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Perfect DestinyCh115 - Serious Injury


Translator: StormFrost

Editor: Misogi faJ5n0

Primitive Society is Good [9]

Every time Chen Liguo and Lang Qing met it was in the silence of the night.

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Lang Qing could easily take Chen Liguo away but he seemed to have fallen in love with this feeling of having a clandestine love affair and often came to harass Chen Liguo in the middle of the night.

Chen Liguo was pressed onto the bed with his mouth covered and face full of tears. iRlC2t

Laughing lowly, Lang Qing asked what was wrong, was he afraid of being heard by Fu Die?

Chen Liguo sobbed and said on the verge of despair, “Let me go……”

Hearing these words, Lang Qing said, “Let you go? You are my slave, how can I let you go?” With these words, he intensified his efforts in tossing Chen Liguo.

Chen Liguo had no choice but to stop talking and just cover his mouth even tighter. cqf4It

Fu Die also noticed that Chen Liguo had been absent-minded as of late but she thought that Chen Liguo was worried about the coming winter, so she did not put this thing on her mind.

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Winter was tough for everyone. Hunting would be impossible and edible fruits would be covered under thick snow. Day by day they could only huddle in their small homes like turtles and wait for the cold to pass.

Fu Die had found a cave nearby and had people prepare firewood and food for the winter already in early summer.

To Chen Liguo’s surprise, Fu Die actually found coal in this world. M zn9d

Because it could combust, coal was a kind of terrifying stone for the primitive people and was just like a product of demons.

However, Fu Die said that coal was given to them by god, that god wanted them to use this stone to create warmth and get through the winter.

Fu Die’s prestige in the tribe had reached the zenith and everyone believed whatever she said. Coupled with the god stick Chen Liguo’s cooperation, everyone quickly accepted it.

It could be seen that Fu Die was the type of person who got things done. Making these miraculous composite bows already proved her strength. FUSski

Coal, pottery, soap, glass, everything that could be made by transmigrators appeared under Fu Die’s hands. On the contrary, Chen Liguo was simply the disgrace amongst transmigrators.

Chen Liguo: “That’s because I can’t go out of character, if I could——”

The system asked, “What would happen?”

Chen Liguo thought for a bit and then said, “I seem to be unable to do anything roar.” Glass’n pottery can’t be created, coal’n soap can’t be located. Don’t even mention a composite bow, it might even take half a lifetime for him to make a recurve bow. He’s transmigrated so many times and his chemical equations have long since been returned to his senior high teacher. j1SLbT

However, Fu Die’s ambition was evidently not limited to making these things.

Chen Liguo had always thought that Fu Die was going to have everyone get together when winter came and endure through it. However, Fu Die had other plans.

She began to discuss an attack on another tribe with a few of the tribespeople.

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Surrounding a fire, one by one they reported to Fu Die in a very organized way. mg51L6

Chen Liguo listened from the side and found that these people had, at some unknown point of time, clearly investigated the other tribe’s situation——Presumably this was the reason why they could come so quickly and save Chen Liguo after Lang Qing’s team had met with the accident.

Fu Die listened expressionlessly as she wrote and drew on a huge lead with a charcoal pen.

When everyone finished reporting she decided on a date. She said, “Let’s do it on the first snowfall.”

When the women heard this excitement appeared on their faces. They were not afraid of battles and were even anticipating it very much. odMp6G

That tribe would hold a celebration when the first snow fell. That night was the best opportunity.

Then Fu Die discussed some details and manpower issues with them.

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

Finally, she asked Chen Liguo, how long it would roughly take for the first snow to fall.

Chen Liguo looked at the weather forecast provided by the system and said, “In a dozen of days.” The temperature dropped very quickly here. Often it would be over ten degrees today then snow the next day. A3Kg08

Fu Die nodded. The expression she used to look at Chen Liguo with was different from how she looked at other people. It was like she was looking at her own kin. She said, “I killed a prey the other day and asked them to make fur clothes for you. The weather is cold and your body is not good, don’t fall sick.”

Chen Liguo helplessly said, “I’m not as weak as you think.”

The smile in Fu Die’s eyes seemed to become stronger. She said, “En, I know, I just care about you.” Her eyes seemed to be looking at someone else through Chen Liguo.

Chen Liguo nodded, which could be considered as responding to Fu Die’s good intentions. 8uHdBn

Half a month later the first snow fell, just as Chen Liguo had predicted.

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Fu Die left the tribe with a dozen of women the morning after the first snow.

Chen Liguo watched as their figures disappeared into the forest and prayed for them in his heart.

Tu Si’s eyes followed Fu Die as she left. She was still full of hostility towards Chen Liguo. She did not follow Fu Die out this time and upon seeing her departure, she said to Chen Liguo, “Don’t get close to Fu Die!” fBcGv3

Chen Liguo glanced at her.

Tu Si said, “You don’t even deserve to like her.”

Chen Liguo did not know why Tu Si was so hostile towards him. Perhaps it was due to the special treatment Fu Die gave him?

Chen Liguo did not respond and merely looked up at the sky. K8Ip J

Fortunately, Tu Si did not want a foot after gaining an inch and after saying this, she turned and left.

Chen Liguo looked at the gloomy sky and had a bad feeling in his heart.

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Facts proved that the good would not come true but the bad always would when it came to Chen Liguo’s premonitions. His premonition that the system would love him never came true but a worse one was realized——Three days later, Fu Die returned seriously injured.

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Me Glf kjr jirb tjio-ecmbcrmlber ktfc rtf kjr mjgglfv yjmx.

Chen Liguo anxiously asked what had happened and a women said with hate, “Someone betrayed us.”

Chen Liguo didn’t expect that something like this would happen and was stunned for a while.

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The woman said, “Shi Di sneak attacked Fu Die and ran away with another tribe.” dnLj8I

Chen Liguo knew that it would be useless to catch the spy right now. He walked over to check Fu Die’s condition and asked the system how her situation was.

The system said, “Not too great.”

Chen Liguo asked, “Can she survive?”

The system answered, “It’ll be very difficult.” IlNtxe

Chen Liguo looked at Fu Die, his eyebrows furrowed. He said, “We can find some herbs……” At the very least the system could help.

The system sighed softly and said, “Alright.” However, when all was said and done, winter had arrived and they could only go try their luck.

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

“I know what can save Fu Die!” Just when everyone was at their wits’ end, Tu Si’s anxious voice sounded. She said, “Do you know about red snakes?!”

“Red snakes?” Someone seemed to have heard of it before and said, “Is it that snake that can immediately heal wounds?” ANdHSW

Tu Si said, “Yes! That’s it! So long as we catch it, we can save Fu Die! I know where there are such snakes——”

Another woman spoke up, her voice trembling, “B-but can we beat it?” The snake had always been a legend. Even if one saw it, no one would go and fight it. It was too big and made people completely lose their courage.

Tu Si forced a smile and said, “We can, as long as we go together. Who is willing to go with me?”

A dozen of people raised their hands. 8upaCA

Only then did Tu Si breath a sigh of relief. She said, “This matter cannot be delayed, let’s set out.”

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Chen Liguo also raised his hand but Tu Si disregarded him. Finally, when they were about to leave Tu Si said to Chen Liguo, “You stay here. Take care of Fu Die.”

Chen Liguo said, “I can help too.”

Tu Si said, “You won’t be able to help. Fu Die needs someone to look after her. You take good care of her and wait for us to come back.” gypXEI

Chen Liguo looked at Tu Si’s stubborn expression and finally compromised.

After Tu Si left with the people who volunteered, Chen Liguo searched for herbs nearby and barely sustained Fu Die’s life.

The atmosphere in the tribe was very heavy and no one dared to speak loudly. At this time everyone’s hope laid on Tu Si’s shoulders and they all hoped that she could bring back that red snake that could make the dead come back to life.

Tu Si left for four days. When she came back Chen Liguo only needed a glance to know that things weren’t good. MafUPF

All their faces were numb and full of despair. Tu Si cried, her face covered with wounds.

Chen Liguo hurried over and asked her what had happened.

Choking with sobs, Tu Si said, “We can’t beat it.” Their arrows and weapons couldn’t even leave a small wound on its skin.

Chen Liguo’s heart sank. uN3Zl8

Tu Si asked, “What about Fu Die, how is she?”

Chen Liguo said, “Her condition is very bad.”

Fu Die’s body was already deteriorating because of her fever and the wound on her stomach showed no signs of healing. She lay there at the gate of death. If not for her still breathing, she was just like a corpse without life.

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Tu Si looked at Fu Die’s appearance and her tears fell even harder. 5 YcIv

Seeing the weeping crowd, another idea popped up in Chen Liguo’s mind. He said, “We can cure Fu Die as long as we get the red snake right?”

Tu Si said, “This is the only way.”

Chen Liguo said, “I’ll go find Lang Qing.”

When Tu Si heard the two words ‘Lang Qing’ her eyes went round. She exclaimed, “Go find Lang Qing? Are you crazy? He will kill you.” QLM b8

Chen Liguo said, “Only he can kill the red snake.”

Tu Si fell mute. Indeed, with Lang Qing’s strength, he really might be able to contend with the red snake’s power. However, would Lang Qing really agree to Chen Liguo’s request? He wouldn’t kill Chen Liguo on the spot would he?!

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Tu Si wanted to persuade Chen Liguo to not go but Fu Die’s situation rendered her unable to speak.

Chen Liguo left nevertheless and Tu Si watched as his back disappeared into the forest. It seemed that since the beginning, this priest wasn’t as weak as she had thought. He may need protection, but he did not shrink back when he could protect others. eUcASa

Chen Liguo entered the forest without hesitation and went to Lang Qing’s tribe.

Snowflakes began to fall from the sky at this time and a thin layer of snow accumulated on Chen Liguo’s head and shoulders. In fact, Lang Qing’s tribe was not far from here. Chen Liguo rushed throughout the night and finally arrived the next evening.

When he reached Lang Qing’s tribe his entire person was nearly frozen. His originally pale face seemed as if it were bloodless.

When he was discovered by the guards he was almost unconscious and could only numbly step forward. oRpste

The guard recognized Chen Liguo and immediately took him to see Lang Qing.

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Lang Qing was in the middle of talking with others. When he saw the guard carrying a snowman in he immediately recognized that it was Chen Liguo.

“What happened?” Lang Qing had not gone to find Chen Liguo the past few days and did not expect that Chen Liguo would come to his door himself.

Chen Liguo was wrapped in Lang Qing’s embrace. He was already so cold that he could hardly speak. He grabbed Lang Qing’s clothes and gave a shaky plea, “Save Fu Die.” q5nj4u

Lang Qing’s expression immediately chilled.

Chen Liguo said, “Please save Fu Die…… As long as you save her…… Anything is fine, I’m willing to do anything.”

Lang Qing sneered, “Willing to do anything?”

Chen Liguo despairingly nodded. HWE2PJ

Lang Qing said, “Even willing to come back and be my slave?”

Chen Liguo’s voice shook. “I….. am willing.”

Lang Qing coldly said, “Good, how do you want me to save her?”

Chen Liguo quickly told Lang Qing about the red snake. After Lang Qing heard it he put Chen Liguo onto the bed and said, “I’ll go, you rest here. Wait for me to come back.” ymoOXC

Chen Liguo said okay.

Lang Qing got up and went out the door. The snow outside seemed to be falling heavier. In but a moment, his figure disappeared behind a curtain of snow.

The fire inside the house warmed Chen Liguo’s body. After he relaxed, his mind seemed to become somewhat fuzzy and he closed his eyes, falling into a chaotic sleep.

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Chen Liguo was awakened by someone. The person who called him was also a slave. Their expression was very careful and when they saw that Chen Liguo had awoken, they said, “Daren, would you like to eat something?” F Ttzo

Chen Liguo was sluggish for a while before he asked, “How many days did I sleep?”

The person said, “Two, two days.” Actually, Chen Liguo almost even slept into the third day. The people watching over Chen Liguo were afraid that an accident would occur if he continued sleeping, so they strengthened their nerves and woke him up.

“I’ll eat some.” Chen Liguo’s stomach was hungry. He slowly said, “Thank you.”

The slave said, “No need, no need.” He quickly brought food to Chen Liguo. ZGNf6j

Chen Liguo was extremely starved and did not care about how it tasted. He ravenously devoured all the food, the quantity he ate startled the slave.

After eating till he was full Chen Liguo asked the system how Fu Die’s situation was.

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The system said that she was recovering, her condition was pretty good.

Chen Liguo asked, “Lang Qing already caught the red snake?” uEedth

The system answered, “Yes.” It didn’t tell Chen Liguo that Fu Die almost died yesterday. Fortunately, Lang Qing rushed over in time and saved her at the most critical moment.

As soon as Chen Liguo heard that Fu Die was alright his tight nerves finally relaxed. He lay in the thick fur and watched the fire in front of him in a daze.

After eating the red snake Fu Die’s condition quickly improved and her vital signs stabilized completely.

When Chen Liguo learned about this he counted this matter as concluded. 46ILdU

Lang Qing came back that evening.

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Chen Liguo saw a black figure drawing near from afar. When they finally entered the house they were illuminated by the fire.

Lang Qing’s entire body was covered with snow. He casually wiped it off with his hand and walked towards Chen Liguo.

Chen Liguo was a little nervous and his body shrunk back slightly. rkQtm9

Lang Qing lowered his head, clasped Chen Liguo’s face, then kissed his lips.

Chen Liguo felt Lang Qing’s cold lips and did not refuse and instead let his tongue invade his mouth.

Lang Qing reached out and firmly hugged Chen Liguo, wishing he could merge him into his body.

Chen Liguo whimpered. He felt Lang Qing’s hand press against his waist——Where the blue lotus was. LRIWXh

“Little slave.” Lang Qing said. “You are mine.”

For a priest, this declaration was extremely shameful. He clamped his legs together but they were firmly separated by Lang Qing.

Lang Qing saw his ashamed and embarrassed face and laughed, “We’ve already done this so many times now, how come you’re still not used to it.”

Chen Liguo bit his lips, his entire body quivering slightly. HdolSj

Lang Qing pressed him on the bed and kissed him from top to bottom.

When Lang Qing undressed, Chen Liguo realized that his body was covered in wounds. Most of them had stopped bleeding but he didn’t know whether they had been frozen or had healed by themselves.

The wounds hurt somewhat when they rubbed against Chen Liguo’s skin. It could be seen just how difficult it was when Lang Qing killed the red snake.

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Lang Qing watched his little priest’s eyes turn red as tears fell down one by one. SK7qHa

Lang Qing was a little helpless. He said, “What are you crying for.”

Chen Liguo slowly pushed him and said, “Don’t……”

Lang Qing’s movement didn’t stop when he heard this. After he finished preparing him, he entered Chen Liguo’s body.

So cold. This was Chen Liguo’s first sensation. Lang Qing’s skin was completely cold, including that part that went into him. HQRcdM

Chen Liguo breathed in a light breath but Lang Qing didn’t pity him this time and directly pounded into him deeply.

It had already been a month since the two last had such intimate contact. Chen Liguo’s eyes were somewhat defeated as Lang Qing controlled the tempo.

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

Lang Qing watched as Chen Liguo fell into the maelstrom he made.

Perhaps he was too comfortable but the little priest sobbed out no. Even his toes curled up. Lang Qing simply ignored it and continued to eat the person before him completely clean. 54zKrv

When they finally finished, Chen Liguo couldn’t breath steadily and almost passed out.

His entire person seemed a little foolish, as if he never thought that he would be like this.

Lang Qing saw that Chen Liguo seemed to be scared silly and somewhat pityingly kissed his ear, saying, “It’s all right, be good.”

“It’s broken. It’s all your fault. You’re going to break me.” The little priest cried, his eyes full of panic. dUXaKN

However, Lang Qing was laughing. He said, “What are you crying about, even if it’s broken I still want you.”

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

The little priest cried even more, hiccuping as he sobbed. With Lang Qing patting his back, he slowly fell asleep.

Holding the little slave in his arms, Lang Qing also closed his eyes and fell asleep.

The two slept for a day just like this. When Chen Liguo woke up again, the system notified Chen Liguo that Fu Die was out of danger. 2knx7t

Only then did Chen Liguo lay his heart to rest. It seemed that the golden finger he used on Lang Qing still had some worth.

Lang Qing sensed that Chen Liguo had woken up and rubbed his chin against the top of Chen Liguo’s head and asked, “Woken up?”

Chen Liguo vaguely responded.

As a result, as soon as he responded he felt a certain part of Lang Qing react again. P4GpY2

Chen Liguo’s face turned green in an instant. His body was not as strong as Lang Qing’s. If they continued playing, he’d die.

Lang Qing noticed Chen Liguo’s stiffness and said with a smile. “It’s okay. I brought you something good this time.”

After he spoke he turned over and got off the bed. He rummaged through his clothes for half a day and then brought out a bead.

The beat exuded a dark red light. It seemed to have been taken from the red snake. 5NdP4c

Lang Qing said, “This is a good thing.”

Chen Liguo ignorantly watched as Lang Qing drew near. At first he thought that this was something to be taken orally. However, when he was turned over and pressed on the bed, he reacted.

Chen Liguo exclaimed, “You, what do you want to do?!”

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Lang Qing said, “Give you treatment.” With that said, he directly pushed the bead into a certain place. s td6j

Chen Liguo cried out an ‘ah’ and wanted to struggle but Lang Qing firmly held him down.

After the bead entered a certain place Chen Liguo felt it gradually melt into his body. His eyes widened, filled with incomprehension.

Lang Qing took a bite at Chen Liguo’s lips and laughed. “How is it?”

Chen Liguo’s voice shook. “What was it…..” nzb eM

Lang Qing said, “It was from the red snake.”

Chen Liguo: “……” Don’t stuff just anything into my body ah big brother.

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Chen Liguo quickly felt the thing start having an effect on his body. His soreness began to decrease and then he started heating up.

Lang Qing, this bastard, righteously said to Chen Liguo who couldn’t keep himself from rubbing against him, “This time I can’t touch you, if I do then it won’t work.” msMUZk

Chen Liguo’s tears fell. This time he wasn’t faking it. He really was crying. He felt that his soul was going to burn out, especially a certain place. Fuck, it was even more irritating than that mosquito repellant.

Lang Qing watched as Chen Liguo unceasingly rolled around and finally cried and begged him.

Lang Qing said, “You asked for it yourself ah.”

Chen Liguo was so angry that he was itching to bite a piece of flesh off of him. PXlLtW

The red snake was originally prepared for Fu Die. Who would have thought that Chen Liguo would be inexplicably shot while lying down. Later he learned that it was the bead on the red snake’s head. It was an important medicine that could cure many wounds and diseases, and even change someone’s physique.

If you're reading this, this translation is stolen. Please support our translators at chrysanthemumgarden.com

He didn’t expect that Lang Qing would so easily use it on him, and even choose such a brazen way to use it.

Thus with a body covered in wounds, Lang Qing played with Chen Liguo for several days. It wasn’t until Fu Die woke up that the two finally stopped.

Chen Liguo lay on the bed and listened to Lang Qing talk with other slaves. Lang Qing heard that Fu Die came to find Chen Liguo and in a cold tone, he told the slave to bring Fu Die in. E5BNoO

As Chen Liguo’s brain was still down he didn’t realize what Lang Qing’s words meant.

By the time he reacted Fu Die was already standing before Lang Qing.

The first thing she said was, “Give Zhi Shui back to me!”

Lang Qing held the muddleheaded Chen Liguo and sneered, “Give back to you? Zhi Shui is mine!” 5Ud6DV

Fu Die opened her mouth and said, “Bullshit!”

The atmosphere was all set for a showdown. The two were about to fight.

The Author Has Something To Say:

Continuing to beg for nutrient solution roar, don’t stop roar, houhouhou, hahaha, really want to hit myself. xhGkPF

Thank you Darlings for the mine, grenades, and rockets.

Translator's Note

神棍 — Lit = god + stick, but it means liars who fake supernatural things

Translator's Note

反曲弓 — the simpler version of a composite bow

Translator's Note

当机 — as in Chen Liguo’s brain.exe has crashed and isn’t back up

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    Thank you for the chapter!

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