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This Omega is Immune to All AbilitiesChapter 15


Yi Jiamu watered Cici on the balcony with the nutrient solution. The concentration of the newly purchased nutrient solution was too high. He tried to adjust it several times before finally getting the right proportion.

In the dormitory, Sang Bei was at the table and playing with the terminal. The display showed the campus forum page. 1Dgy5u

The forum was in turmoil due to the resolution of the violent incident. The School of Combat had lost a lot of reputation and was completely silent. At this time, the students from various schools surrounded them and mocked them. The scene was very lively for a time.

Just then, the communicator thrown on the desk flashed twice. Sang Bei took a look and found it was a gossip group he had previously joined. He didn’t know who had sent the photos but in an instant, there was a heated discussion.

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These photos were obviously taken from far away and the protagonist was also blurred, but as a diehard CP fan, Sang Bei still recognized it at first glance. He looked at the discussion in the ground and then waved excitedly to his new ally. “Mumu, Mumu, come quickly!  Fuck, I don’t know who was so unlucky but God Ye made a move again. It’s so exciting!”

Yi Jiamu poured the last drop of nutrient solution into the irrigation device and pondered over this ‘God Ye.’ “Gu Yesheng?” NHeLtX

Sang Bei pointed at the figure on the screen. “You must’ve never seen God Ye using his ability. Look at these steps that even his parents wouldn’t acknowledge. Look at the expression that is like the reincarnation of the king of hell. I’m going to fall again. It’s too much!”

Yi Jiamu hadn’t told Sang Bei about the attack last night. His roommate naturally didn’t know that he had seen the effect of Gu Yesheng’s strange ability not long ago. At this time, his eyes were on the photo where the person couldn’t be seen clearly and he commented realistically, “If there is nothing else, your eyesight is pretty good.”

“That’s not the point!” Sang Bei ignored the ridicule in the tone and was excited. “Do you know who God Ye taught a less? Gu Xiucheng! It is a young master from the same family! The fact that they don’t like each other isn’t a secret but this is the first time they fought face to face like this! Is this the grudge of the legendary ancient abilities family?!”

Yi Jiamu felt this name was familiar and soon remembered. “Isn’t he the villain in the novel you sent me previously?”


“Congratulations, you’re already a qualified CP fan!” Sang Bei clapped. “It is this Gu Xiucheng. He is the most common official villain in the fan area. The area of God Ye who can never be shaken!”

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“Oh, it’s really exciting.” Yi Jiamu didn’t care too much about this type of gossip. He was about to clean the irrigation device when he remembered Gu Yesheng’s words yesterday: I will handle this matter.

His steps paused slightly and he asked, “Why did they fight?”

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“Yt.” Tl Aljwe cbvvfv jcv tfjvfv ab atf yjatgbbw.

Lf tjv pera mbwf bea ktfc atf mbwweclmjalbc vfnlmf bc tlr vfrx gjcu. Lf qlmxfv eq jcv tfjgv j ojwliljg nblmf. “Olaaif oglfcv, jgf sbe lc sbeg vbgwlabgs?”

Yi Jiamu looked at the strange number on his communicator with amazement. “I’m inside.”

“Look downstairs?” rNQHdy

Yi Jiamu walked to the balcony and looked down. Sure enough, he saw a figure casually leaning against a tree not far away. He was wearing the same dark red cardigan as the photo and was giving off a dissolute and indescribable air.

He heard the laughter that didn’t seem to belong to the protagonist who just ended a fight. “Go downstairs. I’m looking for you for something.”


There were too many eyes downstairs in the dormitory building. Gu Yesheng took Yi Jiamu to a place with fewer people and smoothly handed over the milk tea. 0Jrt17

Yi Jiamu had noticed this cup of milk tea a long time ago. He thanked Gu Yesheng, inserted a straw to drink it and vaguely squeezed out a sentence, “There are still four cups.”

His cheeks were slightly bulging as he drank the milk tea. Combined with the apricot coloured eyes, he looked extremely soft.

Gu Yesheng watched him and for some reason, remembered the gangsters who were still in the hospital bed. He couldn’t help wanting to laugh. A usually harmless person unexpectedly had sharp teeth and claws. Unfortunately, he was too late yesterday and failed to appreciate the cool, heroic posture.

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

Yi Jiamu took a few sips of milk tea and then inadvertently saw the slit in Gu Yesheng’s collar. He asked in a seemingly casual manner, “I heard you were in a fight?” aBk3KN

Gu Yesheng was slightly surprised. Then he remembered the crowd outside the cafe and smiled casually. “Gu Xiucheng isn’t qualified yet to fight with me. At most, it was a one-sided warning.”

Yi Jiamu thought about it and asked, “So yesterday, the gangsters were sent by him?”

Gu Yesheng hadn’t expected this child’s intuition to be so sharp. A sneer appeared on his face. “Don’t worry about him. He is targeting me.”

Yi Jiamu didn’t speak but it was obvious from his facial expression that he didn’t understand. Gu Yesheng’s eyes swept over this face and he was silent for a moment. Suddenly, he reached out, pinched Yi Jiamu’s chin lightly and held it up. This action was abrupt and the cold touch momentarily stunned Yi Jiamu. bI4CiB

The eyes of the two people locked together silently. For a time, no one made a sound. Gu Yesheng’s expression seemed a bit distant and the cool touch spread as his fingers stroked Yi Jiamu’s chin.

For the first time, he was using his ability carefully and restraining temptation. He found that the slightest bit of effort would cause harm to the other side. Such a quiet and extra hesitant attempt was always paying attention and trying to find abnormalities in the other person’s expression, but it was useless.

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The light apricot eyes were calm and there were no waves at all. Gu Yesheng finally confirmed that this omega really wasn’t afraid of him.

It should be a very fatal thing for a person’s ability to completely fail but after a moment, Gu Yesheng just laughed. There was even a strange pleasure in his voice. “Little friend, I will protect you in the future.” rX4ByC

Yi Jiamu had been calmly looking into this person’s eyes. Then he heard such abrupt words and was clearly surprised.

Even so, he habitually thought about the proposal before replying, “It isn’t necessary.”

Gu Yesheng saw his bewildered expression and released his hand with a smile. “You don’t need to refuse so quickly.”

Students of the School of Theory at Sublime Star were like flowers in a greenhouse. There was very little chance of them having real contact with the complex power circle. Yi Jiamu didn’t even know a dirty person like Gu Xiucheng. It was natural that he didn’t know real evil in this world. He might be refusing now out of embarrassment but it was unknown what he would face in the future. Kbi4gl

Gu Yesheng saw Yi Jiamu’s face and inexplicably didn’t lose his temper. Hearing his refusal, he wasn’t angry and even found a step for such a stubborn person in a different manner. “Okay, this is the application form that the president asked me to bring to you. If you are willing to come to our Abilities Association, I will take special care of you as the vice-president. Then it probably won’t be so appropriate to refuse.”

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

Recently, a number of associations had started to issue ‘new recruitment’ notices. As the highest level student organization in the school, Yi Jiamu had naturally heard of the Sublime Star Abilities Association.

In fact, Yi Jiamu’s main purpose behind studying in Sublime Star was to be able to participate in the examination to gain an ability master qualification certificate. Therefore, it was indeed best to find a student organization to fight for one of the corresponding test placement spots. In this regard, the Abilities Association had a unique advantage. It was just that only those who had a top-ranking ability were qualified to join it. It didn’t seem friendly to a student like him who was from the School of Theory.

He never expected that Gu Yesheng would directly give him the registration form. lDp0Ea

Yi Jiamu reminded him. “I’m a student of the School of Theory.”

As far as he knew, the Sublime Star Abilities Association never had a student of the School of Theory as a member.

“I know.” Gu Yesheng leaned over and gently tapped the bottom of the form with his fingers, his breath touching Yi Jiamu’s ear. “That’s why the job assigned by the president is the assistant of the association.”

Yi Jiamu’s eyes followed the slender fingertips and he clearly saw this note. “An assistant means?” x6XtNd

Gu Yesheng smiled, placed a hand on Yi Jiamu’s shoulder and compared the numbers. “It means every month, you will get this much as a salary.”

Yi Jiamu blinked. A light flashed in his eyes and he nodded happily. “I will join.”

Gu Yesheng saw the series of expression changes and in the end, he couldn’t help lying against Yi Jiamu’s shoulder while laughing. “I knew you would like this job.”

The author has something to say: xpm9 3

Night Narcissus: The child is so weak. He needs my protection.

Mumu: It isn’t useful…

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