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Perfect DestinyCh59 - System, I’m sorry


Translator: StormFrost
Editors: Misogi, TempestDemon

Doomsday Child Rearing Handbook [8] Q8 5nJ

Chen Liguo had previously discussed with the system what Chen Xi’s reaction would be when he learns that he is not his biological son.

Chen Liguo had said, “Tong-er ah, I think that Chen Xi would probably have two reactions when he learns about it.”

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The system asked him what the two were.

Chen Liguo said, “Be wild with joy.”


The system said, “Very plausible…….”

Before the system finished saying its words, it heard Chen Liguo say the second possibility, “Or nothing at all.”

After listening to Chen Liguo’s words at that moment, it took the system a long time to react to what his ‘Or nothing at all’ meant. It backhanded Chen Liguo with a gas tank, “Do you still want some face?”

Chen Liguo said, “Trafficking human organs is illegal.” UwHjGy

System: “……”

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Chen Xi finally learned about the truth today. Fortunately, his reaction could be considered as normal——or perhaps it could be said, that he at least wanted to seem like a normal person in front of Chen Liguo.

Chen Xi said, “That’s not possible, Daddy, you’re lying to me!”

As the king of the silver screen, Chen Liguo had long since seen through Chen Xi’s clumsy acting skills! However, he was still very cooperative and, with great effort, strived hard to squeeze out a drop of tear and said, while choking with emotions, “Xixi, Daddy isn’t lying to you.” BejXug

Chen Xi said, “Then what about my father? Who’s my father?”

After a moment of lost silence, Chen Liguo said, “I don’t know either.”

Chen Xi scowled.

Chen Liguo said quietly, “But I know who your mother is.” vLn6KY

Chen Xi said with gritted teeth, “Who?”

Chen Liguo said, “Do you still remember the woman who is called Chen Mowei that I contacted earlier? She is your Mother.”

Chen Xi didn’t dare believe it and shook his head, “I don’t believe it!”

Chen Liguo continued to shed a few tears and said, “Xixi, this is the truth.” xnBuRa

In truth, Chen Xi had always had some misgivings from the start. Why is his father called Ji Yang but he’s called Chen Xi? Not only that, but since he was young, Chen Liguo practically never mentioned anything relating to his mother.

Chen Liguo cooperated with the mood very well and lit a cigarette. Within the smoke, he reminisced, “It was a drizzly afternoon.”

Chen Xi: “……”

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Chen Liguo said, “I had been walking on the street.” cW3LmZ

Chen Xi continued to listen.

Chen Liguo said, “Suddenly, I heard the sound of a baby crying in the garbage can by the road.”

Chen Xi’s expression became somewhat queer.

Chen Liguo said, “I went over to take a look and alas?! There’s actually a child here!” 4n1U06

Chen Xi said, “Then you picked them up and raised them?”

Chen Liguo said, “Yeah.”

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Chen Xi expressed: “……” He really felt that Chen Liguo was saying rubbish while being deadpan. After a short moment of silence, he questioned, “Then how did you know that Chen Mowei is my mother?”

Chen Liguo looked somewhat embarrassed. He said, “Because I was a nurse in the hospital so I know that a child was missing from there.” jlOsqL

Chen Xi said, “But then you didn’t give the child back to Chen Mowei?” It seemed that Chen Xi had no intention of calling Chen Mowei ‘mother’.

Chen Liguo laughed bitterly, “At that time, it was like I had been possessed, actually wanting to keep this child. Then when I regretted it and planned to return you, the apocalypse suddenly descended……”

Chen Xi fixed his eyes on Chen Liguo’s face and softly spat out a word from his mouth, “Liar.”

Chen Liguo’s hand trembled, cigarette ash fell to the floor. EtGzkH

Chen Xi said, “You simply had no intention of returning the child.”

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The panic of being exposed showed on Chen Liguo’s face, but he forced the emotion down and said with a reluctant laugh, “Xixi…..”

However, Chen Xi didn’t give Chen Liguo any face and said, “If you had planned on returning the child, how could you have prepared so many things for children?” Diapers, powdered milk, all kinds of useless books. What sort of normal person would waste material storage space like that during the apocalypse?

Chen Liguo’s face was ghastly pale, like a petty person who’s lie had just been exposed. He said, “Xixi…..” ZC5R4M

Chen Xi said, “Daddy, no matter what you’ve done, I will always stand by you. So, don’t lie to me okay?”

Chen Liguo gave a bitter laugh, his mood seemed to crumble. He said with a nod, “Yeah, that’s right, I didn’t plan on returning you. I’m simply a despicable person of vile character and wanted a child of my own——” He said up to here and showed an extremely unsightly smile.

Upon seeing this Chen Xi couldn’t bear it anymore and took Chen Liguo into his arms.

After going through this time of being tormented over and over again, Chen Liguo seemed to have lost a lot of weight. Being hugged by the tall Chen Xi, he practically resembled a child. If they told a stranger that they were brothers, he feared that they would think that Chen Xi was the older of the two. 5ulWrH

Chen Xi gently stroked Chen Liguo’s slim back. His mind, however, was actually thinking of the wonderful feelings he had experienced. He said, “Daddy, don’t feel bad.”

Chen Liguo was motionless and let Chen Xi hug him, not saying a single word.

Chen Xi said, “As long as you say the word, I will always stay by your side. Chen Mowei, this mother, is of no importance to me.”

Chen Liguo said, “No! I can’t continue being despicable like this, Chen Mowei is your mother when all is said and done, you mother and child must acknowledge each other!” dTqzhS

Chen Xi looked at Chen Liguo, his displeasure was obvious. However, he didn’t bring it up and still said gently, “Okay, I’ll listen to Daddy.”

Chen Liguo let out a sigh of relief and yet he also felt a little disappointed, as if he had lost something.

However, evidently, a huge stone of guilt in his heart was laid to rest.

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Chen Xi stared at Chen Liguo’s lips and ran his tongue over the roof of his mouth…… He needed to calm down a bit, otherwise, he might not be able to hold back, and kiss Chen Liguo. RV1WFe

The conversation between father and son ended here.

Chen Xi’s attitude towards Chen Liguo remained the same. Only, he didn’t continue to punish Chen Liguo when he went to peep on Chen Mowei.

At the thought of this, Chen Liguo was a little sad.

Chen Mowei was also an ability user. Even though Chen Liguo was very suave when he peeped, the number of times he did was very high, so it was inevitable that there would come a time where he would be discovered. L4K8Na

Chen Mowei found an appropriate time and caught the peeping Chen Liguo red-handed.

Chen Mowei’s first sentence was, “Do you have a crush on me ah!”

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

Chen Liguo responded, “No.”

Chen Mowei said, “You don’t have a crush on me? Then what’re you doing by peeping at me every day.” C6Tliw

Chen Liguo slowly rose from the ground. He looked at Chen Mowei and said, “You’re called…… Chen Mowei right?”

Chen Mowei said, “Yeah.”

Chen Liguo asked, “Did you, ever have a child?”

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Jtfc Olueb ujnf j ylaafg ijeut jcv rjlv, “P jw jirb ogbw C mlas……. P jw j cegrf ogbw WW tbrqlaji lc C mlas.”

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Jtfc Zbkfl’r ygbkr oeggbkfv, “Vb sbe ifjgcfv bo atlr wjaafg, ogbw rbwf ubrrlq sbe tfjgv rbwfktfgf?”

Chen Liguo grit his teeth and said, “No, I know where your child is.”

Chen Mowei exclaimed, “What?!” HfrTJm

There would be no mother, who didn’t like her own child, even if the child’s father was a slag. In the original world’s trajectory, Chen Mowei had always kept her baby who had died young deep in her heart all the way until her death.

But now, Chen Liguo was standing before her and telling her that her child was still alive. This sudden pleasant surprise made Chen Mowei happy, but at the same time also very suspicious of Chen Liguo’s words.

Chen Liguo said, “Mmm…… Obviously, when I found the child, the apocalypse had already begun. I had no way to contact you and could only raise them on my own.”

Chen Mowei had many doubts, but Chen Liguo seemed very earnest. Besides, there weren’t many people who knew about this matter and there was no reason for him to lie. 62eZhi

Chen Mowei said, “Then where is my child?”

Chen Liguo said, “Oh….. there’s also a matter I should tell you first.”

Chen Mowei asked, “What matter?”

Chen Liguo said, “Your child has a condition.” oqlkIt

Chen Mowei immediately became nervous when she heard this. She asked, “What condition?”

Chen Liguo laughed dryly. “You’ll know as soon as you see them.”

Chen Mowei actually had a suspicion that Chen Liguo was using her child as a front to cheat her, but he seemed earnest and he also had no reason to lie to her, so she said, “Let’s go, lead the way.”

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If Chen Liguo led them to a desolate play outside of the city, then Chen Mowei could be 80% sure that he was a liar. 6LFogn

However, to her surprise, Chen Liguo actually took her to a residential area.

He said with difficulty, “When you go in, stay calm.”

Like all mothers who were about to meet with a child they had lost contact with, Chen Mowei’s heart palpitated with ‘thump thump’s, brimming with panic and expectation. She gave a hum in acknowledgment, then followed Chen Liguo into the house.

Chen Xi was sitting on the sofa, cutting potatoes. He knew what Chen Liguo had gone out to do but didn’t want to stop him. PekW5F

Not being Chen Liguo’s biological son was a pleasant surprise that Chen Xi hadn’t anticipated at all. That said, even if they were biologically related, he still had methods to make Chen Liguo accept him.

However, less trouble, who wouldn’t want it?

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As soon as Chen Mowei entered, she saw a very beautiful young man sitting on the sofa, with a potato as big as a head in his hand as he cut it into small chunks. Seeing the two come in, he called ‘Dad’ without even raising his head.

Chen Mowei looked around the room and asked, “Where’s the child?” ilOKAV

Chen Liguo pointed to Chen Xi and said, “This, this is your son.”

Chen Mowei was stunned for a moment before she understood who Chen Liguo was talking about. She turned her head and stared at Chen Xi for a few seconds. Then she laughed aloud with a ‘pfft’. Reaching out, she touched Chen Liguo’s cheek——She was 1.73 meters, which was taller than Chen Liguo. She said, “Darling, I would rather recognize you as my son.”

Chen Liguo: “……” Alright, Chen Xi really had inherited his mother’s genes.

Her words had just fallen when she suddenly dodged to the side. In but the blink of an eye, a small knife was jammed upright into the place where she was standing. Evidently, the person who had thrown the weapon hadn’t spared any strength for the blade had sunken halfway into the ground. GJj65

Chen Mowei turned her head indifferently and looked at Chen Xi who had an equally bad complexion. She sneered, “How old do you take me as, to have given birth to such a son.”

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

Chen Liguo bellowed, “Fighting is not allowed!”

The two who were about to start fighting forced down the impulse. Chen Mowei’s expression was unsightly as she said, “How could this be my son!”

Chen Liguo said, “Why would I tell such a bad lie if I were lying! He’s your son! I don’t know what had gone wrong but he grew up like this in only a year!” lArUiv

Chen Mowei felt that this fact was too absurd, but it was precisely this absurdity that made people feel like that it was real.

Chen Mowei said, “I want to check.”

Chen Liguo said, “Okay.”

Chen Mowei said, “Give me a strand of his hair.” cZAenC

Chen Liguo walked up to Chen Xi and called, “Xixi.”

Chen Xi hesitated for a few seconds, but still bowed his head and let Chen Liguo pull out a few strands from his head.

Chen Mowei fished out a handkerchief from her bosom and wrapped up the hair that Chen Liguo gave her. She glanced at Chen Xi and left without saying a word.

Chen Liguo looked at Chen Mowei’s solitary figure and thought that this mother and son pair really were alike…… srWchD

Chen Xi hugged him from behind and felt Chen Liguo tremble slightly because of his embrace. He rubbed his chin lightly on the top of Chen Liguo’s head and called out under his breath, “Dad.”

Chen Liguo answered, “Xixi.”

Chen Xi said, “Even if I am her son, I want to be with you, don’t chase me away.”

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Chen Liguo patted Chen Xi’s hand and soothed him, saying, “Em, you will always be my biological son.” g2GAFn

Chen Xi’s arms tightened——He really hated these words of Chen Liguo’s.

Chen Mowei spent a long time verifying Chen Xi’s identity. After four days, she came to Chen Liguo’s residence again.

Chen Xi wasn’t in at the moment, while Chen Liguo was in the process of cleaning. Chen Mowei knocked at the door and said, “I’m coming in.”

Chen Liguo answered, “Mmm.” LE4NsX

Chen Mowei came in and looked around, “He’s not in?”

Chen Liguo said, “Went to work.”

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Chen Mowei pointed to a stool in the corner and asked, “Can I sit?”

Chen Liguo nodded, “Help yourself.” kFGuBh

Chen Mowei sat down and was silent for a few seconds. Then she let out a long sigh and said, “I hadn’t expected it, he really is my son.”

Chen Liguo saw that she had recognized Chen Xi’s identity and just as he wanted to comfort her with a few words, he heard Chen Mowei continue, “On top of that, I didn’t expect that I wouldn’t be as happy as I had imagined I would be by finding him.”

Chen Liguo: “…..” Speechless.

Chen Mowei said, “Thinking deeper upon the reason why, it’s probably because he’s too similar to me.” Not the least bit soft, not the least bit in need of protection——Or rather, when he had been at the stage where he needed protection, she was not at his side. L fozH

Chen Mowei said, “Thank you.”

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Chen Liguo accepted this ‘thank you’ with shame. He said, “The name that I gave him is Chen Xi.”

Chen Mowei said somewhat desolately, “Tell me a bit about him.”

Thus Chen Liguo started talking about Chen Xi’s childhood. He talked about how Chen Xi ate meat, how Chen Xi was particularity intelligent, how Chen Xi had grown very fast. Adh5pQ

Chen Mowei listened attentively. At the end, she sighed again and said, “Raising a child during this time, it must’ve been really hard right?” Especially for Chen Liguo, a person without abilities. To bring up a baby, it practically sounded like a fantasy.

Chen Liguo couldn’t tell Chen Mowei that he had his space, so he could only say that it was still okay.

Chen Mowei said, “I can see that that child is very attached to you. You must treat him well.”

While Chen Liguo had been narrating, the progress bar above Chen Mowei’s head had begun to move forward as Chen Liguo had expected, reached about fifty before slowly stopping. cik0Ls

It could be seen that even though Chen Mowei didn’t show it, she actually cared quite a bit about Chen Xi deep in her heart.

The two continued to talk about some other things.

Chen Liguo also learned that Chen Mowei’s journey wasn’t easy. Even though she had gained her ability on the eve of the first day of the apocalypse, she was still in a terrible state at first. It wasn’t until her abilities upgraded and she joined the base that her life began to get better.

The more they talked the easier it became. Before they knew it, it was afternoon already. Chen Xi finished his work and came back. HjBaCt

He had long since known that Chen Mowei was at home, so he was not surprised when he came in. He simply said, “Dad, I bought you some seeds.”

When Chen Liguo heard this he said with surprise, “Really?”

Chen Xi nodded.

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Chen Liguo said, “Come come come, give it to me. I’ll go soak it in salt water and plant it when it rains.” WYdvJi

Chen Xi fished out a small bag from his chest pocket and handed it to him.

Chen Liguo accepted it and went to the kitchen with jolting buttocks. In fact, it wasn’t that urgent, he just wanted to give the mother and son pair some time alone.

As soon as Chen Liguo left, Chen Mowei’s first sentence was, “You like him?”

Their eyes met and quickly understood what the other party meant. TClPzd

Chen Mowei asked, “He’s willing?”

Chen Xi said, “He doesn’t know yet.”

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Chen Mowei said, “You will consider his feelings right?”

Chen Xi said, “If I didn’t consider his feelings, I would have long since confessed——you think that he could escape?” ifw3cx

Chen Mowei’s mood was very complicated. As a high-level ability user, she could distinctly sense the unusual air on Chen Xi. This sort of aura made even her feel an unspeakable shudder, as if the man before wasn’t a human, but a dangerous beast.

Having recognized each other, the mother and son didn’t confide in each other in a touching way. Rather, they began to discuss a different person.

Chen Mowei said, “Don’t push him too much.” She could see that Chen Liguo was a soft-hearted person. If Chen Xi made a move, Chen Liguo wouldn’t resist in the least.

Chen Xi said, “I will wait.” RvNx9e

Chen Mowei let out a small breath of relief.

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However, Chen Xi’s next sentence was, “But I’m not sure how long I can wait.”

Chen Mowei’s brows twisted and she said, “You couldn’t have already——”

Chen Xi said, “Yes.” 56gCWK

Chen Mowei exclaimed incredulously, “And he unexpectedly didn’t have a reaction?”

Chen Xi said, “He doesn’t know it was me.”

Chen Mowei didn’t know what to say to Chen Xi either. She should admonish him, but seeing the person who could already be counted as a mature man before her, she felt that she could not reprimand him with the status of a ‘mother’.

In the end, Chen Mowei could only smile bitterly and said, “Do not let yourself regret it.” T1mJ o

Chen Xi nodded but looked as if he hadn’t taken Chen Mowei’s words to heart.

When Chen Liguo came out of the kitchen again, Chen Mowei was already about to leave.

Chen Liguo asked her to stay for dinner but she shook her head and laughed. “No, I still have some things to do.”

”Then let’s have dinner another time.” Chen Liguo proposed. Kmg7xT

Chen Mowei nodded in agreement and then bid farewell.

After she left, Chen Xi took the initiative to cook. No matter how slow Chen Liguo was, he could sense that there was something wrong with the way they interacted. He was at a bit of a loss, but also felt too embarrassed to ask why. After all, he was the main culprit that separated this mother and son.

Dinner was especially oppressive. After they finished eating, Chen Liguo got on the bed and started chatting with the system when he laid down. He asked, “What’s the matter with Chen Xi and Chen Mowei ah?”

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The system said, “How would I know.” wzoSMd

Chen Liguo said, “Is Xixi not happy?”

The system said, “Probably.”

Chen Liguo said unhappily, “Ai, it’s all my fault, feel so bad I can’t even sleep.”

The system fell silent for a few minutes when it heard this. When it opened its mouth to say a few words of comfort, it heard Chen Liguo snore softly. 3VP4hz

System: “…..” This is your so called ‘feel so bad you can’t even sleep’???

As a result, Chen Liguo’s sleep didn’t go smoothly. Chen Xi came to find him in the middle of the night again with densely packed vines. Chen Liguo was pleasured awake.

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He opened his eyes, hazy with tears and only saw darkness. There was a low gasp in his ear and he felt someone gently bite his earlobe.

Having had his body trained to become incomparably susceptible, he was easily entered. Chen Liguo struggled to gasp for breaths, feeling as if his entire body was burning. GeglRM

Chen Liguo was firmly bound by the thin vines and had no chance to reject. His eyes began to turn moist and he couldn’t keep his mouth from letting out spasmodic sobs.

Chen Xi loved this sound to death.

He looked at Chen Liguo’s fair-skinned back and rubbed his face along it a few times.

Chen Liguo shook from head to toe, constantly crawling forward, wanting to break free. ovSZ3m

How could Chen Xi let him do as he wished? He pulled him back again and invaded him once more.

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Chen Liguo burst into tears, breaking down. He cried, “Why me……”

Chen Xi listened to his question and gave a light laugh, but didn’t answer.

The next day, Chen Liguo woke up with difficulty. He felt that his eyes were so heavy that just opening them had used up all his strength. GYKiSO

Chen Xi was sitting next to Chen Liguo. Seeing him wake up, he said, “Daddy, you’ve woken up.”

Chen Liguo said hoarsely, “Xixi.”

Chen Xi said, “En, I’m here.”

Chen Liguo said, “Save me——” BSEhZQ

Chen Xi asked, “Daddy, what’s wrong?”

Chen Liguo lay on the bed, unable to move. There were neither any clothes nor a quilt on his body. Chen Xi’s gaze made him feel a sense of shame, but his weary body wouldn’t budge. He lisped, “Vines, vines, hurts……monster……”

Chen Xi asked, “Daddy, what did the monster do to you?”

Fright appeared on Chen Liguo’s face. What had happened before, what he had deliberately forgotten clearly emerged in his mind again. That terrible month where he was played until his body fell apart made him let out low cries. HytUV

Chen Xi listened calmly and didn’t urge him.

When Chen Liguo calmed down a little, he asked once again, “Daddy, what did the monster do to you?”

Chen Liguo looked at him imploringly, as if he wanted Chen Xi to change the subject.

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However, Chen Xi ignored Chen Liguo’s plea and continued to ask, “Daddy, what did the monster do to you?” rFvLS1

This question that had been asked three times was like a whip cracking on Chen Liguo’s back. He said shamefully, “I, I was violated by it.”

Chen Xi asked, “What kind of monster is it?”

Chen Liguo said, “It’s, it’s a vine…… many, vines, and a person……”

Chen Xi said, “Did Daddy feel good?” 712Bd3

Chen Liguo’s eyes widened incredulously, as if he couldn’t believe that Chen Xi would ask this question. He said, “Xixi.”

Chen Xi reached out and lightly touched Chen Liguo’s shoulder that had been mottled with red marks. He asked, “Did Daddy feel good?”

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Chen Liguo seemed to want to say ‘not good’, but his body that had been violated still had a pleasurable sensation lingering somewhere, which made him unable to say the two words ‘not good’.

Chen Liguo said, “No……That’s not it…… I didn’t do it on purpose.” LFSX1h

Chen Xi said, “It’s okay.”

Chen Liguo slowly curled his body into a ball, his shoulders shaking, seeming too ashamed to continue talking to Chen Xi again.

Chen Xi said, “Daddy, it’s okay.”

Chen Liguoi mumbled, “How could it be okay? Something like this, how could it be okay?” qvLlyS

Chen Xi said, “I will protect Daddy.”

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Chen Liguo immediately remembered, as long as Chen Xi was by his side, he would not be violated. He almost told Chen Xi to leave——But managed to hold back and cast Chen Xi a pitiful look and said, “Don’t go.”

Chen Xi looked at Chen Liguo with pity. If it were not for the reason of dictating him, he would almost lower his head and kiss Chen Liguo’s pitiful and adorable eyes.

Chen Xi said, “Daddy, don’t be scared.” GMF8Ki

Chen Liguo said, “With Xixi here, I won’t be scared…..”

Chen Xi bent down and picked up the naked Chen Liguo, then had him bring them into the space together.

Using the spiritual water in the spring, the marks on Chen Liguo’s body were washed away completely. Chen Liguo let Chen Xi move him around obediently, like a rag doll that had lost its soul.

Chen Xi washed him clean and said, “Daddy, how about going to sleep.” Sh7icE

Chen Liguo who was soothed slowly closed his eyes and fell into a deep sleep.

His body was too tired. Even if they had used the spiritual water, he still needed to rest.

It was already the next day when Chen Liguo fully recovered. He got out of bed, lit up a cigarette and took a slow drag.

Chen Liguo spat out a puff of smoke and said, “It’s fine if you don’t want this sullied body of mine.” QRnP8c

System: “……” Could you put your cigarette out before speaking?

Chen Liguo said, “A broken me, how could it save a broken you.”

System: “Felt enough pleasure? If you’ve had enough, can you go work?”

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Chen Liguo, like a carp, straightened himself and jumped out of bed, completely without yesterday’s weakness. After putting out his cigarette, he shouted, “Go!” Db785t

Chen Mowei fought with Qi Slagman again.

This time the reason for their fight was because Qi Slagman bought an accessory for the white lotus behind Chen Mowei’s back, spending all of his purchase tickets.

When Chen Liguo arrived, they were quarreling fiercely. The white lotus was hiding behind Qi Slagman sobbing and sniffling, how so very pitiful. Chen Liguo felt soft-hearted just by looking at her

Chen Liguo: “Tsktsktsk, really so pitiful.” yU0YMu

On the other side, Chen Mowei said, “Beat it, I need to have a chat with that white lotus alone.”

How could Qi Slagman be willing? He said, “Mowei, don’t get agitated. I really take her as a sister.”——This slag man was still holding the white lotus’s hand.

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Chen Mowei said indifferently, “How about you let me talk to her alone or I could beat you up and then talk to her alone?”

Although the white lotus was afraid, she was very considerate at this moment. She whispered, “Brother Qi, you go first. Sister Mowei is very good, she definitely won’t hit me.” Pdukdh

Qi Slagman was in a dilemma, but considering how he was no match for Chen Mowei, he was still forced to choose to leave, despite feeling tangled. He said, “Okay, but please don’t hurt Xiao Bai.”

The White Lotus’ eyes were filled with tears as she watched Qi Slagman walk away reluctantly.

The reason why Chen Liguo was peeping now was because this moment was the breaking point. In the original world, under the malicious provocation of the white lotus, Chen Mowei couldn’t endure it and injured her. Qi Slagman’s heart became even more biased instantly and lost faith in Chen Mowei on top of that.

Chen Liguo was keeping watch over Chen Mowei to prevent her from impulsively attacking the white lotus. 2VOZ4r

When the white lotus saw that Qi Slagman had left, she sobbed, “Sister Chen, I really like brother Qi, please help up get together.”

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Chen Mowei’s complexion was unsightly. She said, “Say it again?”

The white lotus sobbed and sniffled, saying, “Brother Qi said that you’re too fierce, he, he doesn’t like……”

Chen Mowei clenched her fist fiercely. Chen Liguo’s eyes widened and was just about to jump out to stop her when he saw Chen Mowei glance at where he was. It was unknown as to what was in her mind, but her motion suddenly changed and she pinched the white lotus’ chin. VKSJeT

Being pinched like this, the white lotus was completely stunned.

Chen Mowei looked down at the her from above and said with a smile, “Xiao Bai, could it be that you didn’t know that the reason I often quarrel with him is because he can’t satisfy me?”

The White Lotus’ eyes widened and was about to say something when Chen Mowei sealed her lips.

Chen Liguo: “?????” Why did he feel like his arrival gave Chen Mowei a new strange way of thinking??? jKD7bM

Chen Mowei’s kissing skills must’ve been very good. For Chen Liguo stared blankly as he watched the white lotus struggle at first and then become intoxicated until finally, her entire face flushed red and her body went soft.

Chen Liguo: “…..System, I’m a little confused.”

The system said indifferently, “When I’m near you, I’m confused like this every day.”

Chen Liguo: “……” He could finally understand the system’s mood a little. His family’s system is so pathetic, sorry. wDfLXx

Chen Mowei finished her kiss and caressed the white lotus’ lips with her finger. She said warmly, “What’s so good about following him? I’m stronger than him, richer than him, gentler than him……have better techniques than him, do you want to try it out with me?”

Chen Mowei had originally looked like an Onee-san type type. At this moment, the corners of her eyes narrowed, giving her a provocative appearance. Even Chen Liguo who was gay felt that she looked pleasing to the eye.

The white lotus couldn’t manage to utter even a single word, as foolish as a wooden rod.

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Chen Mowei said, “I’ll come find you in the evening.” She kissed the white lotus once more then turned and walked away. Before leaving, she threw a coquettish glance towards Chen Liguo’s direction. rjitFH

Chen Liguo: “……” Is this pair of mother and son poisonous???

What made Chen Liguo the most surprised was that the white lotus was looking at Chen Mowei’s back, seeming not angry, and on the contrary lowered her head somewhat shyly.

Chen Liguo numbly said to the system, “The female lead has turned into a lily, will this affect the completion of the world?”

The system responded equally numbly, “How in the world would I know.” E2I4No

One person and one system, unable to get an answer, returned home with numb faces.

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Translator's Note

他对着Chen Liguo反手就是一个煤气罐 — the ‘backhand’ and ‘gas tank’ part a from a new online buzzword that is used with emoticons. it represents feelings like anger and helplessness

Translator's Note

Little White

Translator's Note

御姐范 — a sort of loan word from Japanese. Thanks Zyruu for the help of this one lol

Translator's Note

百合 — term used for bent females, lesbians

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