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Parenting In Full Bloom! The Former Villainous Noble Son Who Found His Love NestChapter 28


Author: aji (あじ)
Translator: sleepingjay

“Well but, I also can’t say for certain, since people like me also exists.” YUE4Ig

“Hmm. Is there anything else?”

“Compared to the human race, I suppose our lifestyle is also dominated by our clan’s instincts? Like us dog beastmen, we’re not afraid of strangers. Rather, we’re poor at being alone. We love being with a large crowd. My dad is a wolf, so he’s particular about marriage. Once he’s decided on becoming someone’s husband, he’d dedicate his whole life to that person. Especially with my mom, he never lifts his head against her.”

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I had heard about this before, from that person who had given me the chance to change. It was around the time I had been welcomed into that village.

But the foolish me from those days only understood enough to hold cruel disgust towards them, who were so different from the human race. GX2VfD

“That Belus is like this?”

“Wolves are monogamous, so let alone cheating, they aren’t even a little inattentive, and are extremely fawning to their wives. He’s so old but still always displaying affection in front of me without even thinking of my feelings. Then there’s the emperor. He’s a lion beastman, so he’s got an amazing harem.”

”Harem…… When I first arrived here, I’d heard of it long ago, but it’s strange. I’ve been living in that village for nearly seven years, but it seemed to be not as peculiar as it sounds.”

“That’s because Lilius is wide-hearted. Because it’s unusual, whether it’s humans or beastmen, in the past it was easy for discrimination to occur.” Qm r7D

Seth’s words were thought-provoking. Especially since I had lived a life which discriminated against beastmen. Particularly, my home country and the empire were also far away from each other.

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Therefore, in the rumours and news that flowed to my home county, there were also distortions. However, there were too little information to figure out that these were erroneous.

Still, a male lion’s life included building a harem. Then, did that mean any lion beastmen also had such an instinct?

In that case…… was Jill also like that? hgNVkG

“……What about Jill?”

“The commander, huh? He’s hopeless. The commander is like a brick wall, completely the type that wouldn’t even notice if someone liked him and would just worsen the relationship. I’ve known him for a long time, but he’s still formal with me, and on top of that he’s so cold too. When we were little, he was way more of a cheeky, out-of-control hooligan. He was such a brat, even young master can’t hold a candle to him. He looks gentle now, but for me, I can only see his generous look as a prelude to lure in prey to eat.”

“Is that so? Sure, I did think he was a schemer, but a hooligan…… I can’t imagine that at all.”

“That guy was a terrible brat who never listened to anyone. Dad was always chasing and yelling after him. ……Your older sis too, she was all over the commander’s face. But the commander completely ignored her and just kept throwing himself into work. Even when the emperor told him to make a harem, he thinks it’s a bother so there’s no need for it. Ah, if it was me, I’d totally be happy to make a harem~” Cg5DBn

For some reason, Seth’s words made me uncomfortable.

That sister of mine liked beautiful things.

Jill might be a beastman, but my sister wouldn’t hate a beautiful man. Imagining that Jill’s limbs had been entangled with my sister’s, something in my chest felt heavy.

They had been a married couple. Naturally, there would have been such things. GJ5EAQ

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……No, no. Just what are you thinking about, me.

“Qf yfjrawfc jgf lcoiefcmfv ys beg mijc’r lcralcma. Vb, atf gjyyla yfjrawfc jgf qgbwlrmeber, atf ilbc yfjrawfc tjnf j iba bo klnfr, jcv rb bc – obg tewjcr, la wjs yf ogbkcfv eqbc, yea obg yfjrawfc atfrf jgf cbgwji. Pc atfrf raeoo, atfgf’r cb vlrmglwlcjalbc. Dea, atfgf’r rbwf lcrlvf atf mijc larfio. Ktf mbwwjcvfg jlc’a ilxf wbra ilbcr. Dfmjerf bo atja, ab yfjrawfc lc tlr mijc, tf’r ylhjggf. Mbg vbu yfjrawfc ilxf wf, lo atfgf kjr rbwf ues ktb vlrilxfr rbmljilrlcu, tf’v yfmbwf atf yijmx rtffq bo atf mijc. Snfc lo la kjr rbwfatlcu lcmbcrfdefcalji ab bearlvfgr, ab atf mijc atfrf atlcur jgf jyrbieafis kgbcu.”

Every story I heard from Seth was very interesting.

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Hearing about the lion clan, it sounded like there were various complexities involved. But these complexities or whatever had nothing to do with me. In the first place, who Jill would fall in love with, or what harem he would make, what relations at all did they have to me? Johzmu

If I were to be concerned, it should be about the kids.

Would that Cyril make a harem too?

Guy…… yep, only a disastrous future came to mind. I wondered how Andrea would fare. He didn’t seem to have a good enough sense of balance to have a harem.

When I was imagining the children’s future prospects by myself, Seth continued talking with a tone that inexplicably seemed explorative. sMmBbe

“By the way, we beastmen are more attracted to pheromones than looks.”

“Pheromones? We really didn’t know about that.”

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“Just now I talked about the color and scent of magic, yeah? It’s rare to find a person with an absurdly good scent, so for example, even if their looks are terrible, to beastmen they’d look irresistibly delicious and attractive.”

“……You mean, you would want to eat them?” OZwa8X

“That’s not it. Probably, it’s like our instincts are sounding an alarm over the person. The more we see them, the more we touch them, the more addicted and in love and unresisting we’d become. This is an instinct common to all beastmen.”

Things like love and such were unrelated to me. That was why this was the first time I had heard of this.

I didn’t think the time I had spent in this empire was short. However, it looked like what I knew was less than I had thought.

In some respects, I intentionally ignored these. About the beastmen’s physical senses, and about this too. ycKgmb

It was different from me, so it had nothing to do with me.

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I did have thoughts like these.

Just how solitary had I been? Alone in that shabby house at the village outskirts, I had spent almost seven years.

“Anyway, I’ve also got something to ask you.” VLCwgp

“What is it?”

“What’s with the wound on your back?”

“……Ah, this. This was a warning.”

“What the heck? It’s bad taste to leave things like this behind.” TvdILR

To be accurate, I also had no other choice since even healing magic couldn’t heal it.

It was the work of that older brother. He had used something vile – probably a spell – on me.

Back then, I had only just learned magic and was still inexperienced. By myself, I had freely treated people using healing magic. But, my brother was displeased with that, so he had used magic to prohibit me from using healing magic.

On that day, I, who lost strength and couldn’t make my healing work properly, soon was unable to even treat small wounds, and suffered from pain and fever. I could still remember clearly his dark smile when he saw my appearance. Ro6fj0

Magic wasn’t omnipotent, so as a result of not being able to treat it at that time, this scar would forever remain on me.

Therefore, it was common for everyone to seek professional healers. Even for the same injury, if a bad healer saw to it, there would be sequelae such as discomfort or scars.

For me, as a man, whether or not there was a scar on my back wasn’t a huge deal.

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

When Seth heard that, as if confused, he tilted his head and gingerly asked me. XrcLmE

“Could it be, Lilius doesn’t know that male beastmen can also get pregnant?”

“No, I know that though?”


“What’re you surprised about? That’s a bit irritating.” 7ENYyT

It was impossible for human males, but I knew that beastmen could get pregnant regardless of gender.

Recently, to find solutions for that and allow them to carry children regardless of gender, both the medical and magical bureau had been conducting research.

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Due to that, the healer squad I was part of was often called when they needed help.

Hence I didn’t hate this matter and even understood it, but Seth still looked at me with a quizzical look. nIamRo

“Then why’re you still so casual about it?”

“Homosexuality is taboo in my country, so even if it’s normal in this empire, that awareness doesn’t come naturally to me. So you guys may easily see men as romantic interests, but I’m different. But anyway, even if you asked me to be prudent, I like women in the first place.”

“Ugh…… M-my chest hurts.”

“What’s with that? I told you I didn’t discriminate against it, didn’t I?” 6DQbFn

“That’s not it, ok? I meant that Lilius is too insensitive about love! You should learn a little from Guy!”

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“Are you telling me to peep and ask about people’s underwear color?”

“No, no, that isn’t it either. Honestly, that kid’s also off in a direction different from my education.”

“Hmm? Your education……? No way, are you the one who taught him those strange things?!” yWx86a

“Tha-that’s not it~”

Whistling with his arms crossed behind his head, Seth looked innocently at me.

This guy, his actions were exactly the same as those village brats when they would try to lie!

Amazing. An adult man has the same thought circuit as children not even ten years old. FL5kYw

“You’re making fun of me, but you’re definitely well-versed in this, huh?”

“Ho~ You want to hear about it?”

“No need. It’s definitely pathetic.”

“That might not be the case, ok! Maybe there’s someone who thinks I’m the one too.” 3lKmtn

“…… Are you sure? Who would that be?”

“I can tell you, but it’s not free.”

With a squeak, the bed creaked.

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The blue-gray in his eyes swayed, fluctuating. zIPaNJ

At the moment the tip of Seth’s nose was about to touch mine, a loud, explosive sound came from the direction of the door.


“…… Jill, since when have you been here?”

In front of the door stood Jill with a dangerous look in his eyes. kSCiPx

TN corner:
Welp, so Mpreg exists. I’ll tag it first on NU and here, though at the rate Jill and Lily’s going at, it’s not gonna come sometime soon. If anybody is put off by this, I’m sorry, I genuinely didn’t know about the setting.

Anyways. If I didn’t know better, I’d never have thought Jill was the actual male lead of this story lmao.

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

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