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Peach Blossom DebtChapter 6


– chapter warning: suicide attempt –

I expected that Tian Shu wouldn’t be able to sleep. fO2Zaj

The mountain bandits captured and took him to their base he was knocked out for a half-day. I snatched him back to the Junwang’s manor and he slept for yet another half-day. Just now he hung himself and he lost consciousness again. This way you can say he has been sleeping all day today.

I turned outward while yawning, whether he sleeps or not is no longer any of this immortal lord’s business. After moving busily all day, this immortal lord’s upper and lower eyelids had long wanted to be intimate with each other. This immortal lord concentrated to calm my breathing, blending my inner energy evenly. But then, I heard a voice as thin and soft as a fly’s above my head faintly calling out, “Song Yao Yuanjun… Song Yao Yuanjun……”

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I lifted my hand to wave at the air in a daze, wanting to sleep more. Numbing sensation spread from my chest to the four limbs and I gradually floated up. My eyelids opened halfway only to see a glimmering golden light. This immortal lord was floating up in midair. My head hurriedly bowed to check, on the bed, there were two vague figures lying down quietly. This immortal lord gradually rose up higher, passing through the beam and roof tiles, stopping when I reached the rooftop. Under the moonlight Ming Ge Xingjun stroked his beard, beaming as he said: “Song Yao Yuanjun.”

I weakly propped my eyelids half open, “With a book in hand to set many creatures’ fate Xingjun still has the free time to mind this affair, time to time pulling me out to talk, Song Yao’s admiration for your profound ways is endless. To summon me at this hour, what instructions does Xingjun have for me?” jsU73H

Old man Ming Ge’s eyes narrowed. “Isn’t it because it’s reached this hour that Yuanjun has a spare time? I disturbed your peaceful dreams; upon your return to heaven I shall send Yuanjun a bed of clouds as an apology. Yuanjun, I saw what happened this evening.”

Ah, did Ming Ge Xingjun see Tian Shu hanging himself or me saving him by giving breath? I sighed deeply, “It’s good that Xingjun saw it, I was just about to speak to you. I’ll trouble Xingjun to give my words to Jade Emperor on my behalf, I ask Jade Emperor to send another immortal to manage this heavenly trial. This lowly immortal finds it hard to manage, Tian Shu’s character is very upright that he attempted suicide after one torment. This lowly immortal acted under orders; whose responsibility will it be if I’m not careful one time and Tian Shu dies? I won’t do this task anymore.”

Ming Ge said, “I asked Yuanjun to come out tonight exactly to talk about this thing. Jade Emperor had put a spell on Mu Ruoyan’s body from the start. Until he experienced the love trials he is tied to this world and can’t leave early. Yuanjun is simply free to do as you please, don’t have any scruples.”

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I returned from the roof into the room and entered Li Siming’s body. Tian Shu at my side was still lying down without moving. How would I be if this immortal lord was him in this situation and place? I shifted towards the edge of the bed so he had a wider space to lie on the inside, then turned to face away, falling into deep sleep. When my eyes opened again, the sky was already bright.

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

P bqfcfv atf yfvvlcu jcv rfa bea. Yc ws rlvf Kljc Vte’r ygfjatlcu kjr fnfc jcv ibcu, la jmaejiis ibbxfv ilxf tf’r ojra jriffq. Lf qgbyjyis rajsfv jkjxf ecali fjgis wbgclcu atfc yfmjwf algfv wfcajiis jcv qtsrlmjiis jcv mjc’a tfiq riffqlcu. P ifjcfv ws ybvs ab ibbx ja tlr riffqlcu ojmf. Dbat fsfr qfjmfoeiis mibrfv, tlr ibcu ygbkr rwbbatfv bea, tlr fzqgfrrlbc mjiwfv.

He reached this stage where sleeping soundly wouldn’t be easy. With gentle motions, I went down the bed and opened the door. I washed my face with the water a maid brought and went to the small hall to have a meal.

The outstanding affair of this immortal lord grabbing the delicate young lord to lay on the same bed all night would probably be known by the whole manor before noon. While pacing the courtyard I found some servants and wet nurses gathered in one place; they were whispering sneakily and peered at the side room in the courtyard from time to time. As their eyes caught sight of this immortal lord, they instantly pulled their heads back and stopped talking, gradually dispersing one by one. E6XLdN

I acted as if I didn’t notice. Homosexuality was not something uncommon. During the time this immortal lord was still a mortal there were plenty of wealthy noble young lords who kept male lovers, let alone today. Might as well step out into the open. My first step was to look for Li Siyuan. “Second brother, among the people I arrested yesterday there is a beautiful scholar. Your little brother is really fond of him, I want to take him into my courtyard. Can second brother assent?”

Li Siyuan certainly already grasped this news. He looked at me with a reserved smile. “So third brother have this tendency.”

I said, “At first I also didn’t know, but when I met him I don’t know why, I can’t help wanting to tie him up. Your brother knows his origin is still unclear, though he’s put by my side I will definitely watch him firmly and won’t forget to investigate him.”

“If third brother actually manages to discover something, can you bear to kill him?” e0vFGg

My face stirred then I continued with a soft sigh, “Second brother truly asked after my weak spot. If something is discovered…. I still ask second brother to be lenient and hand him to me so that I may give him a quick death. Do… Do not torture him. ”

Li Siyuan laughed, he strolled over from his desk and patted my shoulders. “You don’t look like it, third brother is surprisingly full of affection and tender feelings for the fairer one! I had investigated those remaining guards yesterday and there was nothing serious. That man, take him in. On father’s return, your second brother will put in good words for you to the elderly.”

I hastily thanked him, ecstatic. “Thank you so much, second brother! Thank you so much!”

“Thanking me with empty words but not treating your second brother with a jar of wine?” Currently receiving my good-feelings, in the evening also ripping me a jar of my good wine. 63Ioim

I called the servants to come to me, openly and clearly explaining, “Starting from today young lord Yan in the east side room is this lord’s person. You will treat him like me, serving him respectfully without even a little mistake. If I find out that behind my back you’re saying even a bit of disrespectful words to young lord Yan or lacking a bit in serving him…” I coldly smiled, letting the cup in my hand fall. It smashed to smithereens. “This cup is an example of what you’ll become. Is that understood?”

The servants trembled like sift chaff on the field, everyone simultaneously kowtowed with a rustle, saying, “As you order.”

I got up from my seat perfectly content. This immortal lord was getting better at acting as a strict superior.

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Of course I hadn’t forgotten to use this matter to torment Tian Shu Xingjun. This immortal lord swaggered into the east side room. At the moment Tian Shu was standing at the window side. Old Ming Ge praised me for giving him breath yesterday so I understood that I am given free rein. I walked over slowly and took Tian Shu partially into my embrace, I told him with an open mouthed smile: “Right now, everyone in the manor know you are my person. I already instructed the caretaker to change the bed in the main room to a big one, from now on, sleep with me in the main room.” Xmx3WJ

Mu Ruoyan’s stilled body trembled, he closed those clear cold eyes halfway and made a distressed smile. Abruptly he started coughing hard, the sound as though it could tear into heart and lungs. After coughing up two mouthfuls of clogged blood on my sleeves he staggered to push me away and stammered out, “I, Mu Ruoyan, was born an honourable man, I received the teachings of a sage… Rather than suffer humiliation at the hands of a wretch… I prefer death……” To my surprise, he went to ram himself against the wall. This immortal lord knew he won’t die from running into the wall and was slower in stopping him — when my hand grasped his sleeve his forehead was already dripping blood from being knocked against the wall and he has lost consciousness.

I had only have my fun…

I yelled out for someone. The physician came, gave medicine, wrote down a prescription, we boiled the medicine. It was a complete mess.

This immortal crouched at Tian Shu’s bedside feeling immensely dispirited. I felt that Jade Emperor sending me down was not for me to play Tian Shu but really for Tian Shu to play me. 4wbUN5

For example like now, while Tian Shu was unconscious his teeth closed down and not letting the brewed medicine go in. This immortal had no other way except to hold it up and drink a mouthful then passing it into his mouth. Say, in the end was he the unlucky one or was it me?

That old bastard Ming Ge Xingjun, saying Tian Shu won’t die so lightly. It’ll be convenient if he dies, it’ll be a matter of getting him a coffin then burying him, suppose that he doesn’t die and only faints, he’ll linger in sickbed with me attending to him. If you can do it, Old man, why don’t you take care of him?

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

This immortal lord didn’t dare to curse at the Jade Emperor so I cursed at Ming Ge Xingjun to vent. I cursed that old bastard with every mouthful I fed Tian Shu. From the corner of my eyes, the narrow opening of the door and outside the window had shadows of people, which should be the peeping servants.

Several days ago the entire manor regarded this immortal lord as one fearsome star god. After the events of today the servants’ expressions looking at me were entirely different, full of sympathy and admiration. They admired me, this caring man.’ hw8zPI

Translator's Note

Dongjun Wangfu

Translator's Note

放开手脚, have no restrictions, bold

Translator's Note

attached (himself) into…

Translator's Note

near the wall

Translator's Note

turn outside

Translator's Note

sweet darkness

Translator's Note

light feet, light hands

Translator's Note

gather in twos and threes

Translator's Note

open this paper window

Translator's Note

can be ‘handsome’ too

Translator's Note

painlessly/ to give a quick death

Translator's Note

fairer sex, but since they’re both men…

Translator's Note

many thanks

Translator's Note

half of..

Translator's Note

torn body, crushed bones – completely destroyed

Translator's Note

shake all over

Translator's Note

heartrendingly coughed

Translator's Note

七尺之躯 = seven-foot man, having the body of a manly/ virile/ proper man

Translator's Note

rat, scoundrel

Translator's Note

人仰马翻, suffer a crushing defeat

Translator's Note

toss around, torment

Translator's Note

toss, same as ‘tormenting’ Tian Shu, but ultimately I feel that Tian Shu suffers more

Translator's Note

patient, able to endure

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      saya juga sarankan bicara dgn org lain yang berminat translate ke indo, komennya di halaman proyek pbd, spy tidak dobel/clash

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