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PUBG Online Romance of the CenturyCh51.2 - His fans couldn’t be wronged


Edited by Noks

When Yu Yan got the administrator’s message, he had just eaten some chicken butt. 8Zk75K

Couldn’t help it, the opponents were an intact duo team with two level 3 helmets equipped, and they played very carefully. By the time he knocked one of them down, his health bar had already turned red.

In the barrage, Lu Xiuhe was still getting blamed for the loss. Lu Xiuhe kept agreeing and nodding, taking responsibility for everything, even boisterously chatting with the stream followers.

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Yu Yan laughed. Just before the next match, he saw his private chat box flickering.

Administrator 03: The time limit of the notice was one week. aH7Kc0

This sentence was seen by his stream followers, and the barrage immediately became noisy.

[I told you so bal! Time has passed, it’s not a bug, do those antis’ faces ache?]

[Next time I’ll see who still dares to say that my baby son is running cheat software!]

Yu Yan picked up his cellphone and decided to use the app to talk to the administrator.


yanxyan: Then what about the 200,000 popularity points?

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Administrator 03: Yes. Our platform is in the process of rectification recently, aimed at cleaning up falsified numbers.

yanxyan: ?

yanxyan: My numbers were not falsified, it was a one-off vote from my fans yesterday. You can check it in the logs. 0wdfKB

Those big anchors all had their own loyal fans, with the number one most popular LOL anchor even having fans who had invested millions in gifts. These were all normal operations and could never be called falsified numbers.

Administrator 03: We checked, and that account is a side account, and the ID is very similar to your own username. It’s a suspicious account.

Yu Yan was stunned. What the administrator meant was that they suspected it was his own side account?

Administrator 03: But we just temporarily dropped your popularity points for the competition. Your share of the gifts and the live room points will be preserved. 6eLUqa

yanxyan: For what reason did you drop my competition popularity points?

yanxyan: Saying that this is my own side account, do you have any evidence? You’re deciding that I have falsified data just because the names are similar? I don’t accept this verdict. If you suspect it’s my own side account, you can check the IP addresses.

Administrator 03: IP can’t explain anything. What if someone else was helping you?

Yu Yan held his cellphone, and the anger in his heart burst out. KLprd8

yanxyan: Either ways, I don’t accept this. I think it’s ridiculous for such a big live platform to create such a mess.

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Administrator 03: Don’t get angry in a hurry, how’s this ba. I’ll direct your matter to my superiors to look at, but the competition numbers probably can’t be changed anymore… However, if it’s the system that has caused any problems, we will definitely compensate you accordingly.

Cvwlclragjabg 03: Ktfgf klii yf j oeii ilnfragfjw bo atf fcalgf jcmtbg ujij ja atf fcv bo atlr sfjg. Qf mjc jggjcuf wbgf rmgffc alwf jcv defralbcr obg sbe, ktlmt kbeiv yf wemt yfaafg atjc atlr ilaaif Bliir Blcu bo atf Tfjg jkjgv.

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Ciatbeut tf vlvc’a xcbk ktja atf jcmtbg ujij kjr, Te Tjc vlvc’a fnfc gfjiis atlcx yfobgf gfqislcu. hofHtG

yanxyan: I don’t care.

yanxyyan: My fans voted for me with real money just to get me to first place. For what reason did you just indiscriminately deduct their gifts? According to you guys, how many large gifts did big anchors—like banana—receive in his stream these past few days? Why didn’t you deduct his points? Besides, how can gift-giving be regarded as falsifying numbers? Only malicious tampering within the platform is called falsifying numbers.

yanxyan: This is an insider scheme! It’s black-box backdoor dealing!

yanxyan: Are you trying to seal my mouth with benefits? vp7VzJ

After receiving so many interrogative questions in a row, the administrator couldn’t answer them for a long time.

He didn’t expect that the young man who was usually so easily persuaded would become so aggressive now, and that each and everyone of his sentences would jab at the main point.

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He had been busy all day today. After having spent a whole day worrying, he was already in a bad mood. Since he was being interrogated like this right now, he naturally wouldn’t attempt to wait upon him.

Administrator 03: Anyway, this is the result. If you cooperate well, I can still report your situation to see if I can obtain some compensation for you. If you don’t cooperate, I can only deal with it according to the normal procedures. Besides, if there was no problem with your numbers, why did the system decide that they were false? zSvpZx

Yu Yan’s whole face cooled after reading this message.

[Xiao Yan, what’s wrong? All of a sudden, you’re not talking?]

[His expression is a little strange. Docile then fierce, docile then fierce, hahaha.]

[… I see how hard he’s typing on the phone, he’s nearly punctured the screen ba.] B9R1qs

“I’m fine, please wait for me for two minutes, everyone.” Yu Yan glanced at the barrage and comforted his stream followers.

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Then he continued typing.

yanxyan: Since I’m the person involved, of course, I will know if any of my numbers are falsified. You guys must give me a statement about this matter, either with evidence that I falsified the data or by giving me back my popularity points. I’ll give you a day to deal with it. If my popularity points aren’t back by tomorrow….

Yu Yan took a deep breath. bp4tl9

yanxyan: Then let’s see you guys on Weibo, we’ll put everything on the table, and let everyone decide what’s right or wrong together.

After this sentence, he directly closed the chat, not intending to get into it further with the other party.

At this point, his relationship with the administrator could probably be counted as having completely broken down.

A little anchor provoking the management of the platform—just by thinking about it, he could guess the consequences of it. Even if he really put the entire matter on Weibo, once the limelight shifted away from the topic, he would still end up having to work under the person he had accused. At that time, he would become meat on the chopping block, and would be slaughtered by others. XcfqR5

However he thought about it, it just wasn’t worth it.

But however much he tried, he couldn’t just swallow this matter down.

He didn’t care about the competition, and he also didn’t care about whether or not there was any insider dealing. He had never even thought about relying on the idea of fairness.

But his fans couldn’t be wronged. The popularity points that they had used real money to give him, others couldn’t take them away by just saying so. CRugSA

Yi Residence.

Yi Chen sat at the table and ate the delicious food in front of him without saying a word.

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Family dinners were his least favorite occasion. Those supporting branch relatives were too annoying, and their slavering, greedy faces were too ugly. HJ5zGd

“Eat more.” Mother Yi knew that he didn’t like such occasions and didn’t put him in an awkward situation. “Are you sleeping at the old residence tonight?”

Yi Chen shook his head. “No, need to go back.”

“Okay, I’ll ask Aunt You to make some dumplings for you later, and you take them back.” Mother Yi got up. “I’ll go talk to your second aunt.”

“Okay.” Ygnddq

Yi Chen had only eaten a few mouthfuls and had already lost his appetite. He took out his cellphone and casually sent a message to the little anchor.

1: Livestreaming? Play games together later?

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The other party was a little slow in replying.

Little Anchor: ….no. 4hFSHg

Little Anchor: There’s no livestream today, let’s play together next time ba.

1: Didn’t you go to the Internet cafe?

Little Anchor: No, the Internet cafe is too expensive, I can’t afford to go.

Little Anchor: …Next time ba, okay? x lw5d

Yi Chen laughed, and had just typed and sent an “okay” when a familiar voice sounded out near his ear.

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“Stream mod keep watch, do a full-screen ban all night ba.”

As soon as he raised his eyebrows and looked around, he saw Yi Ran sitting behind him, holding his cellphone and paying close attention to a livestream.

The volume was low, so he turned around and asked with uncertainty, “What are you watching?” 9b5cL0

Yi Ran raised his head and replied, “Watching Xiao Yan’s livestream ah. He fought fiercely today, has already eaten several chickens…”

Yi Chen frowned.

Didn’t he say he wasn’t livestreaming?

Yi Chen took out his cellphone and asked in an even tone, “Is that so? Why did he turn on the full screen ban?” Z6Y3VF

Yi Ran had already understood the situation from the barrage and replied hurriedly, “Oh, so it’s like this. He took part in an anchor competition, and then last night he received a gift of more than 200,000 yuan from a side account, which gave him hundreds of thousands of popularity points. Today, the points were somehow cancelled by the platform, and a pile of antis have now appeared, who are saying that his numbers are fake, and are even posting information about that side account, saying that he opened it… Stuff like that.”


“Then his fans and the antis started tearing into each other, and the barrage turned into such a complete mess that even I couldn’t watch it. So now he’s just implementing a full screen ban.”

Yi Ran realized that with every sentence he said, his Ge’s face sank a bit more. jpJWR6

“Isn’t it only 200,000 ma, aren’t these administrators getting too excited over such a small thing ba?” Yi Ran said before he asked, “Ge… You didn’t know about this?”

After all, StarTV was one of their companies. With such a big thing happening, that little anchor actually didn’t come to find his Ge for help?

He knew shit all.

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After a while, Yi Chen expressionlessly picked up the napkin on the table and wiped his mouth. Then he got up and said in a cool voice, “I know now.” 6l7BOq

He picked up his cellphone and saw the emoticon that the little anchor had just sent.

It was a little duck, smiling widely with an “OK” in its mouth.

However he looked at it, he found it irritating.


Juurensha: Nooooo Boss Yi don’t get mad at Yanyan, he’s probably trying to save you some trouble. Also, go Yanyan for standing up for himself!

Noks: Boss Yi is coming to the rescue! And Yi Ran is a brilliant wingman, even though he doesn’t know he is one.

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Translator's Note

Noks: Yanyan basically says that the reduction of his points is because of dishonest and secret deals that have led someone to alter data on the Livestream platform’s system (which is the black-box here), which is what has really happened. He hit the nail on the head.

Translator's Note

like wolves.

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