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Peach Blossom DebtChapter 11


Dongjun wang’s doctor told me young lord Yan’s blood veins were not smooth, the cold added to his old illness causing his circulations to be blocked, such and such, talking on and on.

I interrupted him with a wave, “This young lord can’t make sense of medicines, what use are your long-winded words with me? Since you know what’s wrong, treat him.” IRC64s

The old man answered ‘yes’, he prescribed the medicines neatly and efficiently. He said that he can only prescribe for a medicine to calm Mu Ruoyan’s coughing and implied his sickness cannot be completely cured.

Can’t be cured completely, isn’t that swollen lungs?

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My head bowed to look at Mu Ruoyan. No wonder his complexion looked pale while yellowish and he coughed all day. He was actually sick from swollen lung….Heng Wen hadn’t left yet, he spoke leisurely from the table, “The worry in your face looks so pitying and heart-aching.”

How did this immortal lord’s heart become twisted into such a mess by him. Where do I have the free time to ache? I saw there was no one around so I said in a low voice, “The day is already bright, young lord Zhao, aren’t you afraid someone will come looking for the counsellor?” OLJYkI

Heng Wen said, “You’re right. I’ll first return to my room. For now, you just look after Tian Shu.” A bright light flashed and he disappeared. He must have left.

This immortal lord sat on the bed. Tian Shu hasn’t woken up yet. I placed his hand back under the blanket and tucked in the sides tighter for him. The Jade Emperor seemed to be especially ruthless to Tian Shu. His whole family wiped out, taken as someone’s prisoner, and he was also given swollen lung. He was made to endure the torment of being suspended between half-dead and not quite being alive. That Nan Ming Dijun was having a really great time acting as general in Nanjun — I never hear any misfortune befalling him.

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Tian Shu woke up before he finished one bowl of medicine. I extended my sleeve to wipe the remaining medicine on the corner of his mouth. “Being soaked in the water provoked your lung’s illness and made it relapsed. Is it worth it?”

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Secretly complaining a bit, this immortal lord can’t help but ask him, “The doctor said yours was an old illness. Mu family was sentenced not too long ago, you were the minister’s family young master before, how can you contract swollen lung out of nowhere?”

Mu Ruoyan kept silent.

I added, “Could it also be related to Shan Chengling?” Seeing that he still didn’t say anything, I continued on, “Your love for him is really truer than gold. You should tell me about your past with him later—” My hand reached out and picked up some of Tian Shu’s hair, “So that this lord can grasp how he got your heart.” 8wDWhI

Mu Ruoyan still remained silent. This immortal lord let his hair back down only after fiddling with it for some time. I sauntered out of the room.

When I reached the corridor in front of the courtyard, something smacked against my leg at fast speed. Small claws pulled the corner of my robes and wildly tugged at it. “Little uncle, little uncle~~”

My eyebrows jumped up though I stroked his head, “Why are you running around outside instead of listening to Sir Zhao’s lessons in the study?”

The corner of my eyes caught Jinshu hiding behind the pillar peeking half of his little face out, being seen by me he retreated further behind it. This immortal lord see myself as a gentleman, but whenever this child sees me it was as if he really met the white tiger demon. This immortal lord am very puzzled. Jinning wrinkled his nose and shook my leg. “Writing hurts my hand. Little uncle, I want to see the uncle in your courtyard. My hand hurts, let the uncle in there blow at it~” QIF8wy

I made a long face. This brat’s mind is only filled with improper thoughts. I caught sight of Heng Wen in the distance, he was coming over from the small study.

My leg was held down by Jinning so I can do nothing except stay in place and greet him with a stiff smile, “What a timing. it’s Sir Zhao.”

As Heng Wen came closer he cupped his hands in a cultured manner to greet, “Third young lord.” And looking at the side of my leg, he smiled: “Is this the small master?”

I gave him a stiff smile again, but suddenly my leg was released. Like he was presented a prize of meat on stick, Jinning directly pounced at Heng Wen head on and took hold of Heng Wen’s legs. pbVQ7J

“Big brother——” Heng Wen’s body was slender, being tackled by Jinning he was pushed back one step. Jinning tightened his grip on Heng Wen’s robes, tugging it left and right. His small face looked up and asked in a soft, childish tone, “Brother, what do they call you?”

Heng Wen Qingjun was one of those gods who were born immortal. Having never lived in the mortal world, he had never seen this type of kid; Because of that he was startled but then he unwittingly laughed, “You’re asking me? My surname is Zhao, my given name is one word, Heng.”

This immortal lord walked up in big strides to take Jinning away but the little pest pulled at Heng Wen and wouldn’t let go. He said with a calm face, “Brother Zhao is handsome, Jinning likes you! Brother Zhao, hug, hug!”

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My face darkened. I pulled him until he let go of Heng Wen, “Tut! What brother Zhao. This person is Sir Zhao who was invited by your grandfather. Call him ‘sir’ properly!” Jinshu who was sucking on his finger behind the pillar had moved towards Heng Wen, but when he saw me come over he retreated back. bh3cU

Heng Wen’s smile, though, looked like he enjoyed this a lot. Jinning twisted wildly in my grasp, wanting to throw himself over again. Down the corridor, someone shouted, “Ning’er, what are you doing!”

Jinning immediately stopped moving, seemingly well-behaved. His dad Li Sixian briskly rushed over, he pulled Jinning by his ear from this immortal lord’s hands, pulling him up beside himself. Jinshu bent his little head and called out ‘big uncle’ in his tiny fly voice. Li Sixian’s tone was stern, “To behave in such a disrespectful manner in front of Sir Zhao, how did I teach you before! Go back to your room and copy Conduct and Sense one hundred times!”

Jinning stifled his mouth, he has started sobbing. Two wet nurses stepped forward and left taking Jinning and Jinshu. Jinning cried as he walked, he used his sleeves to wipe his snot but still remembered to turn to look at Heng Wen. Li Sixian said while he cupped his hands: “My no-good son was disrespectful and behaved rudely to Sir Zhao. Mister, don’t blame him.”

Young lord Zhao’s smile was so wide his eyes squinted too, how can he blame him. “Eldest young lord is courteous. The little master is young and has a simple nature. I’ve heard his words and knew he has great ingenuity. He will definitely become extraordinary.” 4BR76L

Li Sixian kept saying ‘sir, that is too high a praise’ and then turned to me, “Dad is in the main hall, he wants third brother to come quickly.”

Li Sixian looked serious. It looked like Dongjun Wang was looking for this immortal lord because of something big. This immortal lord guessed, with a sense of trepidation, as I hastened to the main hall.

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I ran into Li Siyuan outside the hall, he was standing beside a Wutong tree. He covered his mouth with a hand and spoke in low whispers. “Dad found out about you and the one in your courtyard. He’s furious.”


Translator's Note

agreeing respectfully

Translator's Note

tuberculosis but it sounds so modern so I tried to make it old-sounding

Translator's Note

why bring things to this point?

Translator's Note

more solid than gold

Translator's Note

like an arrow

Translator's Note

lectures on books

Translator's Note

本仙君自诩倜傥 = I boast myself to be an elegant/suave man.

Translator's Note

纯仙种的神仙, pure(blooded) god, he had never been not god

Translator's Note

self conduct and being aware of your speech

Translator's Note

他日定为龙凤 = his days are set to be dragon-phoenix, metaphor for excellent talent/person.

Translator's Note

anger burning

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