rope’s knots, showing just how bored he was.

When he fiddled with the optical computer and went in to play games, he found that his nickname hadn’t changed. It was still [Four big birds].

It seemed that Lei Ming also liked this nickname. kBOtCE

Chen You entered the game with the goal of taking the [Four big birds] to dominate the server, so that all the players would venerate him and bow down in worship.

At the end of the month, Elder Lei suddenly changed his schedule temporarily due to one phone call. He didn’t even return to his own nest and went directly to his grandson instead.

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“Let the child come out, so I can take a look.”

Lei Ming countered, “Grandfather, the child is still small, there’s no rush.” j1WKei

The old man said, “Why, you want to hide him for a lifetime?”

“Things like external appearance are not that important, especially in the eyes of an elder my age. The most important thing is what the person is like, but…”

“Ming-er, our Lei family is a large, well-known household. Outside, we don’t know how many eyes are scrutinizing us. Things that can be kept low-key should be kept low-key. However, people who want to stir up trouble all already know that he is not good looking.”

The implication of these words was blaming his grandson. Either he refused to find anyone, or he went and found an earth-shattering ghost. sJUrqd

Lei Ming moved the corners of his mouth.

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

The old man placed the teacup on the table, not too lightly and not too heavily. “What are you just standing there for? Do you want Grandfather to personally invite him myself?”

Lei Ming pinched his fingers together and went upstairs.

The servants carefully glanced over. They were unable to restrain their desire to witness the old man’s reaction to seeing that ugly child. ZAWSoF

Luoshenhua: As usual, I’m late OTL, but here’s the chapter for this week! Haha, poor Chen You, he just can’t catch a break. He can’t beat his system, he can’t beat Lei Ming, the only thing he can do is beat other players as [Four big birds]. Looking forward to the day [Four big birds] becomes the great god of the server~

Translator's Note

Oh man, no toys needed for Lei Ming. He already got that extra stimulation.

Translator's Note

I’m pretty sure this isn’t just referring to actual porridge, if you get what I mean.

Translator's Note

Just an exclamation that could translate to ‘Alas’, but I felt like keeping the original dialogue.

Translator's Note

I don’t know if this is slang (麒麟臂了: please let me know if you do), but from what I can guess, this seems to be referring to Lei Ming as the person who is in control of Chen You/granting him everything.

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