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Quick Transmigration: I'm Almost DeadCh53 - I’m Too Scary


Lei Ming’s breath was turbid, and it was clear to the naked eye that something was wrong, “Hurry and go!”

Chen You was on the verge of collapse. Right now, you’re holding onto Laozi’s hand so tightly, like you’re about to die, how am I supposed to go? SfNdJh

Lei Ming’s eyebrows knit into a frown, the red haze in his eyes growing deeper and deeper, “Don’t want to go?”

Chen You violently shook his head, You don’t feel me, Xiao Ming? I’m struggling, struggling very vigorously.

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I fucking said I wanted to go. I already said it many times. Are the ears on the sides of your head still there? They didn’t turn into butterflies and fly away?

Damn it, do you have selective hearing loss? CYObPr

Lei Ming spoke with a hoarse voice, “Then just go back with me.”

What the fuck was written all over Chen You’s face.

Before he was able to even start running, his feet left the ground as Lei Ming picked up the little chicken and carried him all the way to the hovercar.

Those standing nearby unintentionally witnessed this scene and were all dumbstruck. xgOn56

The major general had never had a male attendant before, nor had there ever been rumors of him taking up with anyone else. It turned out that he had eccentric tastes, and didn’t want to take an ordinary route.

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In the hovercar, Lei Ming unbuttoned the top of his military uniform and his exposed throat revealed a prominent Adam’s apple that rolled up and down. He cradled his forehead with both hands and his back was slightly arched as he bent over, heavily gasping; he looked unwell.

Chen You huddled in the corner, hugging his big pendants, before angrily slapping them and then pinching them. Currently, he felt no sense of crisis at all. He felt so sluggish that attempting to run away would only be a waste of strength; he simply rubbed his hands against his pants.

Suddenly, he felt a shiver go down his spine. He went on alert, but could only sense the air turning chilly. B8srOu

“444, what about my skill? If it doesn’t come out and save me, then I won’t need it to come out ever again.”

The system replied, “Soon.”

Lei Ming abruptly looked over and Chen You stopped breathing for a moment, “After tonight, will I still have breath left in me?” 

The system said, “You won’t have anything to worry about.” pklDtr

Chen You wasn’t convinced. He and Lei Ming, as members of the same race, must have triggered something unknown. So, during the long, endless night, they wouldn’t end up going so far as to count their pendants and play, ba?

The hovercar didn’t stop at the Lei house, but went to another residence instead. As soon as Lei Ming brought the youth inside, the door closed behind him.

Chen You looked down, and his eyes almost popped out of their sockets. Mom, the big monster was coming out to eat people.

He was thrown onto the sofa, and even bounced back a few times from the force of it. n5jJAe

Lei Ming took off his coat, wearing only a white shirt. Without the military uniform, the cold aura surrounding him lightened a bit.

Beauty is deadly.

Chen You’s back was pasted to the sofa. Maybe he wouldn’t go so far as to, un, to such an extent…he was probably thinking too much. Looking like this, Lei Ming probably wouldn’t be able to stomach eating him.

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 However, Lei Ming was in an abnormal state at this time. His sense of smell overwhelmed all other senses, seizing the upper hand and leading him to seek out the source of the sweet scent. E6wNHz

Chen You stared at the face that was magnified in front of him. I know you are good-looking. You don’t have to come so close, really.

He raised a leg and pressed it against the man’s chest as the man leaned in. For some reason, he couldn’t muster much strength, “Major General, what are you doing?”

A red haze spread across Lei Ming’s eyes inch by inch as he stretched out a hand to grab the youth. 

Alright, it was time for the four brothers to finally meet and kindly greet one another. d5TpDy

Chen You nervously swallowed his saliva. Xiao Ming, quickly look, your pendants are going to pierce through your trousers.

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In the next second, his jaw dropped.

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Ofl Zlcu mjiwis abbx bea tlr qfcvjcar. Lf rajgfv ja atf sbecu wjc, “Vmjgfv?”

Jtfc Tbe gfqilfv, “Rb.” Pc ojma, tf gfjiis kjr oglutafcfv yfmjerf Ofl Zlcu’r qfcvjcar tjv ugbkc lcmgfvlyis ylu.  wVA2bX

He looked at the pair of pendants in his hand, and then at the pair of pendants in Lei Ming’s hand. Hm, not bad, enough to play mahjong with.

Ofl Zlcu rqbxf lc j ibk nblmf, “P jikjsr atbeuta P kjr atf bcis bcf.”

Chen You said in his heart, For a while, I thought this too. Fortunately, you’re here to accompany me and bear this life’s burden.

“P cfnfg fzqfmafv atja sbe kbeiv fzlra lc atlr kbgiv.” Ofl Zlcu jvvfv, “Tbe jgf cba jycbgwji, jcv cflatfg jw P.” o7Cg 9

Chen You agreed. I believe that we are both some magical species.

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“The reason I didn’t say it at first was because I was checking something,” Lei Ming seemed to be laughing. “Little guy, you’ve made a mistake tonight. You need to be punished.”

Chen You didn’t know what the right thing to say was.

Lei Ming said, “Now close your eyes and lie still. Don’t move.” Ee3057

Chen You, “…” Hearing these words in such a formal tone, it was a first for him.

Lei Ming raised his eyebrows, “Are you ready?”

Chen You vigorously shook his head again. You have those two pendants, I can’t possibly be ready.

Although the pendants had already flown up of their own accord, Lei Ming didn’t make any moves of his own. He leaned back, as if waiting for something. KZm2Cg

After a minute or two, Chen You couldn’t take it anymore. So itchy, ah. He started scratching his entire body; he scratched his chest and back and turned around, twisting his body back and forth. He was going crazy.

Lei Ming seemed as immovable as Mount Tai, but his eyes had turned completely red.

Chen You’s breaths started coming out in short pants and his face turned red, as if he had been thrown into a pot of boiling water and was slowly being cooked to death.

Lei Ming opened his mouth again, “Are you ready now?” S9QVL8

Chen You trembled, “Ye…yes…” I want to cry. I’m 80 percent sure I won’t survive to see the light of day tomorrow. 

“You’re already an adult.”

Once the last syllable fell, Lei Ming moved.

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Chen You also moved. He reached back to touch. Fortunately, there was one pendant dangling outside.  yvVp S

Before he had time to be happy, his hands shook. Suddenly, the pendants were gone; he wasn’t able to rub a single one. 

In the end, Chen You’s body was forced to swallow down two pendants and he felt like he was about to vomit. The whites of his eyes were showing as he cried to the system, “I can’t do this.”

The system replied, “You can.”

Chen You mourned, “I really can’t.” oNEnzJ

The system said, “You really can.”

Soon, Chen You fell into a very strange situation. It would be reasonable to assume that with two pendants flying together, mountains would fall and the earth would split, causing volcanic eruptions that would kill a person so thoroughly that there would be no trace of a corpse left.

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But nothing of the sort happened to him. Instead, he felt so comfortable, he thought that taking in even a second pair would be no problem.

What a terrifying thought. AO2osN

In the latter half of the night, the house was still and silent. Only an indistinct shadow could be seen from outside the room. Slowly, the first light of sunrise appeared.

Dawn arrived.

The sun shone brightly, the weather was clear, and the rustle of wind scattering leaves outside mixed together with the sounds of hovercars passing by. With the passage of time, the sun set to the west, a reddish orange glow spread across the horizon, and night fell.

One night and one day passed just like this. zF8cDZ

Lei Ming took out his pendants, and Chen You finally regained a bit of consciousness.

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

This time was different from all his previous experiences. Instead of fainting or falling into a lethargic daze, he felt full of energy and his entire body was relaxed, as if Lei Ming had fed him a hundred grains of rice.

Chen You felt like he could now ascend to the Heavens and fly back down to Earth, create a tremendous uproar, and even become a savior of humanity.

On the other hand, Lei Ming’s spirit was also in excellent shape. After his pendants had been tempered for a day and night, he grew even more attractive. He seemed to have gone through a major change, but it was difficult to point out exactly what was different about him.  fQqXVI

After all, there was no tail growing out, nor was there a horn.

For such a long stretch of time, Chen You hadn’t eaten or drank anything. However, he wasn’t hungry at all. Actually, he felt quite full. He let out a burp just now, scaring himself.

Another odd thing was the fact that there was no trace of that kind of smell in the air. Instead, there was something different, like a fog that had enveloped them for a long time; it felt a bit wet.

It seemed like Chen You and Lei Ming had merely laid down on the ground for a short while, instead of a shocking full night and day. The two had never done anything of the sort prior to this. MhlfAK

It ought to be something related to their shared racial traits, like their two pendants.

Only, those characteristics were more obvious.

He touched his face, unsure of whether this method was right or wrong, and wondered if he would transform into a great beauty.

Lei Ming stiffly stood upright for a while, confused by the muddled emotions coursing through him. He was just like a young man after his first time, feeling nervous, embarrassed, refreshed, satisfied, and delighted all at once. However, all these emotions were restrained and slowly covered up by him. U4BAvu

This affair really turned out as he had expected.

The things he had been painstakingly searching for all these years, as well as the problems plaguing his heart, might all be answered one by one with the arrival of this youth.

Seeing the boy stupefied and motionless, Lei Ming frowned and asked, “Uncomfortable?”

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Chen You blurted out, his voice hoarse, “Very good.” pWaVz

He lowered his head, There must be something wrong with my brain.

Lei Ming’s stoic expression was unreadable, “Then lie down and rest.”

I’m not sleepy at all. Chen You turned his head and caught sight of the two big pendants the man was carrying. Alas, comparing them to his own only made him angry. If pendants could cry, then his pair would have already been swept away by a current of tears. 

Lei Ming felt inexplicably uncomfortable and put away his pendants. 91t3lP

Chen You wore a listless expression, “Major General, why is it that your pendants can stand up, but mine can’t?”

This was the second time Lei Ming was hearing the phrase “pendant” and he could guess that the child had already discovered the secret of him having two pendants earlier on, but feigned stupidity, “You are still young. When you grow up, you will be like me.”

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Chen You, “Oh.” Liar!

He asked another question, “Major General, do I still need to work?” 4UOHEy

Lei Ming didn’t hear clearly, “Eh?”

Chen You spoke, “Ah, aren’t I the same as my second brother and the clan’s young master?”

Lei Ming looked the boy over and found that he didn’t seem upset or nervous; it was quite interesting, “You are not.”

Chen You blinked, “Really?” 5y2GfI

Lei Ming licked his lips, “Un.”

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Chen You paid attention to the target’s Evil value. The stable 10 seemed engraved in stone. It wouldn’t move even the slightest. Though this person was just another human, his mode of thinking was impossible to decipher. He was afraid that it would be extremely difficult to carry out tasks later on.

“Thank you, Major General.”

Chen You exerted all his strength to scratch the back of his hand but failed to notice something fall onto him from above. Lei Ming quickly grabbed him. Oz9Cxc

He knit his brows, “You sleep with me tonight.”

Chen You was unwilling. So inconvenient. They are not friends nor relatives: definitely not relatives. Lying on their backs next to each other, each wearing two pendants, it would be too awkward and they would have nothing to talk about.

“Major General, I’m afraid I’ll scare you.”

Lei Ming said, “I don’t get scared.” WRK1NT

He added, “Will turn off the lights.”

Chen You, “…”

“I don’t sleep well. Not only do I grind my teeth, but I also talk in my sleep and kick off the blankets. Major General, I’d better sleep alone.”

Lei Ming responded, “This is an order.” qHzlN1

Chen You heaved a sigh. It seems like tonight, I’ll have no choice but to tie my pendants in a butterfly knot. 

After Lei Ming entered the bathroom, Chen You began to inspect himself. He was stunned, and touched that area again. Why is it not wet, but dry?

This can’t be right. He fell into a confused trance and recalled that during the dozens of hours that had passed, it was like he had fallen into water.  

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

This was too unusual. w9Cncx

Chen You squatted on the ground, maintaining this position for a full five minutes. The floor was dry. He felt around with his hands, but there was not even a single drop of liquid.

I’m so flustered, what does this mean?

The system explained, “It simply means, no matter how much you eat, you won’t get full.”

“…” Chen You gnashed his teeth, “This is the special skill you were talking about?” h6mRyt

The system said, “Don’t worry, this skill, other people definitely do not have.”

Chen You spit up some blood, “You guess, if the full score is 100, how many points would I give this skill?”

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The system thought that it knew its host quite well, “0 points.”

Chen You hehe’d, “I will smile and feed whoever came up with this skill with bite after bite of food until they burst.” vQrF9g

System, “…” So what’s the point of giving it a score?


Chen You cried out. Inside, there was nothing, not even a trace. He brought the finger up to his eyes. It was completely dry.

It was eaten up so fast? lHmSou

Chen You fell to the ground and muttered in shock, “I really am too scary…”

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Luoshenhua: (シ_ _)シ Kowtowing to the readers, this unreliable translator is back! Sorry about being MIA for so long, but real life just slapped me in the face for a bit, so I had to sort that out first. Hopefully, you guys enjoy this chapter as much as I did! The whole time I was reading this, I was like: :blobnosebleed:

Translator's Note

Just a nickname for Lei Ming. “Xiao” means small or little.

Translator's Note

Not completely sure what he meant by this. My best guess is that either he means they’re getting gift-wrapped and offered up to Lei Ming, or he’s tying it up so that nothing will happen to them.

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