Outside the Law

Outside the Law 法外之徒

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Author: 卡比丘 (Ka Bi Qiu)
Total Chapters: 15
Genre: Action, Completed, Dog Blood, Gangs, Modern, Romance
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Translators: JP
Release Schedule: Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday


Made up background, fake dog blood gangster, real “dumb white sweet”. Luo Yu x Ruan Zheng

Warning: This novel contains a lot of NSFW content.

The raws are free to read on Chang Pei!! Check them out!!

There is an audio drama for this novel that you can find by looking up the raw title.

Spanish translations here!

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  1. When I read the first chapter, I thought it sounded familiar XD apparently I listened to the drama CD before!!!

    • MC is Luo Yu, ML is Ruan Zheng. They’re technically “enemies” because they run different gangs. This is basically the love story between them (which is very sweet and a little bit angsty) and how they overcome their differences (again, different gangs) and personalities (how ruthless do you have to be to run a gang…) to fall in love with each other. Also, there are plot twists and a lot of smut scenes (basically one every chapter).

  2. Hello, my name is Gisele. I am a reader of your translations, today I finished reading ‘Outside the Law’, and I felt like translating to Portuguese… But only if you allow :/

  3. Hello! My name is Samuel.

    I will quickly tell you my intentions, ah.

    I’m here to ask permission to translate “Outside the Law” into Spanish in my wattpad account. My translations are NOT “copy and paste”.

    I read and translate / edit in an orderly manner into Spanish.

    All the credits of your translation in English will be placed in a note at the beginning of the novel, you can go to see my translations where the credits are always to whom they correspond.

    On wattpad: @rosstlv

  4. Hi, I really like this story, I want to translate it into my language, Indonesian. Is that okay with you? I will definitely give you credit and link to here. Please let me know what you think.