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Parenting In Full Bloom! The Former Villainous Noble Son Who Found His Love NestChapter 45


Author: aji (あじ)
Translator: sleepingjay

Jill 02 xAcyqz

Ironically, this young man who looked exactly like her was completely different on the inside.

The youth, who should have died several months after his exile, cared for Andrea despite his seemingly sullen scowls. His words were rough, yet his gaze towards Andrea was kind and warm.

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Even Andrea wound up attached to Lilius, and his smile which hadn’t been seen for the past few years reappeared.

But even with such a scene before him, Jill could not be unreservedly happy. JabdMW

They came to this rural town far away from the capital. When he thought of the reason behind this, he could not blindly place his faith, no matter how beautiful the magic possessed by the youth in front of him.

A piece of letter received a few months ago.

The sender was her. The contents were a request for money. There had been many letters like this previously, but he had never replied. If she at least asked after the children, he might have felt like replying, but the sentences she sent were just a collection of flattering words that rubbed his nerves the wrong way.

However, at the end of that day’s letter, she wrote about her intent to come to the empire. The letter itself had taken some time to arrive.


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No matter how Andrea cried and pleaded, Jill would not bring the children to meet her. Ewnj6M

Knowing her, she probably wouldn’t feel even a smidgen of guilt about selling rare white lion children into slavery.

Since she was the one that gave birth to them, she could deal with them however she pleased.

This excuse that came out of her mouth was something he would never forget. At that time, just as the twins were born, she was going to burn them to death with her magic. Even now, that day’s wrath had not disappeared.

No matter how Lilius claimed to have no relationship to her, and by extension her family, it was impossible for him to accept that easily. dtldM7

This youth who appeared with this timing.

With magic possessing a beautiful, pure light and a clear scent like dew on a winter morning — his conditions were too good to be true.

Beastmen were ridiculously weak to people with attractive magic. If they fought on pure strength alone, beastmen would definitely not lose to humans. Yet in the past, beastmen had been oppressed.

If one were to peruse through the history books, the reason was simple. RqnkoJ

The shrewd humans accurately aimed at beastmen’s weakness.

In the past, anyone could see magic and discern its scent.

So what would happen when an oppressed human with a pure soul came to a beastman’s side?

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Everyone would protect that human. mWJCBg

Knowing that beastmen could not be injured easily, humans used that beautiful person as a sacrifice. Using a dreadful magic, they turned everything around that person into scorched earth.

On top of that, there were the children. If the beastmen’s most treasured children were taken hostage, even the noblest of knights would have no choice but to release the sword of his oaths.

She must have grasped beastmen’s weakness during the time she stayed in this empire.

The root of all evil. The second son that was said to be an evil spirit, whose cold-bloodedness was unimaginable. The one in the rumours and the one seen by Jill were completely unrelated existences. wdm78N

So, something must have happened.

This youth must have had his own reasons too.

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

However, to trust him just based on that alone? No. For those born into nobility, such a kind world was foreign to theirs.

When and who would become an enemy was unknown, so Jill had no intention of relaxing his vigilance. gaoMXl

Even if it were to hurt Lilius, for the sake of protecting his children, he would have no hesitance.

That was right, there shouldn’t have been.

TN note:
Thank you everyone for your well-wishes! I hope you guys are doing ok too.


Translator's Note

The whole paragraph is a bit liberally translated, but this sentence especially. Literally it means “even the noblest of knights would release the sword held in his heart” so I tried to make it make sense with the context.

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  1. That last sentence…. seems like it’s not the same as before huh, Jill… Guessing there’s another chapter in Jill’s pov? (But srsly, that woman is so trash, to even think of selling children! And her own at that!)

    Thanks for the chapter! 🙂

    • +1 she is so awful that I honestly thought I was looking at a character from To cure a dark heart. I hope she burns or sell into slavery or any evil intention she had for the kids.

  2. After what she did she still dares to ask for money?! That’s beyond shameless. She is the one deserving to be burned or sold into slavery, not the children! 🤬 But with this explanation it’s understandable why Jill is so cautious about Lilius. I hope that after they’ve spent some time together they will get to the point where Lilius will tell Jill what really happened before his exile.

    Thank you for the update!!! 💖

  3. Wow, I feel horrible for Jill. To have this kind of mindset, Lilius’s sister must have made him absolutely miserable. She just sounds like a trash woman, I hope Lilius will be able to break down his walls.

    Another thing, since she’s such a bad woman, I wonder why Andrea seems to seek her out so much? Maybe since he’s her firstborn she treated him differently?

    Thanks for the chapter!

    • children always seek the love of their mother even when that mother is a horrible person. Andrea is just too young to truly get that she’s not treating him right (bcs it’s his only mom and he doesn’t know better). And I guess she treated him better bcs he doesn’t have beastman traits while the twins probably disgusted her.

  4. I don’t think any parent who plans to utilize their own children for their benifits is excusable. That b$tch dares to come back and ask for money?

    I hope Andrea would never be coaxed to her side EVER! She might trick him to take his younger siblings to her 😤

    Thabk you for translating 💕🙏💕