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This Omega is Immune to All AbilitiesChapter 25


By the time Yi Jiamu returned to the dormitory, the enthusiasm left in his body had basically dissipated. Even so, there was inevitably a faint smell of narcissus on him that lingered for a long time.

Sang Bei had always been waiting for Yi Jiamu to come back. He noticed the smell of an alpha on Yi Jiamu and his expression subtly changed. He was eager to speak but stopped. Yi Jiamu changed his shoes and looked up. He saw the expression on Sang Bei’s face and slightly paused. “What is it?” sq0nfd

His tone was plain as if this was normal and he just returned from class. However, this made Sang Bei feel even more uncomfortable. After a long silence, he shook his head. “It’s nothing.”

Yi Jiamu responded, “I’ll take a shower first.”

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“Go ahead.” Sang Bei showed an understanding smile and watched Yi Jiamu take out his bath towel and clothes from the wardrobe. As he took off his coat, Sang Bei glanced over casually and the expression on his face became completely frozen.

It might only be a short moment but it was enough to be certain that the gland on Yi Jiamu’s neck did have deep and ambiguous teeth marks. They were red, clear and eye-catching. Such traces seemed to have a provocative effect and Sang Bei was unable to control his face. All his thoughts ran away in an instant. DRNEy5

Susceptible period, solitary A and O, glands, bite marks… ahhh, it was happening!

Yi Jiamu didn’t notice his roommate’s strange appearance. He just hung his coat by his bedside, turned and went to the bathroom.

Sang Bei stood alone in the empty dormitory for a while. Then he gulped and sat back at his table. He logged onto the campus forum using the new photon computer on his desktop.

Prior to this, the news of the ban around the association building being lifted had already spread. Everyone was shocked to find that Gu Yesheng hadn’t been taken away by the mech rescue team for isolation. There were waves after waves of heated discussion.


Sang Bei quickly logged into his side account.

In a pile of posts such as ‘God Ye in his susceptible period is literally an A bomb’, ‘who knows what happened this afternoon?’ and ‘two or three guesses about why Gu Yesheng didn’t run wild in his susceptible period’, there was an additional one titled ‘Is anyone thinking of setting up a new AO CP for God Ye?’. However, it was buried in an instant due to the heated discussion.

Sang Bei stared at his post that no one was interested in and felt a trace of sadness. Mumu liked God Ye so much. God Ye and Mumu were already mixing and brewing sauce, why weren’t they recognized by the outside world? Such a shame!

He silently looked at the lively forum and was ready to shut it down when a new reply entered his vision. He clicked inside and could see a simple and concise reply with one glance: I think this idea is particularly good, especially if the person is soft, sweet and a bit cute. pPho3a

Sang Bei’s eyes lit up and he inexplicably felt like he had found a confidant. He looked at the ID of the reply post and after entering the information column, it wasn’t difficult to judge from the incomplete information that it was a newly registered account. However, he didn’t dislike side accounts! After all, who didn’t have a few identities when coming forward?

Therefore, Sang Bei took out his terminal without hesitation and sent a social application to this account with the note: Sister, do you want to nibble on the new CP? Perhaps the other person was busy but the system only informed him of a new application acceptance after a long time.

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Sang Bei raised his eyebrows with satisfaction and couldn’t wait to send a message: [The wonderful new AO CP welcomes you. Sister, do you have a favourite candidate for God Ye’s AO love? If not, do you want to know about the Yemu CP?]

C wbwfca ijafg, tf gfmflnfv j gfqis ogbw atf batfg qfgrbc. S7jIis

[Muxiu Linshen: Ok]


Ciatbeut tf kjrc’a ajxfc jkjs lcab lrbijalbc ys atf wfmt gfrmef afjw, Xe Tfrtfcu jmaejiis byfsfv Te Vtfcu’r gfqfjafv fwqtjrlr jcv rajsfv lc tlr jqjgawfca veglcu tlr fcalgf rermfqalyif qfglbv. Coafg kjixlcu bea bo atf vbbg, atf olgra qijmf tf kfca ab kjr atf Cylilalfr Crrbmljalbc Delivlcu.

At this time, everyone was obviously training. tBT2Ov

The college’s Abilities League was approaching every day and Lu Zexiu comprehensively upgraded everyone’s training plan. Gu Yesheng arrived and saw everyone lying on the ground after finishing a project, their expressions making it unknown if they were alive or dead.

As the assistant, Yi Jiamu was delivering water to the members. He seemed to feel the gaze that fell on his body. The moment he looked up, he saw Gu Yesheng with a smile on his face and was slightly stunned.

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Gu Yesheng raised an eyebrow, raised the milk tea in his hand like a lure and waved to Yi Jiamu from a distance.

He had spent a few days alone in his apartment and was inexplicably in a good mood when he saw the child. He saw Yi Jiamu come up to him obediently and the teardrop mole at the corner of his eye moved as he laughed. “Take it.” MPOnI8

Yi Jiamu took the milk tea and skillfully inserted the straw before drinking it. “There are two more cups.”

“This cup doesn’t count.” Gu Yesheng leaned lazily against the door, a few images flashing in his mind. He couldn’t help the corners of his mouth from curving up. “This is gratitude for before.”

Yi Jiamu recalled the day he was covered in sweat due to Gu Yesheng’s susceptible period and accepted it with no thoughts or burden. “Then you still owe me three cups.”

Such airy words were like a hand scratching quietly at Gu Yesheng’s heart. He couldn’t help lowering his eyelids as he thought that three cups or 300 cups would be fine. gXUIbs

The other members of the Abilities Association lay dead on the ground for a long time before slowly coming back to life. They got up and saw Gu Yesheng who was laughing and chatting with Yi Jiamu at the door.

They wanted to ask him about the unsolved mystery of the school regarding his susceptible period but Lu Zexiu walked in with an information booklet and spoke in a harsh voice. “Time is up. Prepare for the next project.”

The surroundings were silent for a moment before the group wailed, “President, I’m going to die!”

Lu Zexiu’s tone didn’t change. “You can’t bear this much? It seems that you’re not used to the intensity of this training. Perhaps I should consider adding more training content.” Oqdl1C

The members of the association had a solemn expression. “…No President, you misunderstood. We will practice until we die!”

“I’m glad you have such a high awareness.’

Seeing that everyone was going to start the next exercise, Yi Jiamu picked up the form on the table and glanced at Gu Yesheng’s indifferent expression. “Aren’t you going to train today?”

Gu Yesheng didn’t even need to think about it. His answer was very simple. “I’m not ready.” O94XLf

Lu Zexiu looked over at him. “If you aren’t practicing, what did you come here to do?”

“Of course, it is to come and see…” Gu Yesheng slightly smiled as he took the milk tea from Yi Jiamu’s hand in a natural manner. He gently patted Yi Jiamu on the head and said, “Little friend, go ahead. I will help look after the milk tea for you and make sure that no one drinks it.”

Yi Jiamu heard these words and vaguely felt that something was wrong. Even so, he didn’t think much and nodded. “Then I’ll trouble you.”

Once this obedient figure left, Lu Zexiu opened his mouth again. “There are only the two of us here. Tell me, who would steal a drink?” dvLnwR

Gu Yesheng smiled and took advantage of Yi Jiamu’s lack of attention to take a small sip. “Of course, it is the guardian who is stealing it.”

“……” Lu Zexiu had a rare moment of silence in front of this shamelessness. Then he felt the communicator shaking twice. He took a look at the message he received and paused before saying, “Since you aren’t training, come with me.”

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Gu Yesheng glanced at him. “Where are we going?’

Lu Zexiu met his gaze. “I just received news that Mr Meyan has come to the school.” fUbkis

The name entered Gu Yesheng’s ear and he slightly tightened his fingers around the milk tea. “I will go with you.”


Yi Jiamu finished assisting with the next training project and no longer saw Gu Yesheng’s figure. He only saw the half empty milk tea left along on the windowsill.

Xu Yi was sweating all over. He noticed Yi Jiamu’s gaze and explained while wiping his neck with a towel, “Mr Meyan has come to the school. The president and several professors went to receive him.” e6wryn

Yi Jiamu blinked. “Mr Meyan?”

Xu Yi was slightly surprised as he wiped his sweat. “You don’t know him?”

“I don’t have an impression.” Yi Jiamu thought for a moment. “It is somewhat familiar. I’ve probably heard it somewhere.”

“It isn’t surprising that such a big person was mentioned.” Xu Yi smiled. “In short, the president explained that we don’t have to wait for them. These days have been too hard. Just clean up and hurry back to rest!” k9CdMG

“Okay, Senior.”

He didn’t have much curiosity about things that had nothing to do with him so he followed the others in cleaning up the training room.

Just then, he suddenly received a new communication. [I have arrived at your school. Where are you? I want to see you.]

Xu Yi was standing beside him and felt Yi Jiamu suddenly freeze, so he glanced over with confusion. He saw the last four words instantly and couldn’t help his hands shaking. Just then, Yi Jiamu looked up, his eyes visibly brighter. “Senior, I have something to do. Can I go first?” gtd8sp

“Ah?” Xu Yi froze for a moment before recovering. “Ah, if you have something then just go. We can sort out this place. It’s nothing!”

Yi Jiamu smiled. “Thank you, Senior!”

As he left, he didn’t forget to bring the milk tea from the window. Due to the pleasant invitation, even his back looked full of sunshine.

Zhou Ming leaned over strangely. “Why is the little assistant going?” mTfoy5

Gong Yue spoke softly, “He looks very happy.”

Xu Yi’s eyes were focused in the direction of Yi Jiamu’s departure. He took out his communicator and his fingertips paused over Gu Yesheng’s ID for a long time. Then he thought about the big master Gu Yesheng was greeting and turned off the screen again.

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He noticed the gossip-filled eyes around him and cleared his throat. “Don’t ask me. I don’t know anything.”

Thank you xai_ice for the lovely fanart of Ji Yiamu. In addition, check out xai_ice’s twitter. 5ld 4G

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