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Perfect DestinyCh107 - Little priest’s journey


Translator: StormFrost
Editor: Misogi

Primitive Society is Good [1] ow Vmh

Chen Liguo opened his eyes and soon heard clamorous voices.

His entire person felt dizzy and faint and only after much difficulty did he finally manage to clear his head a little to look at what was happening.

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He was currently kneeling on a platform, his hands tied together with ropes. An old man with decorative patterns drawn onto his face was in the middle of muttering something that Chen Liguo couldn’t understand. Before Chen Liguo could figure out what in the world he was saying, he watched the old man swiftly pick up the person next to him who was also tied up and directly impale him with a wooden stake.

That pitiful man was pierced through the stomach with the stake and let out a shrill scream. This wretched scream continued on for a long time before it gradually weakened. Then, that man lost his voice from the pain. U9qsWN

Although everything happening in front of him was hidden behind blood-red mosaics, the tears in Chen Liguo’s heart were about to overflow. He shouted at the top of his voice, “System daddy! What kind of world did you choose for me!”

The system calmly said, “Son, it’s random.”

Chen Liguo yelled, “I don’t believe you!!”

The system said, “I am telling the truth——” RwO6nz

With a ‘wahh’ Chen Liguo started to cry and said, “You might as well have chosen a world for me.”

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Then that old man with the pattern on his face began to jabber to Chen Liguo. He seemed to be very excited and the crowd under the platform also became agitated.

Just as Chen Liguo thought that he was going to become the next target to be turned into a bamboo skewer, a man came onto the platform from below.

The man’s figure was very tall and his appearance was very handsome. His bare upper body showed his strong chest and abs and his mermaid line disappeared under a beautiful fur skirt. Painted onto his chest was a beautiful black totem. Smd8cZ

Chen Liguo estimated that this person was at least 1.9 meters tall. Standing before him, he was like a small mountain.

The man looked Chen Liguo up and down and then reached out to hand the old man some kind of stone.

The old man became very excited when he saw the stone and repeatedly nodded towards the man, once again saying a lot of things that Chen Liguo couldn’t understand.

The man also nodded. Then he bent down and directly hoisted Chen Liguo over his shoulder. CYLIGO

Chen Liguo shrieked in his heart, “Dad——Your son is going to go to the next world——”

The system said, “Calm down!”

The only thing that let Chen Liguo breathe a sigh of relief was that the man didn’t walk in the direction of the sharp stakes but stepped off the platform.

The crowd under the platform burst into a clamor when the man picked Chen Liguo up. Chen Liguo pretended that he was a lifeless noodle and motionlessly hung on the man’s body. LjsUf

Chen Liguo didn’t know where the man was taking him but not long after, Chen Liguo’s family’s fraudulent system finally finished downloading the world’s data.

When the information was transmitted into Chen Liguo’s mind his tears almost fell down.

This was actually a damned primitive society. The person Chen Liguo had transmigrated into was a tribal priest. Chen Liguo’s tribe and this man’s tribe had just finished fighting. Without a doubt, Chen Liguo’s tribe had been beaten beyond recognition.

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Almost all the warriors within Chen Liguo’s tribe had died in the battle and all that remained were captives with no combat abilities. yZv4Ft

Thus the mass of captives were auctioned off. Those who weren’t wanted were executed on the spot and those who were wanted were bought. They’d then either become slaves or bait. Both were miserable and wretched.

This was Chen Liguo’s first time transmigrating into an existence even more miserable than the daughter of fate. The daughter of fate was fortunately a member of the tribe. Though, her husband would later die while hunting, her labor would be a difficult one and she would end up disabled——However, it was still better than Chen Liguo’s danger of becoming a barbecue skewer as soon as he came.

Chen Liguo finished looking at the original world’s plot——This priest was truly miserable. After he was taken back he lived the life of a slave up till now. Chen Liguo cried, “How come I feel like I’m the son of fate? Can I have someone come and change my destiny?”

The system said in cold blood, “I turned off your sense of pain. You can go on at ease.” Vi8THj

Chen Liguo: “……”

The system said, “It seems that the random selection function is not very useful.”

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Chen Liguo cried, “You didn’t use it before?”

The system said, “No, we usually carefully select the world that the host enters.” fVyWeo

Chen Liguo: “…… I want to lodge a complaint against you!!”

The system said, “Okay, say it. I’ll record it for you. I am the customer service right now. If you have anything to say, just say it.”

Chen Liguo: “……”

While Chen Liguo and the system spoke rubbish, the primitive man had already brought Chen Liguo to his home. eyZoca

The priest that Chen Liguo had transmigrated into was a stubborn person——Since it seemed that he transmigrated into a meat kebab, then he would also become a stubborn piece of meat.

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The man tossed Chen Liguo onto the ground and untied the rope on his hands.

Chen Liguo scooted back a bit and looked at the man warily.

The man stared at Chen Liguo indifferently as if he were looking at a disobedient pet. He turned around and grabbed something. Then he single-handedly picked Chen Liguo up—— jKIUVO

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Then with disdainful eyes the man sized up Chen Liguo from top to bottom, inside to out. Chen Liguo pursed his lips and made a stubborn appearance——Me and my last stubbornness. Even if I become a meat kebab I can’t forget it.

Chen Liguo: “Will he use a bamboo skewer to pierce me to death?” bdBSDK

The system said, “No.”

Chen Liguo asked, “Why?”

The system said, “Because he spent money.”

Chen Liguo said, “…… Makes a lot of sense.” After all, he spent money, hehe. bq8B4K

It turned out that the system was right. After examining Chen Liguo, the man released him and said, “From now on you are my slave.”

Chen Liguo gnashed his teeth and retorted, “You’re dreaming!!”

The man directly pinched Chen Liguo’s chin and slowly forced it up. He watched as Chen Liguo’s small face became pale little by little because of his strength.

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The man said, “Or perhaps you want to choose death?” yGxDlm

Chen Liguo almost shouted out to the man, ‘I was wrong, big brother, I will be your man from now on’——He held back his words and his eyes glistened with stubborn tears.

The man coldly released him.

Almost instantly blue and purple fingerprints appeared on Chen Liguo’s chin. He lowered his head and his shoulders trembled slightly as if he were suppressing his intense emotions.

The man didn’t say anything and left. N4s gk

Chen Liguo said, “System!! Why am I so thin, am I fully grown yet?!”

The system calmly said, “Fully grown. You are twenty-three this year. Three years older than your master.”

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Chen Liguo: “……” Why are you getting into character so quickly and calling someone else master huh you spicy chicken system?

The system said, “We never abuse children.” GoE6aq

Chen Liguo’s tears fell. “But I’m just a baby that can’t grow big.”

The system was indifferent. “Oh.”

After the man who left came back, he once again carried Chen Liguo out as if he was a chicken.

Chen Liguo found that their heights weren’t off by just a little bit. Chen Liguo surmised that this body was at the very least a meter and seventy-five. However, the man was still taller than him by a head. Added on with his robust figure, Chen Liguo didn’t even have the strength to truss a chicken before him. z0I89i

Half an hour later, Chen Liguo had a new understanding of the five words ‘strength to truss a chicken’.

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The man directly tossed Chen Liguo into a clear stream and had Chen Liguo wash himself clean.

As Chen Liguo washed, he suddenly thought of something and asked, “Tell me the truth, did I complete the last world in the end?”

The system said, “No.” Wasn’t it still short by ten points or so? k0KX2J

Chen Liguo calmly said, “Are you sure? I say that you’re deliberately messing with me. Before you would always warn me when there’s danger. How come this time you didn’t warn me that Xie Qianjiu had a gun?”

The system was silent for two seconds.

Chen Liguo asked, “You couldn’t have skipped work and went out to play could you?”

The system countered, “Am I the sort of system that would leave the host behind and play?” thXECm

Chen Liguo fell into a confounding silence.

System: “……”

Ai, their love was gone and now even their trust was gone. All that remained was their barely being held together father and son relationship.

Finally, the system helplessly said, “Alright, I admit it. When you were shot I really had left the soul to attend a lecture from the Buddhist research society.” fdbItn

Chen Liguo: “Hmph……”

System: “……” If you don’t ‘hmph’ we can still be friends.

Chen Liguo asked, “So how do you plan on compensating me?”

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The system said, “How about we do it like this, the previous world will be counted as completed and I’ll give you a golden finger in this world all right?” AkRj8U

Chen Liguo asked, “What kind of golden finger?”

The system said, “It’ll depend on what you want……”

One person and one system were in the middle of conducting dirty deals when the cry of a chicken came from the woods near the stream. The man who was keeping watch over Chen Liguo didn’t react so Chen Liguo thought that it was nothing. Who would have imagined that after a moment, a gigantic hen would come running out of the woods?

The shape of the hen was similar to that of Chen Liguo’s original world——aside from the fact that it was five or six times larger. It was the first time in Chen Liguo’s life seeing a hen that was larger than himself. A7PKF9

Chen Liguo stared at the chicken and his first reaction was, “Would its chicken leg taste good? It’s so big, would there be ducks this big as well? Wouldn’t its neck be especially long……. Wait a minute, it doesn’t seem like it’s me eating it but it eating me now.”

The system had nothing to say in reply to Chen Liguo. It found that Chen Liguo really did love to eat meat, in various senses.

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

The man saw the chicken rush towards them and then broke off a tree branch next to him.

Then he took a few flying jumps over——Why use the term ‘flying jumps’? Because this big brother jumped as much as two meters with one step. Then he suddenly made a downward strike. UbszKB

The pitiful hen was struck on the head and directly fell to the ground, dead.

Chen Liguo would have clapped for him——If the man didn’t say the two words ‘drag away’ to him.

Chen Liguo looked at the chicken then looked at himself and felt that dragging the chicken was still easier than becoming a meat kebab.

The man saw that Chen Liguo didn’t move and directly yanked the vine around Chen Liguo’s neck. He looked at Chen Liguo coldly and said, “Remember, you are not a respected priest now, but a slave of mine. If you don’t want to die, do as I say.” QHqlhx

Chen Liguo couldn’t do anything and could only drag the chicken. However, it was just as he thought and no matter how hard he tried, the chicken didn’t move.

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The man saw that the veins on Chen Liguo’s forehead were about to pop out. He didn’t look like he was faking it. A bit of doubt flashed through his eyes and he said, “You’re actually this weak?”

Chen Liguo thought, ‘Are us priests not all civil servants? How could we compare to you.’

The man said, “Useless.” s7WCxv

Chen Liguo was heartbroken. Then he was thrown onto the chicken by the man who in the end dragged both Chen Liguo and the chicken back together.

The chicken’s feathers were pretty soft. Laying on it, Chen Liguo almost fell asleep. When they got home the man carried him down.

The priest that Chen Liguo transmigrated into in this world was called Zhi Shui. This name sounded very tender and succulent.

The man carrying Chen Liguo was called Lang Qing. At first look, this name seemed like that of a protagonist. RkED7P

Because Chen Liguo’s perspective of the world was based on the daughter of fate’s, he didn’t know much about the world. Even so, he knew that Lang Qing was the strongest warrior in the tribe and was able to hunt the most dangerous beasts in this world.

The bodies of women in this world were very weak, so unless the tribe was in a crisis, the women would in general do simple work inside the tribe.

After getting home, Lang Qing wanted to have Chen Liguo deal with the chicken but just as he was about to speak, he saw Chen Liguo’s tiny arms and calves.

It wasn’t noticeable due to the dust on his body before, but now that Chen Liguo took a bath, his fair skin became very eye-catching. 8ekdvQ

Chen Liguo’s skin was as white as snow, a sharp contrast to the bronze color of Lang Qing. Because priests didn’t need to do manual labor often Chen Liguo’s body had no muscle. When Lang Qing lifted him by his arms before he was afraid that his hands were going to directly break.

The chicken before them was very large. If Chen Liguo handled it who knew when he would finish processing it. Lang Qing coldly told Chen Liguo to boil the water and quickly handled the chicken himself.

It wasn’t Chen Liguo’s first time boiling hot water but it was definitely his first time boiling water in a primitive society. He thought about the chicken meat and flesh as he boiled it and felt that the primitive society was in fact pretty good.

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This notion lasted until Lang Qing randomly cut a piece of meat and threw it into the water before sprinkling on a few grains of salt. FBvj2r

Chen Liguo stared at the meat in the water and hoped they wouldn’t directly eat it like this would they?

Lang Qing seemed to make out his thoughts and said, “This isn’t for you to eat.” Chen Liguo’s heart relaxed.

Then Lang Qing pulled out some potato looking things from who knows where and threw them in front of Chen Liguo, saying, “This is for you to eat.”

Chen Liguo: “……” Which retard was it that thought that the primitive society was good just now? Nl6Lp7

Chen Liguo looked at the potatoes and felt that this was his life from now on.

He stuffed the potatoes into the fire and casually baked them. Thus he watched as Lang Qing ate chicken as he himself ate potatoes.

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Chen Liguo: “Is there still time to commit suicide now?”

The system said, “You’re welcome to do so at any time.” OXcPK

Chen Liguo took a bite of the potato and said with difficulty, “Wait for me, wait for me to finish eating this potato……”

He had only finished half of his words, the potato still in his mouth, when he saw Lang Qing stand up. Then, he held his waist and lifted him up like he were a child.

Chen Liguo exclaimed in alarm, “What do you want to do?!” This was his first time speaking to Lang Qing. Previously it was always Lang Qing telling him to do things.

Lang Qing was a little dissatisfied with Chen Liguo’s question. “I am your master now, I’ll do whatever I want to do.” JM3TOc

He pinched Chen Liguo’s waist with his hand, feeling its smooth skin.

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It had to be said that within the entire social system, the priests had the most privileged position for they did not need to hunt or even do manual labor.

Chen Liguo felt somewhat ticklish at Lang Qing’s groping and couldn’t help but want to struggle. “Let me go!”

Lang Qing ignored him and just carefully fixated his eyes on the appearance of the person before him. kyA9wh

Although Zhi Shui was skinny compared to Lang Qing, looking at his appearance he could still be counted as having already become a young man. His eyes were the most standard red phoenix eyes and when he wasn’t smiling they seemed to appear somewhat cold. His lips were a thin pink and seemed like it would break open with juices flowing out if he bit it——It really was ‘a man takes after his name’.

In front of Lang Qing, Zhi Shui was like a plump egg. At the lightest touch, his skin would break but it still made people unable to resist wanting to knead and touch him.

Lang Qing was always a person who did whatever he wanted. The person in front of him was his slave. Even if he wanted his life, it was a matter of course.

Thus Lang Qing listed Chen Liguo a little closer and bit him on the lip. 9zP20

Chen Liguo was bitten foolish. It wasn’t until Lang Qing tried to squeeze his tongue in that he reacted. He continuously struggled but this bit of strength was simply fun and games to Lang Qing.

“Don’t…… Wu……” His mouth was invaded. Due to anger, or perhaps indignation, Chen Liguo’s cheeks became flushed. The priest who hadn’t undergone the ways of the world didn’t know what Lang Qing’s actions implied. He just indignantly sensed that this definitely wasn’t something good.

His oxygen was depleted and Chen Liguo’s struggles became weaker. His body, too, became soft. Lang Qing ended the kiss and had a look of satisfaction as Chen Liguo’s eyes became moist with water and his body dyed with a light flush.

“What are you doing?!” Although the pitiful and adorable priest was trembling with fear he still pretended to be strong. His waist was firmly held still by Lang Qing, making him seem like a poor insect caught in a spider’s web. However, he didn’t completely understand Lang Qing’s intention, so there was a hint of confusion in his eyes. myixQw

“Why did you kiss me?” The little priest asked with a tremble.

Lang Qing felt the change in his body. He had never been a person who took pity on slaves and in the space of a moment, he decided what he was going to do.

The priest was dressed in simple and crude leather pants——His original magnificent attire was taken away as loot when he was captured. When he was thrown onto the bed by Lang Qing his expression was still dazed but his body reflexively shrunk back, like a small animal that knew it was in danger but had nowhere to hide.

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

“You……” As soon as the priest’s words came out he saw Lang Qing take off his leather pants in front of him. C0gKkp

He saw a certain part of Lang Qing and then his eyes became wide.

Lang Qing grabbed the priest’s hair and drew his head close. He said, “I am your master.”

The little priest foolishly looked at him, the rims of his eyes a little red.

Lang Qing knew that he definitely hadn’t experienced such things before and his mood was suddenly much better. His movements also became softer. He said, “Remember what I do to you well.” oGhdTO

With that, he pressed down heavily.

It was a sleepless night.

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The next day the system welcomed the sunrise at the sound of Chen Liguo’s demonic singing voice.

Chen Liguo sang, “Primitive society is good, primitive society is good, primitive people run around nude, men pursue and women elude, they come together for something lewd~” ydxUji

No matter if it was the tune or the lyrics, it made the system begin to doubt its own system life. It was in its twenties this year and was still a young system who had experienced a lot of beautiful times. However, it had never met a host like Chen Liguo.

The system thought, its system life really was fickle.

When Chen Liguo finished speaking, the system faintly asked, “Still going to die?” When this thing was eating potatoes yesterday he shouted that it was the same as eating shit.

Chen Liguo righteously said, “Life is so precious, am I the sort of person who would casually seek death as I please?” UFZcNq

System: “……” You are.

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

Chen Liguo said, “Damn, let me tell you, that Lang Qing has been endowed with talent——”

The system interrupted, “May I not listen?”

Chen Liguo generously said, “You may.” fm5SN2

The system faintly expressed thanks to Chen Liguo.

Chen Liguo said, “Ai, I always said that there’s a problem with your headquarters. What’s wrong with sex? Sex is a good thing ah, without making love, humankind would have long since gone extinct.”

The system said, “We reproduce asexually thank you.”

Chen Liguo was unconcerned. “Oh.” WTbVDq

One person and one system were silent. Their thoughts drifted from their small stone house to the boundless sea. Chen Liguo was thinking about how the systems reproduced. Did they have a specialist to make a program for them? The system was wondering if making love really did feel that good for humanity to like it that much.

The two types of culture harmoniously came into contact and finally reached the goal of tolerance and mutual understanding——As if.

System: How can I have Chen Liguo die off earlier?

Chen Liguo: How can I firmly live on? A7R rF

In the primitive society, there were no other events. As soon as the sky became dark it was like there was only one type of exercise that could be conducted. However, the most terrible thing was that Chen Liguo was still a man. A man can’t get pregnant, thus, the final reason to cease this exercise was also gone.

The system seemed to already be able to see its miserable future——This was damned worse than that month in the apocalyptic world! How in the world did it randomly choose this world? Did the headquarters’ virus really get cleaned up?!

The Author Has Something to Say:

If you're reading this, this translation is stolen. Please support our translators at chrysanthemumgarden.com

Hahahaaaaaaaaa, Chen Liguo: I thank you for your love. u48bHQ

System: Oh, indifferent.

Thanking you darlings for the mines, grenades, and rockets.

Translator's Note

人事 — euphanism for sexuality

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