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Parenting in full bloom! The former villainous noble son who found his love nestChapter 11


Author: aji (あじ)
Translator: sleepingjay

When we were ushered in by a straight-backed, wolf beastman — who seemed to be the butler that managed this household — I’d already felt discomfited. 43Ay6g

I wasn’t proud of it, but I had a big attitude.

Even if I was being careful, things like “civilities” would come peeling off from my manners in a crumble.

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

Even if it was fine at first, by the end I’d accidentally act haughtily. The tone of my voice would also automatically turn disrespectful, as if I was treating the people I talked to as fools. Other than the villagers with their generous hearts, anyone else would despise such a thing from the bottom of their hearts.

Since my birth, I’d always been raised this way, with malice as companions. EgJNd1

Hence, there was no way someone like me wouldn’t notice the gazes stabbing at me from all around. Although they had covered it up well, I still saw through them.

With just one step treading into the residence, I’d been enveloped by contemptuous gazes akin to flames licking my whole body.

It was truly, wholly unpleasant.

Without any other ideas why, I thought the most likely reason for such a behavior was probably Andrea after all? 2FdAJj

We’re sorry for MTLers or people who like using reading mode, but our translations keep getting stolen by aggregators so we’re going to bring back the copy protection. If you need to MTL please retype the gibberish parts.

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Po atja kjr atf mjrf, atfc la mbeivc’a yf tfiqfv.

Dea, tbkfnfg, rfflcu atf qbgagjla vlrqijsfv lc ogbca bo ws fsfr, P kjr ja j ibrr obg kbgvr.

Pa kjr rb rtbmxlcu, P qgbyjyis fzqbrfv j ojmf atja kjr obbilrt fnfc obg wf. q9wD6V

“This is……”

“What about it?”


A groan that could be described as a sigh — or perhaps a sense of remorse — leaked out of my mouth. OKdU9S

Soon after leading me to the drawing room, Knight Commander Moorwright had presented that thing to me.

In there, gazing and smiling towards us, was a woman with a face undoubtedly similar to me, like two peas in a pod.

Seeing that same black hair and eyes as mine, there was no way I could mistake that evil woman for somebody else.

“……That is — my older sister.” mFBJD8

“Is that right?”

No mistake, the figure drawn on that portrait was my sister.

Smiling like that, her figure surely seemed as sweet and beautiful as a flower. However, to me, seeing that smile was really just like seeing an ugly magic beast.

If you're reading this, this translation is stolen. Please support our translators at chrysanthemumgarden.com

“Knight Commander Moorwright, for what reason did you invite me here?” k TQfz

“From your magic, I’d wondered if you might be her relative. However, even before I’d sensed your magic, I’d thought — your face is exactly alike. To my former wife, that is.”

Former wife……

Since the moment I was shown this portrait, there were countless conjectures flying about inside my head.

But even within those conjectures, there was one that was most undesirable to me, namely, the truth that now made my head hurt. y2Zvg3

“Former wife, you said. Then, is she now back in her country?”

“That’s right. She went back three years ago. Because we beasts are not humans, that was what she’d said. Since that was the case, I’d sent her off back to her home.”

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“……That’s not all there is to it, isn’t there? There’s no way you could divorce just with that.”

Although my birth family was a collection of bastards, they had pedigree and history that didn’t lose to those of the Moorwright Duke Household. 2LKOQi

Moreover, that father who looked down on beastmen had agreed to such a betrothal. I was certain there was some ulterior motive to it.

And, since he had even purposely extended his reach to my home like this, there was definitely some reason for it.

“It might get a bit long, but would you like to hear the story out?”

“Yes.” ukfZv0

Thus, I listened on as Knight Commander Moorwright recounted the many outrageous acts my sister had committed — which, upon hearing, made me almost immediately want to bite off my tongue.

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  1. so he’s andrea’s uncle!!! 😀 (soon to be his new mom hehehe 😏)

    wonder what evil scheme his dad was up to. i know his sister was bad but honestly i don’t trust anyone from lilius’s birth family.

  2. Oooh so that what happened. ( ̄▽ ̄;) Uncle is way nicer than mom… so he becomes the new mom. Haha did the servants think the rotten ex-wife was back or something?

  3. No Wonder everyone was trying him like that! He’s the evil ex wife, or some evil relative, at least!!

    But why is the portrait in the house? Could it be Just for Andrea’s sake? Ugh.

    Thanks for the chapter!