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Perfect DestinyCh71 - The music is over and people gone


Translator: StormFrost
Editors: TempestDemon, Misogi

Mysophobic Doctor’s Detective Drama [8] kRnr41

No matter how Cheng Xingge tried to believe his own lies, faced with Chen Liguo’s obvious attitude, there couldn’t even be a single thread of hope for a chance in his heart.

There was a slight bit of agitation between his brows as he made his final struggle. He said, “Could it be that you don’t have even a tiny bit of friendship towards me?”

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

Chen Liguo looked at him indifferently, seeming like he didn’t even want to say a single word. Obviously already answering Cheng Xingge’s question.

Cheng Xingge grit his teeth and said, “Su Yunzhi, you’re really something.”


Chen Liguo however laughed when he heard this. He was curious as well. Obviously, he was the one being harmed by Cheng Xingge, so why was it that he could make such a wronged expression so self-confidently.

The two gazed at each other, but it was time for Cheng Xingge to head out.

He took off his apron, randomly threw on some clothes and left. From his retreating figure, Chen Liguo could make out a hint of discomfiture.

Chen Liguo didn’t know what Cheng Xingge had gone to do, but in any case, he didn’t hear from him for the next few months. Contrariwise, the investigation of the murderer organization was progressing rapidly, and big fish were dug out one after another, startling the masses’ eyes out of their sockets from those heavyweight names. cURoBm

Chen Liguo, as one of the spectators, was actually quite surprised.

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He hadn’t expected that so many celebrities would be involved and even have □□ business deals with the organization. Although they were all exposed at the same time, a few extremely chaotic private lives were also forced to have their pretenses torn off. Chen Liguo watched on the television screen as a very fresh and pure actress goddess’ promiscuity broke open into the media.

However, what puzzled Chen Liguo the most was that he had seen the case end several months ago with his own eyes but Xu Xiaotu’s completion degree wasn’t able to reach 100 and was firmly stuck at 98, motionless.

This case was very beneficial for Xu Xiaotu. She was the main force of the police. Her keen judgement and professional qualities attracted the upper echelon of the police. She was about to be promoted and walk towards the pinnacle of her career. zwKdYe

A few months later, Chen Liguo’s abdominal wound healed and he finally went back to his job.

On the day of his return, Chen Liguo said to the system, “Cheng Xingge this person won’t do ah, taking leave without delay, not even giving me a notice.”

The system said, “What do you want him to do?”

Chen Liguo said shamelessly, “Are we not about to leave, have some break up s*x.” FsQbp

Once again, the system was shocked by Chen Liguo’s unparalleled shamelessness and applauded him.

In the end, Chen Liguo received a call from Cheng Xingge the day he returned to work. Over the phone, Cheng Xingge told him to take good care of himself and that he’d come back to accompany Chen Liguo after this busy period was over.

Chen Liguo’s expression went through a great change as he listened to the phone. He really wanted to say to Cheng Xingge, “Brother, not everyone has the opportunity to wait for you.”

But when he thought about it, he didn’t say it in the end. To give up on completing his task for his s*x life, Chen Liguo still couldn’t do this yet——which was probably the system’s only comfort. dCFDmI

Cheng Xingge warned him again and again quietly and Chen Liguo listened slowly. It wasn’t until he had nothing left to say and the two were silent that Chen Liguo whispered, “I’m hanging up.”

Cheng Xingge breathing stopped and he said, “Yunzhi, wait for me.”

Chen Liguo naturally couldn’t say ‘okay’, so he directly hung up.

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

After ending the call, a tear slipped down from the corner of his eye, “Not everyone has the time to wait.” v EgBT

System: “……”

Chen Liguo said, “I’m busy with going to the next world to bang.” Who knew if the people in the next world would be even more interested in ♂ heeheeheehee.”

System: “……” Okay, this is very Chen Liguo like.

Chen Liguo, who returned to the hospital, was warmly welcomed by his colleagues. He was the center of a whirlpool of gossip. He not only knew Cheng Xingge, but was also stabbed by the head nurse, he was practically a legendary figure. WCGIXM

The small nurses found all sorts of excuses to run to his office every day, but Chen Liguo continued to maintain his indifferent attitude, moving the doctors in the same department with his indifference.

“Xiao Su ah, are you just not considering finding a girlfriend?” A senior that had some relations with Chen Liguo asked him this.

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Chen Liguo gave a wee smile, and said with a firm tone, “I plan on spending my life alone.”

The senior disapproved with Chen Liguo’s idea very much. He said, “What can this achieve ah? We will always need someone to accompany us.” zSyP4O

Chen Liguo smiled politely and answered the senior’s question in his mind: ‘My right hand is my best friend.’

The disturbance caused by the murder cases finally calmed down not long after Chen Liguo returned to the hospital.

Each and every one of the primary founders of the organization were dug up and there were almost no fish that escaped the net.

Why was it ‘almost’? Because Chen Liguo felt that Cheng Xingge was a fish that had escaped the net. No, to be accurate, he was a fisherman that stood in a profitable position and watched the stupid fish under the water hover between life and death. After which, he conveniently released the water from the pond and killed the entire group of fish. 3kdeja

Chen Liguo profoundly felt Cheng Xingge’s craftiness.

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When the police finally pressed the charges, there were no less than ten defendants. Not only that, but more than a dozen of the people were all top figures in their industries.

This fact shocked the people, and one after another they expressed that public morals were degenerating with each passing day and popular sentiments weren’t old.

Then a reporter did an interview and asked them, “For what reason do you think that all the accomplices are this kind of people?” kIqPN1

The criminal who was interviewed looked at the journalist as if they were an idiot and said, “There’s no reason, if they aren’t this kind of person who would work with them.”

The reporter was left speechless.

Chen Liguo almost laughed aloud when he saw this interview.

In short, the matter had already become so large, all these suspects shouldn’t dare think about running away. After this case was exposed, it was unknown who, but someone put out a list of names on the internet saying that they were the organization’s assassination targets, hurry and see if they were on it. sKVWhr

The list of names was long and numerous, making the eyes of those who looked become florid. It just so happened that Chen Liguo didn’t have anything to do and looked through it casually. As a result, what made him dumbstruck was that his name was at the very bottom.

Yes, the very bottom.

Chen Liguo rubbed his eyes and said, “System, am I having a hallucination, why is my name here?”

The system was cold and indifferent, “The head nurse had probably added you in before she stabbed you.” Zf8ksc

Chen Liguo: “…….”

The system said, “Tsk, too bad she didn’t succeed.”

From his family’s system, Chen Liguo heard a kind of profound regret. This feeling of regret, it seemed like that if they returned to the day of the incident, the system would definitely stay as silent as a chicken and then watch on silently as Chen Liguo gets stabbed in the kidney.

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Chen Liguo: “……Are you still that cute and gentle and understanding system?” DMwIZ3

Then the system said a sentence that Chen Liguo was completely unable to respond to. It said, “I am your father.”

Chen Liguo: “????” System, have you been poisoned? System wake up!!!

The system said, “Father is not a forbidden word, hehe.”

Chen Liguo: “……” Just what on earth had happened to his family’s system? 0Gr5tF

To make a long story short, Chen Liguo whose name appeared on the list completely became a hot topic.

Even worse, it was soon pointed out that the people on that list were promiscuous and some of them were even the young ladies of the community.

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Chen Liguo: “……” He really had buried himself more than ten feet underground and could be swept over with bullets.

Thus, the surrounding people looked at Chen Liguo with strange expressions and rumors brimming with malice began to ferment in the hospital. KYBeQU

Someone tentatively asked, “Doctor Su, if you don’t want to find a girlfriend, could it be that you want to find a boyfriend?”

Chen Liguo looked at him coldly and did not speak.

The man was shocked by Chen Liguo’s look and laughed with embarrassment, “I, I’m joking.”

Chen Liguo recovered his look and left without turning back. dEyS3r

In this age, it wasn’t suitable for people to clarify themselves. Misunderstandings definitely have to be explained, but Chen Liguo didn’t know how he should explain this matter.

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It wasn’t as if he could say to everyone he met that it was because he was too clean that he was stabbed in the kidney by the nurse.

The result of not explaining was: public opinion is powerful enough to melt metal, rumors can kill a person.

Anyway, when Chen Liguo noticed it, the whole hospital was already passing around that he was promiscuous. R OHnT

Chen Liguo was too lazy to explain, and he was going to leave this world soon anyway.

That day was a light and cloudy afternoon. Chen Liguo ran to the roof to catch a breath of air.

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The hospital rooftop was very beautiful. All sorts of emerald green plants were planted in the soil and water babbled in the rock garden.

Jtfc Olueb rabbv bc atf gbboabq jcv ibbxfv vbkc. 0FJXCr

Ktf rsrafw jrxfv, “Cgf sbe lcafcvlcu bc mbwwlaalcu relmlvf?”

Ktf mbgcfg bo Jtfc Olueb’r fsfr kfgf afjgoei, “Dflcu jmmerfv kgbcuoeiis ys qfbqif lr fnfc wbgf qjlcoei atjc vslcu. Vlcmf la’r ilxf atlr, P’ii ub vlf.”

Ktf rsrafw vlvc’a ags ab mbcrbif tlw. Jtfc Olueb, atlr rmbeguf kjr ja la jujlc. Cr lo tf’v yf kliilcu ab ulnf eq mbwqifalcu atlr kbgiv jcv ub xlii tlwrfio.

Chen Liguo supported himself with his hands and directly sat on the rooftop. He said, “Aiya, so annoying. How can these people conclude that I’m promiscuous just because of that list? I’m so clear as ice and clean as jade that I simply don’t even know that □□ is.” 4kyfZl

System: “……”

Just as Chen Liguo mumbled to himself, his cell phone rang.

He picked up as soon as he saw that it was the daughter of fate.

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“Wei.” Xu Xiaotu’s voice came from the other end of the phone. She was already a celebrity. She was both pretty and capable and was practically the flower of the police department. aJ7zi0

Chen Liguo had a sort of ‘my family’s girl has grown up’ feeling.

Xu Xiaotu asked, “What are you doing?”

Chen Liguo said, “Resting, what’s wrong?”

Xu Xiaotu breathed a sigh of relief and said, “There will be a press conference tomorrow and this case can then be counted as over.” ZmlNSw

This case had lasted a year, even if they were a police officer, they would still be tired. There were particularity many key points and complex clues. It would be strange if they didn’t feel exhausted.

Chen Liguo said lightly, “Congratulations.”

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

Xu Xiaotu said again, “Doctor Su…… Now, are you still alright?”

This question was very baffling, but Chen Liguo could hear the carefulness in it. Chen Liguo said, “Still passable, what’s wrong?” uo9g6

Xu Xioatu began to speak and then hesitated.

Chen Liguo said, “Say it, what in the world is it.” If you don’t say it now, I won’t have a chance to listen to it in the future.

Xu Xiaotu said slowly, “I, I had always wanted to say to you……”

Chen Liguo’s heart sank and he guessed what Xu Xiaotu wanted to say. yXQsdh

Sure enough, Xu Xiaotu stuttered, “I, I like you.”

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Chen Liguo was silent for a long time.

At such times, silence was a polite response. Xu Xiaotu instantly understood Chen Liguo’s meaning and also fell silent for a moment. Then she laughed bitterly, “I just wanted to say it, Doctor Su, don’t feel awkward.”

Chen Liguo said it was nothing. k1VDEW

Xu Xiaotu said, “I have never met such a nice and gentle person like you.”

Chen Liguo applauded Xu Xiaotu: Praised well!

Xu Xiaotu said, “When I found out that my boyfriend betrayed me, I lost hope towards love. But when I thought of you, I felt strength once again and was able to press forward without fear.”

Chen Liguo listened quietly. 1w9ARo

“I’m not trying to make things difficult for you by telling you this.” Said Xu Xiaotu, “It’s just that when this case is over, I want to move away and conclude my current life.”

Chen Liguo smiled, and said lightly, “Congratulations.”

The rims of Xu Xiaotu’s eyes reddened and she said, “After tomorrow’s press conference, they will realize that you are a hero!”

Just as Chen Liguo wanted to say, ‘great younger sister, you’re too polite’, he heard the system’s voice that was neither salty nor light sound out, “The completion degree is 100, proceeding to the next world.” c3TAs9

As soon as Chen Liguo opened his mouth to ask the system to give him some buffer time, the world before his eyes suddenly turned black.

Chen Liguo: “Are you using your position to get revenge? You are using your position to get revenge!”

The system sneered and said, “You thought that I would give you a final chance to bang.”

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Chen Liguo: “……” Ah, my soul has been seen through by the system. Pz9mRe

The system said, “Roll over to the next world! Immediately! Straight away!”

Chen Liguo sobbed and wiped at his tears, “You’re such a bully.”

System: “……”

Chen Liguo: “But this one likes it.” smIf7E

System: “……” You trash host!!!

Su Yunzhi’s body fell. Fell down from the eighteenth floor to the very bottom. The moment of his impact with the ground, he was like a flower in full bloom.

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Blood and flesh the petals, the bones of the dead the stem.

The phone fell down with him. The sound of Xu Xiaotu’s puzzled voice could be heard from the other end, “Doctor Su?” Then she heard a busy signal respond back. CHMbf7

By the time Xu Xiaotu called back, the phone was unable to be reached. Her heart sank and she drove to the hospital at once.

When Xu Xiaotu arrived at the hospital, the hospital had exploded. As soon as she came in, she heard someone whisper next to her, “Do you guys know? A doctor committed suicide. It seems to be because it was discovered that he was having s*x promiscuously, and so on……”

Xu Xiaotu staggered inside. As a police officer, having a keen intuition was a good thing. However, this time alone, she would rather not have it, this intuition that made her soul tremble and blood freeze.

“Doctor Su.” Xu Xiaotu directly went to Chen Liguo’s office but found no one inside. 1jiGlO

She immediately grabbed a nurse passing by her and asked, “Jumped off the building? Someone jumped off from the hospital?”

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The nurse was given a fright. When she saw Xu Xiaotu’s uniform she thought that someone had called the police. She nodded and said, “Ye-yes, over at the third inpatient department.”

Xu Xiaotu released her and ran about madly.

The nurse was dumbstruck with astonishment. 8DTzP3

A chill came creeping over Xu Xiaotu’s entire body. She told herself that she must have guessed wrong, that it was impossible for doctor Su to commit suicide, but her tears flowed uncontrollably from the corners of her eyes.

She felt that it was like she had gone to a different world, surrounded by strange whispering creatures, unable to see a single trace of a person.

The bottom floor of the third inpatient department was already surrounded by people.

Seeing that the police had come, they made way very tactfully. Xu Xiaotu walked over and saw the body smashed to pieces. Nn2ziK

“Ah!!!!!!” Xu Xiaotu fell to her knees and cried.

She had seen many different cases, all kinds of tragic stories and tragic people. However, today she finally tasted the feeling of her soul being torn apart alive.

“Su Yunzhi, Yunzhi!!!” Xu Xiaotu didn’t dare touch him. She was afraid and trembled with fear.

“Why, why!!!” Xu Xiaotu said in despair, “Why didn’t I realize earlier, why——” hVuI0R

The doctors arrived, and police officers pulled open a police cordon.

Xu Xiaotu was helped to the side by people. Her ears were buzzing. She couldn’t hear anything, couldn’t see anything.

Then she saw a man, a man who was as flurried as her. He pulled at her, asking what in the world happened to Su Yunzhi.

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Xu Xiaotu cried and laughed, saying, “Dead, he’s dead.” wNOrXW

The man’s face turned deathly pale.

“Why is it like this.” Xu Xiaotu said, “Everything is already ending, so why is this happening.”

When Cheng Xingge heard that Su Yunzhi had died, he thought he was dreaming. Why did a person who loved cleanliness so much, choose to die in such a terrible way?

He rushed to the scene and saw Xu Xiaotu who was already crumbling apart. xaAJnU

And then Xu Xiaotu said, ‘He’s dead’.

Cheng Xingge didn’t speak and turned to look for Su Yunzhi.

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The doctors were rational as always and after inspecting Su Yunzhi’s body, directly omitted a rescue and immediately wrote a notice of death.

Cheng Xingge saw Su Yunzhi’s body. A body that fell into a hideous mess. GpZEgq

The blood of Cheng Xingge’s lips also faded and his body slowly softened before Chen Liguo, as if his bones had been pulled away.

“Yunzhi, Yunzhi?” Cheng Xingge called him, “What happened to you? Didn’t I tell you to wait for me?” He pulled out two rings from his bosom, a pair of men’s rings. The workmanship was exquisite, the style impressive. It matched Su Yunzhi’s temperament very well.

Cheng Xingge didn’t know what he should say, nor what he should do. He had lived for a lifetime, but no one had taught him how to react to a lover’s death.

Howling in grief and weeping did not suit him. He lowered his head and coughed lowly. NwrHpE

Bright red blood gushed from his mouth until the bodyguard next to him called a doctor to take him to the emergency room.

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Cheng Xingge didn’t move, his soul already floating away from his body.

The entire hospital was shaken by Su Yunzhi’s death. Some people gossiped secretly and said that it was him who had gone and done those dirty wrong things but was afraid of it being known and thought that he could wash himself clean by dying.

Then the police’s press conference carried on as planned the next day. Xu Xiaotu was the announcer. DwxXZp

Thick face powder and blush was used to cover her pale face, her expression cold and detached, as if she had lost a portion of her humanity.

After answering most of the reporters’ questions, she opened her mouth and said, “Finally, I want to thank someone who has made a great contribution to this case.”

The crowd listened quietly.

“He was constantly being harassed by the murderer organization and was almost stabbed to death by people several times, only because he loved cleanliness more than most people.” Xu Xiaotu said, “The murderer organization constantly threatened his safety, monitored him and tormented him. Even so, he did not retreat.” GUY aF

Xu Xiaotu continued to say, “He provided me with many important clues and became a thorn in the organization’s side.”

There were already some people who were able to guess who this person was.

Xu Xiaotu said, “Because of this, he appeared on the murderer organization’s list of names to kill. In this way, his reputation was defamed by people so simply——he was such a proud person, how could he endure this.”

“Yesterday.” Xu Xiaotu said, “He committed suicide.” XdOYml

There was an uproar amongst the audience.

Xu Xiaotu said coldly, “Just after I finished calling him, he jumped down from the eighteenth floor……his body was all split up into pieces.”

“Su Yunzhi, you are the best doctor and the best person.” There were tears in Xu Xiaotu’s eyes but her tone was firm. “You will always be a hero.”

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After the conference, the hospital exploded. uhP26

The ones who exploded the most were those people who had secretly spread the information.

Cheng Xingge watched the news conference whilst laying in the hospital bed and felt excruciating pain in the pit of his stomach, as if he had been hit repeatedly by a heavy hammer.

“Investigate, go investigate this for me.” He ordered coldly. Cheng Xingge’s eyes were like ice, not a single bit of warmth could be found in them. “Go find out just what on earth happened, give me a clear explanation.”

The people went quickly and came back just as fast. Their expressions somewhat cautious as they told Cheng Xingge the answer. FY9khz

Cheng Xingge listened to it coldly, then finally said, “I was wrong.” He closed his eyes and forcibly swallowed down a mouthful of blood. “I caused him to die.”

No one dared to speak.

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

In the past few months, Cheng Xingge was rushing about everywhere and all directions, thinking that after the busy period, he could have a more relaxed relationship with Su Yunzhi.

However, now it was useless. He didn’t even see Su Yunzhi’s last moments. c b0nI


A fishy taste spread through his mouth. Cheng Xingge’s eyes became somewhat disorganized. His body and head both twinged with pain——the sort that wasn’t physiological, but purely psychological.

The cause of death was soon found out. It was also discovered that before Su Yunzhi died, he was on the phone with Xu Xiaotu.

Cheng Xingge invited Xu Xiaotu over. 9dpTfK

Xu Xiaotu sat down in the ward, her expression cold and indifferent and actually somewhat similar to Su Yunzhi’s.

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“Can you tell me.” Cheng Xingge said, “What did you two talk about last?”

Xu Xiaotu looked indifferent as she asked, “You are his lover?”

Cheng Xingge was silent. He wanted to say he was, but he also had a bit of a guilty conscience. Nq0gGU

Xu Xiaotu said, “You are his lover, why didn’t you protect him properly.”

Cheng Xingge couldn’t answer.

“Aren’t you very powerful?” Xu Xiaotu’s tone was flat, she wasn’t ridiculing him, but was truly asking, “Why weren’t you able to protect him?”

Cheng Xingge began to cough again. d4t3VN

Xu Xiaotu didn’t care that it was the ward, took out a cigarette from her pocket and lit it. After lighting it, she kept it in her mouth. The smoke clouded her indifferent expression. She said, “En, he called me before he left.”

Cheng Xingge asked, “What did you two say?”

Xu Xiaotu said, “What was said? What else could be said.” She continued, “I told him that he was going to be a hero.”

Cheng Xingge was still coughing. 1LNhkr

Xu Xiaotu said, “And then he jumped down from there.” She asked, “How could someone who loved cleanliness so much, choose such a terrible way to die?” About this one tidbit, she and Cheng Xingge’s thought were unusually identical.

Cheng Xingge forcibly forced down his coughing and asked, “Did he say anything to you?”

Xu Xiaotu heedlessly extinguished the cigarette and lit another one. She said, “He said, he said congratulations.” How ironic.

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Cheng Xingge covered his eyes with his hand. wbJN3j

Xu Xiaotu thought that he was crying and said, “You didn’t find anything unusual about him?”

Cheng Xingge was unexpectedly laughing. He said, “Unusual? I am the murderer who hounded him to death, how could I find out whether anything was unusual or not.” He didn’t understand why Su Yunzhi would commit suicide at first.

It wasn’t until his men told him about the rumors that he suddenly woke up.

The people of the hospital said that Su Yunzhi was dirty. Perhaps Su Yunzhi himself thought so as well. In Su Yunzhi’s world, was the relationship between them not dirty? Kxd52W

It was him who made him dirty and thoroughly destroyed him.

Xu Xiaotu was silent.

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Cheng Xingge said, “I forced him.”

Xu Xiaotu’s pupils shrank sharply. jHBeA4

Cheng Xingge said, “Were you never curious as to where he got the information from? I gave it to him.”

Xu Xiaotu’s throat moved and her stomach tossed and turned.

Cheng Xingge said, “Using the information that he used his body to exchange for to solve the case, does it feel particularity good?”

Xu Xiaotu couldn’t endure it anymore and rushed out of the ward. A burst of violent vomiting sounded from outside. She felt disgusted——she felt she was disgusting. It was like her stomach was filled with Su Yunzhi’s blood and flesh. She had become a hero, but he had died. s0tzqV

Cheng Xingge laughed lowly. Blood overflowed from his throat once again but this time he was very indifferent. He pulled out a paper towel, wiped it away, and threw it into the trash can next to him.

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When Xu Xiaotu recovered her calm, it was already half an hour later. She went back into the ward and saw the expressionless Cheng Xingge lying on the bed.

“How could you bear to treat him like that.” Xu Xiaotu said, “How could you bear it.”

Cheng Xingge said coldly, “If I’m not like that to him, how could I get him?” 7ZQwyY

Xu Xiaotu said, “So did you get him?”

Good question, good question! Cheng Xingge didn’t expect that the small police officer before his eyes would be able to ask such an incisive question. That was right, he didn’t get Su Yunzhi, but rather lost him forever.

“The one who should have died was you.” Xu Xiaotu had already lost her fair and righteous police conduct. She looked at Cheng Xingge bitterly and said, “If it weren’t for you, he would not have died.”

Cheng Xingge showed disgust and asked, “Do you think that you’re better than me?” 3oTF1P

Xu Xiaotu gnashed her teeth.

Cheng Xingge said, “Why had you never asked Su Yunzhi where he got his information from?”

Because she was afraid, afraid of the answer that she wouldn’t be able to accept. The two ugly souls were stripped off all pretenses as they tore at each other. Yet they couldn’t find pleasure from the action of hurting the opponent.

Xu Xiaotu said, “At least I didn’t force him to death!” SXf5oz

Cheng Xingge scorned, “That’s because you don’t have the ability.”

Xu Xiaotu didn’t admit it.

“If you could bring him into your arms with your ability, would you do it?” Cheng Xingge indifferently tore away at Xu Xiaotu’s hypocrisy and said, “Don’t tell me that you’re not interested in him.”

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Xu Xiaotu really wanted to refute Cheng Xingge. However, everything that Cheng Xingge had said hit her deepest wicked desires. n1AwUC

She said, “Cheng Xingge, you really disgust me.”

Cheng Xingge said, “We are both in the same boat.”

Fortunately, Xu Xiaotu didn’t have a gun on her body, otherwise, she really might have taken it out to show her feelings to Cheng Xingge’s brains.

The two’s faces were pale, and their eyes were full of despair, but they were very similar. kQRAVB

When Xu Xiaotu finally left, her entire person was like a piece of paper, floating out of the ward, shocking the other people in the corridor.

Cheng Xingge was still lying in the hospital bed coughing.

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After the doctor examined him, he could only conclude that it was due to a psychological attack.

The last time that Su Yunzhi and Cheng Xingge met was at Su Yunzhi’s funeral. jdIyta

Su Yunzhi was friendless and had no close relatives. His final funeral was handled by Cheng Xingge.

It was drizzling that day. Cheng Xingge held up a black umbrella and clasped Su Yunzhi’s urn as he walked in the forefront.

The tomb had already been set long ago but the other half was empty. Xu Xiaotu looked at the empty half and saw the three words ‘Cheng Xingge’ carved on it.

Buried and at rest. 7q6J4O

From the very beginning to now, Cheng Xingge had never cried. He stood at the sealed slab, and his body began to sway, almost falling. The security guard standing next to him quickly helped support him.

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“Yunzhi.” When it was all over, Cheng Xingge stooped down and wiped the dust off the tombstone with a towel. He said, “Go a bit slower and wait for me.” Then his throat moved, and he forcibly swallowed the fishy sweetness.

Shortly after Su Yunzhi’s funeral, Xu Xiaotu resigned.

No one could understand her resignation. Her friends and colleagues all asked her, was her greatest dream not to be a police officer? Why was she unhappy now that she was so successful? CEdkJB

Xu Xiaotu puffed out a cloud of smoke and said, “I’m cold now and can’t warm other people.”

The people who heard her answer looked puzzled and didn’t understand what she meant.

Xu Xiaotu really had become cold. Righteous indignation used to fill her chest when she saw the case, but now it didn’t. It was like Su Yunzhi’s departure had pulled all her feelings away.

Xu Xiaotu didn’t know what had become of Cheng Xingge afterwards, but less than a year later, she saw his death on TV. K7PCt4

According to rumors online, he had died from a strange disease. The origin of it couldn’t be found but he constantly coughed up blood. Moreover, palliative care was soon rendered useless.

Others used themselves as an example and said that Cheng Xingge was frightened to insanity by someone because he was still laughing loudly right before he died.

Xu Xiaotu used her own savings to open a bookstore and passed her days chatting.

The people were forgetful. The impression of that big case was reduced very quickly and in less than a year, they seemed to have almost forgotten it. Even Xu Xiaotu disappeared from the people’s memories. WAzq7D

In another year, Xu Xiaotu went to pay her respects at the grave as per usual.

She saw that the grave beside Su Yunzhi had already been filled. The three characters Cheng Xingge had turned from grey to gold.

In the end, the two were together.

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Xu Xiaotu lit another cigarette and inhaled slowly. TjgECF

Cheng Xingge, Su Yunzhi——these two names matched well, yet didn’t match. A repressed echo travels to the clouds, the beautiful and resonant singing halts even the clouds in the sky.

However, if clouds stop moving, are they still clouds? Perhaps in but a short moment, it would turn into fine rain and after falling, not a trace of it would remain.

Xu Xiaotu gently stroked the tombstone and said, “Yunzhi, I’m sorry.”

After Su Yunzhi left, Xu Xiaotu spent six years alone. 2 eYdg

After six years, she met someone who should have originally been Mr. Perfect to her. This Mr. Perfect was also a police officer. If she did not leave the system, they probably would have met very soon and fallen into the river of love.

However, the affairs of the world were hard to predict. The things that would come, who could know them?

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But fate brought them over a thousand miles to meet each other. She didn’t expect that six years later, they would meet in the bookstore.

Although Xu Xiaotu was reluctant to admit it, that Mr. Perfect’s eyes were just like Su Yunzhi’s, who had already departed the world. Clean, clear, and brimming with hope for the future. 9WM86O

Xu Xiaotu fell in love at first sight, one might think she was crazy.

When they got together later, Mr. Perfect asked her why she suddenly started chasing him. Xu Xiaotu kissed his eyes and said, “Because you look good ah.”

Mr. Perfect didn’t know if he should cry or laugh.

Later, Xu Xiaotu gave birth and became a mother. SmIeGo

The name Su Yunzhi gradually faded away from her life and she began to look forward to life again.

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This should have been a good thing. Was Su Yunzhi’s purpose in coming to this world not this?

Xu Xiaotu would go clean the grave every year until one year, she suddenly found that the grave had disappeared.

Xu Xiaotu was astounded. She asked the managers but who would have imagined that the managers would be confused and say that there was no one there originally. XmZ0Vo

Xu Xiaotu didn’t believe it. She went back and opened the computer, covered in cold sweat. Then she searched the three characters Su Yunzhi with a shudder.

There was nothing. It was such big news at that time, but there was no trace of it on the internet.

Xu Xiaotu sat blankly in her seat.

“What’s wrong?” Mr. Perfect brought hot tea and put it before Xu Xiaotu. yrDd6C

“N-nothing.” Xu Xiaotu said with hesitation. “Do you know…… who Cheng Xingge and Su Yunzhi are?” She had told her husband about these things before.

“Who?” Unexpectedly her husband looked puzzled, “Never heard of them.”

What was going on? Xu Xiaotu asked, “I never told you?”

The gentleman shook his head, “What’s wrong, why is your complexion so bad?” dJwD6H

“It’s, it’s nothing.” Xu Xiaotu paused for a moment, “I seem to have……had a dream.”

This dream was very very long. Someone named Su Yunzhi came to save her. Then, then where did he go?

The gentleman patted her shoulder, “Darling?”

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Xu Xiaotu seemed to have woken up from a dream. She turned her head slightly and saw two names on the search bar of the computer web page: Cheng Xingge, Su Yunzhi. s4HgOG

These two names looked familiar, but why was it……that she couldn’t remember where she had seen them from.

The Author Has Something To Say:

Chen Liguo: I have never been promiscuous.

Gong: Yes, you just only hook up with one person. ewKtOR

Onto the next world hahahahahaha.

Thanking the following darlings for the mines, grenades, and rockets. Muah. Especially darling Zhige Hou’s 70 landmines =3= the list of names for the mines are a bit long. Those who don’t wish to look just directly skip them =3=

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

StormFrost: Boy that end, he and the ML just went poof? Is it a system error? Or is that supposed to happen? Yikes, I want to know more.

Though, since it’s the end of the arc, and the first chapter of the new arc is usually the hardest since new names, new settings, and so on, the next chapter will come next week (like usual at the end of an arc). So, the new arc will start Saturday, July 20, see you all then! IJbBPu

The tentative arc title: I won’t be an elder brother for many years (我不做大哥好多年). It has 11 chapters about 9k in length, longer than this arc for sure.

Translator's Note

众口铄金 — (idiom) / fig. public clamor can obscure the actual truth / mass spreading of rumors can confuse right and wrong

Translator's Note

云 — Yun, the Yun from Su Yunzhi

Translator's Note

歌声 — gesheng, same ge as the one in Cheng Xingge

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