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Perfect DestinyCh121 - Awakening


Translator: StormFrost

Editor: Misogi 5rxjIV

Pandora’s Box [2]

The system being unable to explain the scene before him made Chen Liguo feel a great amount of pressure.

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If Chen Liguo wasn’t someone who researched abilities then he would surely feel that he had seen a ghost.

However, he was an atheist scientist right now, so he could only abandon the notion of the occult and began thinking about what this could be. xNMdaB

When the rest of the lab came back and saw the mess they were all shocked. They saw a floor full of broken glass——No, it was not broken glass anymore because the glass fragments had practically turned into fine powder. Yet He Chenyou stood in the the midst of the powder, his face already incredibly unsightly.

The materials used in their base were special and generally, abilities couldn’t penetrate through them but now, an ability not only penetrated through the wall but even shook the glass in the lab into powder.

Qin Sheng walked over and nervously asked, “Teacher, are you all right? What happened?!”

Chen Liguo indifferently pushed up his glasses and said, “Bring out the surveillance video.” XxBWLq

Qin Sheng nodded and quickly contacted the security personnel to bring out the surveillance video.

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However, they did not expect that the video stopped after a certain period of time. The monitoring personnel did not find any anomalies either. When the feed began to move again it was already the scene after the glass broke.

Qin Sheng’s hair stood on end from watching. He said, “Teacher, this is……”

In truth Chen Liguo was really scared too and really wanted to say to Qin Sheng: ‘I don’t know what’s going on either. I’m really scared too. I even want to resign wuwuwu……’ k4BJD3

However, his firm conviction let him endure his galloping heart and he instead showed an excited expression. He said, “This is a demonstration.”

Qin Sheng’s eyes widened. He asked, “Demonstration?”

Chen Liguo said, “That’s right. Demonstration.” A powerful ability user found out about their existence, so they were using their power to warn them.

Qin Sheng said, “Then……” 8qJNhG

Chen Liguo sneered and said, “Transfer a few more instruments out and check the entire vicinity of the institute.”

Them capturing ability users all depended on an electronic instrument. It was inlaid with a special metal which would turn darker the closer it was to ability users.

Some of the ability users who were caught by the institute didn’t even know that they had special abilities before they were locked up.

Qin Sheng said a ‘yes’. mHg49K

Even though the plan was settled, there was still a faint uneasiness in Chen Liguo’s heart. He couldn’t understand what the ‘mine’ on the glass meant but evidently……. it wasn’t a good sign.

That evening, Chen Liguo’s ‘anything that can go wrong will go wrong’ premonition was realized.

He had a dream, a dream of a man.

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Chen Liguo had too many dreams over the years. Most of these dreams were strange and unusual, dreams that did not belong to the one called Chen Liguo…… Ap2OWR

However, this time he saw a man who shouldn’t have appeared in his dream.

The man was very tall and wore a white dress shirt, his back facing him.

Chen Liguo stood behind him and watched the man wash his hands and make soup. The man said, “Chen Liguo, you really want to be beaten by me.”

Chen Liguo heard his own voice. “Beat me for what? I acted as a matchmaker for you, shouldn’t you invite me to eat?” q8lYfA

The man was silent for two seconds and then sighed somewhat helplessly. He said, “You just want to drive me away like this?”

Chen Liguo fell silent as well. He wanted to say, ‘If I don’t drive you away, will you spend a lifetime with me?’

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You won’t, you won’t.

He long since knew the answer. NEi8SB

Chen Liguo walked over slowly. He wanted to reach out and cling to the man’s lean waist but no matter how he tried, he couldn’t.

The man was still speaking but his words made Chen Liguo’s heart cold. He said, “Guoguo, I already have someone I want to spend my lifetime with.”

Chen Liguo took back his hands.

The man said, “That person is you.” 1FMD A

Chen Liguo heard this and suddenly realized that he was dreaming. Because in reality, that man wouldn’t say this to him.

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Chen Liguo found it a little difficult to breath and struggled to wake from his dream.

The man seemed to perceive his thoughts and sighed gently. He said, “How can you like me so clear-headedly.”

The man slowly turned around and Chen Liguo saw his face. dhI3R6

He hadn’t seen this face for many many years now and should have forgotten it but even after so many worlds this face was still deeply engraved into his soul. He remembered it so clearly that tears flowed down his face the instant he saw it.

Just as Chen Liguo wanted to open his mouth to say something the surrounding scene suddenly changed and in the next moment his entire person was immersed in ice water.

The penetrating water surged into his mouth and nose. Chen Liguo began to struggle violently. It was black all around him. He seemed to be locked in a strange container……

Suddenly, ice cold lips brought oxygen over. Like a dying man grabbing his last straw Chen Liguo firmly clung to the man in front of him. 8oPYHM

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Jtfc Olueb vlvc’a rqfjx.

Ktf wjc qlcmtfv Jtfc Olueb’r mtlc jcv bcmf jujlc, jrxfv lc j ktlrqfg, “Gb sbe ibnf wf?”

Still, Chen Liguo did not speak. 5lbZVo

His silence made the man angry. He grasped Chen Liguo’s neck and began to tighten his hand around it. He watched Chen Liguo’s pained expression and then coldly said, “The time is still long, we can take it slowly.”

Unable to wake up from the nightmares Chen Liguo was soaked in cold sweat.

He had no idea how long this feeling lasted. When Chen Liguo woke up he saw Qin Sheng’s worried face.

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Qin Sheng exclaimed, “Teacher, are you all right?” vGjsFh

Chen Liguo coughed a few times and a long while passed before he slowly recovered. He quietly said, “I’m fine.”

Qin Sheng said, “I couldn’t reach you, so I went and got the key from the guard……”

Chen Liguo sat up and quietly said, “I really am fine. You go out.”

Qin Sheng looked at Chen Liguo’s pale face and felt that his teacher was not fine. Even so, he knew his teacher’s character, so after opening his mouth to speak he hesitated and in the end he said nothing and silently went out. XaeroF

After Qin Sheng left Chen Liguo began to cough violently.

As he coughed he asked the system what was wrong with him.

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The system doubtfully said that he seemed to have had a nightmare. Although all his body health values were very normal he could not be called awake.

Chen Liguo was silent for two seconds then hoarsely said, “I thought that I would die in the dream.” R8FqXv

Only then did the system think of a problem. It can shield Chen Liguo’s physical pain but it can’t control Chen Liguo’s dreams.

If there were people with abilities that could control dreams and they did something to Chen Liguo in there then it couldn’t do anything to help him.

Chen Liguo got clean clothes and went into the washroom to take a shower.

The system immediately told Chen Liguo about this. zKb18Y

Chen Liguo rinsed his head and asked, “How many more worlds before I can go back?”

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

The system answered, “Two.”

Chen Liguo’s heart eased up. He felt as if he had unloaded a big stone. He said, “There are still two left?”

The system said, “Yes.” dLK6c4

Chen Liguo took a breath and forced himself to lift his spirits. He said, “Then let’s give it a try first.” After all, he played the role of a person in a high-ranked position in this world and could help the daughter of fate a lot. If he gave up just like this then it would be a pity.

The system questioned, “Are you sure? I have a bad feeling.” Actually, it felt like the world lines had some problems ever since the saint world collapsed. However, the headquarters said that the BUG was already fixed……

Chen Liguo said, “I’m fine.”

The system nodded. “If you can’t, then just leave, don’t force onward.” JNZeQY

Chen Liguo said he will.

However, while showering Chen Liguo found something strange. On his neck, blue and purple strangulation marks actually appeared.

The mark was like a collar, firmly wrapped around his neck.

Chen Liguo was a little troubled and chose a high-collared shirt then buttoned it to the very top. 3LOluR

Qin Sheng did not see his teacher until almost noon. He Chenyou was only 32, a time where men were at their prime. He had a very beautiful face but his bearing was extremely cold. No matter if it was researching or interacting with people, he never seemed to show a gentle look. Even if he smiled, it was still very formal one.

He Chenyou was like this today as well. He buttoned up his shirt to the very top and donned a snow white lab coat over it. His appearance and tone were even colder than usual.

“Ai, you’re so blessed to be able to follow professor He.” Someone in another group said to Qin Sheng. “Professor He has such high achievements at such a young age, his prospects are limitless.”

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

Qin Sheng smiled and did not answer. Most of the time he was proud of having such a teacher but occasionally he would have other, disrespectful thoughts…… K4W6FR

Chen Liguo did not care about what was in Qin Sheng’s mind and was currently studying A1’s data.

In truth, according to the original world line there was still some time left before He Chenyou invented the body transformation drug. However, Chen Liguo was beginning to wonder if he should advance this process……

Because developing the drug one day earlier would allow the ability users to get out of the lab one day earlier. Of course, it could also mean that the world would be destroyed one day earlier.

On this side Chen Liguo was still studying. On the other all kinds of experiments were still going on. dmXP 7

Yesterday’s broken glass had been replaced already. Someone from the security department came to talk to him as well and Chen Liguo briefly described the specific process of what had happened the day before.

After the security personnel heard this their expression became grave. They said that they would definitely investigate this matter and told Chen Liguo to not worry.

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Chen Liguo nodded, which could be considered his answer.

As a first class researcher in the institute, He Chenyou enjoyed the highest level of protection but evidently, this protection did not seem to be of much use against ability users. 7il0rN

There was a miserable cry from the laboratory.

Today’s experiment was about the same as yesterday’s. It was to test their limits. For each ability user the researchers would set a corresponding value for them to achieve.

If the ability user couldn’t reach it then the researchers would use a variety of fierce means to stimulate their ability.

This kind of experiment was extremely cruel to the subject but worked very well in pushing the potential of the ability users to the limit. However, as a result their hatred towards the researchers was also pushed to the limit. s43nFa

All the ability users loathed Chen Liguo’s research team. It was no wonder that the first thing they did after leaving this place was to blow up the institute into dregs.

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“Professor He.” Someone suddenly called Chen Liguo’s communicator. Chen Liguo picked up and heard, “A1 has woken up!”

Chen Liguo heard this and was dumbfounded. How come A1 would wake up at this time?

He asked, “When did they wake up?!” YgSDdW

The other said, “Just now——Not even a minute ago, hurry and come over.”

Chen Liguo said, “Okay, I will head there immediately.”

Qin Sheng did not know what had happened. He saw Chen Liguo put down his communicator and hurriedly rush out, so he asked in bafflement, “Teacher, where are you going?”

Chen Liguo did not even turn his head. “A1 has woken up.” areGfb

Qin Sheng showed an expression of disbelief——No, to be precise, everyone who heard the news showed an expression of disbelief.

A1’s origins were unknown. Even with Chen Liguo’s authority he did not know how he was brought into the institute. When he was moved into the institute he was already in a vegetative stave.

Although he breathed and had a heartbeat, he had no consciousness.

The institute also tried to stimulate him awake but even after exhausting all their means A1 still did not react. gGUiDy

Thus, they could only drop it and A1 became the most valuable material in the institute.

No one expected that this precious material would suddenly wake up one day.

A1 who had woken up was still inside the glass container. Only, his eyes were open and had focus. He seemed to be observing the surrounding situation.

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Chen Liguo said, “The data.” CdF4gi

Someone immediately handed Chen Liguo the information and said, “There is no change.”

Chen Liguo looked at it and indeed, it really did not change. It seemed that whether being awake or asleep had no influence on this being before his eyes.

Someone asked, “Professor He, do we let him out?”

Chen Liguo did not answer. He walked to the glass container, stretched out his finger and lightly poked it. pNtgIK

Then in the next moment, a crack appeared in the container in front of Chen Liguo. Everyone except Chen Liguo was stunned. He said, “Yesterday, it was you?”

A1 blinked. His black hair swayed in the water, his face was perfect, just like a prince that could only be found in fairytales. Hearing Chen Liguo’s question he showed a light smile which made Chen Liguo feel a chill creep over him.

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“Kacha” The glass broke completely and the nutrient fluid gushed out making Chen Liguo’s entire person drenching wet.

A1 stood in front of Chen Liguo. A dozen years of sleep did not weaken him and his body was still perfect, like a roman sculpture carved out of marble. uGrp5R

He tilted his head and smiled at Chen Liguo.

Chen Liguo’s entire body was soaked. Seeing A1’s expression his brows furrowed slightly.

“Hello.” A1’s voice was as perfect as his looks. He said, “You’re beautiful, can I like you?”

Chen Liguo: “……” Really, he was probably the first case in the research institute to be confessed to by an experimental subject as soon as they woke up. cjEUXe

The others were surprised as well and it was like the mood froze.

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Finally, it was Chen Liguo who opened his mouth. He said, “Clean up the scene and give him clothes.”

This sentence broke the silence and everyone began to move.

Chen Liguo watched as A1 was taken away. Even until he left the man’s eyes never left Chen Liguo’s body. His expression was particularly explicit, just like a wild animal that found its prey. xs2Lhc

The news of A1 waking up made the whole institute explode in activity.

In fact, after so many years of research, the only thing they were able to extract from A1 was the substance that could strengthen abilities——Even to this day they did not know what his ability was.

Previously, it had been asserted that if A1 woke up, then there would be a breakthrough in their research. Now, that unattainable dream could finally be realized.

A1 has woken up. His health index numbers were unusually perfect. He was an excellent research subject. 3C6SzM

Chen Liguo was also very excited. After careful observation he found that it was not just 18 centimeters.

At the very least, it was 20. When Chen Liguo was discussing with the system, he said, “It’s so long it’s a little too much.”

The system said, “You can do it, you’re the best.”

Chen Liguo: “……” ks347R

The system said, “So are you prepared?”

Chen Liguo asked, “Prepared for what?”

The system gently said, “Of course it’s being prepared to be stabbed through by him.”

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Chen Liguo: “……” 6rCMvf

The system said, “Already 20 when it’s soft, what do you think?”

Chen Liguo: “……” Ever since the system started following him, its life experience seemed to have become more and more enriched. Really terrifying.

Other people’s excitement may not be the same as Chen Liguo’s but all in all, the whole place was celebrating as if it was the new year and everyone was very happy.

Of course in addition to being happy, some people began to have other thoughts. S9Huvm

There was only one subject to research but there were many researchers. Chen Liguo’s seniority was high enough but the problem was that there were a lot more people with more powerful backgrounds than him.

So when Chen Liguo was called in by the higher-ups and saw the expressions of the people who wanted to talk to him, he knew that it was definitely nothing good.

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Sure enough, that person’s first sentence was, “Professor He, you are a researcher we all respect.”

Chen Liguo: “……” Y 4hVk

That person’s next sentence was, “But A1 is too precious of an experimental subject. We can’t give him to you alone.”

Chen Liguo thought, ‘Twenty centimeters is enough for several people to share ah!’ He said, “What do you mean?”

“What we mean.” Another person lightly took on the conversation and said, “We plan on having a separate research project for A1…… Of course, you can participate in it but there will certainly be other researches in it as well.”

Chen Liguo coldly said, “But A1 was completely mine before.” zY oGU

That person coldly smiled. “That was because he was a vegetable. Everyone has seen A1’s value. Professor He, it can’t be that you alone want to monopolize all the credit right?”

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

Chen Liguo pursed his lips, his expression taut. He said, “I do not agree.”

When they heard this they laughed and said, “Do not agree? We are just informing you about this and are not consulting you.”

Chen Liguo did not say anything and turned and left. When he left he heavily slammed the door shut. r9ul8t

Qin Sheng saw Chen Liguo rush back angrily and asked, “Teacher, what happened?”

Chen Liguo coldly said, “They want to share research rights to A1.”

Qin Sheng took a breath. He also understood clearly. It was called sharing but if this really happened then Chen Liguo might not even be able to touch A1 anymore.

Qin Sheng asked, “Then what do we do?” 2vJ4Op

Chen Liguo said, “What do we do? They want to steal A1 from me so easily? They’re dreaming!”

It was Qin Sheng’s first time seeing his teacher so angry but he inexplicable felt that the angry person before him was a bit more vibrant.

Qin Sheng said, “Teacher, don’t be anxious and have a good talk with them. This matter will probably take a turn for the better.”

However, Chen Liguo was not willing to say anything more to Qin Sheng and turned and left. HmkBv3

Qin Sheng looked at Chen Liguo’s back and wondered how his teacher would deal with this……

As a result the next day Chen Liguo shocked him.

For Chen Liguo directly went to the top and said that he had developed a new drug which would greatly improve the abilities of ability users. However, this drug was not perfect and without A1, the research process would be directly interrupted.

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

Naturally, hearing Chen Liguo say so, the people above were evidently a little skeptical and told Chen Liguo that he needed to demonstrate the ability of this drug. v9zaQt

Chen Liguo did not say much either and directly administered the drug to the ability users in the laboratory.

The person whom the drug was used on shattered the glass in the lab and then fell unconscious. Chen Liguo spread his hands and said to the people who doubted him, “This is the effect.”

The people on top got this information and their positions began to waver.

After all, the development of every new drug required a long process and the effects would not be very good either. Although Chen Liguo’s new drug seemed to have side effects, for good or bad, it seemed to at least have a direction. Z4Gegl

Thus the affair that was originally already determined turned for the better. Rights to research A1 were still shared by several people but Chen Liguo became the leader——This project would be conducted in his lab.

Qin Sheng was very surprised by the drug that Chen Liguo had brought out and asked, “Teacher, when did you develop this drug?”

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

Chen Liguo looked at him and said, “I need to report every matter to you?”

Qin Sheng was mute. BpLheF

Chen Liguo lightly said, “If you have the time to care about me, then you better take a good look at your own research content. You’ve been in this institute for so many years now, how can you still be like a child who hasn’t grown up?”

Qin Sheng clenched his fist and opened his mouth but couldn’t say anything. In fact, He Chenyou was just a few years older than Qin Sheng but in the field of research, he was already a senior figure.

After Chen Liguo finished saying this he left, leaving Qin Sheng alone in the lab.

Qin Sheng looked at Chen Liguo’s back and forcibly bit out a bit of blood. Teacher, I will definitely make you sit up and notice me——Qing Sheng thought such as he clenched his fists. dm7BTy


Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

The Author Has Something To Say:

Today I went to bring a cat home with me. Sorry for the delay. Tomorrow’s update will still be at 10a.m. This is the second last world. That’s right, we’re almost at the end hehehehe.

Thank you darlings for the mines, grenades, and rockets. URpbCd

Translator's Note

刮目相看 — to have a whole new level of respect for sb or sth / to sit up and take notice (of sb’s improved performance etc)

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