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Parenting in full bloom! The former villainous noble son who found his love nestChapter 9


Author: aji (あじ)
Translator: sleepingjay

“You are—” qTIxAY

Knight Commander Moorwright opened his mouth to say something. However, I couldn’t make out the words over the immense noise from our surroundings.

“I’m sorry, could you repeat that again? The surroundings are a bit noisy, so I wasn’t able to catch that.”

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“……Never mind. More importantly, I’d like to once again apologise for our rudeness. I’d be pleased to have you over at my residence, if that’d be alright with you? I am called Jill Reid Moorwright. Unworthy as I am, I’m the person responsible for the Magic Knights.”

“It’s good to meet you, I’ve heard of your deeds often from rumours on the streets. I’m Lilius. Thank you for the invite, but I—Eh?!” IlgiHE

Knight Commander Moorwright offered his hand in greeting.

I reached out to grasp that hand while trying to excuse myself from his invitation, but right when I did that, Andrea once again hugged me from behind.

“Lilius! Lilius, are you injured?!”

“Oof, n—no. I’m fine, so let me go, it’s painful.” Kc4V9m

It was more likely I’d be strangled to death by Andrea instead.

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I peeled off Andrea’s arms, which were twined around my waist, and turned around.

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“P’w olcf. Lbkfnfg, Ccvgfj, sbe’nf mjerfv atlr wemt agbeyif. Gbc’a sbe tjnf rbwfatlcu ab rjs obg la?”

“Rcut…… Mlcf.” AenM2P

Ofjnlcu ws rlvf, Ccvgfj olgra jqbibulrfv ab fnfgsbcf atja tjv qgfnlberis reggbecvfv er. Ktfc klat tlr tfjv tjculcu ibk, tf jqbibulrfv ab tlr ojatfg, atf Bcluta Jbwwjcvfg Zbbgkgluta.

“…… Father, I’m sorry for causing such an uproar.”

“Originally, I would have punished you. But now, I’m surprised to see that you’re able to apologize for your mistakes……. Considering this, I’ll let you off this time. However, there will be no second time, alright? When you want to go somewhere, you must always take the guards with you. Understood?”

“Yes.” zwpS06

This seemed to be the case.

The Andrea I met yesterday, who acted like a selfish aristocrat, must be what Andrea was normally like. That kind of child apologised to those around him. Not only surprise, they also probably felt doubt about just what he had encountered in the span of just one day.

In truth, I was also surprised.

“Now then, the reply to my invitation from before…… Would you be willing to come over?” 1dq Xy


“Lilius isn’t coming? Didn’t you say you’ll accompany me all day? Even though you’re an adult, you’re going to break your promise?!”

…… How unfair.

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“I got it…… I’ll go with you. But before that, I’ve promised to deliver medicine to the store. Wouldn’t it be too late if I headed to your place after that?” 42du6e

“Ah, so you’re a healer. In that case, you can use my carriage. Andrea would also be able to come along too.”

“…… Well then, if you insist.”

This was disgraceful.

Why did I give in for the second time? 1rYRP7

Not only would teleportation be much faster, but also riding a carriage just for this was too wasteful.

Although my grumblings and dissatisfactions were inexhaustible, I couldn’t stay that way indefinitely.

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If I refused here, it would turn into a troublesome matter again. Let’s quickly finish this matter, then I could choose to go back home alone.

Boarding the carriage, I found that the inside was even more extravagant. IsTiS2

While observing the scenery, I frequently hmmed and ahhed to show I was paying attention to Andrea, who for some reason was cheerfully talking about this and that to me.

The seats in this horse-drawn carriage were extravagant ones that weren’t easy to find. How many years had it been since I sat on such seats?

When I was 17, I was framed by Brother and stripped of my noble rank. Then, with Brother in the lead, that household had expelled me. Since then, 7 years worth of months and days had passed.

Although I’d turned 24 now, my discontent towards my family was still incessant. h7JNdQ

—No, I’d gotten it wrong, they weren’t my family anymore. For someone like me, who had been expelled from the household, there was no such things as family anymore, was there?

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“……Andrea. Cherish your family, ok? And your friends too.”

“What’s with you all of a sudden?”

“I just suddenly wanted to say that. Don’t mind me.” nzeCxb

“Eeh? Lilius is weird.”

After that, again, I continued my whimsical conversation with Andrea.

I, who was freely chit-chatting with Andrea, received a subtle, profound look from Knight Commander Moorwright. However, I failed to notice this.

Can they please get closer already so I don’t have to type out “Knight Commander Moorwright”?
Also, Andrea is foul. So foul. I don’t blame Lilius for capitulating. 2Yq0gB

I didn’t realise how rude/casual Lilius is until Jill appeared with his fancy, polite language lol

I’m changing the update schedule because (a) I need to be more productive, and (b) I feel bad updating so slowly when the chapters are so short.

For now, I’ll be alternating between twice-a-week and once-a-week updates. E.g. this week there’ll be two chapters, next week only one. If I can maintain this pace I’ll properly change to only twice-a-week updates.


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    Now go get closer with Andreas‘ daddy (≧∀≦)

  2. Lily was kidnapped from his life Just like that?! Doesn’t he know Andrea won’t let him go once they arrive at their house?

    Jill Reid Moorwright, uff, What a great name. I Wonder If he knows Lily from before. What was that reaction for?

    Lily, don’t be sad for your old family, you’ve found a New one!!

    Good news about the Updates! Thanks for your Hard work!

  3. Haha you can’t say no to andrea.. Lilius is just kind that way :3 i wonder what happened to his family tho..

    Thanks for the chapter!!~ 🙇🙇🙇

  4. thank you for the hard work. reading updates here in CG is the highlight of my week. on thing that keeps me alive so it seems.

    although Jill and Lilius being closer is amazing, i still much prefer the slow burn

    hehehe (。•̀ᴗ-)✧