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Perfect DestinyCh130 - Mangosteen and I


Translator: StormFrost
Editor: Misogi

Pandora’s box [11] dbRKBu

Bai Yanlou was unaware that he had lost his love because of 13 yuan a pound mangosteen.

He was still immersed in the joy of his little cutie still loving him, to be willing to eat his vinegar.

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That night Bai Yanlou smugly went to find Chen Liguo who was preparing to spend the night in the laboratory.

As soon as he entered the lab and saw Chen Liguo his first sentence was, “Baby, let’s go. I was wrong. Don’t sleep here.” gul2oL

Chen Liguo thought, ‘Bai Yanlou, it’s really not easy for you to actually know you’re wrong.’

Bai Yanlou still had a ‘I really don’t know what to do with you’ expression plastered over his face. He said, “Baby, I’ve prepared something to make it up to you.”

Chen Liguo heard this and was delighted, wondering if it was possible that Bai Yanlou, this bastard, really got things straight and prepared a few boxes of delights for him to eat. As a result, after refusing a few times he was taken back by Bai Yanlou.

However, when they arrived at his home and Chen Liguo clearly saw the boxes in the room he realized that he had really overestimated Bai Yanlou’s EQ.


This bastard really did prepare some delights, just they weren’t to be eaten with his upper mouth, but with the one down below.

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Chen Liguo looked at these toys and was angered till his face was purple. He said, “Bai Yanlou, this is how you treat me?”

Bai Yanlou licked his face and said, “Baby, these are really fun to play with ah.”

Chen Liguo said, “Fun? Do you think it’s fun if I use them on you?” 0w4DWH

Bai Yanlou felt so wronged his face was about to crease into a dumpling.

Chen Liguo said, “I’ll go take a bath and calm down.”

He took a deep breath and told himself to not be so irritable and that the world was still beautiful……. As a result, Chen Liguo who was about to calm down passed by the kitchen and saw the trash can that was filled to the brim with fruit peels.

Chen Liguo: “Ahahahahah just how much did they eat behind my back? Why haven’t I ever seen some of these peels??” KU4ztb

The system calmly said, “Grapes, mangosteen, kiwi, lychee……. it seems like there are also six bags of eighty a pound cherries in there.”

Chen Liguo: “……”

The system exclaimed, “Calm down!”

Chen Liguo took a few breaths and then he exploded, “Ahahahah kill Bai Yanlou, I will kill him!!!!” Brs5ZD

System: “……” It seemed that Chen Liguo couldn’t calm down anymore.

Bai Yanlou didn’t know what had happened during the period Chen Liguo went in and out of the washroom.

In short, Chen Liguo who was already angry became even angrier when he came out of the washroom. To the point where he threatened to commit suicide if he touched him again.

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Bai Yanlou watched Chen Liguo leave with a stupefied expression. cMUomF

Before leaving Chen Liguo fiercely scolded Bai Yanlou, “Do you think that I will be duped if you seduce me with your body? Ha, how naive! Bai Yanlou, I don’t like you, I don’t like you at all!”

Bai Yanlou: “……” What on earth happened?

After Chen Liguo left Bai Yanlou fell into an endless puzzled silence.

He really had no other method. Bai Yanlou once again went to ask the boy who had sat on his lap in his attempt to anger Chen Liguo. nCMeyt

The boy’s name was Ran Feng. Although he was young he was already a veteran in the ways of love. When he heard Bai Yanlou’s explanation he revealed a baffled expression. “After taking a bath things fell through?”

Bai Yanlou said, “That’s right. What’s going on?”

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Ran Feng said, “That one in your family couldn’t have seen a condom thrown into the trash from you going off the rails with someone else right?”

Bai Yanlou: “……” R4lKFM

Ran Feng: “Hahaha, I’m joking.”

Bai Yanlou: “……” He didn’t feel like Ran Feng was joking at all.

However, Ran Feng was definitely unable to find the reason just by talking about it, so he went to Bai Yanlou’s home and checked it out. Finally, he came to a conclusion that made Bai Yanlou confused.

Ran Feng said, “Try sending him a basket of fruits.” 5s6Ved

Bai Yanlou: “Fruit? What fruit?”

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Ran Feng said, “I’m just telling you to try it out…… I’m not guaranteeing anything ah.”

He Chenyou was ignoring him already, so he could only try and give medicine to a dead horse. Thus, Bai Yanlou obeyed Ran Feng the old driver’s instructions and sent Chen Liguo a large basket of fruit the next day. They were specially transported through air that same night.

All of Chen Liguo’s anger turned into a sense of tenderness when he received the fruit. He ate the sweet and juicy, small seeded, plump mango, his mouth covered with a circle of yellow juice. He vaguely said to the system, “Bai Yanlou has finally been enlightened.” s TxbL

System: “……” Chen Liguo you swine.

There weren’t only mangos in the basket. There were also large lychees, large mangosteens, large bananas. All in all, everything was big and sweet, everything was beautiful.

Chen Liguo ate and thought that he really dearly loved Bai Yanlou. Bai Yanlou was the pure angel he was searching for.

After he ate half of it Bai Yanlou entered the room. He looked at Chen Liguo, then looked at the peels beside him, and faintly asked, “Does it taste good?” xDT 5u

Chen Liguo modesty wiped his mouth clean with a paper towel and did not speak.

Bai Yanlou walked next to Chen Liguo and sat down. He asked, “Can we reconcile?”

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Bai Yanlou was so angry he wanted to toss away all the fruits but he seriously suspected that if he really did this then He Chenyou would go and sleep at the lab for another night.

So Bai Yanlou stifled his anger and asked, “He Chenyou, you really don’t like me at all?”

Chen Liguo spat out the lychee seed in his mouth and ignored him.

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Bai Yanlou looked at Chen Liguo and felt a fire kindle in his heart. He thought, He Chenyou this person, he ate his fruit, slept with his person, yet could actually be so indifferent. He really wanted to——fuck him to death. odVLMr

Thinking so, Bai Yanlou did just that.

When doing it he even fed fruits to Chen Liguo’s bottom half. When he heard Chen Liguo say no with a crying voice he angrily exclaimed, “No, don’t you like fruits more than me? How come you don’t want it when I give them to you now?”

Chen Liguo’s tears swirled about as he was being done into a mess by Bai Yanlou. He hoarsely said, “I-it’s a waste…….”

Bai Yanlou: “……” Chen Liguo was still in the mood to think about this at this time. Just how obsessed with fruits was his beloved? 0iw6AP

Indeed, Chen Liguo was a stingy little man who was reluctant to eat fruits. Even if he acted as countless rich people he was still that Chen Liguo who wasn’t willing to spend money buying fruit.

That night Chen Liguo taste tested all the fruits——Using various parts of his body.

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Chen Liguo did not go to the laboratory the next day.

It wasn’t that he didn’t want to go but that he really couldn’t get up. His entire body trembled as soon as he moved, it was like his body had fallen apart. HgpZtd

Bai Yanlou, this bastard, ordered fruit congee for Chen Liguo then slipped away.

Chen Liguo only felt a bit better in the afternoon.

He climbed out of bed, finished washing up, had lunch and then went to the laboratory to do experiments full of vitality.

Of course, the only one who was full of vitality was Chen Liguo because Bai Yanlou was still complaining to his love advice friend Ran Feng. judq4U

Bai Yanlou asked, “Why? Why is he mad at me because of fruit? Do I not even compare to fruit?”

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Ran Feng had a cigarette in his mouth and said, “That depends on what kind of fruit……”

Bai Yanlou: “……”

Ran Feng said, “Alright alright, tell me about your matters and I’ll help you analyze.” JAd zf

So Bai Yanlou explained about him and Chen Liguo from beginning to the present.

After hearing this Ran Feng patted Bai Yanlou’s shoulder and said with admiration, “Bai Yanlou, him not stabbing you to death means that he loves you.”

Bai Yanlou: “……”

Ran Feng said, “Cherish your family’s cutie well!” Shd4vk

Bai Yanlou’s three world views once again received a blow.

Chen Liguo’s body and stomach felt great yesterday. As a result, he was in a particularly good mood today and his entire person was very engrossed in doing his experiments.

Of course he was the only one who thought like that. In the eyes of others, Professor He Chenyou had been abused by Bai Yanlou again.

There were even red marks on his exposed wrists. Today’s professor He looked particularly pitiful. This feeling was even more pronounced when he took off his protective wear and put on a shirt. g7FpsU

Wang Yangzi felt that He Chenyou had thinned down again. It seemed that He Chenyou’s physical condition wasn’t good ever since they came to the base. This was even more obvious today.

His shirt was tucked into his pants, showing his sender waistline and straight back. A pair of glasses hung on his pretty face. His entire person looked very indifferent.

However, it was only those who came in contact with him that knew that he wasn’t as unapproachable as he appeared to be.

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Wang Yangzi came up and asked if he was well. 3irOjD

Chen Liguo glanced at her and nodded slightly.

Wang Yangzi asked, “Professor, only returning so late?”

Chen Liguo said, “En, I started a bit late.”

Wang Yangzi said, “Oh…… Don’t work too hard.” zCa5HB

Chen Liguo said, “I won’t.”

The two asked and answered back and forth till they arrived at the lower floor of Chen Liguo’s home. Chen Liguo pointed upstairs and said, “I’ll go up first.”

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Wang Yangzi nodded at him and thought that He Chenyou really worked hard…… He did experiments during the day and was done during the night……

Bai Yanlou suffered such a serious blow because of the fruit incident during the day that Chen Liguo did not see him for several days. However, not seeing was okay, it was fine so long as the meal box and fruit kept coming. ne2WRV

Chen Liguo hugged the meal box and told the system that in fact, Bai Yanlou wasn’t bad and he shouldn’t be so fierce to him.

The system asked, “Isn’t bad?”

Chen Liguo ate a grape and said full of happiness, “He really isn’t bad.”

The system felt that stealing Chen Liguo’s heart was too easy. A basket of fruits was probably enough. wgISX

The fruit matter became a thorn in Bai Yanlou’s heart. He fell into a hopeless questioning of ‘Is the one whom Chen loves me or my fruit’?

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On the other hand his friend Ran Feng thought quite clearly, saying, ‘If you buy some more fruit for him he would like you as well.’

Bai Yanlou this person who had never been in love before pretended as if he had been before and said, “This love isn’t pure!”

Ran Feng heard this and thought that people who pretended like this before all became single-dogs who were stewed and eaten…… EIitxg

Chen Liguo originally thought that all he needed to do now was just obediently develop drugs and wait for Wang Yangzi to marry her darling then leave successfully.

However, trees may prefer quiet but the winds will not subside and trouble came to his door.

There was a spy from the government in “White Salt”——This fact was clear to everyone but the spy hid too well and had never been found.

However, this spy actually secretly contacted Chen Liguo. PBcVp3

Chen Liguo was in the middle of doing experiments when someone walked behind him and suddenly stuffed him a small note.

Chen Liguo took out the small note and found a time and address written in it.

Chen Liguo’s first reaction was: “System, am I being asked out by someone?”

System: “……” uRdgr8

Chen Liguo said, “This won’t do ah, I didn’t see what that man looked like just now.”

The system said, “I saw it, extremely ugly.”

Chen Liguo said, “Oh, then I won’t go.”

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System: “……” jOXK 8

His mouth said he won’t go but his body was very honest and Chen Liguo still went to the appointment after the experiment.

The man saw that Chen Liguo came and their first sentence was, “Professor He, I am Professor Zhang Weiming’s student.”

Zhang Weiming was Chen Liguo’s teacher and one of the government’s underlings. He wasn’t in the lab when Bai Yanlou started the riot, so he had managed to escape.

This person saying this was obviously to win Chen Liguo’s trust. VqPrmo

Chen Liguo looked at him warily and asked, “What is your intention?”

The person said, “Professor He, don’t worry. We have already made a plan for you to leave——So long as you wish, you can leave here in a little bit of time.”

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In the eyes of the government, Chen Liguo, as the researcher who could change the physical condition of ability users was even more important than the ability users themselves. Wanting to get him out of the base made perfect sense.

However, Chen Liguo’s attitude was very cold. He asked, “Leave? Why should I leave?” ZWDUqb

That man was a little surprised when he heard this. He said, “Professor He, you really don’t want to leave?”

Chen Liguo said, “No.”

The man wanted to persuade him but suddenly understood why Chen Liguo refused so decisively——Chen Liguo simply didn’t believe him. He did not believe that he was a spy from the government and even suspected that he was sent by Bai Yanlou to test him.

The man looked at Chen Liguo profoundly and said, “Professor He, I will come find you again.” TyLnb

Chen Liguo did not agree nor disagree. This ambiguous attitude confirmed the ability user’s guess.

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

Chen Liguo watched the man leave and asked, “Tong-er ah, do you think that Bai Yanlou set this up?” There was little trust between him and Bai Yanlou ever since he was betrayed by him.

The system said, “Not very likely but I suggest that you be a bit more careful.”

Chen Liguo thought for a moment, then turned away. vDmQfx

Bai Yanlou’s mood was very bad during this time. He was not only busy but he also worried that if he didn’t come back often his worth in He Chenyou’s heart would decrease——From half a pound of mangosteen to fifty grams.

So although Bai Yanlou was busy he often insisted on going home to take a look.

Chen Liguo came back from the lab and saw Bai Yanlou nesting on the couch on a call. He did not hide his call from Chen Liguo and Chen Liguo found that the contents of his call was actually about the traitors……

In any case, the general meaning was that there were several white-eyed wolves in White Salt who did things they shouldn’t behind Bai Yanlou’s back and then were caught. SmCEOn

Bai Yanlou’s attitude was very clear. Once such a person was found they would not be left alive.

Chen Liguo listened silently from the side and found that Bai Yanlou, this person, was pretty handsome when he wasn’t focused on love.

Bai Yanlou said, “Kill them ah, what, don’t kill them and waste rice?”

It was unknown what the other said and his tone chilled a few degrees. He said, “Friendship? Why didn’t they think about friendship when they did these things behind my back?” 2zMUyS

Then the person on the other end seemed to compromise and Bai Yanlou’s attitude eased up.

In a few words, Bai Yanlou determined the life and death of several people.

When he finished the call he turned his head to Chen Liguo and said, “Honey, someone brought me special fruit today.”

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Chen Liguo asked what fruit. dPcq8J

Bai Yanlou looked at Chen Liguo with a gentle expression, as if he were looking at his silly son, then even more tenderly said, “It’s in the fridge.”

Chen Liguo walked over, opened the fridge and then saw a mangosteen as large as a head inside.

Chen Liguo: “……”

Bai Yanlou walked up to Chen Liguo and hugged him from behind. He said, “Honey, we have known each other for a year now, this is my one-year anniversary gift to you.” Juwehm

Chen Liguo was already silently wiping his saliva in his heart.

Other people sent flowers and gave rings on anniversaries but his family sent fruit. However, this gift deeply touched Chen Liguo’s heart, so he said, “Thank you.”

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Bai Yanlou kissed Chen Liguo and asked, “So dear, do you like this mangosteen or me?”

Chen Liguo was silent for two seconds then asked, “If I choose the mangosteen will you be angry?” d7OlF3

Bai Yanlou said, “I won’t be angry.”

Chen Liguo: “……” He felt a sense of danger for his headsized big mangosteen.

So Chen Liguo mulled over it for two or three moments then decided to sell his soul for food and said, “I like you more.”

Bai Yanlou was happy and said, “Then let’s make love!” 2ia7J

Chen Liguo’s gaze was stuck on the mangosteen. He asked, “Can we do it after eating?”

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Bai Yanlou’s expression instantly became gloomy. He said, “You lied to me right?”

Chen Liguo felt as though he was facing a vexatious lover asking, ‘If your mother and I fell into the water who will you save first?’ or ‘If there are difficulties with giving birth will you keep the small or the big?’.

Bai Yanlou silently took the mangosteen. rOpCIg

Chen Liguo felt that it wasn’t a mangosteen in Bai Yanlou’s hand but his own lifeblood.

Bai Yanlou asked, “Do you want the mangosteen or me?”

Chen Liguo: “…… You.”

Bai Yanlou said, “You’re so reluctant to say it? Louder, the mangosteen or me?” ycGWe2

Chen Liguo really listened to Bai Yanlou and answered, “You!”

Bai Yanlou said, “Humph, I just knew you don’t need mangosteen and just need me.”

And then he pulled Chen Liguo into the bedroom. Although Chen Liguo glanced towards the kitchen several times before entering, Bai Yanlou could still comfort himself by saying that his beloved’s mouth had acknowledged that he was more valuable than mangosteen.

This time’s deed lasted an entire day. sb7DXL

The next afternoon Chen Liguo finally got his wish and ate the large mangosteen.

This mangosteen seemed to be cultivated by a plant ability user. When Chen Liguo held the mangosteen and began to gnaw on it he thought that even if he died like this in this world it was worth it.

Bai Yanlou wasn’t really interested in fruits and sat next to Chen Liguo watching him gnaw down on it.

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When Chen Liguo finished eating he came over and wiped Chen Liguo’s face and hands with a towel and said he’d send him to the lab. d4fGA9

Chen Liguo agreed.

Then the two walked to the lab.

Halfway there Chen Liguo saw the government spy who came to find him that day.

The government spy seemed to be quite familiar with Bai Yanlou and the two greeted each other. BT4Gwo

Bai Yanlou asked, “What are you looking at him for?” He noticed that Chen Liguo’s gaze lingered on the man a few seconds more.

Chen Liguo said, “Nothing. Someone from the laboratory, they look familiar.”

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Bai Yanlou said, “I don’t like you looking at others.” When he finished saying this, he quietly added a line in his heart, and I don’t like you looking at other fruits.

Chen Liguo didn’t say anything. In any case, Bai Yanlou, this bastard, even ate the vinegar of fruits let alone people. If he paid attention to him all the time he shouldn’t think about living anymore. 4sCWEy

At the laboratory, Bai Yanlou pulled Chen Liguo over and gave him a kiss. The people around were already used to their boss’ and Professor He’s intimate manners, so no one looked over.

Chen Liguo wasn’t reluctant to part at all and directly turned and went in.

Bai Yanlou looked at Chen Liguo’s back, his eyes filled with tenderness and sweetness.

This scene happened to be seen by Wang Yangzi. She profoundly felt that at that moment, Professor He seemed so merciless and her boss so helpless and weak. 0Q3TbI

Of course, it was just a fleeting feeling.

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Because after being unable to see He Chenyou anymore Bai Yanlou’s momentum returned.

He saw Wang Yangzi and asked, “How have you been recently?”

Wang Yangzi said, “Very good, nothing unusual.” 2wf xp

Bai Yanlou nodded and faintly said, “Be a bit more serious, don’t miss anyone.”

Wang Yangzi pursed her lips and sounded an ‘en’. There was no one around them at the moment, so Wang Yangzi couldn’t hold back and asked, “Boss Bai, why are you sure that someone will come?”

Bai Yanlou pulled out a cigarette from his bag and after lighting it, a touch of ridicule appeared on his face. He said, “Because he is the ultimate strategic resource. Without him, no one will live well.”

Wang Yangzi sounded an ‘oh’. DsicXf

Bai Yanlou drawled a puff of smoke then waved his hand to Wang Yangzi before turning and leaving. Wang Yangzi looked at her boss, her expression a little complicated…… Sometimes she wondered if Bai Yanlou really did like He Chenyou or not. If he didn’t love him, then how could he be so full of love? If he loved him, then why could he be so calm and scary sometimes?

However, these weren’t the things that she needed to think about. The only thing she needed to do now was to keep a firm eye on He Chenyou.

The Author Has Something To Say:

I also want to eat a mangosteen as large as a head. Lie flat _(:з」∠)_ j4FZxq

Thank you darlings for the mines, grenades, and rockets. Special thanks to darling Riji for the deepwater torpedo. Thank you all =-=

StormFrost: I want to eat one too…..

Read more BL at chrysanthemumgarden.com

Translator's Note

树欲静而风不止 — ie. things don’t occur as people wish

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