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Perfect DestinyCh84 - Sister and Dreamland


Translator: StormFrost
Editor: Misogi

The Saint’s Knight and Demon King [2] 9Sji7e

The saint had a very significant ability that allowed him to differentiate the air of death, blights, and other such negative things that ordinary people couldn’t notice.

The blue sky in the eyes of the people gained a layer of black fog in Chen Liguo’s eyes. Chen Liguo could even see that terrible miasma hover in the sky, spiraling together, brimming with a foul odor that made people sick.

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

This miasma was mixed with the strong odor of decay and made people feel nauseated. Although Chen Liguo did not clearly show it, he was very disgusted by this smell.

The closer they got to the source of the blight the stronger this odor became and in the end, the air they breathed was permeated with the terrible black fog. MtPnN8

Although the knights could not see these things clearly, they could acutely sense that as they drew nearer to the direction that the Saint had pointed out, the atmosphere became increasingly darker.

When they arrived at the next city, they were all shocked by the tragic sight before them.

There was no living person in Noda City. When they stepped into the city, they could smell the decay of corpses.

Uriel quickly inspected their surroundings after they entered and said with a heavy tone, “It should not have been a long time since they died……” The died-out fires still had some warmth to it. 37wpY2

Chen Liguo said, “Look and see if there are any survivors.”

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This city was very close to the source of the blight, so when the disaster approached, the city did not even have the chance to breathe when they ran up against it.

The streets were full of collapsed citizens but this time, they had already lost their lives.

Chen Liguo used magic and attached a protective ring around the knights to protect them from the encroaching blight. AJybqO

With the protective ring, the dozens of knights divided into small teams to inspect the situation.

Uriel stayed at the gate to protect Chen Liguo.

Uriel asked, “Saint Daren, what is the source of this blight?”

Chen Liguo creased his brows and after a while, said, “Maybe it’s a curse or maybe it’s a magic tool……” Qkg2Sq

Uriel asked, “Magic tool?”

Chen Liguo said, “Yes, a dark magic tool of the demonkind.” The more powerful the tool, the greater the negative effect. To bring about such a large-scale blight, in Chen Liguo’s understanding, almost no curse could achieve it.

Uriel nodded thoughtfully.

Not long later, the knights who had searched the city returned. Unfortunately, they did not bring any news about the living——Inside this city, there was already no one alive. U4GdEe

Chen Liguo sighed in his heart and said, “Let us go.”

Uriel asked, “We don’t need to deal with these dead bodies?”

Chen Liguo said, “There are too many of them…… Wait until I have dealt with the source of the blight. I will ask the nearby cities to send people to help us deal with it.”

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There were tens of thousands of people in this city. He feared that it would take them quite a lot of time if they wanted to burn all of them. IVN2LZ

Uriel agreed with Chen Liguo’s proposal and said, “Good.”

As the saint, Chen Liguo was very sensitive to these sordid stenches and it was because of this that the closer they got the worse his mood became, even somewhat irritable.

Uriel noticed the change in Chen Liguo’s attitude and asked, “Is the situation serious?”

Chen Liguo said, “Very serious.” klLdBt

Uriel asked, “Is there any way that we could help you?”

Chen Liguo said lightly, “Protect me well. I will lose all my strength after using large-scale purification magic.”

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Uriel nodded and said good.

They searched for another day and then finally found the source of the blight in a canyon not far from the city. bSN08I

Chen Liguo did not expect that the source of the blight was a lake. He did not know what this lake used to look like but now it hard turned into a foul pool with a large number of animal carcasses floating in it——It was even more disgusting than a swamp.

Chen Liguo could see the black gas that the blight had transformed into was constantly bubbling out of the lake. It was like a gushing oil well.

There was already no sign of life around the pool.

Chen Liguo did not delay after finding the source and immediately began to draw an array with holy water. S8Rg0n

This array was very complicated but its purification effect was also very good. With Chen Liguo’s current ability, the purification would be no problem if he were given some time.

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It took three days to draw the array. During this time, Uriel’s knights took charge by acting as protectors and took care of two or three mutant demonic beasts——Chen Liguo didn’t even know if they could be called demonic beast or not for it seemed like they weren’t alive and only had the most primitive predatory desire, driving them to attack other creatures.

Chen Liguo did not dare be distracted and meticulously and carefully completed every step of the array.

Three days later, a giant burst of light arose from beside the lake with Chen Liguo standing in the center of it with a staff in his hand. Before he cast the spell, he changed into a white robe to amplify the divine light power. j6qXrm

The crowd did not dare speak and watched as white light surged from the saint.

The brilliant rays brimming with warmth and gentleness was a sharp contrast to the terrible lake. This time, the halo pulsated out like waves and covered the entire lake.

The atmosphere became purer and the black air began to dissipate.

The saint was just like a descending God, pure and holy rays of light took form and became a huge maelstrom which drew out all the water in the lake, exposing the culprit below. h0SrlE

Uriel saw the source of the blight at the bottom of the lake——No one had ever thought that it would be an exquisite silvery-white ring, with an incomprehensible font engraved on it.

That ring was lifted by Chen Liguo’s holy light and suspended mid-air.

It constantly distributed a rich black miasma that even turned into a substance——Even Uriel saw it.

The holy light kept trying to invade it but the ring buzzed as if it were making its final resistance. eiSHZT

This confrontation continued on for a day. The Saint son stood before the lake as the array backed him, a steady flow of holy light suppressed the dark magic tool.

Inexplicably, Uriel was full of confidence in the saint.

Finally, a ray of holy light passed through the black fog of the ring. This ray could be considered as the opening gap and what followed it was the invasion of a continuous light. Finally, the ring could only give up on its resistance and was bound by the holy light, allowing it to force out the strong black gas inside the magic tool.

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

This purification lasted for three days. suFm7

In order to protect Chen Liguo, both Uriel and the knights kept watch over him without rest.

The holy light attracted many lone demonic beasts. However, the ranks of these demonic beasts were not too high so the Knight easily resolved them. However, Uriel was somewhat anxious. If this continued on, it was inevitable that even higher ranked demonic beasts would be attracted——Although he could probably beat them, it was very likely that it would affect the saint’s spell.

Fortunately, Uriel’s fears did not come true in the end.

Chen Liguo’s purification was over before higher-ranked demonic beasts were attracted over. c6xSWb

The water of the lake became clear once again and a beautiful white ring appeared on Chen Liguo’s equally fair hand.

Chen Liguo retrieved his magic, his face a little pale and his expression a little tired. He said, “It’s fine now.”

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Uriel hurried over. “What is this?”

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Chen Liguo’s expression was somewhat uncertain. He said, “This…… Doesn’t seem to be a dark magic tool.” Dark magic tools would not be purified. They would only be destroyed. Only light magic tools that had been corroded by the dark could be purified. 2nSyCd

Fglfi rjlv, “Rba j vjgx wjulm abbi?”

Jtfc Olueb cbvvfv, “Mbg atf mbcmgfaf vfajlir, P klii cffv ab gfaegc ab atf mtegmt jcv ibbx lcab la.” Coafg rjslcu atlr, tf olrtfv bea j rwjii yju ogbw tlr ybrbwr. Pa tjv j mbwqifz vfrluc bc la jcv kjr bynlberis cba j cbgwji rabgjuf abbi. Ktfc, Jtfc Olueb mjgfoeiis qea atf glcu lcrlvf atf yju.

Although Uriel felt like the ring seemed somewhat familiar, he also felt that he should absolutely not say such a thing at this period of time, so he pretended to say casually, “Saint Daren, take a rest first.”

Exhaustion was clearly visible in Chen Liguo’s expression. He said, “Let’s deal with the dead bodies in the cities first. As well as the blights in the other cities.” dulRaj

Uriel asked, “Can your body stand it?”

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Chen Liguo pursed his lips and said, “Find me a carriage.” Usually, he could recover his strength with his divine power but the divine power in his body was almost completely emptied out, so he had no strength in his body at all.

Uriel had made trouble for himself. He thought, ‘This is the wilderness, where will there be a carriage? The closest city is three days away.’

Uriel hesitated for a moment and then said, “Saint Daren, if you don’t mind, could you ride a horse with me? You can rest in the front and I will control the horse.” sTec8N

Chen Liguo lowered his eyes and his brows knitted slightly when he heard this.

Uriel had originally thought that he would refuse and did not expect that Chen Liguo would actually nod his head.

Chen Liguo said, “This matter must not be delayed and I will trouble Head Knight Daren.”

After saying this, Chen Liguo turned and mounted the horse. dHWEqk

At this moment, Chen Liguo was still wearing a magic robe. As this robe was very loose, a belt was firmly tied around his waist, but it just happened to outline the saint’s thin and slender waist. That beautiful blonde hair was not bound and was just casually bound together, looking a little messy. This kind of Saint was a little less pure and holy and a bit more…… Uriel could not say what it was.

His throat moved, but he did not say anything and just sat behind Chen Liguo.

Chen Liguo was too tired and fell asleep in the Head Knight’s arms despite being on a jolting horse.

The knight slowed down slightly to allow the saint to sleep a bit more peacefully. BkAW L

The Saint’s head rested in Uriel’s bosom and he could even smell a light fragrance coming from him——which he thought might be a valuable perfume from the church.

When Chen Liguo woke up again, they were only halfway there.

He opened his eyes in a daze and felt the heat of Uriel’s breath brush against his ears.

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Chen Liguo felt his heart waver and a sheet of red mosaic instantly emerged in his mind…… EGJgoF

Chen Liguo: “……” It’s over, it’s over. He really has been trained by the system.

Chen Liguo tentatively said, “The Saint and a knight, what a beautiful match.”

The system sneered, “Skewering them together and roasting them will definitely be very fragrant.”

Chen Liguo wiped a tear from the corner of his eye. “…… You’ve gone too far.” QoNIzd

The system said, “I can go even further.”

Chen Liguo’s heart was filled with a sadness that had no end.

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Uriel thought that the saint would ask to dismount when he woke up and a sliver of disappointment arose in his heart. However, he saw that the saint’s mind seemed to be wandering as his head continued to motionlessly rest on his shoulder.

Uriel, unclear of the reason, felt a bit of secret delight in his heart and slowed down the horse a little bit more. jNoPtH

However, a time that should come would still come. Chen Liguo, who didn’t want to be a kebab, said softly, “Let me down.” His voice was very graceful and Uriel dared to affirm that poetry read by the saint would surely be very attractive. However, right now, there was a bit of hoarseness in his voice. When Uriel heard it, his heart beat like a drum and his entire face flushed.

Uriel said, “Yes, Saint Daren.”

Chen Liguo was still a little drowsy and asked, “How much longer until we arrive?”

Uriel said, “A day and a half.” H3kYsp

Chen Liguo issued an ‘en’ and forced himself to pick up his spirits as he hurried on with Uriel and the rest.

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After a day and a half, they arrived at the nearest city.

After the source of the blight was eliminated, the disease began to slowly take a turn for the better. Chen Liguo first applied a simple purification spell on the city. Only then did he bathe and change his clothes, falling asleep as soon as he lay down.

Uriel and the knights also went to rest. More than a dozen people all rested in the same hotel. dFTyh0

Chen Liguo’s sleep was extremely terrible. After he fell asleep, he dreamed of some strange things. He dreamed that he was standing by the purified lake and walked step by step towards the center of the lake in his white nightgown.

Chen Liguo wanted to control his body, but couldn’t move it no matter what he did. When his hand automatically pushed aside the driftwood in front of him he saw that he was actually wearing a white ring on the ring finger of his right hand. It was exactly the same as the one he had just taken from the lake.

Chen Liguo got cold sweat and struggled to wake up.

However, he seemed to be stuck in the dream and could not open his eyes. NTsthf

As the lake became deeper and deeper, the water reached Chen Liguo’s neck. He watched as the lake reached his mouth and nose and his heart could not keep down his rising fear.

Then, in this fear, Chen Liguo felt a pair of cold hands begin to stroke his feet.

This stroking carried an overtone of obscene trifling. From his two legs, to his calves, to his thighs, and ultimately to a certain unspeakable place.

Chen Liguo grit his teeth and softly groaned, his eyes and brows were filled with anger and embarrassment. He felt that pair of hands slowly take off his underwear…… O5MbxA

Then the power shackling Chen Liguo suddenly relaxed and the body that had been controlled plunged into the water. That pair of hands rigidly gripped Chen Liguo’s ankle and dragged him deep into the waters. Chen Liguo struggled constantly but felt a pair of ice-cold lips cover his own.

This kiss was very frivolous and even emulated a certain movement. The tongue in Chen Liguo’s mouth constantly moved back and forth.

Chen Liguo struggled violently, feeling like he was going to drown.

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At the end of the dream, his neck was grasped as a gentle male voice softly murmured into his ear with an unbounded ill will, “Saint Daren, do you like it?” 9K7CQl

Chen Liguo finally woke up from his dream.

He immediately sat up, gasping violently. The sensation of drowning was too real. So real that Chen Liguo was a little overwhelmed. He sat on the bedside, sluggish for a long time before he finally recovered.

The system asked, “What’s wrong with you?”

Chen Liguo said, “Had a nightmare!” q9S6Mg

The system asked, “What did you dream about?”

Chen Liguo said, “Dreamed that Daddy said that if I go have sex they’ll burn me to death.”

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

System: “……”

Chen Liguo said, “Daddy, you’re not that sort of Daddy right?” PbJHst

The system said word by word, “I. Precisely. Am.”

Chen Liguo: “……” Ai, this sympathy can’t be earned.

Chen Liguo was a little sad and wanted to get out of bed to wash his face, but when he bowed his head, he was terrified to find that a ring really had appeared on the ring finger of his right hand.

Chen Liguo’s first reaction was to take the ring off, but as he had expected, the ring remained motionless. unRSTp

Chen Liguo took out the small bag where he had stored the ring in and to no surprise, found that it was empty.

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Chen Liguo was covered in cold sweat. He lowered his head and glanced at his body. Then he found a black fingerprint on his ankle. It was as if someone had really grabbed his foot and dragged it down.

Chen Liguo’s tears fell. “Dad, hadn’t we agreed that we won’t transmigrate to a ghost movie?”

The system asked, “What ghost movie?” EpRYGv

Chen Liguo hurriedly pointed out the fingerprints on his ankle and the ring on his finger to the system.

The system was also shocked, “How come I didn’t notice when it happened?” Chen Liguo had simply laid in bed properly, nothing had happened ah.

Chen Liguo said quietly, “You have never paid attention to me, you don’t love me at all.”

System: “…… You are half right.” I don’t love you. hrsXtk

Chen Liguo looked at the ring and said, “Forget it, putting it on is just putting it on. And it looks pretty good.” After he said this he bit it with his teeth and then came to a satisfactory conclusion, “Golden!”

System: “……” It’s reasonable that you bite, but what are you doing by biting so hard? It could even see a tooth mark on it!

Chen Liguo said, “Ai, I’ll go wash my face.”

He unhurriedly washed his face and changed his clothes, changing his gown into trousers——This way the fingerprints on his ankle wouldn’t be revealed. mEN7oZ

Chen Liguo studied with the system as he did this. Ultimately, the two came to the conclusion that there was probably still some dark power left behind in Chen Liguo’s ring, so it made him have that strange dream and rolled up his finger.

Chen Liguo said, “Ah, my precious! No one even think about taking my precious ring away!”

System: “…..” It really was a pity that Chen Liguo did not enter the world of performing arts to find his value of life.

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Then Chen Liguo casted concealing magic on his hand to hide the ring on his finger——He truly didn’t know how he should explain this ring to the knights. VPKLJc

When Chen Liguo came out, the knights had long since woken up. They were sitting downstairs eating meat and drinking. When they saw Chen Liguo coming down they all stood up and made salutations.

Chen Liguo nodded and signaled for them to continue on with what they were doing.

Uriel asked, “Saint Daren, do you feel better?”

Chen Liguo said, “I’m fine. I’m going to the plaza.” He wanted to draw an array in the plaza and thoroughly clean the entire city. TU3cYR

Uriel said, “I’ll accompany Daren.”

Chen Liguo did not decline and went out with Uriel.

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Uriel seemed to have something weighing on his mind and did not speak much as they walked. It wasn’t until they were approaching the plaza that he bafflingly said, “There was a burning at the stake here yesterday, does Saint Daren know that?”

Chen Liguo said, “Burning at the stake?” Although witches were not captured in this age, the practice of execution by fire had not been abolished either. Generally, when those who practiced black magic were discovered, the city would catch and tie them and then directly burn them to death. ozr6ne

Uriel said, “Right, it is said that a man fell in love with another man.”

Chen Liguo: “……” Big brother, have you been sent by the system? I already know this cruel fact, please don’t tell me.

Uriel observed Chen Liguo’s expression and asked, “What does Saint Daren think of it?”

Chen Liguo said coldly, “Think of what?” smbPyG

Uriel said, “This kind of criminal law…… Is it too cruel?”

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Chen Liguo expressionlessly gave a standard answer. He said lightly, “Head Knight Daren truly is benevolent. Men being with men is inherently against the law and God will not allow it either.”

Uriel nodded when he heard this, “Had Saint Daren ever spoken to God?”

Chen Liguo knit his brows. “I haven’t accomplished it yet, but Pope Daren has received divine providence before.” oMrd8m

Uriel sounded an ‘oh’ and no longer spoke.

Chen Liguo turned his head and looked at Uriel, asking, “What trouble has Head Knight Daren encountered?”

Uriel just shook his head, unwilling to respond.

Chen Liguo did not press on when he saw this but the originally harmonious atmosphere between the two people cooled a little. GoH61y

After Chen Liguo drew an array on the plaza, the party prepared to leave again.

Only then did the people realize that the saint had visited their home in person and saw Chen Liguo’s team out all the way until they were outside the wall.

Chen Liguo did not accept anything but it was difficult for the knights to turn down such warm-hearted offers and requested a few pots of spirits to drink on the road.

What Chen Liguo needed to do after the source of the blight was cleaned up was to visit the most affected cities and towns. However, he still had one more thing he had to do, it was to find the daughter of fate and take her back to general headquarters so that he could watch over her himself. HnDJzx

Chen Liguo did not intend on letting the daughter of fate go to the frontlines. Since she could invent necromancy, her talent was clearly amazing. Instead of letting her go to the frontline, it would be better for her to stay in the back and invent more practical light magic uses.

The place that the daughter of fate was in was a church in a small town.

Chen Liguo specifically asked for a detour.

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Uriel did not know what Chen Liguo intentions were until he saw the daughter of fate. He asked, “Saint Daren came here just for her?” d7gQM5

Chen Liguo said lightly, “This is God’s direction.”

Uriel pursed his lips and no longer spoke.

It had to be said that the daughter of fate was very beautiful. She and Chen Liguo had the same golden long hair. Her eyes were a beautiful emerald green and she was simply like the elves in the legends. Although her face was a little tender, her figure had already matured and was curvaceous——Only the three words ‘extraordinarily beautiful woman’ could describe her.

If it had been an ordinary man, Uriel would have suspected that the man had dirty thoughts towards the sister. However, the man before his eyes was the saint. Uriel could distinctly sense that there was not a sliver of filth in the eyes he used to look at the sister. It was a pure appreciation and affection. dxCZuN

However, even if it was like this, Uriel still felt a trace of jealousy. He thought, in this world, there was simply no one who could interest Saint Daren. Even if the most beautiful woman in the world stood naked before him, he would probably not waver at all——It had to be said that the Head Knight’s conjecture was correct. Only, if the woman was replaced by the most handsome man in the world and he stripped naked and stood before his family’s Saint, the saint’s reaction definitely couldn’t be said for sure to be the same.

The sister’s face was full of disbelief when she heard that Chen Liguo was going to take her back to the Church government. She grew up in a small town and although she had wanted to visit the big city, she never thought that one day the saint would personally lead her to the Church.

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Looking at the noble Saint before her, Angel’s green eyes were filled with grateful tears. She said, “Saint Daren, I really can go to the Church?”

Chen Liguo really felt that the daughter of fate of this world, Angel, was like an extremely beautiful doll. Whether it was that pair of big green eyes, that long golden hair, or that skin as fair as milk, it was so cute that it made people want to draw her into their arms and rub her in comfort. He said, “En.” gMEmXW

Angel said, “I, I really am too happy——”

Chen Liguo said, “Get ready, we will set out tomorrow.”

Angel nodded heavily and turned back to say goodbye to her friends in the town.

Uriel was silent throughout the entire course of Chen Liguo and Angel’s chat and the sunny smile that was usually on his face was no longer there. 5WIlpZ

Chen Liguo sensed that Uriel’s mood was not good but he didn’t know why. Moreover, the relationship between them was not good enough for him to speak freely, so…… The mood was so silent that it was a little awkward.

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Their Boss did not speak so the other knights did not dare utter a word. Thus, the entire team’s mood was a little strange when they brought Angel away the next day.

The oppressive mood in the team continued until they arrived at the next city.

After Chen Liguo casted his magic, he returned to the hotel but found that the knights were no longer there. C4gGRt

Just as he was baffled, Angel emerged from upstairs and said, “Saint Daren, the knights have gone to drink.”

Chen Liguo asked, “Drink?”

Angel nodded. “They told me to tell you…… Does Saint Daren not drink?”

The populace knew that the saint did not go near women but did not know that the saint abstained from wine as well. EgVQ9T

Chen Liguo nodded and said, “En.”

Angel said, “Head Knight Uriel said that they will be back tomorrow morning.”

Chen Liguo said good.

When they came back the next day, the entire group of knights had recovered their former liveliness. Wine truly did make people relax. Uriel’s attitude towards Chen Liguo returned to what it was before as well. WieOAm

Angel was very popular amongst the knights. In this world, because the population was an important resource and the clergy was numerous, besides the saint and Pope, other priests and even Cardinals could get married. However, one could only marry once in their entire lifetime, so Angel, this beautiful, good-tempered sister, was naturally very popular.

Chen Liguo clearly sensed that many of the knights within the group had the intention of pursuing Angel.

Although Angel was still an ordinary sister, she had been specially retrieved by the saint. It could be assumed that her future success was limitless.

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

So along the way, several knights fought openly and maneuvered secretly, expressing their feelings for Angel. hY OgZ

Angel was only fifteen years old right now and had lived in the church since she was small. Thus, she was extremely slow in dealing with the matters between men and women and almost didn’t have any reaction.

Chen Liguo found it a little funny when he saw this but did not stop it. For a sister, marrying a knight was actually pretty good. In addition, if Angel’s heart was moved now, her original destiny would change.

But to Chen Liguo’s surprise, Angel had no interest in these knights——The one she became interested in was Chen Liguo, the saint.

Angel felt like Saint Daren was just like how she imagined God to be. 65K0Ne

That beautiful face, noble temperament, and when all sorts of light rushed forth from him when he used light magic, all of that shocked her.

According to reason, this sort of person simply should not have blasphemous thoughts. However, when she saw Saint Daren washing his feet by the river once, her mind could no longer forget Saint Daren‘s beautiful calves and delicate ankles.

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As soon as Angel thought of it, she became infatuated. She even felt that if she could, she would be willing to lie on the ground and kiss Saint Daren‘s ankle.

Chen Liguo was completely unaware that Angel’s mind was filled with these things. If he knew——Alright, even if he knew he could not do anything. He could only gently advise the girl to stop indulging in flights of fancy all day long and abandon the depraved way of life and return to the path of virtue…… zTUBZC

Chen Liguo was immersed in his holy character settings and felt that he could purify the entire world.

After purifying most of the territory, feeling like his body had been squeezed all day, Chen Liguo prepared to return to the Church.

However, something totally different from the original world’s trajectory suddenly happened. On Chen Liguo’s way back to the city, the Pope was assassinated. It was said that he was assassinated by a dark mage.

When Chen Liguo received the news, he couldn’t believe it at all. He said, “How could this be possible——Pope Daren, how could he die at the hands of a dark mage?!” Y9hVID

Uriel had also gotten the news. He looked at Chen Liguo’s pale face and was unable to bear it somewhat. He said, “It should be…… true.”

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The letters sent to them were stamped with special seals and could never be counterfeited.

“It’s impossible.” Chen Liguo said. “I don’t believe it!”

Uriel understood that the relationship between the pope and the saint was like that of a father and son. Seeing the saint’s grieving and heartbroken appearance, he consoled him softly, “Let’s go back and see first, don’t worry.” Aw6XNU

Chen Liguo said, “I want to rush back throughout the nights.”

They were currently far from the imperial city. Even if they were to rush there through the nights it would still take half a month.

Moreover, Chen Liguo had purified several federations in succession and his divine power had not recovered yet. If they rushed back like this then his body might not be able to take it.

Uriel said, “Saint Daren, calm down!” n79dtd

Chen Liguo looked at him coldly. “Calm down? How can I calm down?”

Uriel said, “If you return like this, your body won’t be able to bear it!” When the Pope departs the world, the saint would be established as the successor. But the saint was traveling outside right now and it was inevitable that some people would have devious thoughts.

Thus the road was not safe at all. If Chen Liguo exhausted all his strength in order to make the journey, he might not make it back to the imperial city at all.

Chen Liguo simply did not listen to Uriel’s advice. He turned around and walked over to the stable. lfUt82

Uriel reached out and grasped Chen Liguo’s wrist——He only realized what he was doing when he grasped it but it was too late. The Saint’s wrist was somewhat thinner than Uriel’s, who had practiced with the sword for a long time. His skin was also smoother than Uriel had imagined, like the most expensive silk.

“Let go.” Chen Liguo was a mage and his physical strength could not compare to a swordsman’s. He was pulled back by Uriel and he coldly turned his head towards him, “Head Knight, do you know what you are doing?”

“Saint Daren, I cannot let you go back like this,” Uriel said. “Something will definitely happen like this.”

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“I am clear about my own matters!” Chen Liguo coldly said, “I do not need you to manage me!” As he spoke, his divine power surged up from within him, shocking Uriel and making the bottom of his heart ache dully. TYQo8A

But Uriel did not intend on letting go. He said, “Saint Daren, I have affronted you.”

He pulled Chen Liguo with one hand and used the other to directly pick him up and place him on his shoulder.

Chen Liguo was given a fright by Uriel’s actions. He said, “Have you gone crazy?! Put me down!” He could use his divine power to attack Uriel but then Uriel would get seriously hurt.

Uriel said, “Saint Daren, I cannot let you land yourself into a dangerous situation.” JfMDjt

“You are seeking death!” Chen Liguo kicked him in the chest. Uriel was kicked and paused slightly. Then he said, “Even if you kick me to death, I will not put you down.”

And then he carried Chen Liguo into the woods.

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

The entire team of knights, including Angel, were dumbfounded.

Angel foolishly watched her family’s Saint expose his fair arm because of his struggle and salivated, thinking that she really envied Captain Uriel. She wanted to carry the saint on her own shoulder and feel Saint Daren‘s waist too. Ai…… Why was she having such disrespectful thoughts? G4gt51

The rest of the knights trembled and asked, “What is Daren carrying Saint into the woods for?”

“How, how would I know?” The questioned knight answered while trembling. He felt like this scene was very very very terrible——He actually felt that his Head Knight and Saint Daren were very well matched and their quarreling was like that of a bickering couple.

Angel swallowed her saliva and whispered, “I really envy Head Knight ah”

The other knights looked at Angel with uncertainty. g2FqBc

Angel blushed and whispered, “I, I too, would like to console Saint Daren.”

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Knights: “……” How come it felt weird when this girl said these words?

Angel said, “En, en, I will work hard in the future.” After she said this, her eyes were even more obsessed.

When the crowd of knights saw Angel’s smile, they all couldn’t help but shiver. ShGdy0

From that day on, the number of knights pursuing Angel went from eight to zero.

Angel did not care either. In any case, the only opinion she cared about in this world was Saint Daren‘s. What other people thought, what did it matter to her?

The Author Has Something To Say:

_(:з」∠)_ Want…… to…… eat…… meat…… Want….. to…… eat……Saint’s……. meat. xX32ld

Thanking you darlings for the mines, grenades, and rockets. Especially LoveYouLoveYouCan’tStopLoving’s deep water torpedo. Thank you lalalalala.

StormFrost: Boy, I kept on forgetting to say this (like three weeks now), but the translation of the cover, (because I was really curious about it) is now on the novel page in a dropdown.

Misogi: Hehe wonder what they gonna do in the woods ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

Edit: Changed some “Demon” to “Demonic Beast” nSAU6I

Translator's Note

originally in English — Lord of the Rings reference

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