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Peach Blossom DebtChapter 13


Li Siyuan who was by the bed coughed and said, “Third brother, nurse your health well. Your second brother and eldest brother will visit you again tomorrow.” He turned and gave Li Sixian a glance.

Li Sixian quickly added, “Yes, yes, third brother was injured rather badly. He just had medicine at the main hall and now needs the rest. Dad, you should head back and rest as well.” He turned around to face the servants, “Everyone with no business here, leave. The rest of you outside, guard the door properly, attend to third young master when the medicine arrives.” qT1pYw

Dongjun Wang’s eyes gave a side glance to the bed, he sighed loudly but flicked his sleeves down and went out the door. The rest of the crowd scrambled out of the room. Li Siyuan dawdled until finally pivoting back and walking over to the bed. He greeted Mu Ruoyan and said, “Our father is naturally stubborn, adding to that third brother also made the elderly worry. Today his anger went up to his head, he treated the young lord with such unfairness, I hope you can understand.” Only after that did he exited the room.

The door was closed. The only people left in the room were Tian Shu and Li Siming. I smiled obsequiously to Heng Wen, “I’ll get in Li Siming, release Tian Shu’s hands and you pull me back up again, okay?”

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Heng Wen slightly raised his eyebrows, “What’s the hurry for? It wasn’t easy to grab that hand, no matter what you should hold on for a few more moments. No one is around now, let’s see what Tian Shu’s attitude to this third lord Li Siming.”

This immortal lord can only laugh back. I looked at Mu Ruoyan who stood by the bed, his two brows made a little crease, his gaze at the back that faced up — Li Siming hadn’t stir even a bit. He bent down and gently opened Li Siming’s grip to recover his own hand. He picked up a thin blanket at the side of the bed and softly laid it on Li Siming’s body. Yz1w5g

Heng Wen looked at me, all smiles, “Covering you with a blanket, the possibilities are endless.”

Being looked at by him like that this immortal lord coughed stiffly in embarrassment. I laughed out, “Even in heaven Tian Shu had always pitied the weak, as a mortal this tendency still hasn’t changed.”

Shortly after, a maid knocked on the door and entered. She carried a calming decoction for the third young master, only to leave it on Mu Ruoyan’s hands very naturally, saying ‘we must trouble young lord Yan to feed the medicine to young master, this servant will retire now’ and then turning and left.

Mu Ruoyan stood there clasping a bowl of medicine in his hands. I can’t help craning my neck. Just now when Tian Shu picked up the blanket and covered me, this immortal lord felt a sliver of joy inside of me. Now that Li Siming is lying on the bed between life and death, I wonder what method Tian Shu will use to feed him? Ac17wv

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Behind this immortal lord, Heng Wen asked in a cold voice: “Your neck’s so far out it’s like a bridge. Waiting for Tian Shu to feed you by mouth?

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Well, this immortal lord came back precisely to drink medicine. However, before I do, I have to play my part for a bit. I sat myself up with difficulty then said unsteadily, “Ruoyan…Ruoyan…. You’re still here…. My dad, he, he didn’t make it difficult for you, did he…”

Keeping silent, Mu Ruoyan carried the bowl over. I pushed my upper body to receive the bowl into my mouth and drank. After the bowl was empty, he held out his hand to take it back, putting the bowl on the table. The door opened and a maid promptly came in to take away the bowl. With a voice like a dying man’s, I instructed, “Young lord Mu was just sick, let him recover in the east side room. It’s like this until my injury is healed.” The maid answered with a ‘yes’.

I was pulled back up to the air by Heng Wen again. I left Li Siming lying on the bed for several days, letting this immortal lord’sself steal time to slack off. I slept in Heng Wen’s room at night and strolled around the manor in concealment during the day, I also changed into another appearance to stroll around the streets. Every day I will go inside Li Siming’s body several times to be awake for a bit, drink medicine, eat, or relieve myself.

Heng Wen was busy these few days though. Dongjun Wang placed the utmost importance to this sir counsellor Zhao, everyday he would ask him and his two sons to the study to discuss important matters together. Using different situations in the country to discuss strategies. I had leaned on Heng Wen and listened in a bit, but it was quite dull. In a true non-brotherly spirit I abandoned Heng Wen and went to town and listen to songs. Heng Wen took it pretty seriously, he didn’t let me sleep on his bed that night. tpD84y

I had to stand at the head of his bed, smiling to pacify him, “Outside is so windy and the night is cold, does Heng Wen Qingjun have the heart to make your friend sleep on a tree with no covers?”

Heng Wen said with a grim face. “So many empty side rooms in the Dongjun Wang’s manor, there’s no way you can’t find one to sleep in.”

I shook my head, “Empty rooms are many, but only few has bedding and a blanket.”

“If that’s so, go be Li Siming, his room has such a big bed. Tian Shu in the side room has a soft bed and thick blankets, you can also go there.” ixWveV

My face fell with bitterness, “Sleeping as Li Siming my back will hurt, sleeping with Tian Shu my head will hurt.” I smiled widely and threw my arm around Heng Wen’s shoulders. “The whole world has millions and millions of beds but your humble servant shall only want Qingjun’s couch.”

Heng Wen scoffed, “Not afraid you’ll be punished up the execution platform for saying that.”

this immortal lord smoothly got inside the blanket.

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Li Siming deserved to be this immortal lord’s vessel. He healed up rapidly, merely five days later the injury had scabbed and become scattered bruises. 2cTfQ1

His recovery in turn ended this immortal lord’s idle days. I will return to being Li Siming, sleeping in that big bed in my room, and getting Tian Shu moved back to my side again.

My true body was out loafing about everywhere these days but I also dropped in to check on Tian Shu several times. Everyday, he can’t eat more than a spoonful, he read several history scrolls, he sat by the most remote corner by the garden’s pond and small apricot tree missing Shan Chengling, and he played one or two rounds of go with himself. So it was no surprise that he’d fall ill. He spent each day so insipidly, he’ll get sick no matter how repressed his illness is.

After I moved Tian Shu back in my room he still coughed every night. Before a sound could leak out, he would close his mouth tight and stifle his coughing. The trembles of that frail body’s made this immortal lord’s empathy rise. I helped him up and patted his back to make him cough it out, then went out to order a pot of hot tea brewed for Mu Ruoyan to drink, speaking sincerely, “When you have to cough, don’t suppress it, I don’t mind being woken up.” Mu Ruoyan obediently drank the tea before lying down. I let out a sigh before lying down as well.

My brain was deep in haze as I seemingly heard calls like that of a fly’s: “Song Yao Yuanjun, Song Yao Yuanjun——” InYZ5H

After days of not seeing old Ming Ge, he came.

Each time he came he’d have a new inhumane task for me to do.

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As expected, on the roof, Ming Ge Xingjun opened with flattery, he asked this immortal lord if my injuries from getting beaten had all healed or not.

My mouth held a smile, “Bearing those beatings is what Xingjun had planned for me, you knew well when my injuries would heal completely. There’s no need to ask that.” M3owGr

Ming Ge Xingjun laughed hollowly, then dived straight to the point. “Before midnight five days from now, Shan Chengling will arrive at Dongjun Wang’s residence to fight for Mu Ruoyan. He will suffer Li Siming’s sword in place of Mu Ruoyan and run away alone and wounded.”

Oh? Didn’t this Li Siming love Mu Ruoyan? How can he stab him with a sword? If I must stab, I should be stabbing Shan Chengling.

Old man Ming Ge held his beard and said, “Yuanjun ah, common sense couldn’t be used to reason with human emotion. Each one emotion is unique, there are those who disregard themselves for their love, there are also those who can only beg but never obtain the other, thus started to go mad with desire.”

With that, this immortal lord understood. The purpose of this attack was draw out Nan Ming Dijun’s deep earth shaking feelings with this immortal lord’s cruelty. Following that attack, the feelings between Tian Shu and Nan Ming will deepen while the hate Tian Shu has for me will grow. FDz 0W

Fine I’ll be vicious, I’ll be hateful. In any case, this immortal lord am not doing anything good here, I’ve never had hope something good will come out of it.

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Jade Emperor is truly not bad to let me have the chance to stab Nan Ming Dijun. When we were in heaven, this immortal lord once spoke harsh words, that I really wished I could stab Nan Ming Dijun, and that must had reached Jade Emperor’s ears. The Jade Emperor is very wise.

I listened to what old Ming Ge has to say to the end and I was about to go back to the room cheerfully when I suddenly thought of something. “Tian Shu is coughing beside me every night and I can’t sleep peacefully. Can we treat his illness?”


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Translator's Note

Translator's Note

this young lord

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describing one’s hard situation like the cicada’s hardships

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immortal friend

Translator's Note

半夜亥时, Hai Hours (9-11 pm) at night

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  1. “When you have to cough, don’t suppress it, I don’t mind being woken up.”

    “Tian Shu is coughing beside me every night and I can’t sleep peacefully. Can we treat his tuberculosis?”

    … how sincere, MC. Truly sincere.

    MC is excited to stab the other guy, but I’m getting this weird feeling it’s not gonna go all that well. Hm…

    Thanks for translating!

  2. This story can give me
    laugh, joy, aww moment in one chapter. Thank you very much for the translation!!

    • I’m here thanks to accidentally learning about Ten Miles Peach Blossoms’ plagiarism.
      Curiousity aside, I can see alot of ideas, personal traits,nuances from this novel being used by TQ to write her damn novel. Now whenever I watched the damn drama I keep on thinking that many things in the drama will be very explainable if the main heroine is a God instead of Goddess. Damn.
      Anyway, this novel is addictive and more put together compared to its unethical heterosexual adaptation…. Pls translate it for me who barely understand Chinese beyond “Ni Hao”! And Thank you for the work!

      • I just did a search on what you said in your comment and I can’t believe Ten Miles of Peach Blossoms was a plagiarised work! Damn, and I actually liked its plot from all the stuff I heard!
        Thank god, I heard about this before I read the novel or watched the drama and movie! After all, the only the original can provide the best experience!

        • TMoPB takes points from different novels, it has a lot phrases lifted from PBD(in the early version) and took terms/lore/names… so it’s like a fanfic
          It’s actually good story, and you might even like it (though after I know where things came from I can feel the disconnect and holes between the elements and can’t enjoy it anymore)

  3. Ugh. He’s already falling. There’s much more than he’s let us know, obviously.

    Thanks for the chapter!