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Parenting in full bloom! The former villainous noble son who found his love nestChapter 2


Author: aji (あじ)
Translator: sleepingjay

Parting with the child, I sighed as I saw my torn clothes. apDQur

“Really, what a good nuisance.”

When I returned home, I would have to do some sewing again.

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Throw it away because it got torn. Throw it away because it got dirty. Throw it away because I didn’t like it.

Now I could never again do such things. 3m5H7

Over and over, the worn out clothes were repaired with needle precision and stinging fingers, and worn again.

Many times, I would get injured when the needle pricked my fingers. I would lose my patience, but the feeling when I managed to sew on the buttons perfectly was also good.

Life was difficult now, but at the same time I still liked it.

The house I returned home to, even from just a look, was shabby. The bath had no extra furnishings and the door fitted poorly, making an awful noise like a magic beast. xeZhLG

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It was like a house that would fly away if the wind blew, but even so, it was this place that was my home.

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Ycmf, P ilnfv lc j tberf rb rqifcvlv la mbeiv yf wlrajxfc obg j mjraif. mWAft1

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Now, what about those things?

The me that had been deprived of noble rank and exiled from the household was now living a splendid commoner life.

Luckily, I had such a large, almost inexhaustible magic power. 395ZMv

Thanks to that, I didn’t lose my means of living, and one way or another I was able to live out each day.

However, this world wasn’t so easygoing that I, who had always lived as a haughty, self-important noble, could go without encountering any difficulties.

There were times where I had been deceived, and there were also times where I had almost been killed. There were also times where, through inhuman magic, I’d almost withered away while being kept as an animal waiting to die.

In that way, I underwent hardships all the way up to this point. The things I had lost were many, but at the same time I had also grasped valuable things. jOREeG

Things necessary for a person to be a person.

What the previous me did not have. It was at this age that I first understood the meaning of human kindness.

The country I lived in now was located far away from my birthplace.

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

An affluent, beastmen country that governed the southern continent — the Thoel Empire that certainly everybody knew about. j EiB4

A land that nurtured abundant crops using their rich resources.

The Order of Magic Knights that protected the empire was the foremost elite throughout this world, and thus, no country could make a move on the empire even if they wanted to.

The surrounding countries understood that choosing to ally with the empire could give them a great deal of benefits and they could also have a pleasant coexistence.

Thanks to that, each day of my commoner life was a daily war, but I thought, in terms of the country itself, I truly had a blessed life. 2YTntQ

Even in such a remote village, there was no case of anyone starving to death.

My house was in a location considerably far from the town. The village was much closer.

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

Even I myself had times where I wondered why I live in such an inconvenient place.

Currently, as a healer that was part of the healer squad, I couldn’t abandon the village. 3P1IV

Certainly, if a villager went to the town, there would also be pharmacists and healers there to heal them.

However, as mentioned earlier, because this village was considerably deep inside the forest, it was rather inconvenient to go to the town.

It was the most rural area of the Thoel Empire.

Of course, it wasn’t like I wasn’t worried when I was choosing a place like this to work in. g3sWF0

But who was it that had reached out a hand to me when I was at my most hopeless?

If you're reading this, this translation is stolen. Please support our translators at chrysanthemumgarden.com

As long as I remembered that, there was no need to be troubled.

Due to things like that, the present me lived a poverty-stricken rural life despite being a healer that could have been rather well-paid.

TL corner:
More exposition. Next up: more kids, more Tsundere-ness
Thank you for reading~ YieNIx

Translator's Note

チクチクこまめに chikuchiku (tingling/prickling from needle, etc) komame ni (diligently; with attention to detail; earnestly). I thought the author might be making a wordplay here so I tried to include that, but it’s so much shorter originally.

Translator's Note

飼い殺し: gaikoroshi.
Original meaning is keeping a domesticated animal that is no longer useful until it dies.
Nowadays, it’s also used in situations where someone is kept on a payroll and given jobs that waste or doesn’t utilise their abilities.
In unequal romantic relationships, the person who is being controlled may also say they feel as if they are treated this way.

Translator's Note

i.e. the job of a healer in the town is well-paid, but instead he works for almost nothing in the village.

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