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Peach Blossom DebtChapter 44


Translator, Rose
TLC, Islanor
Editor, Mims

Mu Ruoyan stood up and said, “This humble one still has some other things to handle, so I will not disturb you any further. We’ll meet again in the 3rd quarter of si hour.” rhz4Ow

Heng Wen and I got up and sent him off to the door. The moment the Imperial bodyguards outside the door had gathered around us, we heard someone shout, “Excuse me…… Excuse me——” A young waiter, who was carrying a basin of hot water, leaned his body in an attempt to pass through the area. Heng Wen and I stepped back while Tian Shu took a few steps sideways as the young waiter stooped down to carry the hot water and walked off unsteadily past Tian Shu. It could have been that the gleam from the weapons of the Imperial bodyguards was too blinding, causing the young waiter’s hands to tremble and lose his balance. Just as Tian Shu was about to be doused by an entire basin of hot water, one of the Imperial bodyguards swiftly sent a flying kick diagonally. Due to the impact of the kick, both the young waiter and the basin were seen flying away. With an almighty rattle, the basin landed on the ground. Meanwhile, the young waiter fell forward—

Straight towards the next room’s door.

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The door slammed open and the drawn-out screams of the young waiter soon filled the room.

This immortal lord’s heart jumped. This is not good! Heng Wen, who was standing next to me, forced a smile. kPiaxU

Several Imperial bodyguards swarmed together and pointed their thick and sharp spears right at the young waiter. All of a sudden, all the bodyguards paused in unison.

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There were a fox and a mountain cat in this room, such rare beings. But——

“Jjqajlc, atfgf lr j Gjblra islcu bc atf oibbg lc atlr gbbw.”

Zjrafg Xejcu Tec, bt Zjrafg Xejcu Tec. Ktlr lwwbgaji ibgv tjr ifa sbe vbkc. Vlcmf atlr lwwbgaji ibgv ybggbkfv sbeg ybvs obg j ktlif, P gfjiis rtbeiv cba tjnf pera atgbkc sbe bcab atf ugbecv ab ilf raloo ilxf j mbgqrf……


Mu Ruoyan gave Heng Wen and I a look as he raked his eyes over our faces and made his way towards the room next door.

If you're reading this, this translation is stolen. Please support our translators at chrysanthemumgarden.com

I had placed Master Guang Yun in a place abundant in feng shui last night. If anyone were to glance upwards while standing at the door, they would have been able to see him erected stiffly on the ground.

The little guard said, “Young Master Mu, Captain, does the way this Daoist monk is lying look strange to both of you?”

Mu Ruoyan and a burly man, who looked like the leader of the Imperial bodyguard, were greatly intrigued with Master Guang Yun and were about to walk over to take a look. VsmAE5

I promptly stepped forward and rushed to the door to answer with a grin, “It’s because this Daoist Master Guang Yun’s cultivation is profound and is also an expert. As an expert, his actions are beyond the comprehension of us regular folks. Perhaps he is currently cultivating a profound secret method of a certain sect. So when he sleeps, he needs to lie on the ground to absorb qi.”

The head of the Imperial bodyguard rubbed his chin in bewilderment while Mu Ruoyan knitted his eyebrows slightly. “This is the second floor. How would Daoist Priest Guang Yun be able to absorb qi?”

Heng Wen looked at me helplessly out the corner of his eyes and I pressed my clenched fist to my mouth and coughed, “This humble one is only speculating. This is just my guess. Daoist Guang Yun …… He is an expert. When an expert does something, the way they handle it is always different from common people, haha~~”

Mu Ruoyan continued to draw his eyebrows together as I said, “Daoist Priest is currently cultivating and he probably doesn’t wish to be disturbed. Young Master Mu also mentioned earlier that he still has other important matters. Don’t tarry any longer because of these trivial matters, it’s better to just go ahead first.” 4iEUTw

The head of the Imperial bodyguards approached Mu Ruoyan and whispered, “Young Master Mu, this humble one noticed this person’s words were evasive and constrained. It seems somewhat suspicious.”

Is there any problem? This immortal lord had spent thousands of years to cultivate this elegant demeanor, is it still insufficient to subdue the common folk?

When the head of the Imperial bodyguards realized that this immortal lord was looking at him coldly, he lowered his voice further, “Moreover, this person’s origin is unknown and has unkempt hair, disheveled clothes and is smooth-tongued. According to my humble self, this is a big problem!”

Heng Wen glanced at me helplessly again and this immortal lord was slightly angry. To think that the time before I ascended to the Heavenly Court I was considered as an outstanding young noble in the capital. To carefully count every fellow young master in the capital, a ranking list had been made occasionally, and even I had once been the first. This old face of this immortal lord has gone through thousands of years of hardship and transformations of the world, it does not seem like before, but it should not be as bad as this! qITfh4

My expression turned cold as I straightened my back, adjusted my lapel, and stood with my hands at my sides.

Both the fox and the mountain cat were lying on the bed. They had probably moved there in the morning after this immortal lord and Bihua Lingjun left. The mountain cat hid itself in the corner of the bed, behind the pillow, as it stared with his round green eyes while the fox still had an expression of indifference as he sat on the bed cross-legged.

The head of the Imperial bodyguards gave the other bodyguards, who had their heads down while looking at Master Guang Yun, a look. The bodyguards understood and immediately squatted down. The fox on the bed opened his eyelids.

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Mu Ruoyan stepped into the room. One of the Imperial bodyguards extended his finger to place it under Master Guang Yun’s nose for a moment. He then pressed against his chest and felt his pulse before pressing on the side of his neck and lifting his eyelids. He turned his head and got up. ETXnLc

“Captain, this Daoist is dead.”

“Oh, could it be that Daoist Priest Guang Yun has become an immortal?” Heng Wen said astoundedly and profoundly.

I slapped my face, “Don’t tell me that the Daoist Priest is trying to imitate Iron-Crutch Li, and is currently in the midst of astral projection?”

Mu Ruoyan stood next to Master Guang Yun and looked down expressionlessly before sighing, “It seems like I will need to trouble the two of you to make a trip down to Yamen.” BCSebf

Extra Information on Iron-Crutch Li and astral projection

Before becoming an immortal, it was previously stated that Li was a very handsome man. However, on one occasion, his spirit traveled to Heaven to meet other immortals. He had told his apprentice, Li Qing, to wait for seven days for his spirit to return. If he did not return by then, Li Qing was to burn the body because that meant that he had become immortal; but after six and a half days Li Qing had to go home to see to his sick mother one last time before she died. Li Qing thus cremated Li Tieguai’s body. He passed by a dying beggar on his way to his mother’s but did not have time to bury him. Upon returning, Li Tieguai’s spirit found that his body had been cremated and had to enter the only body available at the time, the corpse of the homeless beggar who had just died of starvation. The beggar, unfortunately, had a long and pointed head, large ears with one large brass earring, a woolly and disheveled beard, and hair. He also had long, scraggy, and dark eyebrows, dark eyes, and he had a pan lid on his head and a lame leg. Laozi appeared and gave him a medicine gourd that could cure any illness and never emptied. Li then brought his apprentice’s mother back to life using the liquid from his gourd. Li Qing was then dismissed as his apprentice, after being given a small pill and being told that he would work hard enough to become an immortal himself.

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Uh oh~

Islanor: oh boy… Song Yao sure is getting into a bigger mess for just forgetting to get into Guang Yun’s body *facepalm*

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

Translator's Note

6th two hours system = 09:00-11:00, snake hour

Translator's Note

fig. meaning of the idiom, 沧海桑田 which lit. means, the blue sea turned into the mulberry fields.

Translator's Note

铁拐李 (Tiě ɡuǎi Lǐ) also known as Li Tieguai (李铁拐). One of the Eight Immortals of Daoism. Commonly depicted as a lame beggar using a crutch and carrying a gourd of medicine. His Gourd (葫芦) can cure the sick and ward off evil.

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