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Parenting in full bloom! The former villainous noble son who found his love nestChapter 14


Author: aji (あじ)
Translator: sleepingjay

Arc 2 iLCrZd

And then, in the name of observation, I started living together with Knight Commander Moorwright for several days in this town while he was on vacation.

That time, after our conversation, the butler Belus came around and showed me to my room. But again, from the room it was easy to see their ill-intentions.

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“My sincerest apologies, but because of the abruptness of this matter, we have yet to finish preparations for a guest room.”

The room was in extreme conditions. YmS6DZ

With barely any sun entering, a gloomy atmosphere enveloped the room. It was a room no one would possibly offer to a human.

The bed was not only battered from overuse, but also didn’t have any bedding. The window was clouded up with dust, and on the rims and the bare support frames there were spider webs spread all over. Dust lay in a thick pile on the floor.

To be honest, did they actually track down the dirtiest unused room for me to use?

“Sorry for the trouble. However it’s only for a few days, so it’s fine to not go to extra lengths for me.” QK5AIJ

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Ktfc, P mjrafv Jifjc bc atf lcrlvfr bo atf gbbw.

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Hah, to bully me, this level is too inadequate.

P kjrc’a rb rboa P’v mgs ilxf j cffvs mtliv ja atlr xlcv bo atlcu.

“…… Qfii, ktja j regqglrf. Tbeg rlrafg jirb tjv afgglyis reqfglbg wjulmji gfrfgnfr, yea ecobgaecjafis, atf ilxfr bo er yfjrar kfgf cba vfrfgnlcu bo atf tbcbg bo klacfrrlcu remt wjulm.” pDM Uw

“I see. That was awful of her, wasn’t it? Let me apologise on her behalf.”

This mansion was a vacation home, so originally this household had a residence in the capital where they lived.

This Belus was also from the residence in the capital, and seemed to have come here with the Moorwrights.

Among the rest of the people who came together with them, there were also other servants. Other than those, the servants were people who were originally in charge of managing this residence, so it seemed they hadn’t met my sister. ivZoTI

However, the people who’d lived together with my sister in the capital were different. Their merciless gazes full of loathing kept stabbing through my whole body.

Those gazes sure were nostalgic.

In the past, I had received those gazes often.

“How would you like to have your lunch?” e62G9

“I don’t need any meals.”

“….. Indeed. I suppose the same thing beasts eat can’t enter your mouth.”

“That’s not it. I’ve conveyed this to your lord as well, but I have a job to do. I must manage the medicinal herbs field, and I also want to show my face at the village at least once a day. If I go there, there’s a bunch of nagging old people who’ll always nag after me about this and that, taking care of me. Taking their fun away would be a bit pitiful.”

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

“Certainly, sir. If you have any needs, please call for me.” Z5hcYM


Even though I’d put my words as simply as possible, the butler’s demeanor didn’t let up on me even a little bit, though it was still elegant.

They wouldn’t change their manner towards anything related to my sister, I guess.

I could easily understand Belus’s scorn, because I could effortlessly imagine the way my sister would snap at others with her ice-cold voice. dkC8vz

After looking around the cramped room, I arranged a place that I felt could store medicinal herbs, even if it was just for the time being.

When I was done with arranging everything, my own body was coated with dust.

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Casting Clean on myself, I left the room.

I’d like to go back to my home now, but I wondered where Knight Commander Moorwright was. tRX4b2

……No wait, in the first place, that butler. He’d told me to call for him, but never told me how to call for him.

“What to do…”


Behind me, a dog beastman with somewhat frivolous, excessively sparkling eyes suddenly appeared. d8eXTr

TL corner:
This is the start of Arc 2.

If you're reading this, this translation is stolen. Please support our translators at chrysanthemumgarden.com

While editing this chapter, I realised my Japanese has gotten better. My speed is still snail-like though. But now it’s because of uni workload o(TヘTo)

Next week’s two chapters will be sometime between Thursday and Sunday, instead of the usual days. Because I have coursework due in the middle of the week orz.


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  1. Why can’t people realize that Lily is not his frickin sister?? Well they’ll be sorry when they realize that he’s the goodest boi

    (☝︎ ՞ਊ ՞)☝︎

  2. Are you for real?! Just let Lily go home If you’re going to act like that!

    What a disgrace If Andrea wants to sleep with him in that room.

    Thanks for the chapter!

    • Your right. He might even bring over his other siblings, then what are they going to say? It’s almost guaranteed that he’s going to sneak into his room.

  3. Seeing the butler’s reaction, I really think ml’s amazing. Faking or not, not trying to kill mc the first time he saw him is quite an achievement. He has the same face as someone that trying to kill the twins after all. Of course, I’d love to see mc happily lives with the kids; whether ml joining them or not is not that important. Thanks for the chapter!

    • I mean…if the gender has clearly changed and he’s clearly not his sister. It’s just prejudice. Purposefully bullying a guest based on something his relative did is a very cruel behaviour.

  4. I understand his sister is awful, but they should not be this horrid with Lili. I mean, since when do you judge someone on how their sibling is? Thank you for this new chapter, I look forward to the next.

  5. I understand why the ML and others would react that way but our MC doesn’t deserve all that hate and it’s only just starting, too. I want the ML to suffer for a period of time tbh. I hope our MC isn’t the type to be easily coaxed.