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Peach Blossom DebtChapter 7


Fearing that Tian Shu will ram against the wall again upon waking, I spent the night sleeping sitting with my upper half resting on the bed. The next day I had a bad appearance unlike a man or a ghost. A few servants came at the same time to urge me to wash my face and have a meal. With some difficulty, they tidied me up to resemble something more akin to a human.

In the afternoon I went to feed Tian Shu medicine again. Halfway through the bowl of medicine, Tian Shu woke up and discovered I was actually using this despicable method to make him take medicine and out of shame and hate, he wanted to bite his tongue. At that moment I barely finished making him drink and haven’t raised my head. I pinched his jaw in a hurry, urgently using my mouth to stuff his. My hands slipped and his jaw strongly bit down my tongue. Fresh blood oozed out — It unbearably hurt! x4IgAO

This immortal lord’s tongue swelled for a few days. I can’t talk properly, can only drink cold tea and can’t drink hot soup. Tian Shu hasn’t made any movements. Perhaps he vented some anger when he bit this immortal lord or he found out after biting his tongue several times that this method can’t be used.

As I was rejoicing internally a maid came to inform me young lord Yan didn’t take his medicine, didn’t eat a grain of rice and didn’t drink a drop of water.

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Heavens. He’s going on a hunger strike now.

I rubbed my temple while talking with my big tongue, “Let him starve. In any case, hunger won’t kill him.” IyTA9G

Although I talked like that Mu Ruoyan was all skin-and-bones to begin with, starve him for a couple more days, he’d become a skeleton. I was afraid if he ever wanted to take a breather from time to time and roamed the courtyard in the middle of the night he would frighten people.

This immortal lord applied a little cooling ointment on my tongue and walked to the eastern side room. Mu Ruoyan who seemed to only have a breath of life left was sitting on a chair, his face was a paler shade of paper white. He closed his eyes when he saw that I came in and pretended to be in meditation.

I bite out the words as clearly as possible around my big tongue, “You persistently tried to die but couldn’t, whatever method didn’t work well so you went on a hunger strike, right? This lord heard starved ghosts are not accepted into the nether world, they’re made into wandering ghost that devours other souls or a man-eating ghost. Wanting to be with your relatives or reunite with general Shan after a hundred years are mere fantasy.”

I turned around to go but Tian Shu suddenly spoke, “ You are quite knowledgeable in the matters of the supernaturals, young lord Li.” ZEatUR

I turned back with a grin, “The rumours say this lord is the descended great tiger star. As the White Tiger lord I should naturally know a lot about gods and demons.” When I see Tian Shu’s face my tongue began to hurt more. I did a lot of talking but he’s not responding, I started to step out.

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“If you don’t believe me, you can try starving to death.”

At night a maid named Luoyue informed me that young lord Yan had started eating.

This immortal lord was also eating right then, hearing this good news I forgot to blow to cool down the hot soup and put it in my mouth. My entire face screamed pain. Luoyue stood by my side and spoke with red eyes, “Young master, anyone can see how good you treated young lord Yan. If only young lord Yan is not an iron-hearted man, your servant is sure that he would certainly understand young master’s sincere feelings toward him.” rmOR8Y

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Two lines of this immortal’s old tears nearly flowed down.

My sincere feelings toward him. Jade Emperor ah, you really sent me to torment with Tian Shu?

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Tian Shu wanted to die but couldn’t. He lived no differently than a walking corpse, eyes devoid of any emotion. He looked numb, not crying, not smiling, not saying a word, merely following others’ instructions. This immortal lord moved him into the bedroom where we ate together and slept together; he didn’t eat much, and I didn’t force him. At night we each slept on one half of the big bed, he laid motionless on his side and I also didn’t care for him. Several days passed in this way, from the very start to the end, Mu Ruoyan was like a stagnant pool of water with neither waves nor ripples. I have once seen him looking at the piece of jade he brought out of his collar, only while looking at that cut of jade did a trace of radiance finally appear in his eyes. 9TXW8e

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One day I took Mu Rou-yan to the rear garden to sit in the pavilion on the Ying-xue lake. I knew he did not like to be seen by others, so I instructed the attendants to retire and not come near if there’s nothing important. Mu Ruoyan was sitting like a lunkhead. No matter what topic you bring up he wouldn’t speak, like a wood utterly vapid. This immortal lord sat opposite this piece of human wood-plank speaking for a long time until my mouth and tongue was dry. No one was around to attend to us so I had to go get some tea myself.

As I return to the pavilion clasping the teapot, from a distance, I gazed at the pavilion in an alley of flowering shrubs. I saw Mu Ruoyan’s hand was holding that piece of jade, staring at it lost in thoughts.

This immortal felt exulted. The moment to torment Tianshu had come. olLpwR

Taking large steps this immortal lord walked into the pavilion. I heavily put down the teapot on the stone table and said in a chilly tone, “What were you looking at just now?”

Mu Ruoyan raised his eyes to look at me, the frantic look was there one moment and gone the next, then he was numb as before. He replied softly, “The scenery.”

I smiled with malice. I grabbed his left hand, forcefully pried it open then lifted the jade ornament up by its string. “What is this?”

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Mu Ruoyan said, “Common ornament in my family.” J2atxI

I held the jade ornament up on my hand, “Common ornament?! Some common ornament Shan Chengling gave you, huh.” Though this immortal had never witnessed how a cuckold husband would bellow when he caught his wife having an affair, this immortal lord’d have to act from imagination.

I seized Mu Ruoyan’s frail shoulders, at the same time, I was shaking my head, “Where does this Li Siming lack compared to that Shan? This lord treats you like this, yet why does your heart and eyes only have that Shan Chengling!!”

I admit these words are very much nauseating, but right now this immortal lord can’t think up any other flowery phrases.

My hand let go and I fell back one step, adding viciously: “I really don’t know if what you said was true or false. Since this piece of jade is nothing more than a common ornament—” I raised my hand and threw in an arc towards the middle of the lake. It made a splash. fXKcp6

Mu Ruoyan’s face turned deathly pale, he stood up, letting out a bitter laugh. “I also do not know exactly which of young lord Li’s words are true and which are false. The gentleman has imprisoned myself in your residence, as for where your intentions lie, this inferior one finds it difficult to even muster a guess.”

I took you in precisely to torment you, this is a mystery of heaven, of course you can’t guess it.

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“One guess doesn’t quite line up, and neither does my other guess. As I am a major criminal currently chased by the country, a person who looks like rotten wood, what worth do I have to deserve the sir’s severe treatment, that you would spend so much effort to scheme.”

Tian Shu ah, the one who’s treating you severely and spent efforts is the elder, Jade Emperor. This immortal is only working on an order, this immortal lord am also suffering a lot. 6dQRbT

Mu Ruoyan gazed at me then suddenly smiled, “Young lord Li, you’re not a cut-sleeve, right.”

“Ah? You—” This immortal lord stared blankly… Could he have seen through it? My thoughts froze up. No way, this immortal acted out this role thoroughly. There can be no mistake at all.

Mu Ruoyan watched me while leaning on the railings. His clothes and sleeves rose in the gentle wind, as though — as though the first time I was on the seventh layer of the skies. Among the brightly coloured red clouds was the high and lofty Tian Shu Xingjun within a tranquil silver light.

“Do ghosts who die in the water have any particularities, young lord Li?” EQ1Aoh

I haven’t snapped out of it yet, Mu Ruoyan already went over the railings, leaping into the lake.

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Dear god, don’t tell me Ming Ge Xingjun plotted against me behind my back? How come whenever this immortal lord did anything, Tian Shu had to take his own life in return…….

I stared at the water surface and the strands of black hair sinking down. I thought; why not let him soak in the water first? There will be no next time after he found he wouldn’t die in water. And presumably, even if Tian Shu Xingjun used all eighteen ways to try kill himself once through — no matter how he slit his throat, jump off a cliff, or drink poison — he’d be fished up later and ultimately won’t die, but this immortal lord’s body and spirit might get broken apart.

In heaven the first spell this immortal lord learnt was a water-parting technique. L3VrqI

Because, in fact, this immortal lord have some fear of water…….

I felt a bit dizzy looking at the water surface. Tian Shu never floated up but it’s no problem.

This immortal lord had achieved dao for thousands of years, had been high up in heaven and down at the underworld, how could this immortal lord fear one lake?1

Throwing off my robes I directly plunged into the water. The lake water was not polite in the slightest, gurgling up into my nose and mouth. This immortal lord was choked until I felt faint and my vision blurred, wondering whether my hands or my feet should go out first. In a lake this big it’s not clear where Tian Shu dived into. 3PTbIq

My ears ringing more and more, head sinking more and more. Not good, Li Siming can’t hold on.

A faint voice rang around my ears, “Song Yao Yuanjun, Song Yao Yuanjun, Tian Shu Xingjun is here……”

My body was suddenly light. The lake water surrounding me parted, opening a large hole with four sides. An old turtle on the lake floor was bowing his head, he saluted, “Caretaker of this lake’s creatures, this small deity Shou Zhen greets Yuanjun.”2

Surprisingly, in a lake of some king’s mansion lived a river god. dRdQgL

Even more surprising, I, the great Song Yao Yuanjun, would have drowned in this lake without my powers.

To the old turtle’s side Mu Ruoyan was lying down, his eyes tightly shut. The old turtle spoke, “Xingjun swallowed two mouthfuls of water before fainting, you should give him breath little by little on the shore. Yuanjun, please don’t blame this small deity not saving him in time.”

I cupped my hands with an apologetic smile, “Elder Zhen is modest, were it not for you I am afraid even this immortal lord would die in this lake. How embarrassing, I’ve shown you a joke of myself.”

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The old turtle said: “Yuanjun can’t fully put forth his immortal powers and so feared the water. This small deity has beads of pearl capable of parting the water here, please accept it if you aren’t disinclined. In the future, Yuanjun can plunge into the water unobstructed.” Cx6W2V

I said my thanks, received some water-parting pearls, carried Tian Shu up leaving the water path and unto the shore. I propped up Mu Ruoyan’s head then began to give him breath in a way I was used to.

Just as my tongue pried open his mouth to give him breath for the second time, suddenly someone spoke at my side, “Little uncle, what are you doing?”

[1] …high up in blue skies and down to the yellow springs: the idiom usually means searching high and low, everywhere, but here I translated it literally.
[2] Shou Zhen, name meaning guarding boundary, he is a turtle spirit, and Song Yao calls him Zhen Lao (Old Zhen).

t/n: ghost/monster pictures from this site. 5xt2R6

Translator's Note

heartrendingly – heart torn, lungs split open

Translator's Note

at the death’s door

Translator's Note

just for reference, not exact ghost Song Yao is talking about!

Translator's Note

a lifetime, until next life

Translator's Note

pipe dream, daydream

Translator's Note

gods and ghosts

Translator's Note

all of my five sense organs(nose, eyes, lips, tongue, ears) shifted in pain.

Translator's Note

old Immortal’s tears: lived so long, experienced so many things, but still affected to the point of shedding tears

Translator's Note

toss around, torment, play

Translator's Note

calm, unagitated

Translator's Note

numb, dumb.

Translator's Note

…from talking too much

Translator's Note

passed down in my family, a common family heirloom.

Translator's Note

that man surnamed Shan, it’s very rude to refer to people only with their surnames in chinese

Translator's Note

euphemism for ‘gay’

Translator's Note

dripping wet, saturated, vividly, brilliantly

Translator's Note

come loose, fall apart

Translator's Note

repelling, opening

Translator's Note

became immortal

Translator's Note

water god

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