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Peach Blossom DebtChapter 14


Ming Ge Xingjun appeared a bit reluctant. “Jade Emperor had ordered that no heavenly immortals are allowed to meddle with the fate with their powers…….”

“If there is a way in the human world to treat it, can he be treated? When I heard that noise it really hurts my head.” d258E6

Ming Ge stroked his beard and considered it for a moment. This immortal lord added in, “Jade Emperor also said, in this life Tian Shu and Nan Ming are punished emotionally. His swollen lungs are not considered part of the trial, it won’t be a big hindrance whether it’s treated or not.”

Ming Ge eventually let out a breath, “Alright then, but Yuanjun must never use his godly powers.”

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I quietly spoke, “Look at my present situation, even if I want to, it’s not so easy to use my power is it.”

Ming Ge chuckled, “You’ve suffered these days, Yuanjun.” The old man could do me this favour and allow this immortal lord this thing. He also asked that I give his greetings to Heng Wen Qingjun. 7Q2qdX

He rode the wind to head back but he was barely up before he flew down again, he called out from behind this immortal lord who was about to phase back into the room.

“Song Yao Yuanjun, wait a second!” While panting, he searched around and took out a small bronze bagua token from his sleeves, then handed it over into this immortal lord’s palm.

“This object is called the seal of Lishen. It’s a treasure of the Supreme Old Lord and specially prepared for Yuanjun. The incarnation of Tian Shu and Yuanjun are both living here, and now Heng Wen Qingjun is here as well, afraid there’d be wild demons from the mountain making trouble. This object can let out Yuanjun’s true body, just in case anything happened. However, it can only be used thrice each month. Yuanjun must use it carefully.”

I pocketed the token. “Can only be used three times, it’s too few.” 6wUJrD

Ming Ge was very displeased of this immortal lord being picky. He nagged me and explained again how to use the token, and after he had said all that he needed to, he rode on a whiff of winds and returned to the heavens.

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Mu Ruoyan was already asleep when I went back inside Li Siming’s body. In the midst of the night, his breathing sounded fragile and not very deep. It would be difficult for anyone to grow up without getting hurt or sick, but to grow up with silk and satin piled up on him yet ailing to this point was also not so easy. Just how did he had lived through all those twenty years?

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I haven’t closed my eyes for long, he woke me up with his coughing again. I supported him into a comfortable position and got up from the bed to look for the pot on the table. It was still a tad warm. I poured him a cup and let him drink. After that, he slept more peacefully. I pulled his blanket up and tucked it tight next to his pillow, and finally slept until daybreak.

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As this immortal lord approached, I heard Jinning saying to Heng Wen: “Sir Zhao, I have something I don’t understand near the end of the book, can I ask you about it?” Heng Wen was still holding onto a book scroll, he must have been reading when the little brat came and disturbed him. I walked up to them, before I could take my third step and before Heng Wen could answer, Jinning added with a grin, “Mister, I just learnt a martial art technique, do you want to give it a try?”

Heng Wen laughed, “You even know some martial arts? How impressive. Why don’t you let mister look at your moves.”

Jinshu’s face spelled nothing but his anxiety. He pulled on Heng Wen’s sleeves, while Jinning put his hand on Heng Wen’s shoulder. “Mister, I learned this move from little uncle, it’s called giving breath. Mfh—”

Just as his face moved forward, this immortal lord took a big stride. Jinning was only half a chives’ leaf away from the tip of Heng Wen’s nose when the little rascal was pulled away and set on the ground. I growled, “Little uncle has some business with Sir Zhao, go play elsewhere.” Awged2

This immortal lord has known Heng Wen Qingjun for thousands of years. Even this immortal lord haven’t gotten my share of the fat meat and yet this little tyke had nearly snatched a taste.

Jinning ran off wailing. Jinshu reluctantly let go of Heng Wen and pattered out of the pavilion after Jinning with a lowered head. I heaved a sigh of relief, “Thank goodness.”

Heng Wen put down his book and looked to me, “The child wants to play, why be so serious.”

I grinned widely. It looks like Heng Wen was in a very good mood today, he had a smile on as he asked what matter this immortal lord have. “There’s nothing, really,” I said, and I shared what Ming Ge had told me last night with him. zyHq6Y

“Ming Ge Xingjun was always slacking like this, he writes simply, his words are not very clear and could have several interpretations. We can only hope he wrote a more detailed story this time so that small complications won’t crop up.”

This brought to mind this immortal lord’s old injury, so I immediately followed, “Exactly, who knows what he’d written in the book. Who knows if it would change to Nan Ming stabbing me in the last seconds? That’d be far too unfair to me.”

Heng Wen said with a half smile, “When your blood does fall to the ground, Tian Shu’s heart might just start to lean towards you. Tian Shu had always pitied the weak, you said so several days ago.”

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This immortal lord shuddered. vWSd6j

Heng Wen grasped my shoulders, “I’m merely scaring you. Don’t worry, when the time comes, how can he hurt you with me here?”

I said wryly, “I’m not afraid he’ll hurt me, just afraid the date Ming Ge set would arrive earlier. He said about five days but there’s no guarantee it won’t be this very night.”

In the end, this immortal lord lay on the bed with my eyes wide open wide like a copper bell that night, for fear that something would happen. Keeping watch until midnight, not another sound except for Tian Shu’s coughs could be heard. This immortal lord was unable to keep it up and directly went to sleep.

The next two days were spent asking far and wide on how to treat Tian Shu’s illness while the nights were spent with this immortal lord being on tenterhooks, scared that Shan Chengling couldn’t follow the schedule, that he’d come early to kill me. These two days whittled down this immortal lord’s vital energy. On the flip side, it was easier to attend to Mu Ruoyan and give him something to drink since I didn’t dare to close my eyes at night. I would bring tonic to him and took care of him day after day. The nightly coughing significantly lessened, Mu Ruoyan’s hand also had a bit more warmth. One night, after I gave him water to drink and took him to the bed, he laid on his pillow and murmured a soft ‘thank you’. Inexplicably, this old immortal shed bitter tears. nkR7 a

Dark clouds covered up the moon on the third night after Ming Ge’s notice, cool winds surged up. I could hear some unusual movements within the tiny rustling outside the window.

Was this immortal lord right about Old Ming Ge, was Shan Chengling ahead of schedule?

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I took out the copper bagua from my bosom and held it in my hands, silently read the seal script, and in an instant my true body was pulled out into the air. I silently slipped out.

Outside, a strong stench wafted with the wind, a faintly discernible shadow moved in the courtyard. A figure appeared to float among the flowers. Now and then, an enchanting laughter burst out just as icy wind howling and it sounded like a woman’s voice. YL8CM1

Seems like this immortal lord had guessed wrong. That old Ming Ge had an unlucky mouth.

It wasn’t Shan Chengling, but a demon.

By the smell of this foul musky odour, it should be a fox demon.

The vixen was heading towards Heng Wen’s quarters, in fact. Some little furball who hadn’t even cultivated for a thousand years dared to throw itself into an immortal’s domain. This immortal lord doesn’t feel like using my power to chase after the spirit, I simply teleported to Heng Wen’s door and waited for it to deliver itself to me. 2GLbWg

The female fox was sharp, as soon as it saw this immortal lord, it smiled sweetly, “Aiyou, so many immortals in the house.”

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According to the rules of heaven such small demons cannot be killed upon sight, we must first reason with them.

Thus this immortal lord bellowed, “Evil spirit, I can see that you have interest towards the Dao, I cannot bear to beat you back to your true form. If you could only leave the demonic path and cultivate righteous path, you may become an immortal after several trials and gain entry to heaven.”

The vixen said, “Aiya, old daoists are naggy enough, didn’t expect a young small immortal such as you would be so naggy too. This servant merely wants to spend a night with the immortal lord in there, and benefit from his immortal essence. Oh well, looks like I’m not the first here. This one shan’t waste words with you. Until we meet again.” A1XCcw

With a twist around its waist, it disappeared southwards in a black aura. My hand raised and I snapped my fingers. A miserable cry sounded from within the black aura. This was already giving it some consideration, whether or not it can keep a breath of life depended on its luck.

There was a heavy evil presence in Heng Wen’s room. I was about break in when I suddenly thought of Tian Shu who I had left in my room. Being the reincarnation of a Star God, he would surely attract some evil being’s interest. Heng Wen’s powers were far above mine and since there were no big movements inside the room, I assumed that he was fine. This immortal lord spoke into the narrow opening of his doors, “Heng Wen, handle it yourself for now, I’ll check Tian Shu then come back again to help you out.”

I warped back to the room in Han courtyard at once. Mu Ruoyan was deep asleep on the bed. Thankfully, nothing had happened yet. I drew up a spirit barrier and covered him with it well. Finally, I went back to Heng Wen’s place.

The potent smell grew thicker in the air. That demonic presence on Heng Wen’s room was even stronger, yet the inside remained without big movements. My guesses were far from good, I subdued my presence and hurried inside. MxEzQk

In the flickering warm light, Heng Wen was standing and there was another figure embracing him, murmuring, “Ever since I saw you, lord, I have longed for you day and night. I can’t be without you. I know that a demon like me with an immortal will not meet a good end. I’m here not expecting to keep my life. I only wish….” Lightly, its tongue licked Heng Wen’s ear, “Only wish that you may indulge me for a night. My lord, do you know the sort of fun things that can bring you the best kind of feeling……”

I actually haven’t made my move even after I heard that much.

Because this immortal lord was struck dumb for a moment.

Long silver hair as white as snow, a pair of seductive slanting eyes. It was a fox spirit coloured entirely in white. O7HIlt

The fox’s white robes opened wide around the torso, exposing the smooth pectorals there. It was a terrible sight.

What made it even more terrible was…the fox spirit was a male one.

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Translator's Note

leave/part, god/spirit

Translator's Note

油水, profit gained by some improper means

Translator's Note

23:00 – 01:00, third watch of the night

Translator's Note

沾些仙露, amrita

Translator's Note

future meeting at unscpecified time

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