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Peach Blossom DebtChapter 37


Translator: Rose
Editor: Mims

This boat was manned by five people. There was a boatman at the bow, wielding the boat and two youths rowing at each end of the bow and aft. The hull was unsteady, and the rowing was lively. WOPFHz

The breeze brought the humid air of the river into the cabin. The wind blew at Mo Ruoyan’s clothes causing them to shift slightly, but his expression was reluctant.

Nan Ming was at fault for this considering yesterday evening they slammed the bed loudly practically the whole night. And then first thing this morning dragging Tian Shu hastily on to the boat, it’d be a wonder if his look was not reluctant.

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Finally, I understood why Mu Ruoyan, as a prince of the Prime Minister’s mansion, was suffering from this illness. He most likely was tossed around again and again by Nan Ming.

However, Tian Shu also loves the way that Nan Ming tosses him around. This can be called Zhou Yu and Huang Gai, 1 person willing to beat, 1 person willing to endure. JnQzTK

Mu Ruoyan and Shan Shengling; both names are connected with red string as thick as a finger; can Tian Shu be unwilling to be tossed around by Nan Ming ma?

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Lfcu Qfc rwlifv, ktlif P rjlv, “Ktjcx sbe obg atf qgjlrf.”

Vtjc Vtfcuilcu jrxfv, “Ktlr sbecu ibgv lr agjnfilcu ab Oe Tjcu jr kfii?” 04WuF

Heng Wen replied, “Yes, I heard the Southern County scenery is beautiful, I wish to go have a look.”

If you're reading this, this translation is stolen. Please support our translators at chrysanthemumgarden.com

Shan Shengling said, “The day before yesterday, I was in the Eastern County within the ruler’s mansion and the situation was quite rushed. After the young lord has arrived at Lu Yang, if you do not hate it, please do me the honor of coming to my humble residence to chat, and let Shan extend some friendship.

I said, “Shan Benefactor, truly, is extremely courteous.”

Mao Tuan listened to Shan Shengling talking to Heng Wen, although lying on his back asleep, the fur on his neck had risen. Heng Wen patted the top of its head, and the fur on its neck fell down again. To seize the opportunity to climb up Heng Wen’s knee, the fox raised itself up. A small wind gently swayed the fox’s snow-white fur making its sleek, plump body carry a silvery-white light, which attracted Mu Ruoyan to look at it closely. There was a hint of hesitation on his face, and then he whispered, “This Snow Fox ba, the fur color is really beautiful.” AW8Lns

Heng Wen replied, “Yes.”

“Bought it inside the inn, God knows what it is,” I said.

The Fox at Heng Wen’s knees moved its ears.

Mu Ruoyan couldn’t help but ask, “It…… lets people touch it ma? yeNdSR

Heng Wen leisurely said, “You may want to ask it.”

Mu Ruoyan got up to come over and reached out tentatively. However, the fox is an extremely lofty and unyielding fox. At this time, its position on top of Heng Wen merely wished to capitalize on the opportunity to comfort its cut-sleeve yearning. Mu Ruoyan is also the good friend of his enemy. So when Mu Ruoyan’s hand was about to touch the top of his head, the fox tilted his head proudly and dodged.

Mu Ruoyan’s hand froze midair, he smiled, “It seems that it is unwilling, I was rude.”

Although he said this, his hand could not help but try to touch it again and again. After a while, the fox could not dodge, having no alternative but to let Mu Ruoyan touch the top of its head. Its ears shook as it suddenly swung its head. z139AD

The Fox quivered, freed itself and got up, its hair was raised all over the body and it was revealing eerie fangs. It jumped down from Heng Wen’s lap, one breath puffing out from its nostrils, and found a place on the bench, resentfully lying on its stomach.

Mu Ruoyan however faintly laughed, withdrew his hand and turned around to sit.

With indifference, I watched the fox as it once again climbed on top of Heng Wen’s knees to lie down. The corners of my mouth raised and with a laugh, I said, “Wonderful, indeed. How about Shan Benefactor also come over to touch?

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The oars creaked and the boat swayed. V6s3cC

The boatman said that he could only reach the Pingjiang ferry in the evening. Heng Wen pretended to dig through his sleeves and brought out a book to see that Mu Ruoyan’s face was not good. The rest of us, Shan Shengling and I looked at each other. He averted his eyes, looking over the top of this immortal lord’s head to see the scenery, and this immortal lord also looked over the top of his head to see the scenery.

Shan Shengling suddenly said, “I heard Daoist Priest is good at divination. While we were at the inn, I was unable to ask for guidance, perhaps now is the best time for divination.”

Mini Garden Tea Party

Mu Ruoyan: The fox has been petted, let me pet the cat next
The mountain cat unwillingly offered its body: Meow~
Mu Ruoyan: *eyes flashed brightly*
Rose: *squeals* KITTYY~~~ wK7Y3F

Translator's Note

taken from 周瑜打黄盖 (lit Zhou Yu beat Huang Gai), figuratively meaning “with the connivance of both sides” and “by mutual consent”. Refer to 14th-century historical novel attributed to Luo Guanzhong “Romance of the Three Kingdoms”, Wu patriot Huang Gai submits to mock beating at the hands of General Zhou Yu to deceive Cao Cao 曹操 before the 208 battle of Redcliff 赤壁之戰 (chì bì zhī zhàn)

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  1. Heng Wen is spoiling too much that fox. He’ll be unwilling to part with him If they keep going like this.

    Poor Mo Ruoyan… He must endure the pain of love. Haha

    Thanks for the chapter!

  2. So, forgive me if I’m overstepping, but I think you mistranslated the beginning first paragraph. In the raws, it says, 這條船是條五人劃,方才的那個艄公在船頭掌船,船首和船尾各有兩個後生搖櫓。 (Forgive the traditional.) Which doesn’t mean that five people can fit on the boat but rather that five people are rowing it, and that there’s a helmsman + two people in the front + two people in the back. (“This ship was rowed by five people. The helmsman just now was at the head of the ship driving, and both the bow and aft of the ship had two people rowing.”)