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Outside the Law

Outside the Law 法外之徒

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Author: 卡比丘 (Ka Bi Qiu)
Total Chapters: 15
Genre: Action, Completed, Dog Blood, Gangs, Modern, Romance
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Translators: JP
Release Schedule: Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday


Made up background, fake dog blood gangster, real “dumb white sweet”. Luo Yu x Ruan Zheng

It’s kind of hard to write a synopsis for this short and sweet(ish) story but trust me when I say it’s good! It’s also fairly NSFW so read with caution (the raws do not include the rated R scenes but in my translations I do).

Also, please don’t be alarmed, it really is 1v1 Luo Yu x Ruan Zheng 😉

The raws are free to read on Chang Pei!! Check them out!!

***There is an audio drama for this novel that you can find by looking up the raw title.

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  1. When I read the first chapter, I thought it sounded familiar XD apparently I listened to the drama CD before!!!

    • MC is Luo Yu, ML is Ruan Zheng. They’re technically “enemies” because they run different gangs. This is basically the love story between them (which is very sweet and a little bit angsty) and how they overcome their differences (again, different gangs) and personalities (how ruthless do you have to be to run a gang…) to fall in love with each other. Also, there are plot twists and a lot of smut scenes (basically one every chapter).

  2. Hello, my name is Gisele. I am a reader of your translations, today I finished reading ‘Outside the Law’, and I felt like translating to Portuguese… But only if you allow :/