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Parenting In Full Bloom! The Former Villainous Noble Son Who Found His Love NestChapter 26


Author: aji (あじ)
Translator: sleepingjay

“Andrea.” viM3NB

“What, Lilius?”

“Come here for a bit. Guy, be good. There’s nothing lewd happening in this room, ok?”

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“No problem.”

“By the way, there’s no underwear to see either~” KACbiB


Guy gave off a visibly gloomy aura. Honestly, there was no need for him to be that depressed though.

I was seriously concerned for Guy’s future.

Seeing Andrea coming over, Cyril, who was in my lap, tried to run away. He pulled up the corners of my clothes and then scurried inside to hide. XsADZW

After climbing up in a rough frenzy, Cyril clung to my bare body, with only a teeny part of his triangular ears peeking out from my shirt collar.

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“……Why is Cyril inside Lilius’s clothes?”

“Because he’s scared of you.”

“……Why? Did I even do anything?” FlJsZH

“That, that right there. Cyril easily misunderstands that you’re angry with him when your voice is loud like that, so right now he doesn’t realise that his actions can hurt Andrea’s feelings.”


After knowing that his favorite little brother was scared of him, Andrea was in a slump.

If he saw this appearance, even Cyril should understand the situation. But long-term misunderstandings like this was hard to treat, like a serious illness. F4w0I9

“Andrea, if somebody bullies Cyril, what would you do?”

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“Ljt? Cr lo P’v ifa jcsbcf vb atja!”

“Qtlmt rlvf kbeiv sbe ufa jcugs ja?”

“Ktf yjrajgv ktb’r yeiislcu Jsgli, bo mbegrf. Deiislcu ws ilaaif ygbatfg lr ecjmmfqajyif. Ktf bcis bcf ktb mjc yeiis tlw lr wf.” iAQluw

“Ctjtj! Jsgli, vlv sbe tfjg atja?”

Pcrlvf ws rtlga, Jsgli’r fjgr aklamtfv yjmx jcv obgat.

“That’s right, hmm? Whether it’s Cyril or Guy, they’re Andrea’s favorite, right?”

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“……Shut up. Stop saying things that are obvious. Is there an older brother who hates his little brothers?” 6HdR0a

Andrea, who declared that with his shoulders tensed, was truly a lovely child.

“……You are a good older brother.”

“Heh! I’ll not only protect Cyril and Guy, I’ll also protect Lilius!”

“Is that so? I look forward to it, then.” fLDdQP


Saying that, Andrea smiled a sparkling smile that didn’t lose to a sun’s brilliance, full of aspirations.

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“Come, Cyril. Do you have anything to say?”

“…………Wweally?” XfKDQq

“Aah? What’re you saying, I can’t hear you, crybaby!”

“Hyaaaa! Bwwother, really, hates meeee!”

……Andrea. This was why. This.

I peeled off Cyril, who was crying inconsolably, from my belly and clothes. Wd8S5j

“I don’t hate you. I only call you a crybaby because you’re obviously a crybaby.”

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“Am not a crybaby!”

“Haa? So, what are those tears coming out from your eyes, huh?”

“Shaddup!” XIdpsN


Cyril vehemently struck Andrea’s arm over and over.

“What’re you doing, hey!”

Andrea, who was beaten, dropped a fist on Cyril’s head with a thump. Thanks to that, Cyril started wailing even worse than before. bLZitu

The servant who heard his cries came to the room in a rush. Seeing the situation inside, the servant immediately understood what Andrea had done.

“Andrea-sama! Are you bullying Cyril-sama again?!”

“Whatever! Even though Cyril was the one who was beating me just now.”

When Andrea suddenly got into a huff, the servant had a troubled expression and sighed. zMiHo4

Then, the servant turned to Cyril and also cautioned him.

“Cyril-sama too. You shouldn’t hit others!”

“Uguu, but, I’m not wrong.”

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“Which one of you is telling the truth?” oRO7rF

“Bwother, bully!”

“Cyril is the bad one!”

These siblings are really — pot and kettle.

Well, in the end it was Andrea who was scolded. eYutCX

“Andrea-sama is the older brother, so it’s not good to make your little brother cry.”

“……Why is it only me.”

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

The sullen Andrea expressed his dissatisfaction and in that state, left the room to go somewhere.

But even if he hadn’t been explicitly told, I was pretty sure Andrea understood it well. moEPYp

It was just that, right now, his heart and reason was still in a state of mismatch. As an older brother, Andrea didn’t need somebody to coerce him to protect his little brothers, because he himself believed in this.

If only my own brother could learn a bit from him.

“Anyway, he sure has it hard.”

“With what, Lilius-sama?” ibRf8d

“……No, nothing much. Being a brother isn’t something Andrea wished for. “You’re an older brother,” or “You’re an older sister,” – these are all said to kids by the adults around them. “You’re the older one, so you have to be patient,” no?”

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

“Well, that is…”

“The one who decided to give birth were my parents, but because I’m born first, I have to be the patient one! – when being scolded, he’s probably troubled like this.”

Born in nobility, I had been constantly, continuously told: “—because you’re a person of the Vist Household”. It was not I who wished to be born this way, so why must I be pressured by them? Memories of my immature thoughts from when I was younger resurfaced. 7ZD63S

Although, in my home it hadn’t been my older brother who had to give way to I, the little brother. Instead, I was the one that was constantly told while growing up, “For your older brother, just be patient.”

Being a family, raising children – these were truly difficult things.

What was right or wrong, there was no correct answer. Today, too, I felt this way again.

TL corner: dGBEZC

Andrea: Self-control? What’s that? Sounds useless. ( ̄ヘ ̄)
Cyril: Σ(°△°|||)︴

Next week’s updates will be late, probably on the weekend.

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  1. Hehe. Cyril and Andrea are such lovable boys. I hope they can heal Guy of his dirty mindset. Then the three of them can be cute children.

    Thanks for the chapter!

  2. I had a wish since I was young! If only I have a sibling older than me then someone could acutally spoile me, rather than me needing to be the mature sibling cuz I am older.


    • I am a younger sibling and I can tell you – it’s not fun being always weaker in a fight. And the constant “nope, you’re too young for that” whenever your older sibling does or gets anything fun is the worst! And you most likely won’t get loved and spoiled until your sibling is in his 20s. But until then, you can blame so many things on them! And steal their stuff. And use them to threaten your nemesis and his army. And try practical jokes on.#YoungestHaveNoSouls

        • Hmm, I think most middle children would say that they don’t have the advantages of the eldest OR the pampering of the youngest.

          Siblings are tricky things. Older or younger, they make you feel miserable just by existing, but imagining a family without them is even worse. But after you grow up you get a friend that will never betray you or stop caring about you.

        • I was the youngest for about 16 years. So I was spoiled. Then all of the sudden I get a little sister from my mom, and she is the youngest and I have to be patient and got shove to the side, like the small one comes first. But she is cute so I enjoy spoiling her. On the other hand, me eldest siblings still spoil me.

        • I am a middle child, it sucks, you kinda just get neglected. Parents either go to the eldest for help or go to help the youngest. And while you may have some authority over the youngest, you both have to give way for the eldest. And when the youngest and eldest fight, you’re the peacemaker. But that means you don’t really have any beef with either unless serious age gaps interfere. The middle child usually never in charge, and usually spoiled like the youngest, but that means your parents are more likely to say yes to request as you are old enough to be responsible and young enough to get away with some things.
  3. Cyril has stolen my heart.

    *snuggles Andrea*


  4. Andrea: What someone is bullying my little brother!? Who dares????!!!! ಠ益ಠ


    Andrea: What Cylius is crying because I bullied him? What’s wrong about that? I am his older brother.  ̄へ ̄

    Thanks for the chapter ( ̄ ³ ̄)~♡

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