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Parenting In Full Bloom! The Former Villainous Noble Son Who Found His Love NestChapter 29


Author: aji (あじ)
Translator: sleepingjay

“Co-commander! This is–” wDpMli

“Seth, recently you’ve been a bit relaxed, haven’t you? When we return to the capital, I’ll give you special training.”

“No way! Demon! Are you trying to kill me!”

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“There’s still some time until we return to the capital. You’re a smart man, Seth, so you should know what’s the correct thing to do, yes?”

“……I won’t resist! I will go through the special training!” CnEgwc

As soon as he said that, Seth dashed off with a pale face.

Before leaving, he threw out a parting remark: “Commander’s gruelling training is complete hell though~”

“Looking at this, it seems your physical condition is already good.”

“Ah, well.”


……So awkward.

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Looking at Jill’s face, yesterday’s debacle came to my mind again.

“However, since we don’t know what will happen, it’s better for you to get some sleep.”

“……I’ll do that.” inqkId


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Kgef ab ws kbgvr, P ijs vbkc bc atf yfv.

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Zs tfjga kjr abb cblrs, la kjr tjgv ab ojii jriffq. jLXkT9

Qlat atf iluta ygffhf mbwlcu ogbw atf klcvbk, Alii’r rmfca kjr rkfqa bnfg ab ws rlvf. Efogfrtlcu jcv ufcaif, atf mbwobgajyif rmfca wjvf ws tfjga alutafc fnfc wbgf.

“Damn it! Because you’re here, I can’t sleep!”

“I’m sorry, but I’m worried. Until you fall asleep, I'm going to stay next to you.”

“No need!” OAEdFY

“Even if you say that, aren’t you worried about what might happen? It’s dangerous for you to stay alone. Seth has run off, after all.”

Rather than him running off, wasn’t it you that frightened him into fleeing?

“……Alright. But close the window.”

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“Are you cold?” dA0Bpz

“No. Your smell is making me unsettled.”

“………………..My smell?”

“Yeah. I don’t know why, but because of your smell, I get restless and can’t calm down, and my body gets hot. Even if I want to sleep, I can’t. It’s irritating so I want the window closed. After you do that, stay further away from me.”

“—gh.” IB3afH

Gulp. The sound of someone swallowing was clearly audible.

Looking over my shoulder, I saw that Jill’s face was dyed red, and he was looking at me with wide eyes.

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“What is it?”

“N–no.” OdPFEy

“……You know what, just go out after all. Somehow, looking at your face is unpleasant too. Your smell is annoying, your face is also annoying. Looks like I may hate you.”

“What makes you say that?”

At my words, Jill’s head was hung down.

Didn’t he also hate me? Then if I hated him too, we would be on equal footing, so this was just right. PUYNQl

When he heard that, Jill’s tail slapped the bed with loud thuds, as if it was grumbling. The silver-white hair was also bristling.

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“If I made you angry, my bad.”

“……I’m not angry, though.”

“Haa–h, are you sure?” BfkpoF

“……Just now, you said you like women, right?”

“You listened in on that?”

“No. …………I overheard it.”

“You’re saying the same thing as Guy, you know. You and the kids are really alike.” xkFJiR

Not just their appearance, but also things like their left eyebrows contorting when sulking or disgruntled. Like just now, that excuse was exactly like Guy and Andrea.

Even such trivial details could indicate the relationship between parent and child.

“It was just that I couldn’t listen to it anymore. Before that, you looked like you were having a lot of fun talking to Seth, so I couldn’t properly grasp the timing to interrupt.”

“So that’s how it is. Well anyway, I’m not bothered by you hearing any of our conversation either. So? What about me liking women?” SureAW

“Are you certain you can’t look at men in that way?”

“Well, it’s troubling if I’m abruptly asked to consider that. I’ve gradually come to accept the values here, but it’s impossible for all of them to be the same as mine.”

“I see.”

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His ears drooped despondently. His tail also pulled into a tight curl. cJwKod

Why? Did it seem as if I was discriminating against them?

“But, even though I’m still unaccustomed to considering homosexual love as normal, I don’t have any discomfort or disgust towards it. So to say, if more time passes, someday it might also be possible for me to fall in love with the same sex.”

“I see!”

His ears perked up. They twitched and shook in high spirits. His witheringly curled tail also started dancing and fluttering. dPfRz1

……Ah, what a good tail. Beastmen’s charm was definitely those ears and tail.

After that, Jill really stayed by my side until I fell asleep.

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I had no idea if he was still there after I fell asleep. In my slumber, the only thing I remembered was a warm hand caressing my head.


Translator's Note

Jill changed to casual speech!!!!!

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  1. So, if beast men can become pregnant regardless of gender, as mentioned earlier, would Jill provide another kid or two once he captures the MC?

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  3. Lily… You’re too obtuse. How can he not understand Jill doesn’t hate him. He has being really nice to him, after all.

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    Not summery my own thot a¿¿ thoughts might contain spoilers if I’m right: but I can see this plot basically a mile away at least the plot I want. So I’m thinking that lily is half beastmen or something do to 1.) The the smell of the general 2.) The way his family treated him or his brother. I think maybe his brother moght of found out or m3oght of know he was half beastman hence the terriable treatment. At least I’m gonna ride this vibe till the end cause this means my children I get see. The adroable lil babies.

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