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Perfect DestinyCh21 - Modern wild grass script


Translator: StormFrost
Editor: TempestDemon

Handsome Broken Legged Little Military Advisor [8] RgB6wv

As said before, Yan Zhiyao had a hard time before she got married.

Suffered to what extent? To the point that being able eat three meals a day was already a very happy thing for her.

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If Yan Zhiyao was just an ordinary girl, then Chen Liguo could take her home and raise her properly. But she was the princess of the Yan Country. Even if Chen Liguo had this sort of intention, the emperor would never agree.

This time, the place Chen Liguo was going to visit was a pawnshop. JXBlab

In the carriage, Le Qi who sat next to Chen Liguo kept on trying to speak then stopping. Chen Liguo just closed his eyes and pretended not to see.

Le Qi struggled for a long time. When they were about to reach their destination, he quietly said, “Daren, I called the doctor for you.”

Chen Liguo looked up and said coldly, “Tell the doctor to go back. I’m all right.”

Le Qi pursed his lips, he knew that with his Daren’s self-esteem, it was absolutely impossible that he’d let anyone learn about this matter. But the Daren’s body was very weak. Stimulated like this, what if an accident happened? 9ksEG6

Chen Liguo didn’t want to explain further. He was currently thinking about Yan Zhiyao’s matter and didn’t have the inclination to be concerned about Le Qi.

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Le Qi saw Chen Liguo’s appearance of not wanting to talk and finally lowered his head, not speaking anymore.

Arriving at the pawnshop, the driver stopped the carriage and helped lift the wheelchair out of the carriage.

Le Qi pushed Chen Liguo in and then heard Chen Liguo tell him to wait outside. 8s2 WQ

Le Qi hung his head and said yes, his face downcast.

Chen Liguo did not comfort him and went in alone in his wheelchair.

When the pawnshops’ assistant saw Chen Liguo, his sharp eyes gathered from his clothes that he was a respected guest, so he rushed forward to greet him with a very hospitable attitude.

Chen Liguo said, “I want to buy a hairpin.” OS72LJ

The shop assistant was stunned and said, “Respected guest, this is a pawn shop……”

Chen Liguo said, “I know, call your shopkeeper out.”

If it were an ordinary person who said this, the shop assistant would deal with it half-heartedly. But Chen Liguo was not dressed like an ordinary person. Even the wheelchair underneath him was not something that ordinary people could buy. So, in order to be safe, the shop assistant still went to invite his shopkeeper over.

As soon as the shopkeeper came and looked at Chen Liguo, he told people to serve tea. 7uSsMe

The shopkeeper said, “I don’t know what sort of hairpin respected guest wishes to buy?”

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Chen Liguo sighed and said, “This hairpin, belongs to my close friend. It was stolen by their servant…… So I will try everywhere to try my luck.” MHqLPw

The shopkeeper’s forehead perspired and he said with a smile, “To be quite honest, I certainly haven’t seen it.”

Chen Liguo said, “Then if someone comes to sell this hairpin later, could you let me know?”

The shopkeeper nodded hastily, “No problem, daring to ask for the residence of Daren.….” In fact, he had already guessed a little.

Sure enough, Chen Liguo said, “This one is Ji Shang.” 2eCuW1

The shopkeepers beamed, and said with an extremely fervent attitude, “It turned out to be Ji Daren! If I see the hairpin, I will send someone to inform Daren.”

Chen Liguo said, “Many thanks, shopkeeper.”

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The shopkeeper said, “Don’t mention it, don’t mention it.”

Then Chen Liguo came out of the pawnshop and visited all the slightly larger pawnshops in the royal city. He discovered that the hairpin really hadn’t been taken to a pawn shop yet. MY0A3y

The hairpin that Chen Liguo was looking for was Yan Zhiyao’s most precious memento of her mother. She had carried it close to her all the time, but it had been unexpectedly taken by evil servants who pawned it away.

Later, one of Yan Zhiyao’s royal sisters bought this hairpin by chance and wore it on her head to flaunt it to Yan Zhiyao. As to how big of a blow this was to Yan Zhiyao, it was a no-brainer.

Yan Zhiyao lost control of her emotions and injured her royal sister. And from then on, she was not able to take a single step out of her bedroom.

Chen Liguo came here at a slightly awkward time. He had been in the army for several months so he could not determine the exact timeline of this world. N3WhEi

Thus, this hairpin was a crucial matter for Chen Liguo.

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

Since Yan Jingyi had done that indescribable matter to Chen Liguo that day, he seemed to be deliberately trying to anger Chen Liguo and sent things to Chen Liguo’s home.

The things he sent were things like red dates, peanuts, lotus seeds, and other strange ingredients. With the foods, he even included letters.

Chen Liguo picked up the letter and saw a strand of beautiful wild grass style characters: “&*# &%\”. QWlm4i

Chen Liguo: “…….” Oof, he can’t understand this wild grass.

He stared at the characters for a moment, took a breath, tore and threw it away.

When Le Qi saw Chen Liguo’s unhappy look, he carefully asked, “Daren, what did he say?”

Chen Liguo said, “I don’t know.” iYGBn4

Le Qi: “……” He didn’t believe that Chen Liguo didn’t know. Obviously, he felt that Yan Jingyi must have said something excessive for his Daren to have this sort of attitude.

Chen Liguo said profoundly, “Get a pen.”

Le Qi offered precious ink without delay.

With the stroke of the pen, Chen Liguo wrote a few large characters on the rice paper: “ィ尔卜小董挖の嗳のr8ldiA

Le Qi: “……” He actually couldn’t understand it.

Chen Liguo: “Send this over with a few pounds of lamb meat.”

Le Qi trembled in fear as he took the letter and went to the kitchen to ask for lamb meat, which was sent to Yan Jingyi’s residence.

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

Yan Jingyi, who was practicing with his sword, received a letter from Chen Liguo and a basket of mutton. kvdlFr

His assistant just happened to be right next to him and watched Yan Jingyi stare at the letter for a long time, in the end Yan Jingyi handed it to his assistant. “Do you understand it?”

The assistant blinked his eyes. “I can only understand the one-word ‘love’, just what sort of barbarian font is this?”

Yan Jingyi didn’t speak.

The assistant said: “…… Could it be a love letter sent to Your Highness by that woman?” DPg3lA

Yan Jingyi chuckled, folded the letter carefully and had the assistant put it away. This letter was sent by that man, presumably, it’s impossible for it to have any good words. Furthermore, it was sent together with a basket of lamb meat, and lamb meat has always been used as a sacrificial offering and had the implication of obeying etiquette. Wasn’t this just satirizing him for not being well mannered?

Yan Jingyi laughed and said, “Come, cook this lamb meat, I’m going to go visit him in the evening.”

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

The assistant didn’t know why his Royal Highness was suddenly in such a good mood and was somewhat confused.

On the other side, Chen Liguo, who was eating red dates, lotus seeds, and rice porridge, suddenly sneezed. 6XcI0m

Le Qi was nervous because Chen Liguo’s body was weak, and everything must be taken note of. He muttered that today’s medicine had not been drunk and so he went out and boiled it for Chen Liguo.

System: “When are you planning to go into the palace to meet Yan Zhiyao?”

Chen Liguo: “Sometime around these few days, the Second Prince’s pressure has been greater and greater recently. It is estimated that I’ll be dragged in to be scolded for a bit.”

System: “En.” OL7k2F

Chen Liguo: “Drinking porridge every day, argh! It’s unbearable!”

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System: “Why did you send him lamb meat?”

Chen Liguo: “Boost his sex drive.”

System: “……” kQYwLZ

Chen Liguo: “What else?”

System: “……” Let him calm down a bit!

Le Qi wasn’t there, and Chen Liguo was also too lazy to use a spoon and eat slowly. He picked up the porridge bowl and with a ‘glug glug’ gulped down half it. Then with a belch, he said, “Full is full, but it only feels like my stomach is full of water. Ahhh, I really want to eat some meat.”

System: “Eat.” x9ODdU

Chen Liguo said angrily, “I obviously want to eat, but the moment I eat I vomit blood!”

Who knew if strenuous exercise was good for the physical and mental health, but in any case, hadn’t Chen Liguo eaten that joyous feast dish and was done that cannot be described thing by Yan Jingyi? But afterwards, as long as he ate meat, it was guaranteed that he would cough up blood, and the blood vomited was comparable to metrorrhagia. The first time, Chen Liguo had been frightened, but then he later realized…… With the system there, he won’t be able to die.

And so like that, he slowly got used to it.

But even if he got used to it, Le Qi who was always by his side couldn’t get used to it and Le Qi began to strictly control Chen Liguo’s diet. Every day, the three meals of the day were soup, porridge, tonics, and so on. Eating these, Chen Liguo felt like he was going to have hallucinations. VuIDKU

While Chen Liguo was complaining to the system about how unbearable it was, there were two knocks on the door.

Chen Liguo immediately put down the bowl in his hand, put on the appearance of being downcast, and said coldly, “Come in.”

As a result, when the other opened the door, Chen Liguo realized that the visitor was not Le Qi, but the coming uninvited a third time——Third Prince.

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

Yan Jingyi beamed at Chen Liguo, a roast goose in his hands. He said, “Ji Daren, I came to visit you.” VrpfW7

For the first time, Chen Liguo didn’t think that Yan Jingyi was handsome, for all his attention was on that fragrant roast goose——Brother, you came just in time.

Yan Jingyi noticed that Chen Liguo wasn’t looking at him and naturally thought that Chen Liguo was disgusted with him. He said, “There’s wine and there’s food, how about we dine for a spell?”

Chen Liguo: “Good!”

The Author has something to say: AMLE b

Requesting for little angels to leave comments and bookmark!!!!! If the author is happy there will be meat to eat!!!!

I have no idea why cooked mutton became roast goose.

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Yan Jingyi had said “将这羊肉煮了” which is “Cook this lamb meat” roughly. However, later, Chen Liguo’s attention was on “那只香喷喷的烤鹅身上” [that fragrant roast goose].

¯\_(ツ)_/¯ oh well. tSrzq3


Translator's Note

狂草 – (a kind of cursive) a wild scribble; an excessively free cursive style (in Chinese calligraphy)

Translator's Note

ィ尔卜小董挖の嗳の = 你不懂我的爱 = you don’t understand my love. It’s writing in Chuni Chinese.
Thank you @MoMoePom

Translator's Note

血崩 – metrorrhagia (vaginal bleeding outside the expected menstrual period)

Translator's Note

食不知味 — to eat without tasting the food; worried or downhearted (idiom)

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