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Perfect DestinyCh50 - Another day of loafing about


Translator: Baumkuchen, Lan Lan
Editor: TempestDemon, Eve

The Adventures of Baby Guo [11] Vr2CUt

Li Yaoyao’s return to China this time could be regarded as very discomfiting.

Ever since Lu Zhiyang became aware of Chen Liguo’s family history, he began to hinder Li Yaoyao, making Li Yaoyao’s originally broad and level path to stardom a bumpy road.

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

But Lu Zhiyang’s actions were obscure and although Li Yaoyao had doubted him at first, she had quickly ruled out Lu Zhiyang as the one hindering her. After all, in Li Yaoyao’s opinion, if Lu Zhiyang knew that Chen Liguo was not his biological son, he would probably directly send Chen Liguo back to her side in rage.

But Lu Zhiyang didn’t. Not only did he not do so, but he also protected Chen Liguo greatly. U84RaJ

In Li Yaoyao’s opinion, this situation is simply impossible. So she changed the target of her focus to the other people, no longer doubting Lu Zhiyang.

It was also because of this mistaken notion that Li Yaoyao has not found the mastermind to this day and her misfortune has continued for ten some years.

Throughout this entire period of time, she has been in a state of impoverished wealth and starvation, even causing her relationship with her new husband to gradually turn cold.

However, even though things were like this, Li Yaoyao was still afraid. Z8 XPK

When she returned home, she could not imagine what would happen if Lu Zhiyang found out that Chen Liguo was not his biological son.

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Li Yaoyao’s return to China this time was purely a mishap. Li Yaoyao needed to attend an activity in China and was forced to come back.

After coming back, the first thing she did was to covertly find Chen Liguo, wanting to have a good talk with him.

An iced coffee was placed before Chen Liguo. He picked it up and casually took a sip. vOAyhb

There was a fawning expression on Li Yaoyao’s face as she said, “Jiashu, these years…… Mother has wronged you.”

At first, Chen Liguo was a little bored, but once he saw Li Yaoyao’s attitude, his inner drama queen perked up, the rims of his eyes turned red at will and he said, “Mother, I missed you so much.”

Li Yaoyao was shocked by Chen Liguo’s reaction and had a somewhat awkward look. Considering Chen Liguo’s initial reaction, she had thought that he would treat her coldly and didn’t expect that he would be so enthusiastic which made her feel a little unnatural. She said, “Jianjian…… Mother had no other choice……..”

Chen Liguo’s eyes were red and looked as though he were about to cry. He said, “Mother, take me with you, I’m not doing well here, will you take me away from here?” eHCDm0

Li Yaoyao’s expression froze in an instant and she whispered, “D-don’t tell me that he found out about you……”

Chen Liguo couldn’t restrain himself any longer and his tears flowed out from his eyes, wetting his long eyelashes and giving him a delicate and touching air. He said, “No, he doesn’t know, but he is not good to me…… If you still love me, take me away from here, Mother, I only have you now.”

Li Yaoyao wanted to reject Chen Liguo’s near impossible request on reflex, but in face of the crying Chen Liguo, she was unable to reject and so could only say perfunctorily say, “Mom is in a bad state right now, if you come with me……you will suffer through hardship.”

Chen Liguo grabbed a hold of Li Yaoyao’s hand and said, “I’m not afraid of suffering, take me with you. I’m begging you, Mother, I really can’t stand it any longer.” KNTXdC

He played his role extremely devotedly, so much that even he was moved by this sad role and wanted to applaud himself.

Only, the system in his mind faintly cursed, ‘Stupid X.’

Li Yaoyao said with a forced smile, “But Jiashu…… Mother…… does want you, just Mother, doesn’t have the ability to do that.”

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Chen Liguo looked at Li Yaoyao with disappointment and hung his head in despair. NoD5 6

Li Yaoyao had thought that Chen Liguo would blame her, but instead, Chen Liguo laughed bitterly and said, “Mother’s difficulties, I also understand. I won’t make things difficult for Mother. As long as I know that Mother is doing well I can set my heart at ease.”

Li Yaoyao quickly said, “Jiashu, Mother still loves you.”

Chen Liguo nodded, “I know.”

Li Yaoyao still wanted to say some moving words, but somehow, when the words reached her mouth, they wouldn’t come out. Faced with such a frail and sad Chen Liguo, her perfunctory attitude unexpectedly filled her with guilt. iXV2Kr

Chen Liguo took a tissue and wiped away his tears. He nodded at Li Yaoyao. “If it’s like this, I’ll go first.”

Li Yaoyao pulled at Chen Liguo, “Jiashu, how about eating dinner with Mother?”

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

Chen Liguo shook his head and said, “Mother, it’s better if you go, if Dad learns about that matter….. I’m afraid that I, you and I will…….”

Li Yaoyao’s fear of Lu Zhiyang was a fear that reached down to the marrow of her bones. As soon as she heard what Chen Liguo said, she stopped with the civilities and immediately stood up before bidding Chen Liguo goodbye. vLfn5N

Chen Liguo watched Li Yaoyao walk away, his heart brimming with desolation and helplessness.

Chen Liguo: “Why, why must I suffer from this kind of thing? I’m so fragile, why are they willing to harm me in this way!”

System: “……”

Chen Liguo: “Why aren’t you talking Tong-zi?” FvC7p3

System: “……” Who the fuck is called Tong-zi?

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Chen Liguo gave his acting just now 89 points. He looked at Li Yaoyao’s awkward retreating back and pouted, wishing a little that he could have continued. He knew that the scare Li Yaoyao had received wasn’t light and probably wouldn’t return for a period of time.

After drinking the rest of the coffee, Chen Liguo wandered back to school.

Then he was summoned by Lu Zhiyang the next day. afVJkB

Lu Zhiyang threw a stack of photos before Chen Liguo.

Chen Liguo picked them up and hardly unexpectedly saw him and Li Yaoyao hugging.

Chen Liguo: “……” Lu Zhiyang this pervert. Sure enough, he’s still monitoring him.

Lu Zhiyang looked into Chen Liguo’s eyes and asked calmly, “Why didn’t you tell me that your mother came back?” hNgc5J

Chen Liguo: “……” Tell you for what, tell you to fight with her?”

Lu Zhiyang saw that Chen Liguo wasn’t talking and presumed him guilty. He said, “Jianjian, do you want to go with her?”

When Chen Liguo heard Lu Zhiyang’s question, he realized that Lu Zhiyang wasn’t only monitoring him. Chen Liguo reckoned that he probably knew the contents of his talk with Li Yaoyao more or less.

Chen Liguo: “……” Oof, played too much. dg0QVd

Lu Zhiyang said, “Lu Jiashu, speak.”

Lu Zhiyang called Chen Liguo’s full name, showing that he was really angry.

Chen Liguo grit his teeth and said, “I-I don’t want to go with her.”

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Lu Zhiyang heard this and sneered, smoothy picking up a recording pen from the table and pressing the button. A moment later, Chen Liguo’s cries and sobs could be heard as he said, “Mother, take me with you, I’m not doing well here, will you take me away from here?” DuWmSJ

When this recording sounded, Chen Liguo distinctly felt the temperature in the room drop instantly.

Lu Zhiyang said, “Explanation?”

Chen Liguo trembled fiercely, unable to say a single word.

Lu Zhiyang said indifferently, “You don’t have anything to say?” oAjTPt

Chen Liguo obstinately said, “I have nothing to say to you.”

The moment he said this, it was as if he had stepped on a landmine. Lu Zhiyang immediately got up, walked forward and hoisted Chen Liguo over his shoulder.

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

Chen Liguo was caught by surprise, he was slung over Lu Zhiyang’s shoulders like a sack of rice, completely unable to fight back.

Lu Zhiyang carried Chen Liguo up to the second floor. That had originally been Chen Liguo’s playroom when he was a child, but since he’d grown up, he no longer had any interest in it and it had been sealed up. w5B9rk

Lu Zhiyang, carrying his baby, stopped at the entrance to the second floor.

Throughout this, Chen Liguo’s face was full of surprise and fear, clearly not understanding why Lu Zhiyang had brought him here.

Lu Zhiyang pushed open the door and directly threw Chen Liguo onto the inflatable sofa within. He said. “Jianjian, didn’t you use to love riding on the rocking horse when you were younger?”

Chen Liguo’s eyes were wide. TOR hB

Lu Zhiyang casually closed the door, and smiled slightly at Chen Liguo, “Naughty children, need to be properly punished.”

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Chen Liguo was paralyzed with fear, his eyes swept across the room, upon seeing a certain object, he immediately understood the meaning of Lu Zhiyang’s words.

In the center of the room, was a beautiful rocking horse. The rocking horse was clearly custom-made. It was incredibly lifelike, however on the saddle of the rocking horse was some long protrusion, silently hinting at its purpose.

Chen Liguo felt that Lu Zhiyang really had hidden depths, he thought silently in his heart, ‘you city people really know how to play.’ 0AeCIq

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Vfflcu Jtfc Olueb raeccfv jcv ecwbnlcu, Oe Itlsjcu atbeuta atja tf tjv yffc rtbmxfv lcab j raeqbg. Lf atfc rboais rqbxf ys Jtfc Olueb’r fjg, “Gbfr Djys ilxf la?”

Jtfc Olueb’r ybvs raloofcfv. Dgbxfc mglfr ofii ogbw tlr ilqr jr lo tf kjr fzagfwfis rmjgfv.

Oe Itlsjcu rjlv, “Aljcpljc, vbc’a mgs, ktfc sbe mgs, Gjvvs’r tfjga tegar.”

Lu Zhiyang obviously was purposefully addressing himself this way, in order to incite Chen Liguo’s sense of immorality. mNsJGx

Both of Chen Liguo’s eyes were filled with tears. He stared pitifully at Lu Zhiyang, a pleading look in his eyes.

Seeing this, Lu Zhiyang wasn’t moved in the slightest. In one smooth motion, he picked up Chen Liguo and then walked over towards the implement. No matter how Chen Liguo struggled or begged, he didn’t even pause.

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Lu Jiashu’s struggles only served to further arouse Lu Zhiyang. It was like Lu Zhiyang was teasing a small animal. He stripped off Lu Jiashu’s clothes little by little, until he could see Lu Jiashu’s satiny white skin completely exposed in front of him.

Lu Zhiyang was seduced by his slender neck, erotic red nipples, plump buttocks, and long, shapely legs. I8i2hE

He straightforwardly grabbed a tube of lubricant in his hand and began stretching out Lu Jiashu’s hole.

Although this wasn’t the first time the little hole was put to use, it was as tight and delicate as ever. Lu Jiashu, tightly entrapped by Lu Zhiyang, felt a cold finger slowly stretch him out.

Lu Zhiyang said, “Be a good boy, or else you’ll get hurt later on.”

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Lu Jiashu raised his eyes to look at that menacing shape atop the rocking horse and started crying even harder. But his tears didn’t sway Lu Zhiyang even a little…. In fact, Lu Zhiyang had long been prepared for this. 6Yumyw

Seeing that his hole was just about prepped, Lu Zhiyang easily scooped up Lu Jiashu and just as easily aimed it at the silicone dildo.

“No, I don’t want this… I was wrong, let me go!” Feeling the ice-cold toy threateningly probe his entrance, Lu Jiashu’s body began to spasm in fear.

Lu Zhiyang didn’t answer, tilting his head to kiss Lu Jiashu.

Their intertwined lips and tongues produced ambiguous squelching noises. Lu Jiashu felt that every corner of his mouth had been probed, and the feeling of suffocation made his mind more and more muddled. leXh2b

Lu Zhiyang seized that opportunity to slightly slacken his grip.

Lu Jiashu suddenly opened his eyes wide. He felt the cold toy slowly enter his passage, giving him a frightful illusion that his whole body was being split in half.

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“Ah——!” A plaintive cry escaped Lu Jiashu’s mouth.

Lu Zhiyang had been careful since the beginning. Although he wanted to play, he didn’t want to hurt Lu Jiashu. Once he confirmed that Lu Jiashu’s hole had accepted and enveloped the silicon cock, with a hint of malice, he loosened his hands. sFLuho

Lu Jiashu’s full weight bore down on the toy. It immediately burrowed deep inside of him.

“Ah, ah……” Lu Jiashu’s tears continued unceasingly. He tightly clung to the rocking horse, weeping and begging for mercy. “Daddy, don’t! Daddy, I’m scared……”

Lu Zhiyang lowered his head and kissed Lu Jiashu’s already erect cock. He grinned and said, “Bad little boys who lie must be punished.”

While saying that, he strode to the side and pressed the switch on the wall. UqwLlm

The originally still wooden horse unexpectedly began to rock.

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

“Ah!!” The rough treatment of his sensitive passage, the unceasing rubbing against his tender flesh, and the relentless bumping of his prostate overstimulated him. Lu Jiashu drooled uncontrollably, his eyes reflecting his state of utter mindlessness.

Lu Zhiyang pulled a fine, soft brush from god-knows-where and started slowly brushing against Lu Jiashu’s hole. He used the small brush to brush the parts of his passage that had puffed out due to the thrusting motions of the dildo, creating a sense of unsuppressable itchiness in Lu Jiashu. He continued pleading, weeping all the while: “Don’t be like that, Daddy…… Aah ahh ahhh!” The rocking horse suddenly sped up.

Lu Zhiyang’s actions made Lu Jiashu involuntarily start to move on his own. He clung tightly to the moving rocking horse, crying. He rolled his hips up and down, trying to relieve the itching. pNKY4U

Lu Zhiyang said, “Does it feel good, Jiashu?”

Lu Jiashu looked at Lu Zhiyang numbly, a series of moans tumbling out of his mouth as he came, his whole body convulsing.

It was only then that Lu Zhiyang halted the motions of the rocking horse. He drew Lu Jiashu down from the rocking horse and into his embrace.

Lu Zhiyang heard a small squelching noise as the silicon toy left Lu Jiashu’s hole. WIl2Kd

Lu Jiashu reclined in Lu Zhiyang’s arms, neither resisting nor speaking. This lasted until Lu Zhiyang’s finger deeply penetrated Lu Jiashu’s passage again.

Lu Zhiyang’s finger stroked the soft flesh of Lu Jiashu’s hole. His eyes crinkled as he smiled: “Jiashu is so soft and warm.”

Lu Jiashu whimpered and protested that he didn’t want to.

Lu Zhiyang kissed his forehead and surveyed the room full of toys. He said, “We still have all these toys, how could Jiashu not want to?” coI8X6

While saying that, he took his cock out, slowly inserting it into him before he began to enjoy his baby who was all grown-up now.



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Chen Liguo lay on the bed, receiving treatment from the doctor. ObBRzh

Both his eyes were empty of spirit, even his bare arms were littered with red marks, anyone could tell what he had just been through.

As the Lu family doctor looked over Chen Liguo, there was a look of sympathy on his face. However, in the end, it was Lu Zhiyang who was his boss, he quickly gathered himself, and carefully examined Chen Liguo.

After a preliminary inspection, the doctor said that Chen Liguo was a little dehydrated, he’d be fine after being put on a drip for a while.

Lu Zhiyang made a sound of affirmation. He slowly helped neaten Chen Liguo’s hair, and said, “His heart is a little weak, please check it over carefully.” XSAIb

After another examination, the doctor reported that he found no problems, but if Lu Zhiyang still wasn’t reassured, he could go to the hospital to get a more detailed examination.

Lu Zhiyang nodded.

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The doctor seemed to still have something to say, but he had some misgivings, eventually letting out a look of wanting to say something but holding back.

Seeing this, Lu Zhiyang expressionlessly ordered him to speak. K08 AY

The doctor gave a dry cough, before saying quietly, “Young master seems to have suffered a bit of a mental shock…… With regards to those sorts of things…… please exercise some restraint.”

Hearing this, Lu Zhiyang’s gaze towards the doctor instantly became colder. He said, “Don’t do anything unnecessary, and don’t say anything unnecessary.”

The doctor’s forehead filled with cold sweat, he stammered out a yes.

Lu Zhiyang then said, “Leave then.” zJP lK

As if he had been pardoned from death row the doctor quickly left.

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Chen Liguo’s eyes were closed, sleeping soundly. The corners of his mouth were damaged, and his cheeks were still flushed from their prior activities.

Lu Zhiyang reached out with his fingers, and slowly smoothed Chen Liguo’s furrowed brows.

Chen Liguo let out a soft cry, a muffled ‘no’ escaped his lips. vJKYrR

Seeing this, Lu Zhiyang thought Chen Liguo had woken up, but after a closer look, he found that Chen Liguo was still deeply asleep.

Lu Zhiyang said with a bitter smile: “Must be a nightmare.” Because he was in that dream.

Naturally, Chen Liguo didn’t respond.

Lu Zhiyang was somewhat downcast, which was rare for him. He no longer did anything to disturb Chen Liguo’s sleep, after tucking him into the blanket, he simply left Chen Liguo’s side. dnrMa2

They’d played a little too much this time, Chen Liguo only woke up after sleeping for a full day.

After he woke up, he felt as if his body was about to fall apart. He couldn’t move at all, one slight movement would make his entire body hurt.

Chen Liguo: “Aiyo, aiyo…… I’m so sore, it feels like I’m dying.”

The system gave a cold laugh, “Why didn’t it hurt when you were feeling good?” 0zcmUo

Chen Liguo immediately responded, “How did you know I was feeling good, were you secretly peeking at me?”

System: “I saw nothing but a sheet of dense mosaic.”

Chen Liguo said with a red face, “Then you’ve suffered.”

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System: “……” bK9zNi

After reflecting back on the harmonious exercises of yesterday, Chen Liguo gave Lu Zhiyang a high score of 90 points and gave comments on every aspect of Lu Zhiyang’s performance.

The system had already been shocked by Chen Liguo’s shamelessness, it even suspected that if it had been an AI with a more reserved personality, it is very likely that it might have self-destructed——even though headquarters hadn’t programmed such a feature in it, it will definitely would suggest installing this feature to headquarters.

However, it seems that currently, the previously cute and pure system had, through experience, entered into the world of adults.

No, it would be more accurate to say Chen Liguo’s world. c7CzdY

Even if from beginning to end the system had never wanted to enter it.

With every movement, Chen Liguo’s butt would hurt. Even though Lu Zhiyang hadn’t injured him yesterday, everything that should have been done had been done, many different techniques had been used.

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There were a few things even Chen Liguo, this old driver who frequently drove around at high speeds, had never seen, one could imagine just how big the scale was.

After Chen Liguo woke up, he didn’t call for anyone, just lay down on the bed pretending to be a corpse, soulless eyes staring up at the ceiling in a daze. Zc GXq

When Lu Zhiyang came by in the afternoon to visit Chen Liguo, seeing that his eyes were open, he asked, “When did you wake up.”

Chen Liguo closed his eyes as if he didn’t want to speak with Lu Zhiyang.

Lu Zhiyang sighed softly, he said, “First eat something, don’t starve yourself.”

Chen Liguo wordlessly sat up from the bed and accepted the bowl of porridge from Lu Zhiyang, still maintaining his silence. JrFMi8

When Lu Zhiyang saw that Chen Liguo had finished drinking half the bowl of porridge, he then said, “Does Li Yaoyao know that you’re not my son?”

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When Chen Liguo heard this, his moments stopped, a trace of panic appeared on his face. It seemed that the things that Lu Zhiyang had done to him before, had given him quite the scare.

Lu Zhiyang said, “Be good, as long as you’re obedient, I’ll treat you well.”

Chen Liguo wanted to look up at Lu Zhiyang, but just continued to look downwards. z8S2Vc

Lu Zhiyang continued, “Li Yaoyao left already, she got on the plane this morning.”

Chen Liguo cooperatively let out a sob, he said, “I, I don’t want to be like this.”

Lu Zhiyang said, “Don’t want to be like what?”

Chen Liguo said a little numbly, “I don’t want to do those kinds of things with you…… Why, why can’t we be father and son?” QCLIZn

Lu Zhiyang said, “Because I like you, this way we can be together forever, isn’t that good?”

Chen Liguo replied, not understanding, “But father and son can also be together forever.”

Lu Zhiyang continued to brainwash his little white rabbit, he said, “How could we be together forever, you’ll find someone you like, and I’ll also find someone I like. When that time comes, how could we be able to stay together?”

The confusion in Chen Liguo’s eyes became more pronounced, it was unknown whether it was due to his body being far too weak, but his logic seemed to have been seriously disturbed by Lu Zhiyang. t6Q2Iu

Lu Zhiyang struck while the iron was hot, “Isn’t it good for us to continue on like this? I’ll care for you, love you, it’ll be just like it was before.”

Chen Liguo said, “Just like before?” His gaze drifted to an unknown place, it was unknown what memories had come to mind.

Lu Zhiyang, “Furthermore, did it really not feel good to you?”

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

Hearing this, Chen Liguo’s face turned bright red in a flash, he stammered, “It was… really, really weird.” LmEsQI

Lu Zhiyang said, “What was weird about it, this is a normal physiological response, every man would react like that.”

Chen Liguo didn’t really understand, he seemed to be confused by Lu Zhiyang’s promised bright future, the disgust in his expression had lessened by about half, however, there remained some timidity, dread and panic.

Lu Zhiyang didn’t force Chen Liguo too hard, he said, “Don’t think too much, have a good rest.”

Chen Liguo didn’t say anything more. As he stared at the ceiling, his eyelids once again became heavy. yxBFWj

Lu Zhiyang watched Chen Liguo as he slept, the look in his eyes becoming more gentle. Even though it would take a long time, there would eventually come a day, where he could hold his treasure in his arms, no matter how much hardship he would face in the process.

Chen Liguo rested for three days before his body was completely recovered.

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

In those three days, Lu Zhiyang didn’t try to pressure Chen Liguo anymore and rather was incomparably considerate and gentle, the classic carrot after the stick.

In those few days, Chen Liguo remained very quiet. As he was on his way to school, he received a phone call from Lu Meiqing. jJYGZy

Lu Meiqing and Chen Liguo’s schools were very far apart, after school started, despite the two remaining in contact, they weren’t as close as before.

When Lu Meiqing called, even though Chen Liguo was a little listless, he still raised his spirits and asked after her current circumstances.

Yuan Ange had been back for a quite a while already. He didn’t continue his education, rather choosing to start working at his family business.

Chen Liguo jokingly asked them when they were planning on getting married. vHcepa

Lu Meiqing said they were waiting at least till after she graduated from College. Next to her, Yuan Ange started joking around, saying why would they need to wait to for her to graduate from College, they could just go get registered tomorrow.

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Chen Liguo still hadn’t gotten together with Lu Zhiyang, and could only silently choke down this mouthful of dog food.

In the call, Lu Meiqing asked how Chen Liguo was doing.

Chen Liguo said he’d been fine. Who knew that after Lu Meiqing heard this, she unexpectedly suddenly said, “You sound so feeble, it can’t be because of excessive indulgence, right.” 1FB2So

Chen Liguo, “……” Yi, you can even guess this.

Lu Meiqing was only joking. Li Jiashu was such an obedient baby, so severely watched by his father, how could he possibly fool around with people in College?

But what Lu Meiqing could never have thought of was that…… It was Chen Liguo’s father who actually didn’t want any face and acted first.

Lu Meiqing said that her and Yuan Ange had something on and just happened to need to return for a bit, and invited Chen Liguo to come out for a get-together when the time came. QDlAHu

Chen Liguo agreed.

Lu Meiqing then asked if he was happy in College.

Chen Liguo originally wanted to brag about finding a cute girlfriend to Lu Meiqing, but was hindered by the fact that Lu Zhiyang was sitting right next to him, and could only bear it, mumbling out an “It’s okay.”

Lu Meiqing was in a good mood, humming a song as she hung up. waj3Mo

Who knew that just when Chen Liguo got off the phone, Lu Zhiyang then suddenly said, “You like her.”

Chen Liguo widened his eyes, thinking why would Lu Zhiyang say that.

Lu Zhiyang lightly said, “When you were going to school you would go visit her every month…… Furthermore that Le Zhitao from your school, shares a slight resemblance to Lu Meiqing.”

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If Lu Zhiyang hadn’t said it Chen Liguo wouldn’t have noticed, once he said that, after a bit of thinking, Chen Liguo found that the eyes of the two ladies really were a little similar, he: “……” At this point, he couldn’t say anything to deny it. XSFNZB

Lu Zhiyang glanced at Chen Liguo, and said, “What? Still haven’t given up?”

Chen Liguo was only able to act like a common Cassanova, and calmly said, “That’s already passed.”

Lu Zhiyang let out a cold laugh and didn’t say anything else.

Upon reaching the school, according to convention, Lu Zhiyang gave Chen Liguo a passionate kiss. Only when he’d kissed Chen Liguo until he was panting for breath, did he let him go. yknc9l

After getting out of the car, Chen Liguo directly returned to the dorms, and just so happened to run into his roommate from the Northeast shaving his legs.

When his roommate saw that Chen Liguo had returned, he loudly yelled, “How come you’re back?”

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Chen Liguo said, “If I didn’t come back you’d just mess around in the dorm?”

His roommate’s eyes were round, a little embarrassed, “Isn’t having too much hair not good-looking?” ed0paM

Chen Liguo: “……” That depends on which part that’s hairy.

His roommate said, “You Southern girls all prefer less hair, right?”

Chen Liguo seriously thought it over, before saying, “Seems like it…… Wait, what do you mean by you Southern girls? Am I a girl from the South?!”

His roommate stood up and patted Chen Liguo’s shoulders, saying, “You totally count, with your body, even females can’t compare to you.” 3TEc80

Chen Liguo: “……” He was delicate, he was proud, to flip the question back around, this brother had just been using his hands to scratch his feet, how come in a blink of an eye they were now pressing down on his shoulders.

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His roommate said, “Then what were you doing these past few days? In the hospital again?”

Chen Liguo said in a low voice, “En.”

His roommate said, “Aiya, from now on you should come exercise with me, I can guarantee that you can become like me.” He then squeezed his own pecs. 0IaePn

Chen Liguo looked at his roommate’s burly figure, then thought of his current face, and found that the two elements paired together gave off some kind of unspeakable dissonance…… He then silently shivered……

His roommate then chatted with Chen Liguo a little more, before going off to play basketball. The dorm quieted down once more.

Chen Liguo sat down on his bed in the dorm, and started harassing his system as usual, he said, “Tong-er~”

System: “……” Unexpectedly, it could see the wavy line at the end of Chen Liguo’s sentence. I047U2

Chen Liguo said, “How many completion points do I have?”

The system said, “Fifty eight.”

Fifty eight, so in these few months it had increased by eight points, proving that Lu Meiqing was doing well, and even avoided some terrible troubles.

Chen Liguo said, “When is the car accident going to happen?” hW4Vkr

The system gave Chen Liguo a time.

After hearing that, Chen Liguo nodded, “Sure enough, it got pushed back.”

Changing the fate of the daughter of fate, would more or less impact the fate of the people around her, this had happened before, so Chen Liguo also wasn’t surprised.

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Chen Liguo calculated the time and felt like he may not be able to see Lu Meiqing’s wedding before leaving this world. He didn’t know why, but he felt a little regretful for a while. HQqLa9

Chen Liguo said, “When I think about leaving this place, I feel some slight inexplicable sadness.”

The system, hearing this, said faintly, “The future is limitless.”

Chen Liguo made a questioning noise, he said, “Baby, what do you mean?”

The system said, “You never know, in the next world there could be an even better man waiting for you.” What the system said sounded so sincere, Chen Liguo almost believed it. wWoDFU

Chen Liguo thought of the hardships he’d experienced in a wheelchair in the world before last, and the lemon and cucumber flavor of his experience achieving the great harmony of life in the last world, and felt a little sad.

Chen Liguo: “You weren’t like this in the past.”

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The system had an indifferent expression, “Like what.”

Chen Liguo said, “You already aren’t that pure, genuine system anymore.” pwzkSA

System: “……” That pure genuine system had already died in those Confucian classics day after day, how did Chen Liguo, who caused this, have the face to bring it up.

Chen Liguo sighed emotionally and said, “So it turns out that the mutual trust between us was slowly worn away day by day until it was completely gone…… Who knows if someday our fragmented trust, could ever return to its original state.”

System: “……” No matter how Chen Liguo puts it, it won’t ever believe!!!

As this time he had done Chen Liguo too roughly, Lu Zhiyang actually abstained for a while, and didn’t touch Chen Liguo for more than ten days. 4QCVRD

Furthermore, within those few days, Lu Meiqing and Yuan Ange returned as promised.

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

The first thing Lu Meiqing said when she saw Chen Liguo was, “How come you’ve become even skinnier?”

Chen Liguo asked, “I have?”

Lu Meiqing carefully looked over Chen Liguo, before finally confirming with a nod, “You have, before your chin used to be round.” hxizf3

Chen Liguo replied, “Oh…… It should be because it’s been too hot lately.”

He said this perfunctorily, originally assuming that Lu Meiqing was only a casual question, but when he looked again carefully, he found that both Lu Meiqing and Yuan Ange’s eyes were filled with worry. He said, stunned, “Why are you guys looking at me like this.”

Lu Meiqing couldn’t bear it anymore. She bit her lip and replied, “Jiashu…… We, we all know already.”

Chen Liguo had a face full of confusion, “Know what?” RQ3WGB

Lu Meiqing said, “We know you…… and Lu Zhiyang……”

Chen Liguo’s first thought was that Lu Meiqing knew that he and Lu Zhiyang had done those kinds of things already and blushed for a moment, but he quickly realized, that what Lu Meiqing and Yuan Ange knew definitely was not that. Most likely, they knew about him not being Lu Zhiyang’s biological son.

Yuan Ange thought that Chen Liguo was upset and quickly patted his shoulder to console him. He said, “Jiashu, don’t be scared, you still have us.”

Chen Liguo’s eyes turned red, starting to act once more, he said, “You all already know?” WeE56v

Seeing how upset Chen Liguo was, Yuan Ange didn’t quite know what to do. He made an ‘en’ in affirmation, before saying quietly, “This information is spreading in the circle…… Don’t, don’t be too upset.”

Since this news could appear within the circle, Lu Zhiyang must definitely have been involved.

Chen Liguo knew that Lu Zhiyang was a pervert, him asking whether he wanted to end the father and son relationship between them before, one would fear that that was only a taste of what was to come. Since when could Chen Liguo make decisions on the things Lu Zhiyang wanted to do.

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Chen Liguo let out a bitter laugh, and said, “That’s right, I’m not his biological son.” Do825e

Yuan Ange and Lu Meiqing met eyes for a moment, and both saw helplessness in the other’s eyes. Gossip news was one thing, but hearing confirmation straight from Chen Liguo’s mouth was another thing entirely.

Now that Chen Liguo himself said that, that proved that this was definitely true.

Lu Meiqing quickly consoled him, “Jiashu, don’t be sad. Look, your father still hasn’t found any other woman up till now, and still treats you so well…… He’s definitely raising you as his own son.”

Chen Liguo shook his head, his face full of dejectedness, he said, “You don’t understand, you don’t understand anything.” fkH5Iv

Seeing how pained Chen Liguo’s expression was, Yuan Ange wondered, “Jiashu, what exactly happened?”

However, Chen Liguo didn’t answer. He silently looked off in the distance, his eyes filled with agony.

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At this time, Yuan Ange and Lu Meiqing were both completely confused about why Chen Liguo was reacting this way. Only later, when they knew about the relationship between Chen Liguo and Lu Zhiyang, did they finally understand the meaning hidden in Chen Liguo’s eyes.

But at this moment, the two could only look at Chen Liguo in confusion, offering pretty much useless comfort. FUYf4d

After Chen Liguo met with Yuan Ange and Lu Meiqing, he blew up upon reaching home.

This the first time he’d been this angry, to the extent that Lu Zhiyang was completely unable to respond.

Chen Liguo pointed at Lu Zhiyang’s nose and scolded, “Why? Why did you have to let others know about this? Did you have to let others know that we aren’t father and son? Lu Zhiyang——I hate you!!”

Lu Zhiyang let him scold him as he wished, only he was distressed for Chen Liguo, saying, “Jianjian, don’t be angry, it’s Dad who was wrong, don’t be angry, when you’re angry, Dad worries about you.” 1vFemX

Chen Liguo said, “Worried my ass!!” When he finished speaking, he felt a burst of pain in his chest.

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Seeing Chen Liguo grasping at his chest, Lu Zhiyang’s original indulgence quickly turned into horror, he cried, “Jianjian, don’t scare Dad.”

Chen Liguo shook his head, already unable to speak.

Lu Zhiyang hurriedly found his medicine and fed it to Chen Liguo. When he hugged Chen Liguo’s hand he actually felt a little cold, he clearly was already extremely scared. He said, “Jianjian, don’t be angry……” CHN7Xi

Chen Liguo lay down in Lu Zhiyang’s embrace, eyes half-lidded. He sadly spoke to the system, “Tong-er, am I about to die.”

The system said yes.

Chen Liguo: “……” This play couldn’t go on any longer, his family’s system really didn’t want to give even a bit of face.

The system continued, “Just die already!” epbhuy

Chen Liguo: “The small boat of friendship can easily be flipped, the giant ship of love can easily be sunk.”

The system said, “The beds of passersby can easily be climbed onto.”

Chen Liguo asked, “Are you jealous?” VPKGr1

The system said, “Hehe……”

Chen Liguo felt like it would be best for him to shut up and stop picking fights, if he offended the system, the one who would suffer in the next world was him. However, it seemed that no matter how you looked at it, it was already too late……

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Translator's Note

a curse word meaning someone doing something stupid that only those with low IQs would do or cursing someone as an idiot with a low IQ.

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情圣一般 — sort of referencing that his ‘like’ towards Lu Meiqing was just a passing interest.

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Referencing a comic, if one side (one friend gets thinner or eats more), the boat will turn over

Relationships are hard _(:з)∠)_

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