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Parenting in full bloom! The former villainous noble son who found his love nestChapter 36


Author: aji (あじ)
Translator: sleepingjay

When I came to, I was standing in an unfamiliar place. ntWqpL

From my faint memories, I recalled what had happened.

Ah, that was right. I died.

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The magic used by Seira was a forbidden technique.

A magic that made use of the user’s own soul and body to place a curse on the target. Because no counter-spell existed, and because of the cruel deaths it brought on both the caster and the target, it was designated as a forbidden technique. lhRm39

The interesting thing about this magic was, the larger the magical reserves of the target, the worse the pain caused, leading to death.

Now that I was dead, I wondered if having to witness my horrible death would cause them to endure feelings of guilt.

I didn’t feel anything about my death. It was no more than a meaningless life after all.

I walked onwards in the endless, pure white world. HumzKG

When I wondered whether there was even anything here, wild flowers bloomed at the edges of the ‘path’. However, even those flowers were all a pure white.

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What strange flowers. When flowers were in full bloom, it was the sight of various colours that would shake people’s hearts.

If all the flowers were white, what deep emotions could they move?

There would be neither good nor bad impressions, I supposed. edYWcH

“How boring.”

The sky, the paths, everything was pure white.

As I walked somewhere, I ended up lost. I didn’t realise being unconscious of my actions would make me this anxious. Unable to see the end, my heart grew violent.

At length, I re-examined my life that had come to an end. There was nothing special to name. Though I had a privileged position, I was only able to live as myself when I came to my current village. Life was really a fleeting thing. boA 0M

Since I was going to die anyway, I should have kneaded Cyril’s fluffy ears more. It would have been nice to touch them without any reservations.

Though, an unsightly ending like this—death by a curse—was exactly what I deserved.

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“…… Aera ktfgf lr atf olcji vfralcjalbc tfgf?”

P tjv xfqa kjixlcu obg rb ibcu yea atfgf kjr ralii cb fcv ab yf rffc. Qtfc ws wbalnjalbc ofii ibk, P rja vbkc bc ws yftlcv. z2wcWD

“Ktfgf’r cb rxs. Ktf oibkfgr jgf yijcx ktlaf jcv vbc’a tjnf jcs rwfii flatfg. Pr atlr atf joafgkbgiv? Pa’r remt j ybglcu qijmf.”

While snappishly grumbling, I threw myself on my back, lying down spread-eagled. All of a sudden, the sound of a bell reverberated in the long-silent world.

Ring… Ring… Gradually, the sound grew closer.

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Just when I stood up, unnerved, an impact crashed onto me from behind. ZXiFUu

My body stumbled a few steps, and then, in the blink of an eye, I was caught by a strong wind and was flown up.

I couldn’t do anything against the wind that was whirling round and round like a tornado. Whilst at its mercy, my sense of equilibrium seemed to have been blown off somewhere.

Suddenly, the wind came to a stop. In front of me, the shadow of a person appeared.

With a pure white veil on, let alone their body, even their face was hidden from sight, as if covered by mist. pTyL5P

With my limbs still not under my control, my face was easily seized by the hand extended by the figure.

“You have come here far too early.”

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“Please try your best for a bit longer.” 1TXlrH

I was certain those were the words that I heard.

That voice carried a mysterious echo.

Whilst I was in a daze, my shoulder was pressed down by the shadow.

The wind which had died down came alive again. Then, I felt a huge shock like I was thrown against something. 3QUTW

“Ngh, gaah, …… ugh.”

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Somehow, that voice made me feel wistful.

That mellow, pleasant voice I hadn’t planned on recalling. I knew whose voice it was, even if I didn’t want to. UlzAZk

“I beg you, please open your eyes…… Live, Lilius.”

As he pleaded, Jill’s voice shook my eardrums. It felt like I was afloat, swaying to and fro in water. But when I tried to mobilise my body, the pain elicited kept me from moving.

“Jill-sama, is this really all right?”

“It’s fine. If it’s not used here, when else would it be used?” RLv3MB

“…….Even if your position is protected by the existence of this proof?”

“I will wrest back my position and anything else with my own hands. ……But Lilius’s life cannot be saved unless I use this. Sorry Belus, forgive me.”

“You will not regret it? Even with the knowledge that he is that woman’s younger brother?”

“…… My only regret would be if he dies.” WH46 N

What were they talking about?

I was sleepy… It was hard to understand. But if because of me, Jill would be put in an unfavorable position, then I wanted them to stop. Falling asleep like this was fine with me.

“Lilius, drink this.”

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My consciousness flickered in and out. I felt Jill’s thumbs pushing my lips open slightly. GnV0Co

Something was pushed into my mouth, but my body functions still hadn’t been restored. I couldn’t swallow it.

Over my head, I heard a groan filled with irritation.

“It can’t be helped…… I’ll apologize when you wake up.”

Jill’s determined voice fell upon me. Immediately after, something soft covered my parted lips. Uai7pJ


I knew these were Jill’s lips, but with my still absent-minded awareness, my understanding couldn’t keep up.

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

But even when I realised I was being kissed, my heart didn’t move. It was as if everything happening was somebody else’s affairs.

A warm, thick tongue invaded my mouth. From Jill’s tongue flowed a thick, sweet liquid, which I managed to muster the strength to swallow. DSgT6k

Close to my ears, Jill breathed out a sigh of relief.

“Come back.”

Jill’s arms hugged me close. Being in his arms felt nice. Jill had a pleasant, refreshing scent. Being pressed against that masculine chest and having my hair combed, my heart shook and my nose started to burn.

“Lilius, show me your beautiful eyes again.” lSpNOx

I wondered doubtfully at the words whispered by my ears.

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Why was I sought after by Jill?

I didn’t know.

I wondered why I wanted to cry so badly. Something was making me unbearably anxious. upbE2F

But, it would definitely be fine even if I didn’t understand.

If I understood, then I would end up suffering. Since that was the case, it was better to not know. It was good to stay unaware like this.

Within my drifting consciousness, I stopped resisting and fell into a deep sleep.


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