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PUBG Online Romance of the CenturyCh8 - Bosses, be brave and don’t charge money ah!


Edited by Divetus and Noks

In the afternoon, Yi Chen went back to headquarters to hold a small meeting. When he came back, the game had finished downloading. l1jEod

He opened the game, casually filled in a game ID while registering, and then reflexively opened his bookmarked livestream page.

“Okay, it’s six… I’ll go have dinner.” The voice of the little anchor soon rang out, “I’m going to go to a restaurant with relatives today, may come back late… I’ll try to start streaming again before eight.”

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After saying that, the livestream soon went offline.

Yi Chen closed the web page, casually checked out the game controls, watched a few livestreams of how to play, and then thought he had already understood most of it. I3tdkS

Wasn’t it just picking up guns, killing people, and filling up your inventory?

How could that not be easy?

Until he entered the game.

The plane roared loudly. He turned down the volume and decisively jumped down to the area that yanxyan usually jumped down to. M3SzPc

A minute later, he was still in the sky.

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Yi Chen frowned—Was it usually this slow when the little anchor parachuted down?

With a great deal of effort, he managed to navigate to the top of the city. But before he could even clearly see the city’s distribution, sounds of continuous gunfire could be heard from below. X0bxNr

Yi Chen controlled the mouse to steer his avatar as he was just about to land.

Only to see an enemy standing on the roof of some house. Without even thinking about it, the enemy pointed his scope at him!

Bang, bang——

The interface suddenly turned gray. Yi Chen hadn’t even reacted yet when a line of words popped up on the screen— Definitely will eat chicken next time!! w2SEfG


He was killed by someone while in mid-air???

A rare blank expression appeared on his face, and he didn’t close the notification for a long time.

Looking back on the 26 years of Yi Chen’s life, skipping grades was a common occurrence. By the last year of school, his classmates were all four years older than him. He then smoothly inherited the strong company of his ancestors, and after controlling it for just a few years, the group had rapidly developed. He only took half a year to shut up all the old men. ubHE2l

—— In short, no matter what, he never had the word “failure” used in his life, not even once.

And now, he lost at the starting line??

No man could bear turning into a loot-box in such an awkward manner at the very beginning, so Yi Chen regained his usual expression and simply queued into another match.

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He changed his tactics and decided to jump to an area with fewer houses. This time, he finally had a chance to search for things. dMk7r

Who knew that after searching through a small field area and while on the way to a big house, the sound of continuous bombing suddenly started up around him. Immediately afterwards, on his map, the area surrounding him inexplicably turned red. fSHe L

He didn’t have any time to respond, and BOOM— the screen turned gray.

—— Definitely will eat chicken next time!!

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.


He calmly opened a long, unused social app and out of the few friends on his list, clicked on the one with a duck sand sculpture for a profile picture. He screenshotted his screen and then sent it over. uD6BnJ

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1: Rb bcf rtba jcsatlcu, tbk vlv P vlf?

Ktfc, tf lcrajcais rjk atf “asqlcu” cbalolmjalbc cfza ab atf batfg qfgrbc’r erfgcjwf.

Coafg j vfijs, tf ralii cfnfg uba j gfqis.

Aera jr tf kjr ufaalcu lwqjalfca, atf qtbcf yfrlvf tlr tjcv gjcu. g4IWvJ

“Ge!” Yi Ran’s voice was eager. “Your QQ has been hacked! Have you put any important documents on it ah?”

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

Tl Jtfc pera ofia j veii qjlc atgby lc tlr afwqifr.

“I don’t put files on social apps by other companies.” He said, “Also, my QQ hasn’t been hacked.”

“How could that be! You just sent me a screenshot of PUBG on Q… … ” Yi Ran paused, then asked, “…Ge, are you playing by yourself?” HJ0blL

Three minutes later.

“In your case, you were killed in the red zone.” Yi Ran explained, “Random locations are marked in red and bombed.”

However, the chance of being killed by a bomb wasn’t that great. As long as you weren’t too unlucky, you wouldn’t get killed— of course, he didn’t dare to say that out loud.

“Ge, why didn’t you tell me you started playing games? I’ll take you with me to play ah! I’m very strong!” zZviT3

Yi Chen didn’t really believe his cousin. “Really?”

“Really, would I dare to deceive you? I’ve been playing this game for half a year.” Yi Ran said, “I just happen to be playing right now. Send me your game ID, and I’ll add you.”

Of course, he knew that Yi Ran was playing this game. Every few days, he would see the screenshots of PUBG that Yi Ran sent to his friend circle, otherwise he wouldn’t choose to ask him.

Yi Chen hesitated for a moment but still sent his ID over to him. t4jNKd

Soon, the two entered the game lobby. Yi Ran said, “Ge, you’re so poorly dressed. Shall we start after I buy you an outfit ba?”

Yi Chen looked at Yi Ran’s in-game character.

Red scarf, jeans, black coat.

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

… A familiar outfit. k4U0nX

“No need.” He said, “Start.”

Yi Ran queued for a duo match. Before Yi Chen could ask, he explained, “Ge, when you jump, press and hold W to descend faster. Let’s jump to North Georgopol ba, there’s not many people and a lot of houses, it’ll be a bit safer.”


This time, he finally jumped down smoothly. He looked around and saw three teams around, including theirs. There really weren’t many people. HdMfR1

“Ge, feel free to search the houses and run away when you hear footsteps.” Yi Ran complacently said, “After I kill all the people, you can come out and loot them.”

Yi Chen ignored him and entered the house by himself.

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A burst of gunfire sounded, and his teammate’s health bar in the lower left corner of the screen suddenly went dark.

Yi Ran exclaimed, “… Holy shit, they ambushed me—” L12cu0

Yi Chen had only just entered the first room. “Are you dead?”

“A mistake, it was a mistake!” Yi Ran pleaded, “That person landed on the balcony of the second floor and never moved from the room. As a result, I was ambushed!”

Three minutes later, Yi Chen died from a grenade.

Yi Ran said, “Another match, Ge, I will definitely do well.” JjCR8l

In the second match, Yi Ran jumped to Pochinki to prove himself.

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Yet, as a result, they prematurely died again as soon as they landed.

“Ge, a mistake, it’s a mistake! I couldn’t find a gun!” Yi Ran’s voice had weakened. “Let’s go again, and this time we’ll go to the wilderness area.”

In the third match, the two of them finally managed to survive for ten minutes. BiZlrQ

But in the end, on the way to the next wilderness area, Yi Ran was shot dead with a headshot.

Fourth match, fifth match, sixth match…

Don’t mention winning, Yi Chen basically couldn’t even walk out of the parachute landing area alive. It seemed that they were unlucky, for even when they jumped into the wilderness area, there were always one or two teams right behind them.

Yi Ran meekly said, “Ge…” i2dexn

Yi Chen asked, “Played for half a year? Very strong?”

“This is just bad luck…” Yi Ran said, “Really, I’m usually not like this— you think I would dare to deceive you?”

“It’s true you don’t dare to deceive me.” Yi Chen said coldly, “You just don’t have any self-knowledge.”


Yu Minyang grabbed another piece of fish for his nephew. “Eat some fish, don’t just eat vegetables, or you’ll be short on nutrition.”

“Thank you, Uncle.”

“Xiao Yan ah.” The middle-aged woman sitting opposite from him smiled kindly. “Auntie is saying, think things through carefully. I ya, don’t know many big words, but I’m pretty good at cooking. If you’re willing to move in, I will make you something you like to eat every day, and won’t wrong you.”

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This was Yu Minyang’s tactic. Seeing that he couldn’t move his nephew himself, he turned around and specifically brought in reinforcements. c0hO6s

It was a pity that after talking for half an hour, Yu Yan was still completely indifferent.

“No need, Auntie.” Yu Yan said, “It’s convenient for me to live by myself. You guys don’t have to worry about me, really.”

Finally, after surviving the meal, and having eaten and drunk his fill, Yu Yan got up, taking the lead in grabbing the bill and prepared to go pay at the front desk.

Yu Minyang saw this and quickly wanted to stop him. “Xiao Yan, you put the bill down, Uncle will pay.” QIsVfl

“Uncle, we said it was going to be my treat tonight.” Yu Yan smiled. “If you’re deliberately being dishonest, I might not come next time ah.”

Looking at the back of the boy as he was leaving, the middle-aged woman sighed, “You were right, your little nephew is really very well-behaved. Since he won’t come with us, let’s just let it go. Worst comes to worst, every once in awhile I’ll cook some tonic soup and send it to him.”

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Yu Minyang held his wife’s hand. This time, he finally gave up on the idea of letting Yu Yan move into his home. “… En, it’s been tough on you.”

The restaurant they had come to was a place that Yu Minyang frequented. It was a small restaurant with inexpensive dishes. Yu Yan stood at the front desk and watched the cashier clack on his calculator. “250.” bgkMmS

It really was such a lucky number.

If he calculated it, this number was the same as the income he had gotten from the little star that Boss 1 had sent that day. 50% of 500 yuan, a total of 250 yuan for him.

Paying this bill wasn’t painful at all. After paying the bill and saying goodbye to his uncle and aunt, Yu Yan hurried home.

He logged onto his livestream account, saw the single friend on his list, and then suddenly remembered something. ENcIVh

yanxyan: You there?

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Administrator 03: Yes, what can I do for you?

yanxyan: How was my previous report handled?

Administrator 03: …. H3n QZ

Administrator 03: We investigated, he didn’t violate the rules.

yanxyan: Are you sure? Have you seen the livestream recording??

Administrator 03: Yes.

yanxyan: Then, did you suspend his stream? hPNqZE

Administrator 03: This anchor has been livestreaming all day. It’s inconvenient for us to suspend it. We got the entire recording from enthusiastic fans.

yanxyan: I was there and heard him attacking me in his livestream.

Administrator 03: Maybe you remembered it wrong ba.

He would be damned if he had remembered it wrong. Ml hRU

Looking at the perfunctory tone of the other party, he understood that, from the start, the administrator had had no intention of managing the situation at all.

Then, why did he suspend his stream at that time?

Although it hadn’t affected his livestream, after careful consideration, he still felt uncomfortable about it.

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Unfortunately, feeling uncomfortable about it was of no use. He had no way to challenge the administrator yet. yFDWTd

He didn’t want to upset himself. For fear of affecting the quality of his livestream in a bit, he directly closed the chat box and started the livestream.

Looking down at the time, it was 7:42, so in the end, he had managed to come back before 8:00.

Although he had only been away for a little more than an hour, most of his viewers had left, leaving only a little over a 100 viewers just hanging around the livestream. However, his follower count was very high. With today’s promise to take stream followers along with him, more than a 1000 people came in just after the livestream restarted.

[Hurry, hurry, hurry, take advantage of the lack of people now, anchor start the lottery quickly!] 9H7eK

[Speedily, don’t dally!!]

[The anchor always manages to match up with girls. Whoever gets drawn isn’t just getting carried to eat chicken, but also may get to play games with random girls!!]

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“Don’t worry, wait for me to open the game.” Yu Yan stared at the barrage while opening the game, and his gaze was soon attracted by one sentence.

[For this livestream, how many stars do we need to send to get a moderator’s position and vest? Can you jump the line when you have a vest?] mAq0V8

Yu Yan didn’t understand. He took a screenshot and asked Lu Xiuhe what it meant.

Your Great Lord Lu: They’re asking you how many gifts they have to send in order to get a moderator’s position and vest on their account. One starlight = one yuan. You don’t even know such a routine thing? Jumping the line means that you don’t need to take part in the lottery; as long as you’re taking stream followers with you, he can jump the line and join you. Many of the livestreams offer moderator vests for 2000 yuan worth of gifts.

Yu Yan: It’s like that… Got it.

He switched back to the stream and glanced at the chat box. “Boss, here it’s 2000 yuan to become a moderator, and once you become a moderator, you can jump the line.” BZaSqg

The conversation between him and Lu Xiuhe hadn’t been concealed, and the audience could see it all clearly.

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

[These stinking rules, depriving me of the fun of a lottery!!]

[Bosses, be brave and don’t charge money ah! We compete fairly ah!!!]

[Hahaha, that ID ran away after asking!!] D1MQ8g

[Make some waves and then run, that really is a man.]

Yu Yan also laughed. Getting gifts would be the best, but he also wouldn’t be upset if he didn’t get any. After all, from the beginning, he was going to depend on StarTV’s base salary and bonus.

He opened the lottery page. “Old rules, drawing two stream followers…”

Before he finished speaking, his computer screen suddenly twinkled with bits of starlight, and an extremely exaggerated meteor effect flew over the top of the screen, followed by a line of colorful words—— HRh7mU

[1 has sent a meteor shower to yanxyan’s livestream, and 50 star boxes will randomly be dropped in the stream!]

Juurensha: Hahaha, Boss Yi just slamming the gift key because he needs so much help playing the game.

Divi: LMAO, when Boss Yi can just abuse his platform to get in line to a pro’s carry. SMH. Can Yanyan carry the absolute noob with no luck? zSnx3u

Noks: Can’t wait for Yanyan’s PUBG game-playing lessons for Boss Yi to start!!!

Translator's Note

Divi: Oh boy Boss Yi, looks like you didn’t read the controls.

When you jump off the plane, you have to press W (the forward movement key) while looking down in order to quickly descend. You can also use the other movement keys (A, S, D) to change your parachute’s trajectory. Otherwise, you’d drop down at the rate of gravity, slowly.

Translator's Note

literally sailing with the wind

Translator's Note

Divi: This is called the red zone

It’s explained in the text below, but this is what it looks like:

red zone

It doesn’t drop everywhere in this red marked area, it drops in random areas within this red marked zone. And you’re safe in buildings.

Translator's Note

honorable you

Translator's Note

36.5 USD

Translator's Note

he’s being sarcastic, 250 sounds like the word for crazy

Translator's Note

vest not so much an icon as a little picture by the username

Translator's Note

A starlight is different from a little star (which is 500 yuan). To avoid any confusion

Translator's Note

about 290 usd

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