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Peach Blossom DebtChapter 23


At midnight, in the bright moonlight, Heng Wen and this immortal lord took out the earth god and opened the grave. We pried open Li Siming’s coffin; Li Siming, laid inside the coffin, was wearing the best silken robes. The coffin was filled with gold, silver and antique funerary items buried with him.

Things don’t keep for long in warmth of autumn, yet Li Siming hadn’t rotten. There were only a few burying beetles crawling in and out the holes of his ear and nose. When the breeze picked up, the stench of the corpse filled the surroundings. ATCVcL

I used my sleeves to cover Heng Wen’s face. “Filthy, filthy, turn your head, quickly.”

Heng Wen pushed away my sleeves and laughed, “He also used to be you, but now that he looks like this I don’t really feel anything.”

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Putting the coffin lid on top of the coffin again, I said to the earth god, ‘we’ve disturbed’ and closed the mound. Li Siming cannot be used anymore, we needed to return to heaven and think of another way.

I stroked the stone tablet in front of the grave mound, it had a small light blue stone platform underneath, for putting offerings. A wine flagon and cup was set on it, they hadn’t been tidied up. The cup was still full with wine and you can clearly see the bottom of the cup, as if the wine was newly poured today. Li Siming was actually quite popular after death. OdICNH

Heng Wen and I returned to heaven on clouds. While up in the air, I lowered my head and looked back to the ground. The site where Li Siming was buried was the Dongjun Wang’s family graveyard, there, rows of graves densely packed the earth. This immortal lord couldn’t help the rise of emotion, “At that time if I hadn’t happened to eat the elixir pill, perhaps several years later I would also be buried in a coffin under a grave like this, and insects would crawl on me as I slowly rot. The soul returned to King Yama, and the world continues to turn, who knows what I would have become this day.”

Heng Wen looked at me sideways, “Sad.” He said, while taking in a breath.

When we were back in heaven, this immortal lord made a beeline for the western celestial gate. Heaven has four celestial gates, the southern gate connects to the present time, the western gate connects to the past time, the eastern one to the future, and the north one, the common gate, to any time period.

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In front of the western celestial gate, the guarding general Gong Zhang blocked my way, “Yuanjun had just left Ling Xiao hall, didn’t you hear the supervisor report to Jade Emperor that the western gate collapsed? It’s being repaired and can’t be used for the time being.”

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I can only turn to the northern gate. The northern gate can connect to any realm and time, it’s used as a backup gate when the other gates are unavailable or being repaired.

A crowd of warrior gods surrounded the northern gate. They seem to be in a ruckus, walking around disorderly.

There was Tai Bai Xingjun amongst the immortals. I approached him and greeted him, then checked over the tightly closed gate with my eyes. d9t23u

“Song Yao Yuanjun, were you going to use this gate? It can’t be used, the key is gone.” Tai Bai Jinxing said.

“How can it be gone?” I was shocked.

Jinxing sighed and said that it was when Bihua Lingjun went through the northern gate yesterday. The guarding general was in the middle of a game of chess, so Bihua Lingjun took the key himself and opened the lock. After he had left, the guard only remembered that the key was in the hands of Bihua Lingjun who was outside after he had locked the gate. Bihua Lingjun went to attend the Dipankara’s Dharma Banquet in the west, so we have to wait until the feast is over. After they went around the mortal realm and return to heaven from the southern gate, then this northern gate can be used.

I asked for an estimate for how long it might take. zSyJPt

Taibai Xingjun’s answer made me lose all hope, “Should be about ten to twenty days,” he said.

Ten to twenty days… ten to twenty years. Seems like in this life Nan Ming and Tian Shu will really be able to protect each other until they grow old.

I heaved a sigh to Heng Wen saying, “Fate, this is also fated. Let’s report back to Jade Emperor, then we might be able to not do all of this, go back to our halls and rest.”

Heng Wen beat out a yawn. “Okay, I’m a bit tired as well. Drink and rest at your place or mine?” QoMRnE

Though we said so, how can Jade Emperor spare me from this work?

Halfway the way to Ling Xiao hall, we met with Ming Ge who was keeping watch, “Qingjun, Yuanjun, Jade Emperor had known about what happened down there.”

“Tian Shu and Nan Ming had left the city of Shang Chuan, they are on their way to Nanjun(southern county). Few days after departure, they will reach the Yangtze river, but the waves will be too high and their party will be stopped at an inn with boats. There is an available body right now, a wandering Daoist staying the night at a Daoist temple in Shang Chuan. He had reached his life expectancy and his soul had returned to the underworld, his body could be used for Yuanjun’s use. You shouldn’t be late, please speedily descend from the southern celestial gate.”

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It was daybreak, and the sun felt warm, this immortal lord opened my eyes on a spread propped on a wooden plank to a barren room in which dust dances, with old crooked door and window. VkGWxZ

Just then, someone knocked on the weathered door, issuing a sound of thumping.

“Guang Yunzi! Guang Yunzi! The thirty-fifth day rites for the Wangfu’s third young master will begin soon. We won’t make it if we don’t go now!”

Wuh, turns out the daoist monk with short life had the name of Guang Yunzi. He even had one character identical with this immortal lord’s title — Guang Xu Yuanjun.


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Da Feng’s chatter for ch.23, not story related: Author Notes: Update ^^

This chapter was for a happy new year but it dragged to today…… These few days I went around my relative’s places and got some profits…

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

After these two chapters I don’t know how long it’ll be before I’ll update again, on the eighth I’m going back to work, the night of sixth going on the train~ after the bustle have ended i will rush to do it, hoho~

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Translator's Note

Translator's Note

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  1. Uhhh, then Li Siming is done for. I feel sorry for his father and brothers, they’re so happy when he ‘reacted’.

    I really think the emperor or someone is interfering with this mission. Letting Li Siming’s body die, and now blocking the useful gates to remedy the situation… suspicious.

    I wanna see how this monk will be able to meddle with Tian Shu and Nan Ming’s lifes.

    Thanks for the chapter!