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Peach Blossom DebtChapter 3


On the thirteenth year, fifth month, second day, this immortal lord came down to the sky above the Shang Chuan region on a floating cloud. The gentle wind suddenly picked up, causing the people on the streets to look up and around — each and every one of them pulled back their necks and swiftly ran. The stall peddlers were in a flurry. This immortal lord vaguely heard a shout:

“The sky’s overcast, it’ll rain! Quickly roll the stands and go home!” 2WR47P

Humans are stupid, this immortal lord will not lower Myself to their level.

Ming Ge Xingjun led me until we were hovering in the serene sky overlooking the Eastern County ruler‘s mansion. Gesturing somewhere in the mansion’s rear garden he said: “This is Yuanjun’s corporeal body.”

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On a bench set up in the garden were two small children surrounding a motionless person, climbing up and down. The unmoving one was the junwang’s youngest son Li Siming, and also this immortal lord body in the future.

I examined him. His gaze was vacant and his expression stiff, all the while, the two kids stuck flowers and other plants on his head.“This person…. seems like a fool.” riOIxD

Ming Ge Xingjun forced a smile, “Cough.. this body was specially prepared for you, Yuanjun. Yuanjun has not possessed it yet so naturally, he does not have a spirit or a soul, he can only eat, drink and relieve himself. It is time. Yuanjun, please quickly possess the body.” Not waiting for this immortal lord to say anymore he chanted a warping technique and went up in a blink of an eye. Suddenly, a golden light appeared in front of this immortal lord’s eyes, the spark of lightning from the warping technique headed sharply for the garden.

A feeling of familiarity spread through my entire body, similar to that of thousands of years ago. This immortal’s possession of the body was successfully completed.

The immortal who had been feather-light for how many millennia had once again become a person, feet treading on the ground and head far from the skies. My four limbs were a familiar weight. All kinds of smell filled my chest cavity while the sound of earth entered my ears. It was actually very pleasant and grounding.

Heavy some-things were climbing and wriggling about on my body — I opened my eyes — the first thing I saw was a small rosy face, a pair of round eyes that flickered around, as well as the unpleasant grin of a small mouth, stretching back to reveal a gap of two missing teeth. Little dirty paws held up a block of black mud, sending it forward into my mouth.

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“Hehe, be good little uncle, eat this. Be good, eat it.”

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I smiled kindly and raised my hand to swat at his head. “You be good, get down from little uncle. Go back and look for your mom and dad.”

His bead-like round eyes blinked twice, then he tilted his head watching me. I leaned sideways and picked up the other child who has crawled up my knee to reach the flowers on this immortal lord’s head. “Sit properly, stand straight, did your teacher not teach you the fundamental conduct of a person?”

Another set of beady round eyes fixed his stare at me, the kid’s lips puckered. This one seemed brighter than the first kid— zQGMNy

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With a ‘wah’, bawled loudly: “Mom— mom— mom— grandfather—— Little uncle is scary!!!”

The burst of piercing wails attracted a maid, that maid called a guard-servant, the guard called the head servant and the wet nurse, the nurse supported their madame up to step outside. Two strong dutiful guardsmen rushed up with the eagerness of Wu Song climbing up a mountain.1

They picked up the two small young masters at my side under their arms. I smiled amiably at both of them, but the two men showed expressions of fear. They rushed madly through the length of the winding corridor like a launched smoke signal. A small round head peeked out from some 30 meters distance, he looked at this immortal like he’d seen a ghost.

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Several armed guards surrounded a man with grey beard and sideburns dressed in plum robes with a tiger motif. His wide square face showed many signs of hardships. Needless to say, this was Dongjun Wang in the flesh. This immortal lord must act as his son for quite some time so it was necessary to make a good first impression.

I slowly walked forward. Bending down with my hands supporting my body, adopting a humble stance, I called out deferently:


A different light spread within the junwang’s tiger-like eyes. He watched this immortal carefully — the foolish son all of a sudden became clear-headed, anyone could imagine how it would stir up his feelings. The agitated junwang was deathly white, he shook in confusion from head to toe, then his pupils rolled up and was stuck there. He had fainted. QdWmY0

Ktlr Vbcu Tjb Tejcpec’r agjcrlalbc lc yfmbwlcu Ol Vlwlcu kjr mbwqifafis ogff ogbw byrajmifr.

The people of the junwang’s manor was shaken terribly when they saw me. The following day after Dongjun Wang had woken up he invited a bhāṇaka to come. The monk went up to face me holding a peach wood sword, he brandished it then moved it around reciting, while I looked on mirthfully. Right then the monk rose up, he suddenly opened his eyes and fixed them at this immortal lord. He plopped down kneeling, his head knocked so hard on the floor that it made an echoing slam. “This small Daoist respectfully greet the High Immortal.”

I was startled. I hadn’t paid attention to the world’s affair for a long time. I had taken the heaven’s lack of newly ascended loose immortals to mean the human world’s dao technique had deteriorated. To think someone of such skills — to be able to make out this immortal lord’s true nature with one look — was walking the street.

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Ktf wbcx agfwyifv klat vgfjv, wjlcajlclcu tlr xbkabk, “Ktlr rwjii Gjblra’r meialnjalbc kjr lcreoolmlfca, ojlilcu ab gfmbuclrf Djl Le Wlcupec (Qtlaf Klufg Obgv)’r lwwbgaji ybvs ja olgra uijcmf. P jrx obg Wlcupec’r qjgvbc.” bS9BRZ

Bai Hu Xingjun?2

The eighth lord of seventy-two heavenly constellations… Since when was there this extra Bai Hu Xingjun (White Tiger Lord) ruling? There were quite a few white tigers in heaven, but they’re all guarding the celestial gates after they’ve grown up. When did his qi move and change shape, to name another lord to his palace hall?

He shifted his knees to kowtow facing the Dongjun Wang. “Congratulations, Wangye. Congratulations, Wangye. This poor Daoist is so bold to reveal a mystery of heavens, the young lord is indeed heaven’s Bai Hu Xingjun descended as human. Wangye’s good fortune is bountiful for your fate is twined with an immortal. This is good karma from the skies.”

Despite his slight tremble, the junwang was watching me closely. “Master, are you serious? This no-good son was stupid from childhood and didn’t know the ways of the world. Suddenly he’s clear on things, knows logic and is literate, he’s truly…” DAVK3O

The monk rose up, “Wangye, the young lord is an immortal lord who descended, of course he is different from a normal human. Ancient people have said the crouching tiger is like a stone. Xingjun was dormant for many years and he behaved stupidly. The person looks mediocre, no one could tell.”

Dongjun Wang was very pleased with his son after hearing that he was the descended Great Tiger Lord. The reason why his young son was foolish was really that the Great Tiger Lord was sleeping for those twenty-some-years, he also believed this baseless claim. Dongjun Wang eyed this immortal lord with scrutiny, finally no longer trembling, and he seemed to be more joyful.

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“But if as the master said my no-good son was sleeping for many years, why is he suddenly sober now?”

I sat at the table holding a teacup, at times wetting my throat. Aimdon

The monk, with one hand held behind him and the other holding his beard.. “The mysteries of heaven may not be divulged.”

..talked big with the air of ‘I’m your great ancestor’.

From then on this immortal lord had been getting by very comfortably in Dongjun Wang’s mansion.

Dongjun Wang had informed the entire mansion that the young Siming was the Great Tiger Lord. I was secretly watched for many days and gradually became familiar with people in the mansion. When I explored the residence there were often servants pretending they had coincidentally passed by, trying to have a few words with their young master. bjUzli

With Dongjun Wang’s marital luck he had married ten wives including the official wife and concubines taken in beforehand. He can definitely die cleanly. Including this immortal lord’s human body, Li Siming, he had three sons altogether. The eldest son Sixian and the second son Siyuan rivals vying to be the heir.

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Following the talk of the Great Tiger Lord, both older brothers came to see this little brother of theirs, looking for some new experience. They deliberately brought liquor into other people’s garden. Reveling in the night, we exchanged trivial stories.

It must be known that I, Song Yao Yuanjun, had floated all around the heaven; for millennia I had drunk tea, sipped wine, played chess, and discussed the dao. After leaving the realm of gods, no one had spoken to me yet save for Heng Wen Qingjun. I was discussing the brief points of the method and law of governing for two minutes and without me noticing it, the sun had risen. As a result, the two older brothers slept the day away and the matter of this immortal lord being the Great Tiger Lord was steadily regarded as the truth.

A few days later, in the teahouse at the local market, I had more or less found out Nan Ming Dijun and Tian Shu Xingjun’s situation. iQcuJk

Ming Ge Xingjun had previously told me Nan Ming Dijun in this life was called Shan Chengling and Tian Shu Xingjun’s reincarnation was called Mu Ruoyan. Only after a few days of prying did I find out the two men had incredible reputations down here. Particularly, Tian Shu Xingjun can really torment others, surprising this immortal lord that one time. The streets’ and alleys’ walls were plastered with Mu Ruoyan’s arrest warrants. There was even a big half-body portrait of him.

They say that the two families of Shan and Mu had had major ministers in the imperial court for generations and had a deep camaraderie from those decades where they brushed shoulders. Roughly ten years ago Nan Ming Dijun’s grandfather offended the Emperor, causing all three generations of the Shan family to be executed. Mu family secretly rescued Shan Chengling. They took him into their home and brought him up. Nan Ming Dijun who had an undisputed position in heaven was also not one to suffer in silence as a mortal. Present days happened to be a tumultuous time, various states’ rulers had gathered massive military forces, leaving little of the imperial power.

Shan Chengling ended up ruling over the southern county (Nanjun). But, exactly one month after serving as the Junwang, Southern County's ruler openly incited a rebellion, his aim to seize the title of emperor.

The emperor was furious. When he found out the Mu family had kept this little scourge, three generations of Mu family were also executed. Of course, Jade Emperor couldn’t allow Tian Shu Xingjun to be carelessly and easily beheaded. Mu family’s servants protected their family’s young lord Mu Ruoyan with their lives and at present, they ran while hiding wherever, drifting in the wilderness. sBSrUM

In the wanted poster, Mu Ruoyan had a pointed face and thin eyebrows, not charming in the slightest. This immortal lord let out a couple of sighs looking at that portrait. During the time Tian Shu Xingjun was in heaven he wore silk robes and jade hairpin, his voice clear and indifferent, having the air of an immortal untainted by any dirt. The Jade Emperor setting up this human sack for him in the mortal world was a bit too much. At the end of the day, this immortal lord still had orders to act out a love drama with him, you could at least let him keep one or two parts of his appearance from when he was that high immortal. When I get a hold of him later, how would I spout out sweet words to that face?

At night, I regulated my energy, wanting to shift into my immortal self to go back to heaven and reason with Jade Emperor. Who knew I was actually stuck in this body and unable to move. I remembered then, that old bully Ming Ge Xingjun once said I can’t use immortal spells outside of critical moments this time. It turns out they had guarded against me giving up my duty after knowing the truth.

Left with no other options, I drank tea, slept in junwang’s manor, passed through several months idly.

Dongjun Wang was exceptionally affectionate towards his descended-great-tiger-lord son, so much so that he specially allocated a courtyard for me to live in. Dongjun wang often drank and played chess along with me and the two elder brothers there. We even went to theatres, together, we listened to the songs. The relationship between us was getting better by the day. 5iLdW6

Three months later, Ming Ge Xingjun came down again. He lifted up this immortal lord out from Li Siming’s body in the middle of the night, and at the sky above junwang’s manor he informed me that the play was starting.

Tian Shu Xingjun had tended to his injuries well at a secret place; protected by his retainer he had been stealthily heading towards the southern county. Tian Shu intended to meet his lover, Nan Ming Dijun. Dongjun wang’s youngest son Li Siming must attack him on his way and take Mu Ruoyan into the residence.

Tomorrow morning, Mu Ruoyan’s carriage will pass by a small path underneath the mountain outside of Shang Chuan city.

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Nanjun Wang had gathered soldiers and named himself the emperor; Dongjun Wang also had trouble restraining him. The two counties’ territories were neighbours, conflicts between armed soldiers would inevitably happen at the border. Dongjun Wang and his eldest son spent many days inspecting and pacifying the barracks. The second son Siyuan was left to deal with the matters at home and to guide the little brother, this immortal lord, on handling some of the internal affairs. g192HB

Early the next morning, I received intel from Dongjun scouts of people entering the border in secret. I asked Siyuan for twenty to thirty robust men to set up an ambush beside the mountain path outside of town.

Who’d have known that after waiting from early morning till noon we wouldn’t see the slightest shadow of a carriage?

[1] Wu Song fighting a tiger, Wu Song charged up a hill and fought a fierce man-eating tiger while drunk. Luckily he won. 
[2] Baihu Xingjun, Star lords are also the personification of their stars: White tiger star/Baihu xing(jun), or Dubhe star/Tianshu xing(jun), so I will often use “### Lord” instead of “### Star”.


Translator's Note

of 60 year cycle

Translator's Note

immortal cloud

Translator's Note

Dongjun Wang

Translator's Note

Primordial/First lord god

Translator's Note

藩王的小公子, the border king’s young son

Translator's Note

five kinds of flavour enter my lungs

Translator's Note

really round-round eyes, grape round, perfect circle, etc

Translator's Note

乖乖= obediently

Translator's Note

乖乖= you behave

Translator's Note

how they ought to behave according to who they are

Translator's Note

the smoke signal you get by fanning fire, fast, too, but doesn’t apply well for describing running, I made it easier for myself and changed it to sound like a smoke flare gun

Translator's Note

eight zhang(3.3m) and two chi(0.3m) away

Translator's Note

the vassal king/ruler of the eastern county, you see how mouthful this is, please don’t make me type out the english for all the ‘dongjun wang’s

Translator's Note

get off high horse

Translator's Note

fierce eyes, I left it as tiger because of something below

Translator's Note

(great first impression lmao)

Translator's Note

a monk who mastered the sutras

Translator's Note

Peach tree wood has significance in spirituality and romance

Translator's Note

insignificant, humble, lower than you

Translator's Note

loose immortals are low ranked gods, if you cultivate normally, you will start as loose immortal in heaven

Translator's Note

chief star lord bai hu

Translator's Note

dog son

Translator's Note

understands matters, knows reason, and literate

Translator's Note

concealed talent

Translator's Note

(this is repeated a lot I might just shorten or omit it later…

Translator's Note

carrying a spring breeze on his face

Translator's Note

the secret is not to be revealed/can’t inform you

Translator's Note

王府, wangfu can mean the manor, the household, or both.

Translator's Note

even if he dies now he would be peaceful, not song yao wishing to kill him

Translator's Note

颇多明争暗斗, fighting a lot, openly and secretly

Translator's Note

appreciating the night scene/drinking and enjoying night scenery

Translator's Note


Translator's Note

of knowing each other/involved/close with each other

Translator's Note

满门抄斩=whole family executed to three generations

Translator's Note

Nanjun Wang

Translator's Note

Jianghu = rivers and lakes, outside government of kingdom (martial art world/underground)

Translator's Note

Translator's Note

regulated my breath – moved my energy

Translator's Note

仙术= immortal laws

Translator's Note

the love drama

Translator's Note

King of Southern County

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