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Perfect DestinyCh116 - Spring fades and Autumn arrives


Translator: StormFrost
Editor: Misogi

Primitive Society is Good [10] pdQjZA

However, although Fu Die abhorred Lang Qing, she did not lose her last portion of reason.

She knew she couldn’t beat Lang Qing, so she forced down her anger and said, “We can make a deal!”

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Lang Qing raised his brow slightly and probed, “Deal?”

“Yes.” Fu Die coldly said. After she spoke she took out a dagger from her bosom and threw it to Lang Qing. CD5K27

Lang Qing reached out and caught the dagger. He carefully examined it and ran his finger along the edge of the blade. His expression instantly changed.

Lang Qing usually used bone blades but this dagger was actually made of metal. It’s sharpness and toughness were much better. It was unknown how Fu Die made it in a world with such low productive forces.

Lang Qing asked, “What is this?”

Fu Die said, “If you want to know, trade for it with Zhi Shui!” Sh8rH5

Lang Qing had not expected that his little slave would be so valuable. The method of making this dagger was by no means ordinary and if they could obtain it, the strength of their tribe would improve.

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However, Lang Qing lightly said, “Why should I make a deal with you? I can capture people from your tribe and force you to make this dagger for me.”

Fu Die sneered and said, “You don’t think that I can only make these daggers do you?”

Lang Qing mused, “Oh?” iHL9DW

Fu Die said, “This is just the tip of the iceberg. The things I can make are numerous!”

Lang Qing knew that Fu Die was adding chips to the table but he did not think about it much and immediately refused Fu Die.

Fu Die angrily exclaimed, “You said that he is only your slave. Trading a slave for so many good things, why not take this deal?!”

Lang Qing said, “Because I’m not happy.” hsJCKg

Fu Die seemed to almost bite a tooth broken.

As the two spoke Chen Liguo hazily woke up from his dream.

There was still a dim of sleepiness in his eyes and he hummed lowly when he was brought into Lang Qing’s embrace.

Lang Qing wrapped Chen Liguo in leather while holding him in his arms and lightly kissed his face. kixOrT

However, Chen Liguo’s revealed neck told Fu Die exactly what he had experienced. Fu Die looked at the scene of the two people sticking together and for a while, her heart was somewhat restless.

Seeing the expression of anxiousness on Fu Die’s face Lang Qing spoke in a neither urgent nor slow tone, “But we can change the contents of the deal.”

Fu Die said, “Say it.”

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Lang Qing said, “You tell me how the dagger is made and every thirty days I’ll let him go back to your tribe.” 4vOulW

Fu Die rejected, “Impossible!”

Lang Qing sneered, “Then you can scram!”

The quarrel between the two became more and more intense and Chen Liguo also completely woke up.

He did not expect to see Fu Die and Lang Qing fighting the moment he woke up——No, to be precise they were bargaining. mgOAac

Fu Die had an expression of ‘Don’t let laozi catch you, else laozi will stab your to death’.

Lang Qing had an expression of, ‘Stab me if you have the guts, if you can’t stab me then you deserve to be disgusted by me’.

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The two’s expressions matched quite well. Both had a ‘fuck I really want you to just drop dead’ expression.

Ultimately, they quarreled until the sky went dark before Chen Liguo finally saw the two reach an agreement. BMHQGt

Fu Die would provide the method of crafting the daggers and Chen Liguo would travel to Fu Die’s tribe for a trip every 16 days.

Just, the two people argued for a long time on the issue of 15 or 16 days. Chen Liguo was practically about to finish an entire drama series when the two finally reached a conclusion.

When Fu Die was driven away by Lang Qing her eyes were still on Chen Liguo. She said, “Zhi Shui, I’ll wait for you.”

Chen Liguo watched her leave but Lang Qing forcefully turned his face away. 35CLeS

Lang Qing sneered, “You can’t be waiting for her too can you?”

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Chen Liguo pursed his lips and did not speak.

Lang Qing snorted, “Humph.”

In the end, even though Lang Qing and Fu Die had reached an agreement, both sides were still quite unhappy. dI8wF5

The snow outside was getting heavier and heavier and Lang Qing went to close the door.

Chen Liguo had nothing to do and just watched Lang Qing deal with the prey. The red snake he had killed was a good thing. Its flesh and bones could all be used. Of course, its most precious part had been absorbed by Chen Liguo’s buttocks. Chen Liguo thought that this really was recklessly wasting natural resources.

Lang Qing had been seriously injured because of the landslide. When he returned, he directly chopped apart the group who tried to auction Chen Liguo off. The scene was said to be extremely bloody but Chen Liguo had not seen it.

In the primitive society strength was respected. So long as Lang Qing was strong enough anything was right. S4miLE

However, although Lang Qing liked Chen Liguo, others in the tribe were not friendly towards Chen Liguo, even feeling that Chen Liguo was a calamity.

Especially the priest of their tribe. He gabbled to Lang Qing to the effect that Chen Liguo was a calamitous star and that something big would happen if he were left in the tribe.

However, Lang Qing did not respect the priest as much as the previous chief did and just perfunctorily responded without any intention of sending Chen Liguo away.

Not long after Fu Die and Lang Qing fought Chen Liguo heard the system say in a grave tone, “The stimulation Fu Die received seems to be a little serious.” ST jYy

Chen Liguo asked, “What happened?”

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Ktf rsrafw rjlv, “Vtf’r rajgalcu ab raevs uecqbkvfg!”

Jtfc Olueb: “……”

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

Ktf rsrafw rjlv, “Krx arx arx.” 9sFn1o

Jtfc Olueb kbcvfgfv, Me Glf mbeivc’a yf qijcclcu bc vlgfmais yglculcu atf qfbqif bo atf qglwlalnf fgj ogbw atf mbiv jgwr fgj ragjluta ab atf juf bo olgfjgwr mbeiv rtf? Ktlr kjr qgjmalmjiis j qlqf vgfjw……

Winter passed under the endless snow.

Lang Qing took hold of the tribe and by spring the next year, his position as the chief was fully established.

Chen Liguo’s mood, however, was very bad because the bead Lang Qing had stuffed into his bottom had another affect. wNG2Mp

Every ten nights Chen Liguo’s bottom would begin to itch, itch so much that Chen Liguo felt like his soul would fly away. He practically searched for Lang Qing while rolling and crawling.

One time, Lang Qing was still talking about things to some people when he saw a bright faced and red eared Chen Liguo, come over and slowly dawdle to his side.

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

Lang Qing reached out and caught hold of Chen Liguo’s waist. To no surprise he smelled a light fragrance from Chen Liguo’s body.

Lang Qing leisurely asked, “What’s the matter?” fyk5Oc

Chen Liguo’s voice quivered strongly. He said, “Can’t go on……”

Lang Qing said, “The visitor is still here ne, don’t act cute with me.”

Chen Liguo’s eyes were full of tears as he looked at the visitor, his two legs were almost unable to stand up.

Lang Qing laughed, “Be good, wait for me in the house.” kpdSCe

Chen Liguo firmly bit his lips, not moving.

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

Lang Qing feigned a show of helplessness. He turned his head to the visitor and said, “Little slave is too spoiled, there’s really nothing to be done about him.”

The guest’s eyes were practically glued to Chen Liguo. He laughed, “I understand, I understand, then I will take my leave first.”

Lang Qing watched him go out. He then grabbed Chen Liguo’s arm, had him sit on his lap and began to help him relieve his itch. hSDu7m

As a result, this was the scene that Fu Die saw when she came in.

Although Chen Liguo’s body was covered by a blanket, their movements told Fu Die what they were doing.

Fu Die kicked the chair next to her into broken bits. The sound seemed to make Chen Liguo regain a bit of his senses. He looked at Fu Die and trembled out, “Don’t…… Don’t look at me……”

However, Lang Qing began to do him even stronger. 63TvqS

“Ah!” The little priest’s waist was held firmly as his tears continuously fell.

Fu Die could have turned around and left but she did not. Not only did she not leave, but she actually watched the whole process.

She watched as Chen Liguo finally went limp in Lang Qing’s arms. Fu Die clenched her fists, her nails sinking into the palms of her hands.

Lang Qing showed a satiated expression and asked Fu Die, “You need something?” hgMzVD

Fu Die coldly said, “I want to make a deal with you.”

“What deal?” Lang Qing propped his chin with one hand and held Chen Liguo with the other. The two were covered with a fur blanket but the air was filled with a musky smell, the atmosphere very ambiguous.

Fu Die said, “Help me destroy a tribe, I want the iron ore over there.”

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Lang Qing asked, “Iron ore?” 45OuXC

Fu Die said, “Yes, a very important black stone. It’s a necessity for making weapons.”

Lang Qing thought for a moment and then said, “Very well.”

Fu Die revealed a hint of excitement.

Lang Qing continued, “But——You will provide half the manpower.” 5DNkqr

Fu Die knit her brows. She said, “We will provide ten at most.”

Lang Qing rejected, “Too little.”

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

Fu Die looked at Lang Qing and the limp Chen Liguo in his arms and said, “If you let Zhi Shui come back for a few days I will give out half.”

Lang Qing directly said, “If you don’t provide half I won’t agree.” F1WhSl

These two began to talk business again. Ever since Chen Liguo returned to the tribe the number of times they talked business increased. Some people in Lang Qing’s tribe suggested that Lang Qing should forcibly annex Fu Die’s tribe. After all, there were only women in that tribe but Lang Qing rejected it readily.

“Doing business with her is more beneficial.” Those were Lang Qing’s words.

Chen Liguo didn’t know if it was his own misconception, but he always felt that Lang Qing changed a lot after his resurrection. If it were his past self he would have since long grown impatient and captured Fu Die immediately.

Finally the two reached an agreement. Lang Qing would provide two-thirds of the people and one third would be provided by Fu Die. Chen Liguo could spend a day in Fu Die’s tribe. 3ZMkIC

Chen Liguo: “I strongly doubt that Fu Die’s dream is world peace.”

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The system faintly said, “Look at others, then look at yourself.”

Chen Liguo asked, “What’s wrong with me?”

The system said, “You disappointment.” qvd7Xr

Chen Liguo: “……”

The most terrifying thing was that for every tribe she exterminated, the completion degree above her head would increase a little.

This time was no exception. When Fu Die and Lang Qing returned from the battle Chen Liguo noticed that she had changed too much.

It was already early spring now. After recuperating for a winter, her wounds were completely healed. uDnv V

The only remaining softness in her countenance had been stripped away because of that betrayal. From a distance she was very well matched with Lang Qing’s coldness.

Only, these two people fought about Chen Liguo most of the time. If not for Lang Qing’s strength completely suppressing Fu Die perhaps they would have even battled.

The amount of time it took them to destroy that tribe wasn’t long and they soon came back. They got the iron mine and also brought back more than 40 slaves.

Fu Die swept through the crowd and picked two men and two women. SIJzRj

Lang Qing asked, “You only want this little?”

Fu Die affirmed, “En.” She didn’t need too many people in the tribe.

Lang Qing asked, “Doesn’t your tribe only have women? What do you want men for?”

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Fu Die glanced at him and lightly said, “The days passed are long. The women in the tribe also want to satisfy their craving.” Gsn9kF

Chen Liguo: “……”

Lang Qing: “……”

It had to be said that they felt a little bit of awe towards Fu Die after listening to this,.

The two men were led back by Fu Die and upon seeing so many women, thought that it was a good thing. As a result, when Chen Liguo went to Fu Die’s tribe a month later he saw a man squatting by the side of the road, crying. a5hnmx

Another woman was impatiently telling him that he was useless.

Chen Liguo: “……” A layer of goosebumps appeared on his back.

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Ever since Fu Die was stabbed her entire ideologies changed. She vaguely understood that changing a primitive society to a socialist one was nearly impossible. Since socialism was out of the question, then she’d try a feudal one. At least there were some human rights in a feudal society and it could count as a kind of progress.

Chen Liguo: You could tell that Fu Die was the sort of person who would do big things. uRt5LQ

Doing big things like Fu Die was also Lang Qing.

Of these two, one contributed the strength and the other contributed the weapons. Taking advantage of winter just passing and it being the weakest time of the other tribes, they swept up all the surrounding tribes.

In but a single spring, Fu Die’s completion degree rose from the twenties to the sixties.

That Shi Di who betrayed Fu Die was also caught. It was Lang Qing who personally undertook the task and send Shi Di to Fu Die. He really wanted to see how Fu Die would deal with this traitor. ASVON0

Shi Di knelt on the ground weeping bitterly. She begged for mercy, saying that she knew she was wrong, that she had been possessed and never intended to betray Fu Die.

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Fu Die asked, “Do you have children?”

Shi Di nodded and said she did she did.

Fu Die said, “Take your pick, you die or your child dies.” r7QOBG

At first Shi Di’s expression twisted a bit but then she made a decision almost without any hesitation and said, “I want to live.”

Fu Die sighed lightly. She said, “You really disappoint me.”

Then with the wave of her hand she handed her over to her underlings.

As to how Shi Di was dealt with in the end, Chen Liguo was not in the know. In any case, Fu Die did not take over Shi Di’s child but gave them to Lang Qing’s tribe. ejY qd

Fu Die was not a holy mother who would forgive others after having been almost stabbed to death. A person like Shi Di who was even willing to give up her child’s life for her own could not stay.

The next day, Fu Die brought half of her tribe to the thousand flowers festival.

These people all chose to go voluntarily. Some wanted children, others just wanted a man.

The primitive society was very open to desires. Women wanting men and men wanting women was not a shameful thing. There were no moral restrains and thus everyone was very tolerant and open about this matter. ysga9F

Lang Qing did not take Chen Liguo this time.

Although he wanted to go, there were too many things to do in the tribe, so he entrusted several warriors with the task to bring back some good things for him.

How could Chen Liguo not know what the ‘good things’ Lang Qing spoke of were? He was angry at Lang Qing for several days——As for whether this anger was because Lang Qing did not take him to the thousand flowers festival or because he was having people bring gifts back, it wasn’t known.

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

These days Lang Qing was very relaxed towards Chen Liguo and did not chain him up, allowing him to play at will. 7esjh1

Gunzi was now very familiar with Chen Liguo. As it preferred the soft Chen Liguo more than Lang Qing it would frequently bring Chen Liguo gifts while showing a strong desire to lick him.

If Chen Liguo’s delicate flesh was really licked then he reckoned that only his skeleton would remain, so Lang Qing had to educate his mount so that it won’t have any ideas about Chen Liguo.

After the thousand flowers festival, there were another twenty pregnant women in Fu Die’s tribe.

Towards the reproduction ability of the primitive society, Chen Liguo could only express shock. However, this led to Lang Qing touching Chen Liguo’s white belly and ask, “It’s fleshy, did you get pregnant behind my back?” uKL5C4

Chen Liguo: “……” Don’t make trouble big brother, that is my meat, meat!!

Lang Qing was stimulated by Fu Die’s tribe and put extra efforts into tossing him around that night. When Chen Liguo’s stomach bulged up because of him he stuck his face against it. He kissed Chen Liguo’s navel and then smiled, “Finally got pregnant.”

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Chen Liguo: “……” Scram!!

The days passed by insipidly like this——That is, only for Chen Liguo. iq0xuB

In fact, Fu Die and Lang Qing’s days were not full at all. After they swept up the surrounding tribes they began to look towards the grasslands further away.

Even added up together their two tribes only amounted to less than a thousand people, but their fighting strength was still overwhelming. One was due to Fu Die providing the most advanced weapons and the second reason was due to Lang Qing providing the most powerful warriors.

However, winning every battle had a rather troublesome problem. That is, what were they supposed to do with the captured slaves?

Fu Die only ever took a small portion of the slaves while Lang Qing took over most of them. 4A5mLh

However, he wasn’t the kind who raised parasites, so upon gaining a surplus of manpower he directly started the farming industry and had these people cultivate high-yielding crops such as potatoes, sweet potatoes, and so on.

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

Lang Qing saw that Chen Liguo was especially idle every day and had Gunzi get a bird’s egg for Chen Liguo.

Of course, this bird egg was close to hatching. After breaking through the shell the bird recognized Chen Liguo as its mother.

The birds of this world were also very large, so right after their birth they would be about the size of a head. They were covered with soft creamy hair and let out crisp chirps. yHdG5A

And so in Lang Qing’s tribe everyone could see a creamy yellow bird toddle behind a cold looking slave. If their luck was good, sometimes one could see a giant cat follow behind the bird……

One time, Fu Die came across this scene and excitedly brought Chen Liguo into her arms and ravaged him.

Chen Liguo almost suffocated from her hug.

Fu Die proclaimed, “Zhi Shui, you really are the cutest person I’ve met, no one else.” CN9USO

Chen Liguo asked, “Cute?”

Fu Die looked at Chen Liguo with a doting look and then straightened up his hair, saying, “Okay okay okay, Zhi Shui isn’t cute, Zhi Shui is the most handsome.”

Chen Liguo: “……”

Fu Die seemed to regard Chen Liguo as a child she had to love and care for. Also attempting to be Chen Liguo’s parent was Lang Qing. z2avWf

Lang Qing fucked Chen Liguo on one end and asked him whether his daddy was big on the other.

Chen Liguo cried and filed a lawsuit to the system, saying, ‘Daddy, someone wants to compete against you for the position of father.’

The system indifferently said, “Go ahead, you were picked up anyway.”

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

Chen Liguo’s heart was full of unbearable sadness and tears of sorrow flowed out. JRYBb4

Lang Qing and Fu Die reached a delicate balance for the time being. The central point of this balance was Chen Liguo.

Chen Liguo wandered between the two tribes and served as the ambassador of peace.

As spring faded away, autumn arrived and another year passed.

Already three years had passed since he came to the primitive world. He finally learned how to cut nails with a knife instead of a nail clipper. GdgQMx

These things were done by Lang Qing in the past but he was a little busy recently, so Chen Liguo took matters into his own hand. He seriously cut his nails little by little and then looked at his toes with satisfaction.

When Lang Qing came back he saw Chen Liguo squatting on the bedside fiddling with his feet.

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

Lang Qing asked, “What are you doing?”

Chen Liguo answered, “Cutting my nails.” PTSNQ

Lang Qing was silent for a moment. He knew that Chen Liguo’s fingernails were all gnawed with his teeth. Although Chen Liguo gnawed them sneakily he still caught him a few times.

Fingernails could be gnawed but toenails were out of the question, so he usually helped Chen Liguo cut them with a knife.

He walked over, half crouched down and grasped Chen Liguo’s foot.

Chen Liguo felt a little ticklish from his hold and mumbled, “What are you doing?” BsovkV

Lang Qing looked at Chen Liguo’s white feet. He examined it and after seeing that there were no wounds, he let go.

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

He said, “I’ll do it in the future, don’t do it yourself.”

Chen Liguo said, “I haven’t seen you for a dozen of days.”

His relationship with Lang Qing was no longer like that of a slave and master. Although Lang Qing would still call him little slave, he treated him with great respect. 31wXMK

Lang Qing said, “En, Fu Die made something new.”

Chen Liguo asked what it was.

Lang Qing’s expression was a little strange. He seemed to be looking for adjectives to describe the new thing Fu Die made. After a long struggle, he finally said, “A black ball that explodes.”

Chen Liguo: “……” fdlEkK

Lang Qing said, “It’s very powerful.”

Chen Liguo knew that Fu Die was studying gunpowder but did not expect that she could make gunpowder products so quickly. Just what exactly was this girl doing before she transmigrated?

Lang Qing said, “We plan on going to further places.”

Chen Liguo issued an ‘oh’. He had long since known that they planned on doing this. wKPBph

Lang Qing said, “You will go with us.”

Chen Liguo was somewhat stunned.

And then Lang Qing drawled, “Both Fu Die and I feel that leaving you in the tribe for too long isn’t safe.”

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Chen Liguo asked, “Why isn’t it safe? It’s not like I’m a child.” eo0C3l

Lang Qing slowly said, “Afraid that if I die outside you will go find another man.”

Chen Liguo was silent then said to the system, “…… System, he actually said this kind of thing.”

The system countered, “Could it be that his words are wrong.”

Chen Liguo very calmly said, “Of course they’re wrong. Even if he doesn’t die outside I might find another man ah.” uwqVEn

System: “……”

Lang Qing said, “Don’t blame me, I’m just uneasy.”

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

Chen Liguo thought, ‘I don’t blame you, you’ve seen through my dirty soul, ai……’

The Author Has Something To Say: F21cGZ

Thank you darlings for the mines, grenades, and rockets hohoho.

Happy Lunar New Year \(^▽^@)ノ

Translator's Note

你这个不争气的身子 — the system actually states something along the line of ‘you disappointing body’ in the conotation of CLG not yet being pregnant

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