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Parenting In Full Bloom! The Former Villainous Noble Son Who Found His Love NestChapter 22


Author: aji (あじ)
Translator: sleepingjay

Right after I returned to my room, Seth was immediately back by my side. It seemed that they had taken into account the timing. Qm9zB3

“Ah! Lilius, what’s with that appearance?!”

“So noisy, you frivolous, clamouring guy.”

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

“Eh, what? Are you in a bad mood?”

If there’s someone who’d been almost killed and was still in a good mood, that guy must have a strange brain, probably an extreme M. 8qOxdd

“Shut up. I’m sweating and it’s uncomfortable so I’m taking off my clothes.”

“Even if that’s the case, that’s poison to the eyes y’know~”

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“Lwqt! Olxf P mjgf!”

Dflcu rblifv jcv rbjxfv klat qfgrqlgjalbc ilxf atlr kjr ecmbwobgajyif. Ktlr ues regf kjr oerrs, wjxlcu remt j oerr bnfg rbwfatlcu jr aglnlji jr rfflcu wf cjxfv.


Pc atf olgra qijmf, la kjr ws bkc gbbw. Vb ktfatfg ab yf cevf bg ab kfjg mibatfr kjr ws bkc mbcnfclfcmf, kjrc’a la?

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“If you’re that uncomfortable with my nakedness then just close your eyes or get out!”

“That’s not it though— ……Eh? Lilius, aren’t you a bit smelly?”

“Tch, that’s why I’m naked now! I’m going to cast Clean now so leave!” 8L fKk

At the moment when I tried to expel Seth by shooing him out, a serious expression appeared on his face and he caught my wrist, pressing me against the wall.

“Did something happen?”


“There’s a bad smell on you. It’s a terrible stench that could crook one’s nose. The scent of hatred…… Moreover, you’ve used a large amount of magic, haven’t you?” AfX7dv

“……Tch. It has nothing to do with you, does it?”

Seth’s piercing gaze stabbed through me. That attitude strongly clawed against something inside me. My reason, which was already wobbling unsteadily, completely lost its balance and collapsed.

What the heck? Was I the only bad one here?

Even if I was counter-attacking, I was still guilty. But since they wanted me to be silent when I was about to be killed, I have an idea that was convenient for me, too. ZAkgJU

If you bastards are going to cheat me like that, if you plan to harm me like that, then I won’t bother going easy on you.

“—Let my hand go!”

“Hey— Lilius! You shouldn’t use your magic!”

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The firm voice resounded in the room. The furniture shook slowly once, then a pale purple light ran wildly through the room. LU06tG

Just a little bit, my emotions had become unstable.

If I had been in a composed state, I would remember what would happen if I used magic. Moreover, doing this after I had just used a heavy amount of magic.

But, as I had lost my cool, when I invoked wind magic to blow away the insistent Seth — the bracelet’s taboo was violated, and I was assailed by agony before finally losing consciousness.

TL corner:
HAHAHAHA so I forgot that the stuff I teased about on Discord is next chapter, not this one (this one is so short I wiped it from memory lol) so there’s another chapter this week. Take it as a (belated) Christmas gift. Yay! \(≧▽≦)/ x1Hvtp

On another note, Lily’s perspective is actually pretty limited, so try not to see Jill, Seth, etc too harshly~

(Though I’m angry for Lily too.)

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