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Parenting in full bloom! The former villainous noble son who found his love nestChapter 8


Author: aji (あじ)
Translator: sleepingjay

“You there, don’t move! There’s no mistake — the personage next to you is Andrea-sama! Why is the young master with you? Depending on your answer, you may not retain your life!” vBhI H

With piercing sunlight glinting off its edge, a sharp blade was pointed towards our direction.

I was fine with it, but Andrea was right next to me. This guy should use his brain a little.

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“I’ll answer your question. But before that, did you forget that Andrea is beside me? Even if it’s unlikely, there’s a risk you might hurt this child. I’ll raise my arms and sit on the ground, so put away those dangerous things.”

“……All right. Don’t do any suspicious movements, got it?” s9yxk4

I slightly distanced myself from the frightened Andrea and sat down on the spot. As soon as I did that, Andrea, who had been dazedly watching as the Watch Committee restrained me, flared up.

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“Ofa tlw ub! Ktlr ues lr ws wjcrfgnjca, cba j yjv ues!”

“D, yea……”

“Pa’r olcf rb ifa tlw ub! Qts jgf sbe cba ilrafclcu ab ws kbgvr? Cgfc’a sbe uesr jii ws ojatfg’r reybgvlcjafr? Tbe kjca ab yf olgfv, tet?!” BOmXF2

Ktf raeoo tf kjr rjslcu kjr yjv jr ereji. Dea ktfc P rjk remt jc Ccvgfj, klatbea xcbklcu kts, j kgs rwlif rilqqfv bcab ws ilqr. Pa tjv bcis yffc bcf vjs, yea la ibbxfv ilxf tf’v yfmbwf jaajmtfv pera ogbw rtjglcu yfv jcv obbv klat wf.

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Even now, I couldn’t bear to watch on when that face was on the verge of crying.

If I talked to him and got him to calm down, the clever Andrea would probably understand that this situation wasn’t as bad as it looked.

The moment I called out to pacify Andrea, who was still in an emotionally-driven state, my words were drowned out by a low, attractive voice. R0M3GU

“Andrea, what are you trying to do by making such a fuss? When you disappeared, do you know how much these people worried over you?”

“F-father……! Please help, Lilius, he, it’s my fault!”

“……It’s fine, so calm down.”

A good-looking man with a tall stature and powerful, muscular body appeared from the other side of the crowd. u8cqrO

Although this was the first time I saw the Knight Commander with my own eyes, he certainly was beautiful. Just like the term “white lion descendant” indicated, atop his head were a pair of silver-white ears with lovely coats of fur.

From between his thighs, one could see his swaying tail appearing and disappearing. Even though he had a serious face on, his princely looks were still enchantingly vibrant.

It was just that, I was what one would call an animal lover….

“I apologise for the restraints. Can you release him?” eJGK8X


“Andrea’s case might not have been a kidnapping. According to the butler, it was Andrea who suddenly rushed out when the butler was busy settling an important matter. ……Perhaps, we could hold you under observation instead. Would you be alright with this?”

“……It’s fine if it’s just one day. You’ll probably find little that you can press charges for though.”

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I answered Knight Commander Moorwright’s words. qGz1nA

That was probably the first time he took a proper look at me. When he caught sight of me, for a moment he stared in astonishment, then furrowed his brows as if he’d chewed a bitter-tasting bug or something.

Translator's Note

甘い顔立ち lit. Sweet looks.
Generally, for women it means their looks are “cute + gentle + sexy”. The opposite of it is “cool beauty” type.
For men, it’s “cool + elegant + gentle + sexy”. The opposite is “wild, rough and cool” type.

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  1. Could it be the commander knows him from before?! But hey, that man has taken good care of your Child so no rudeness to him, eh!

    Thanks for the chapter!

  2. My only lament with this story is that the chapters are so short. If I had more restraint I’d wait and binge read them instead.

  3. Ey, Knight Commander! W hy are you scowling at our MC? Don’t you dare compare him to your ran away ex. MC is way better! (Ò ‸ Ó)

    Thanks for the chapter~ ♡