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Parenting in full bloom! The former villainous noble son who found his love nestChapter 15


Author: aji (あじ)
Translator: sleepingjay

“Wow! You sure look exactly like that woman.” ONPuno

“……I’m Lilius. For the time being, I’ll be staying here. Also, that woman you’re talking about is my sister.”

“Oh~. So it was you. But just why are you in this kind of location, hmm?”

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

“Well, I was led to this room.”

Then, I pointed at the door behind me. ZrP Wp

“Eeeh?! Here? That butler is seriously ill-natured~”


“Here, it ain’t a guest room. Probably, a storage room? But even if it’d been used as a storage room before, with how mouldy it is now, probably nobody uses this place anymore.”

“I see.” lybM1B

The young man’s words seemed to be about right, so I nodded to it.

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Seeing me react calmly without any waves, he looked at me with doubt.

“Did you already notice that you were being fooled?”

“Yeah. But even if they were to give me a neater room, I may not always live here, so it’s fine.” SDdpfW

“Oh~. I see, I see.”

Putting that aside, wasn’t this guy also… how to say it?

Although I was also a suspicious person, but wasn’t this man quite suspicious too?

He had black hair, with gray bits mixed in here and there. YXF9yV

His blue-grey eyes gave off a mysterious atmosphere, seemingly both cold and gentle. But he had a face that looked flamboyant, like a skirt-chaser.

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Ciatbeut klat atf rkbgv tf kjr mjggslcu, tf kjr ecwlrajxjyis j xcluta, rbwftbk tf ralii ujnf boo atja xlcv bo jlg.

“Ct, atja’r gluta. Zs cjwf lr Vfat. P’w atf bcf jrrlucfv ab yjysrla sbe.”

“……Pr atfgf cb bcf firf?” GFM3Np

“Qtja’r klat atja! Gb sbe tjnf j qgbyifw klat wf?!”

Rather than me having a problem with you, it was more that you look like you’d be a problem though……

Oh well, anything was fine. As long as he didn’t get in my way.

“That’s not it. I just don’t like it if my job gets hindered. I don’t want to be affected by you, so if you play around, I’ll leave you behind.”

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“Eeeh, that’s just mean~” g8QhuE

I was already uneasy.

Was this guy really okay?

Although I thought like that, I wasn’t in any position to say so. When I asked Seth if I could go back to my home right now, he told me that I could move about as I’d like.

It looked like I had no restrictions on my movements, as long as I came back to this house somehow or another. dpY160

Certainly, as long as I was limited by this magic tool bound around my wrist, there’s no way I could do anything bad.

“Then, let’s go.”

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“Oka~y. Well then, please come with me~.”

I followed the lazy-like Seth to the entrance. Gradually, our path became brighter, and while walking through these corridors now brimming with gentle colors, a sigh leaked out of me. c3YBls

Aah, it was so troublesome, I couldn’t say I wasn’t upset.

Then, while we were walking, I noticed that someone was following us.

When I stopped walking suddenly, those small, te-te-te footsteps, were exposed.

…… What the heck? Was it Andrea? Xgsv46


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I turned around, and then headed towards the person who’d hid himself in the shadows.

“What were you doing just now? If you have something to say, say it. Don’t sneakily follow us.”

“Hya—!” edROY5

In an alcove near the stairs, there was a small child with almost-white, silver-snow hair and ears.

At my words, the child’s body quivered in surprise, and he curled into himself even more than he already was. Looking at those grey, panicked eyes, somehow my hands itched.

The expression of this child in front me perfectly poked at my bully’s heart. Normally, I wouldn’t mess around with a frightened child.

But, this child, how to say it…… IgyFk8



…… As I’d thought, one by one tears oozed out from the corner of his eyes. The child trembled in fright, and flusteredly, his tail curled up. He held it to his chest, then gnawed on the fluffy tip.

“……” D7VX9w


With chuu, chuu sounds, the child sucked on his tail.

Still in a crouch, he looked up at me uneasily. That appearance caused my sense of reason to shut down with a staggering halt.

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

“?!” 1fm0aG

When my reason came back, I’d already acted on my urge and brought the child into my arms.

This fluffy, fine hair; this pink mouth that wouldn’t boisterously nag; these round, teary eyes — no matter where you looked at, they were all super cute!

All the children around me, each and every one of them was mischievous and noisy. They were always annoyingly treating me like an entertainment, but this kid was completely different~

“You sure are a cute one. Come on, what are you afraid of me for?” trEiHL

“Ah—, n-nyo!”

“Hmm, what are you saying? Your ears are drooping a bit, isn’t it…… Are you that Andrea’s little brother? Your face is similar, but your personality isn’t similar at all!”

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

“D-don’t, twouch, thewwe!”

So refreshing. So fluffy. oaHDy

Actually, I’d had this urge for a while.

Knight Commander Moorwright’s ears look so fluffy, I wanted to pinch them and bury my face in them.

And that shaking, swaying tail! I’d wanted to pat it too.

The child in my arms had large, triangular ears which were drooping a little at the tips. 4SVJEX

Hugging him with one arm, I lost myself in the fluffiness of his ears and tail. Seth, whose existence I’d forgotten, called STOP at me.

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

“Lilius, you’re really a fiend. With Lilius’s technique, Young Master Cyril’s soul is gonna fly away.”


When I looked at him, there, Cyril was clinging to me with his eyes swirling in circles. u35zGx

TL corner:
Lily, probably: Oops.

Lilius has a fluff-induced breakdown.
Thanks everyone for waiting patiently!

Translator's Note

Seth has a slangy style of speaking, so I’ve tried to translate his speech more informally

Translator's Note

lit. “Rather than complaints, it was more like I felt uneasy though…”
But the author did a wordplay with ‘complaints’ (不満 fuman) and ‘uneasy’ (不安 fu’an). So I took some liberties.

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