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Perfect DestinyCh51 - Hit and run, so exciting.


Translator: StormFrost
Editor: TempestDemon

Note/Warning: This chapter has NSFW (18+) content (somewhat vague though). It wasn’t cut out even with China’s censoring and the scene is fairly important so no drop down for this one (⌒▽⌒)θ~♪ SZebcr

The Adventures of Baby Guo [12]

Chen Liguo had originally thought that after Yuan Ange and Lu Meiqing played for a week they would return to the city that Lu Meiqing was studying at.

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But to his surprise, something unexpected happened during this period—they accidentally discovered the true relationship between Chen Liguo and Lu Zhiyang.

It just so happened that as Chen Liguo and Lu Zhiyang were kissing in the car, they were caught red-handed by Yuan Ange and Lu Meiqing. Lu Zhiyang calmly greeted Lu Meiqing and Yuan Ange. On the contrary, Chen Liguo’s face was pale, completely devoid of blood due to fright and was unable to utter an explanation. bCJoL5

Lu Meiqing and Yuan Ange were so surprised their eyes were practically falling out. Before they could say anything, they heard Lu Zhiyang faintly say, “Jiashu, have a good time. When you want to go home later I’ll pick you up.”

Chen Liguo sat in the passenger seat, motionless, seeming as if his body had frozen over.

Lu Zhiyang looked at Chen Liguo strangely and asked innocently, “Jiashu, what’s wrong?”

Only then did Chen Liguo’s soul return. With a reluctant smile, he pushed the door open and stepped out.

H9v pK

Lu Zhiyang drove away, leaving the three embarrassed people behind.

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

It was Lu Meiqing who spoke first. She said, “Jiashu, is he forcing you?” She could see that Lu Jiashu had an unwilling expression when they were kissing. She did not believe that Lu Jiashu would take the initiative to have such a relationship with his father.

Who would have imagined that Chen Liguo would cast a glance at Lu Meiqing and say with an indifferent expression, “I’m willing.”

Lu Meiqing blurted out, “Impossible——y-you guys are father and son.” 0sZdEJ

Chen Liguo gave a self-deprecating laugh and said, “He and I have no blood relationship.”

No wonder Lu Zhiyang absolutely insisted on kissing after sending him to his destination. It turns out it was for such a plan. Whether or not Yuan Ange and Lu Meiqing accept the relationship between Chen Liguo and Lu Zhiyang, it’s all a good thing for Lu Zhiyang.

If they accepted, then Chen Liguo’s resistance would be lessened. If they didn’t accept, Lu Zhiyang wouldn’t mind letting the three completely break contact.

Lu Meiqing was puzzled, evidently unable to process Chen Liguo and Lu Zhiyang’s relationship momentarily. BtiGje

On the contrary, Yuan Ange was calm from beginning to end. He matured early and saw a lot of dirty things in the families of the rich and powerful. Internecine strife, although he has never seen father and daughter incest, he has heard about it many times.

So besides being shocked at first, he quickly calmed down.

Yuan Ange patted Chen Liguo on the shoulder and said, “No matter what you choose, I will support you.”

Chen Liguo pursed his lips and did not speak. 2ReMAN

Yuan Ange said, “If he is forcing you, you should not keep quiet. Although we can’t fight him, we can still do our best to help you.”

Chen Liguo intended on saying something but suddenly remembered that the contents of his conversation with Li Yaoyao had been sent to Lu Zhiyang.

So in the end, he said nothing and only shook his head with a bitter laugh, “Forget it, let’s not talk about it.”

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The three of them were supposed to go and visit Chen Liguo’s school today but then suddenly this kind of thing had happened and for a while, the three people weren’t in the mood. NDvs1L

Chen Liguo saw their heavy have faces and without any better option, plucked up the courage to liven the atmosphere. He said, “Remember how we had met for the first time at the arcade? How about we go and play games?”

Yuan Ange smiled and said, “Okay.”

Lu Meiqing was still down in the dumps. She felt that Chen Liguo wasn’t willing, but no matter how she asked, Chen Liguo wouldn’t answer her.

Ultimately, it was Yuan Ange who took charge of the conversation and changed the topic. gWLCV0

When they arrived at the arcade, the three exchanged game coins and began to play their own respective games.

Yuan Ange is the one who has the best skill and generally takes Lu Meiqing with him to play and changes players when he dies.

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However, Lu Meiqing was in a bad mood today and sat alone playing whack-a-mole with a sullen face, not saying a single word to Yuan Ange.

Chen Liguo stopped playing for a while. He went to Lu Meiqing and asked, “Meiqing, not happy?” yHxNzd

Lu Meiqing looked at Chen Liguo and after half a day, choked out, “You’re not willing, right?”

Chen Liguo’s smile froze.

Lu Meiqing said, “Jiashu, he forced you, right? Don’t be afraid, if there’s anything then just tell us. We really want to help you.”

This question had constantly been torturing Lu Meiqing’s heart. She didn’t know when the relationship began. She even didn’t even know if Chen Liguo had paid anything when he had interceded on her behalf at that time. nvkDOt

Chen Liguo was still a half-grown child, but he experienced these things that would even breakdown adults.

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Chen Liguo said, “I’m fine.”

Lu Meiqing asked, “Jiashu?”

Chen Liguo impatiently repeated that he was fine. He said, “I said that I’m fine. Must you get involved in this matter?” rE0Cwx

Lu Meiqing was frightened by Chen Liguo’s sharp attitude. She looked at Chen Liguo lifelessly, unable to utter another word.

Chen Liguo said with a sigh, “Sorry, I didn’t mean to blow up at you.”

Lu Meiqing had a particularly wronged expression.

Chen Liguo looked at Lu Meiqing being like this and knew that their way of thinking was too different. He exhaled and said, “Meiqing, I’m a little tired, I won’t accompany you two to play.” Once he finished speaking he left, not even saying goodbye to Lu Meiqing and Yuan Ange. IaertS

Lu Meiqing looked at Chen Liguo’s back in a stupor, evidently not understanding why Chen Liguo got so angry all of a sudden.

Yuan Ange walked up to Lu Meiqing and pat her shoulder, sighing lightly, “If you still want to be Jiashu’s friend, don’t continue bringing up this matter to him in the future.”

Lu Meiqing asked, “Why?”

Yuan Ange said, “Because he doesn’t want to talk about it.” gZcoqK

Lu Meiqing asked, “Why? Why doesn’t he want to talk to us?”

Yuan Ange’s expression was somewhat tense. He said, “Because even if he talked about it, we wouldn’t be able to help him.”

However, none of them had thought that this meetup would be their final parting.

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After returning to her own city, Lu Meiqing tried to contact Chen Liguo again but failed. It appeared that Chen Liguo was deliberately breaking contact off with them. 6NryHn

For a time, Lu Meiqing wanted to find Chen Liguo at his house. However, Yuan Ange sensibly stopped her and said, “Since he doesn’t want to see us then he must have his own reasons.”

Although Lu Meiqing was still reluctant, her notion of finding Chen Liguo didn’t change.

However, compared to the miserable Lu Jiashu in Lu Meiqing’s imagination, Chen Liguo was living pretty comfortably this year.

Eating well, sleeping soundly, and having sex once a week, really in great spirits. MTb BE

After knowing that Chen Liguo had given up on struggling, Lu Zhiyang pampered Chen Liguo even more, practically granting whatever he wishes for.

In this way, a year passed.

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One sunny Sunday, Chen Liguo lay in bed like a corpse and said, “Tong-er, how’s it going.”

The system said, “Tomorrow.” Xiu9My

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After Chen Liguo yawned, he asked for the specific location.

Ktf rsrafw abiv Jtfc Olueb.

Coafg ufaalcu atf lcobgwjalbc, tf yfujc ab offi j ilaaif riffqs. Oe Itlsjcu tjqqfcfv ab mbwf lc jcv rjk tlw ilxf atlr, klat j riluta rwlif lc tlr fsfr. Lf rwbbatis qeiifv eq atf yijcxfa, mbnfglcu Jtfc Olueb’r rabwjmt jcv xlrrfv tlw bc atf obgftfjv.

Chen Liguo hadn’t fallen asleep yet. Feeling Lu Zhiyang’s light kiss, his heart felt at ease and he fell asleep in the blink of an eye. fu0Ybx

The next day, Chen Liguo got up early and dressed up nicely to go out.

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

Lu Zhiyang asked Chen Liguo where he was going. Chen Liguo glanced at him and said with a smile, “My classmates invited me to play.”

Lu Zhiyang curiously asked, “Which classmate?” He knew all of Chen Liguo’s classmates like the back of his hand.

Chen Liguo said his roommate’s name. WHpf2V

Lu Zhiyang heard this and agreed with a nod, “Go ahead, take care.”

Chen Liguo sounded an ‘ai’ before turning and going to the house’s garage. He started up the gift Lu Zhiyang had given him before—a sports car entered the road.

Before Chen Liguo didn’t have any time to get a driver’s license so even though this sports car was beautiful, it usually sat in the garage collecting dust. Because today was very special, Chen Liguo finally used it.

If Chen Liguo has guessed correctly, he is only a step away from leaving this world. WgNzFm

As Chen Liguo drove, he chatted with the system, asking the system what the next world it found for him was like.

The system said, “Great.” Unexpectedly, sincerity could be heard in its mechanical tone.

However, this sincerity made Chen Ligup’s hair stand on end. He said, “Tong-zi, let’s be reasonable, we are bound together. If I fall on hard times you won’t have it easy either.

The system responded to Chen Liguo with three ‘Hehehe’. 16uvKF

Chen Liguo was so frightened by the system he almost drove onto the curb.

Today is a special day, for without Chen Liguo, Yuan Ange would lose his memory because of a car accident.

As for whether he will forget Lu Meiqing after losing his memory and fall in love with another woman, it was beyond Chen Liguo’s consideration——for he does not intend to let Yuan Ange forget at all.

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Yuan Ange’s memory loss was not a natural disaster but a man-made one. Some people didn’t want him to live so they engineered a traffic accident. FrB7Lh

Chen Liguo was going to strangle the root of the trouble by the bud today.

The place where the accident will happen is a little far from the main city. One could see that it’s a desolate place with just a glance. Chen Liguo found a good spot and after parking, lit a cigarette next to the car.

In fact, this world’s body shouldn’t smoke, but Chen Liguo’s soul was already accustomed to it, so Chen Liguo quickly adapted after coughing two times.

Concealing his real feelings, Chen Liguo said, “I regret it a little.” d2gTtI

When the system first heard this, it felt strange. Chen Liguo, this little biatch could feel regret? It cautiously asked, “Regret what?”

Chen Liguo said, “Regret that I did not say goodbye to Lu Zhiyang this morning.”

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The system said, “It’s not as if you’re going to die!”

Chen Liguo opened his mouth and said, “After saving Yuan Ange, I’ll go back to my roots and get married!” bZ5XgJ

System: “……………..”

Chen Liguo continued, “Once I finish this job I’ll wash my hands in a gold basin!”

System: “……………..”

Chen Liguo still didn’t think that it was enough and said, “I just want to be a good person!” hq9nF0

Mysteriously and inexorably, the system saw countless death flags insert themselves into Chen Liguo, stabbing Chen Liguo to the point that he was full of holes and his blood flowed without end.

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Then Chen Liguo saw a familiar license place come towards him. This license plate was the one that the system had shown him many times before, It was the one that had hit Yuan Ange.

Chen Liguo smiled gently, seeming as though the ‘holy father’ halo was shining behind him. He said, “Yuan Ange’s life is guarded by me.”

The system found that it already had nothing to say to Chen Liguo. FK8QA4

Chen Liguo sat in the driver seat and ran full throttle at the car. The brother driving the other car couldn’t react at all and could only see a luxury car, as if not wanting life any longer, crash into his car front.

Subsequently, Chen Liguo’s death flag played its role to perfection. Originally this sort of accident should only cause minor injuries, but unexpectedly the airbag leaped out and broke several of his ribs.

Chen Liguo at the gate of death: “……” Mother, I was wrong, I’ll never seek death again.

System: “……” Really damn well deserved. vylndX

That man clearly knew that someone who could drive a car like Chen Liguo’s definitely couldn’t have an ordinary identity. Even though it was Chen Liguo who caused the accident, he still came out of the car, rolling and crawling. Then he saw the dying Chen Liguo in the driver’s seat.

He hurriedly asked, “Are you alright?!”

Chen Liguo ignored the man and said, “System, how much?”

The system checked and said, “Ninety-nine.” UAGQTd

Chen Liguo: “……” It’s actually this fast???

Chen Liguo crawled out of the car with difficulty and said to that man who was calling 120 with a panic-stricken face, “I want to go home.”

The man said incredulously, “You want to go home?”

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Chen Liguo said, “I want to see my dad one last time…..” ddAClp

That man said, “Are you crazy? You’ll die!”

Chen Liguo thought, ‘If I leave the world like this, what’s the difference between me dying?’ He still had one more thing to do!

That man still wanted to persuade Chen Liguo, but heard Chen Liguo faintly say, “Do you think that I don’t know of what you are doing here? Yuan Ange is on his way to see Lu Meiqing right now.”

That man’s expression froze. lEs96i

Chen Liguo said, “If you don’t send me home, I will send you to jail……”

Having said all this, it seemed useless to say anything else. The man, under Chen Liguo’s threat, lifted Chen Liguo into the car and with the already beaten up car, drove Chen Liguo back to the Lu residence.

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

When they were close to the destination, Chen Liguo forced the man to change into his clothes.

That man was already frightened into numbness and said, “Just what on earth do you want to do?” WGTXS6

Chen Liguo said, “Hurry up, if I want you to take it off, you take it off!”

Under Chen Liguo’s glare, that man took off his clothes with a bitter face.

At this time, most of Chen Liguo’s pain was being shielded by the system and felt that he was still a lively dragon and animated tiger like before, able to split a hundred bricks with a single hand.

However, in that man’s eyes, the pale Chen Liguo was only a step away from death. He said, “Y-you really won’t go to the hospital?!” rOXfSR

Chen Liguo: “Men of character, live life heroically, and in death as well.”

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The man: “……” Don’t bully me, I don’t know the meaning of this sentence big bro.

Chen Liguo said, “I have people I must see, things I must do.”

The man: “……” His mind was in utter confusion. He didn’t know what the heck this man was going on about. b6MSVY

Chen Liguo: “Goodbye.”

He got off the car and ran back home.

After returning home, Chen Liguo made a beeline towards the study. As expected, Lu Zhiyang was handling matters in his study with his head bowed. Hearing his footsteps, he smiled and said, “You’ve come home?”

Chen Liguo walked over and whispered to Lu Zhiyang, “Daddy, let’s do it, okay?” V WKXQ

System: “…….This is what you needed to do?”

Chen Liguo: “Yeah, yeah, you want to come with me?”

System: “……” Come, like hell!

Lu Zhiyang heard Chen Liguo’s query and looked up in astonishment. He said, “Jiashu?” He never thought that his baby would actually ask for it. j9pvJl

Chen Liguo smiled and said, “But I want to play something new with you.”

Lu Zhiyang’s eyes were filled with a dazzling light.

Chen Liguo fetched a tie and tied it around his eyes, blindfolding him. He kissed the tip of his nose and then took off Lu Zhiyang’s pants before directly getting on him.

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Lu Zhiyang completely didn’t expect that Chen Liguo would be so enthusiastic, and for a while, it was a bit overwhelming. Xx8ikW

Lu Zhiyang said, “Baby, what happened?”

Chen Liguo didn’t speak.

Lu Zhiyang felt a tightness in a certain place and a layer of cold sweat appeared on his head. Then he heard Chen Liguo’s quiet sob by his ear and his heart trembled. Thinking that Chen Liguo couldn’t stand stimulation, he grasped Chen Liguo’s waist and started to move him.

Chen Liguo cried like a child. In fact, he has never been so desperate before. He said to the system, “System, you son of a bitch, are you not only blocking pain???” N6DuXh

The system was indifferent. “How would I know?”

Chen Liguo: “???? Why can’t I feel good????”

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System: “Probably cause you’re spoilt from playing around too much.”

Chen Liguo: “…….” Yes, he could see that the system really hates him. 0aKL2C

In fact, Chen Liguo not only couldn’t feel pain, he couldn’t feel pleasure either. His body had turned into a piece of meat that wasn’t linked to his brain. No matter how Lu Zhiyang rubbed, he couldn’t feel it.

The more Chen Liguo thought about it the sadder he became and directly burst into tears.

Lu Zhiyang thought that he had hurt Chen Liguo and wanted to tear off the tie that was covering his eyes but was stopped by Chen Liguo. Chen Liguo said, “Don’t move.”

Lu Zhiyang called out hesitantly, “Jiashu.” tx4BSU

Chen Liguo said, “Don’t talk.” Then kissed Lu Zhiyang’s lips.

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The two entwined and climaxed. Lu Zhiyang, even felt that Chen Liguo really fell in love with him at this moment.

Chen Liguo’s movements slowed down and he heard the system say that the progress bar had reached a hundred percent and understood that Lu Meliqing must have met with Yuan Ange.

The biggest variable of Yuan Ange’s life had already been resolved by Chen Liguo. The rest of his life was a journey without any hardship. wbQlf2

With Yuan Ange’s protection, Lu Meiqing will evidently be happy all throughout life.

Chen Liguo’s mission came to an end. His breathing gradually weakened, and finally rested his head in Lu Zhiyang’s arms.

Chen Liguo: “……” He was dead but will not close his eyes. System, this disgrace to the AI world, actually won’t even let him feel pleasure one last time.

With a hidden bitterness, Chen Liguo was brought out of the world by a ruthless system. BO 6T5

Lu Zhiyang felt Chen Liguo’s actions slow down and thought that Chen Liguo was tired at first. However, he repeatedly called Chen Liguo’s name but did not receive any answer and quickly noticed that something was wrong.

Lu Zhiyang remembered this scene before his eyes for the rest of his life.

His baby, with his head resting in his arms, his body bruised, no breath in his nose.

Lu Zhiyang cried out softly, “Jiashu.” EVK2s4

The person before him didn’t answer, his face peaceful, as if he had merely fallen asleep.

With difficulty, Lu Zhiyang smiled and said, “Jiashu, don’t scare Dad.”

It was already impossible for Lu Jiashu to give Lu Zhiyang a response. Without Lu Zhiyang’s embrace, he slipped from Lu Zhiyang’s arms and tumbled to the ground like a broken doll.

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Lu Zhiyang’s eyes filled with terror as he staggered to find the doctor. Gk0z7o

However, when the doctor came, Lu Jiashu’s body was already cold.

The doctor looked at Lu Zhiyang with a strange look, a strong disgust in his eyes. He had witnessed this improper father-and-son relationship but he had never thought that the two would actually reach this sort of end.

Looking at the hideous wounds on the teenager, he did not dare believe that Lu Zhiyang would actually have such a cruel hand.

Lu Zhiyang said, “How is it?” QEdO3P

The doctor whispered, “The ribs are broken…… several of them, it’s already, too late.”

Lu Zhiyang roared “You’re talking nonsense!!!” He pulled Lu Jiashu’s body back into his arms, his emotions almost collapsing. He said, “Jianjian, Dad was wrong, Dad won’t force you anymore, come back okay? Come back okay?”

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No one answered him.

Tears flowed out of Lu Zhiyang’s eyes as he howled in despair. His sorrowful look made the doctor feel a little sympathy. NXcFDV

Lu Zhiyang said something lowly.

The doctor could not hear clearly and asked carefully, “Sir, what did you say?”

Lu Zhiyang instantly raised his voice, roaring, “Investigate!!! Have someone investigate!!! Why are there injuries on Jiashu’s body!!!”

The doctor was terrified. It turns out that these injuries were not due to Lu Zhiyang, then why did Lu Zhiyang still do that sort of thing to Lu Jiashu after knowing of Lu Jiashu’s injuries. 6mZ5wU

Lu Zhiyang’s shoulders shook as he cried and murmured, “I should’ve known…… I should’ve known…… Why didn’t I realize? Why didn’t I realize when you blindfolded me……”

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The doctor finally understood the gist of what had happened from these few words.

However, this truth was so ridiculous and terrifying that he was unable to accept it——it need not be said how much more so for Lu Zhiyang.

Lu Zhiyang murmured lowly, saying, “You want to retaliate against me, you want to retaliate against me? Then why didn’t you go for me? Lu Jiashu, why are you so stupid……” MKUJab

The doctor didn’t have the heart to look any longer and left the bedroom.

Lu Zhiyang had people investigate and results quickly arrived. Unexpectedly it was because some people wanted to harm Yuan Ange, but somehow ran into Chen Liguo.

Lu Zhiyang recalled Chen Liguo’s clean and beautiful appearance that day and his pleasant to hear, “Dad, see you later.” when he left the house.

Lu Zhiyang was expressionless when he received the information, finally understanding what the thing called retribution was. qCrg8R

If Lu Zhiyang’s character was as it were before, once he learns that Chen Liguo’s death was related to Yuan Ange, he would definitely not let him off. But Chen Liguo’s death changed Lu Zhiyang’s character. He not only didn’t blame Yuan Ange, he even sent a congratulatory gift for Yuan Ange and Lu Meiqing’s wedding.

As for what Yuan Ange and Lu Meiqing thought when they saw the gift, Lu Zhiyang did not care.

When Li Yaoyao learned of Lu Jiashu’s death, she came back to China and kicked up a fuss and made a scene, saying that Lu Zhiyang had not been good to Lu Jiashu and wanted him to give her compensation. Lu Zhiyang treated Li Yaoyao with indifference and watched her make an unreasonable scene and roll about until she became tired before he said, “If you were not Jianjian’s mother then you would already be dead.”

Li Yaoyao showed a look of horror. She had thought that Lu Zhiyang would become fragile after losing Lu Jiashu, but she hadn’t expected that he would become more terrible. KzZhdE

Li Yaoyao left in a mess, not daring to ever return again.

Later, there were rumors that Li Yaoyao lead a horrible life abroad. Her investments failed and her marriage broke down. Living even worse than an ordinary steadfast person.

Lu Zhiyang helped get revenge for Lu Jiashu. However, his beloved baby will never come back.

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

For a long period of time after Lu Jiashu’s death, Lu Zhiyang didn’t have the desire or the will to live. The scene of Lu Jiashu’s death in his arms plagued his mind. jfJAMH

Lu Zhiyang didn’t know how much Lu Jiashu must have hated him for him to choose such a method to retaliate against him in this way.

Lu Meiqing and Yuan Ange lived really well. They had their own family and children. Occasionally, they would come and pay respects to Lu Jiashu, pay respects to their friend who would stay twenty-two for all eternity.

Lu Zhiyang didn’t want to live, but he couldn’t die. He was like a walking corpse, enduring the rest of his life with difficulty.

What had been a long life had turned into a cruel torture that the heavens had inflicted on him. 2wUZNp

After Lu Jiashu had left, Lu Zhiyang did not dream of him even once. He longed to see his beloved’s face again, but this had already become an extravagant hope.

Lu Zhiyang knew that it was he who had destroyed Lu Jiashu.

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If he hadn’t forced Lu Jiashu to do those then Lu Jiashu would have had a different ending.

Death would be liberation, so Lu Zhiyang didn’t dare die. He knew that his baby wanted to punish him and he would accept this punishment. LEpCzM

Twenty years after Lu Jiashu had died, Lu Meiqing brought her two newly born twins to pay respects to Lu Jiashu.

Although Yuan Ange did not tell Lu Meiqing, she vaguely understood the truth of Lu Jiashu’s death that year so she felt guilty towards this younger brother.

When she found Lu Jiashu’s tombstone, she saw a grey-haired man standing in front of the tomb with a cigarette in his hand. Judging from the cigarette bungs on the ground, he seems to have been there for a long time.

Lu Meiqing took a closer look and found that this man was Lu Jiashu’s father, Lu Zhiyang. Her heart was a little stunned. Lu Zhiyang should be in the prime of his life, why did he have grey hair? Did Lu Jiashu’s death really strike him so hard? Bg5P6R

Lu Zhiyang heard footsteps and glanced back. Seeing Lu Meiqing holding her children he said, “What a coincidence.”

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Lu Meiqing gave a hollow and answered in the same way.

Both of them held a guilty conscience about Lu Jiashu and it wasn’t right to either of them to blame the other.

Lu Meiqing said, “You…… Do you come here every year?” Zzg8Vv

Lu Zhiyang heard this and laughed in self-deprecation, “I come every week.”

Lu Meiqing was even more astonished.

Lu Zhiyang said, “Jiashu, this child was shy since he was small if no one accompanies him, I fear that he’ll be lonely.”

Lu Meiqing heard this and felt a bit of sourness, she forced herself to smile and said, “It’s all in the past.” ts93hN

Lu Zhiyang shook his head and said, “You come, I’ll be leaving.”

Lu Meiqing looked at Lu Zhiyang’s back and asked, “Did you catch the person who hit Lu Jiashu at that time?”

Lu Zhiyang said, “I’ve caught them, why?”

Lu Meiqing asked, “What did they say?” hWDCKm

Lu Zhiyang said faintly, “He said that it was Jiashu who insisted on returning home, and said that Jiashu said that there are people he must see, things he must do……” He did not believe these words.

Who would have imagined that when Lu Meiqing heard this, she would actually hesitantly say, “At the beginning…… I had asked Jiashu if he was being forced, but he refused to say anything.”

Lu Zhiyang was not swayed.

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Lu Meiqing continued, “I said that I could help him, but who would have imagined that he would get angry and wouldn’t meet with us anymore.” After she said these things, she lowered her head, a little lonely. In the end, the couldn’t see Lu Jiashu one last time. YiDa3P

Lu Zhiyang said, “So?”

Lu Meiqing hesitated and with utmost care, said, “So….. Wouldn’t you say that Jiashu, also liked you a little?”

Lu Zhiyang’s dull, lifeless eyes suddenly lit up. He said, “Really?”

Lu Meiqing said, “I don’t know either, maybe it’s true.” YAbDcg

A little bit of hope was enough to make Lu Zhiyang ecstatic.

That night, Lu Zhiyang dreamed of Lu Jiashu for the first time. He was still very young in his dream, he said to him, “Don’t be sad, I really don’t blame you.”

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Lu Zhiyang said, “Then do you like me?”

Lu Jiashu smiled brilliantly when he heard this and said, “I can’t like you, I have someone that I like.” His current manner was full of sly laughter, looking lively and lovely. Td1dYR

Lu Zhiyang laughed as well, laughed and laughed, and began to cry. He said, “Jiashu, I love you so much, don’t go okay?”

Lu Jiashu did not answer, but his body became fainter and fainter, eventually vanishing from his dream.

After Lu Zhiyang woke up, he lay in bed and wept silently, thinking in his heart that he really can’t go on.

Lu Meiqing heard the news of Lu Zhiyang’s death, it was two years after their chance encounter. fjy6bv

It was said that Lu Zhiyang died in a traffic accident by chance. However, Lu Meiqing had some doubts.

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

Lu Meiqing said, “Ange, we owe Jiashu too much.”

Yuan Ange smiled bitterly and said, “Yeah.”

Lu Meiqing sighed, but began to imagine in her mind that if that gentle smiling youth was still alive, just what would he be like? pPWS 3

Will he be with Lu Zhiyang? Or get together with a girl and have a baby?

Lu Meiqing enchanted, gradually closed her eyes and fell into a deep sleep.

Yuan Ange looked at her sleeping face, kissed Lu Meiqing’s temples, then as if he were coxing a child, said, “Sleep.”

Time will dilute everything eventually. No matter if it’s the youth named Lu Jiashu or the man named Lu Zhiyang, it will gradually fade from people’s memories and then finally, be completely forgotten. rHdx3l

The Author has something to say:

The rocking horse meat has been put on Weibo. The Weibo name is Xizixu.

Orange has unlocked the achievement of dying while doing it. Seeking the shadow in Lu Zhiyang’s heart.

Onto the next world hahahaha aPWczh

Thanking the following babies for the mine grenades and rockets, love you all XOXO

StormFrost: Hello! As you could probably tell with the irregular chapter updates the past few weeks, things are getting a bit busy so I’ll be slowing down updates to an update every Saturday for the month of April as all my final projects are due early April and my exams are in the second half of April hopefully my spring/summer term will be kinder to me


Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.


Translator's Note

金盆洗手 — (idiom) fig. to abandon the life of an outlaw

Translator's Note

连滚带爬 — trying frantically to escape (idiom)

Translator's Note

打120 — seems to be the ambulance number

Translator's Note

生龙活虎 — (idiom) fig. vigorous and lively

Translator's Note

大丈夫在世,生当为人杰,死亦为鬼雄 — reworked it a little bit to make it somewhat poetic… somewhat.

Translator's Note

死不瞑目 — (idiom) to die with a remaining grievance

Translator's Note

the NSFW content can be found in the previous chapter

Translator's Note

her Weibo name is 西子绪

Translator's Note

following this is a long list of names that I omitted

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