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PUBG Online Romance of the CenturyCh21 - And then you were still planning on withdrawing it?


Edited by Divetus

After turning off the computer, Yu Yan took a bath and laid on his bed. hzNgtH

He held up a note that had two WeChat IDs written on it.

As he opened up his WeChat, he found that he had a lot of messages. At a glance, they were all from the countless group chats that he had been pulled into by his former middle school classmates.

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

A boy who was good at games wouldn’t be treated badly in a crowd of boys, especially because Yu Yan’s temperament was good. He generally granted all requests related to boosting people’s ranks in games, so although he seldom contacted his classmates after graduation, others would always remember to pull him into group chats.

He didn’t rush to read the group chat messages and just clicked on the add contacts screen.

Then, he looked at the WeChat ID on the note and typed it in.

He confirmed it three times before searching it.


A black profile picture appeared. To be exact, it was a picture of a night sky that was empty besides the hanging round moon. Even the number 1 right beside it was a bit cold.

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

En, didn’t type it in wrong.

Yu Yan turned over, propped his elbow up on the pillow, clicked the add button, prompting another interface to pop up.

He dutifully typed his in-game name and sent it over. 2kSUG

At the same time he sent that, his cellphone slightly vibrated.

He was startled and looked at it again. It turned out that someone in one of his middle school group chats was @ing him.

[Say ah, it’s been a long time since we’ve seen each other, why don’t we take advantage of this holiday and get together? You should all come ba. @Yu Yan why doesn’t Xiao Yan talk?]

Yu Yan opened his cellphone keyboard and was just about to type when another line of words popped up. Y2OQr3

[Li Hang: Isn’t he livestreaming ba? Do you think he’s the same as us, with winter and summer holidays ah? That’s to say, children from poor families have to become independent earlier.]

There was nothing wrong with what he said, but saying it in a setting where the actual person could see, it just didn’t seem very tasteful.

Seeing that the mood wasn’t right, the group chat suddenly quieted down.

Yu Yan clicked on Li Hang’s profile, and as expected, the other person had deleted him from his friend’s list. BYLMrf

[Yu Yan: Yes ah, so I probably won’t be able to go.]

As soon as his words were sent, the group chat suddenly exploded.

The female students who were lurking in the group chat all sent out a lot of emoticons, driving their messages to the top.

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[Xiao Yan!! Come get together with us ba! We can figure out a time that works for you!!] 6agXK0

[That’s right, I haven’t seen you since graduation. Do you still remember me?? ]

Even the male students who normally didn’t like to message on their cellphones popped up.

[Yes, whatever time is fine, as long as it’s convenient for you.]

[After we get together, let’s go to the Internet cafe to play for a while. It’s been a long time since all 5 of us have gamed together.] A0BUhW

We’re sorry for MTLers or people who like using reading mode, but our translations keep getting stolen by aggregators so we’re going to bring back the copy protection. If you need to MTL please retype the gibberish parts.

[What platform are you livestreaming on? Us bros will go smash your stream with some gifts in support.]

Te Tjc tfiv tlr mfiiqtbcf, tlr tfjga ublcu yjmx jcv obgat.

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Ciatbeut tf vlvc’a xcbk tbk Ol Ljcu obecv bea atja tf kjr ilnfragfjwlcu, tf vlvc’a lcafcv bc vffqis lcnfralujalcu atf wjaafg. Vlcmf tlr biv mijrrwjafr tjv jii rjlv atlr wemt, la kbeiv yf abb tfjgaifrr obg tlw ab gfoerf jujlc.

[Yu Yan: Okay ba, don’t worry about me. When you guys set a time, I’ll ask for some vacation and also come.] HRXtfD

After sending this sentence, the cellphone vibrated again.

At the top of the screen, a notification from 1 popped up.

Friend request accepted!

He immediately stopped paying attention to the middle school group chat, not bothering to participate in any of the discussions for the time and place of the meetup. 5wAtvn

He opened 1’s chat but the opposite side was quiet. Apart from the system notification that the friend request had been accepted, there weren’t any other messages.

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Yu Yan hesitated for a while, and then put his fingertips on his cellphone keyboard.

Hello, Boss. I’m yanxyan.

Deleted. blmtxA

Play tomorrow?


Sorry ah, we didn’t eat chicken tonight.

Deleted. ABtU7Q


Yi Chen sat in his executive chair, staring at the cellphone next to his keyboard. His index finger was moderately drumming on the tabletop, and because the strength was well-controlled, there was almost no sound.

The cellphone displayed a chat box on the screen that kept showing “typing” from the other party. Despite waiting for so long, he still hadn’t received a message.

It had already been ten minutes. Was the little anchor writing an essay? YqdK7j

“President Yi…” The person at the other end of the video conference began to speak more and more slowly.

It seemed like his boss hadn’t been listening since the meeting had started.

Yi Chen lazily looked up, “Finished talking?”

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

“Ah, no, not yet.” The man softly coughed and continued to report on the American branch. 6Pr1L4

Half an hour later, the division manager finally finished the report and let out a long sigh.

The weekly status report always made him feel like he was on a battlefield.

Despite his boss being young, his way of conducting business was no different than that of the former President Yi. The last division manager had been a little sloppy during his report once, and had been dismissed the next day.

Although he was aware that there were other factors in the situation, when it had happened, the whole branch had still been thrown into a panic. They didn’t dare to slack off. 7KVtSy

He suddenly thought of something. “By the way, President Yi, you said earlier that you wanted to arrange for a person to come to the branch office…”

“Cancel it ba.”

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Yi Chen moved his hand and exited the full screen video. “I don’t like to repeat myself.” dUm8AQ

“Alright! I understand.”

“En, it’s been hard on you.”

Putting this sentence out, Yi Chen hung up the video call.

Yu Yan held his cellphone in one hand, and flipped himself over so that he was facing the ceiling. MQZI1f

He squinted in concentration while sleepiness engulfed him, and continued to tap on his cellphone.

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… Thank you for the scarf.


In the end, why was he at such a loss? Couldn’t he just type a greeting and be done with it? DPsZtp

Yu Yan also wanted to be straightforward, but… He had some selfish motives.

He also wasn’t sure if 1 liked to send voice messages.

It was really shameful to listen to his own livestream VODs every day. Besides, after listening to it for so long, it was mostly just full of Lu Xiuhe’s voice.

But generally speaking, no one used voice messages to chat with strangers ba? hfPbl1

Yu Yan yawned and glanced at the microphone icon in the lower left corner.


If you sent a voice message first, maybe the other party would also reply with a voice message?

His actions were faster than his conscious reaction. When he snapped out of it, he found that his thumb was already pressing down on the voice message button. nYcSbX

“Um, 1…”

After saying just a few words, his idea already ran into an obstacle. It was already past midnight, so it probably wouldn’t be convenient for 1 to listen to it if he sent over a voice message.

He sighed. As soon as he wanted to cancel sending the message, he felt his hands were strangely empty—

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Bang! BSZdi6

His 180 gram cellphone hit him straight on his nose.

“Hiss—” The pain caught him off guard, and Yu Yan almost instantly woke up. He abruptly took a breath of cold air and couldn’t help angrily muttering at himself, “Hurts…”

He was just about to rub his nose to stop the pain, when he heard a strange beep from his cellphone.

He picked it up and took a look—he didn’t know how but he had accidentally touched the voice key, and unexpectedly sent out a two second voice message!! KxvQ08

He didn’t even hesitate before immediately clicking on the withdraw message button.

The moment he was about to withdraw it, he saw a small line at the top of the chat box: the other party is typing.

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Yu Yan was still in a dumbfounded state and could only watch on as his phone vibrated with the several voice messages that 1 sent over.

“Hurts? Where does it hurt?” MD xdT

“Seeing that you were typing for about half an hour, I actually thought that you were writing an essay…” The man’s voice paused after saying that, and then suddenly laughed, “And then you were still planning on withdrawing it?”

Yu Yan held his cellphone in both hands and sat up straight!

“No, not at all, I just accidentally dropped my cellphone onto my nose…”

After that, he continued, “… I also wasn’t writing an essay.” hJgtGy

“Then, what were you planning to say since you kept the chat open for half an hour?”

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Yu Yan didn’t expect his little actions to be discovered by the other side; his ear immediately seemed like they were on fire, badly burning.

Two minutes later, he made a lame excuse.

“I just wanted to thank you for the scarf.” jPg2O5

Yi Chen picked up the coffee mug and went to the kitchen to rinse it with hot water. He unhurriedly opened the voice message.

Without the sound card enhanced microphone, the little anchor’s voice was cleaner. His voice was a little soft, letting a person feel comfortable. It didn’t fit with his decisive and imposing image in the game.

“Didn’t you recognize the wrong person?” Yi Chen chuckled. “I wasn’t the one to give you the scarf.”

This time the other side replied very quickly. nyiujR

“No! I’m not mistaken!”

Half a minute later, another message arrived.

“Otherwise… Would you please help me convey my thanks?”

Yi Chen raised his eyebrows. He had never been used as a microphone between others before. OeDGV8

However, hearing the little anchor’s cautious tone, he wasn’t really willing to refuse.

In the guest room, Yi Ran covered his head with the blanket and loudly snored.

But the knock on the door was louder, and forcefully dragged him out of his dream. Pretending to be dead was fruitless, so he irritably tossed off the blanket and walked to the door, only to wilt at the sight of the visitor.

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“Ge, what do you want in the middle of the night ah?” Aemx5H

“The little anchor asked me to thank you.”


Seeing his completely stupefied expression, Yi Chen reminded him, “The scarf.”

“And also, if your snoring is this loud again, you can take your blanket and go outside to sleep in the security booth.” GDiBOl

Yi Ran waited for Yi Chen to leave, but only fully recovered after the late night wind blew on his face——

Wait, didn’t I also give my WeChat to the anchor? Why would you need to knock on the door in the middle of the night to help convey his thanks??

If you're reading this, this translation is stolen. Please support our translators at chrysanthemumgarden.com

Also, how do I control my snoring? You want me to suffocate myself, right??


Please check out and support the raws if you can!

Juurensha: Awwwww, so cute Yanyan trying to figure out how to get a voice message. (And he succeeded!)

Divi: What a bro cellphone, got tired of Yanyan’s dilly dallying so it took matters into its own self. I think people are definitely more willing to send voice messages to strangers nowadays.


Translator's Note

Divi: Boosting just means that you help to carry someone up in rank in a competitive game (player vs player) quickly. (Often, the player doesn’t deserve it)

So in a tier system where ranks were
Bronze > Silver > Gold > Platinum > Diamond cnqLEm

Yu Yan, a diamond player, would play with his friend who was a silver player, and they get matched into an average of gold rank players. So when Yu Yan is playing against lower tier people and can easily win to help boost his friend’s rank.

Translator's Note

honorable you

Translator's Note

Divi: Video-on-demand, in terms of streaming sense, these are automatically recorded videos of the livestream for viewers to watch in case they miss the stream.

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