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This Omega is Immune to All AbilitiesChapter 12


The next day, Yi Jiamu only had half a day of lessons. Since the nutrients for Cici in his space had run out, he was ready to go to the city. Due to it being emphasized repeatedly in the class group last night, Sang Bei felt a bit uneasy and proposed to accompany Yi Jiamu. However, he was rejected very simply.

“No, I can go by myself.’ dPHKDy

There was no way and Sang Bei could only emphasize. “Then you must come back early. If something happens on the road, send me a text message directly. I will rush out first… uh, rush to the police station and call for the patrols to help you!”

Yi Jiamu was silent for a moment but he couldn’t help saying, “Shouldn’t you be hoping that I’m fine?”’

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

Sang Bei thought this was indeed the case and smiled bitterly. “Have a safe trip!”

Yi Jiamu took the school’s space vehicle to the nearest station. Then he changed to a suspension train and headed to the nearest large flower market. Unfortunately, the nutrient solution used for Cici was quite special. He asked a few places and they didn’t have what he wanted. DnrAEM

He was feeling distressed when a store owner handed him a business card with a smile. “Child, the nutrient solution you want is rarely used. We don’t sell this type of item at an ordinary flower market. You can ask this store. They have cooperated with the star-level Abilities Association and might have some stock of this energy-type nutrient solution.”

Yi Jiamu took the business card and thanked the store owner. Then he directly called the communicator number.

The one who answered the call was a soft-spoken customer service girl who listened to him very patiently before telling him that they did sell this nutrient solution. However, this product was limited in the number of purchases and required the purchaser to come and register in person.

Yi Jiamu smiled politely. “Thank you, I will come now.”


The location of the store on the business card was relatively remote and closer to the main activity area of the ability masters. Even though the highly civilized Doya Galaxy widely promoted the space car, it still took a lot of time.

By the time the satisfied Yi Jiamu bought the nutrient solution, he saw the sky was darkening and simply stayed outside for dinner. Night had fallen when he returned to school. Due to yesterday’s attacks, the number of students walking outside was clearly much less than usual. The dim street lights were cold as they shone on the ground and it was quite deserted.

Yi Jiamu looked down at his communicator and saw that Sang Bei had asked him multiple times when he was coming back. In the end, he replied: [I’ll be there soon.]

Then as he put his communicator in his pocket, his steps paused imperceptibly. It was the gaze that had stared at him previously. It fell clearly on his back and showed some bad intentions. zM5jrO

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Yi Jiamu was now on a secluded school road. He didn’t know if it was a coincidence but today he couldn’t see anyone. There was still a long way to go before he reached the dormitory building. The night wind was high and this seemed to be the best place to kill people.

Lf kjixfv obgkjgv obg j ktlif jcv ugjvejiis, ecvlruelrfv obbarafqr kfgf tfjgv yftlcv tlw. Ktlr kjrc’a j raevfca qjrrlcu ys. Coafg jii, atf wegvfgber lcafcalbcr mbeivc’a yf mbcmfjifv. Tl Aljwe vlvc’a ibbx yjmx yea tf mbeiv gbeutis lcofg atja atfgf kfgf rfnfc bg fluta qfbqif. Vfflcu atja tf kjr ralii rb mjreji, rbwfbcf olcjiis rafqqfv eq jcv rabqqfv lc ogbca bo tlw klat j rwlif. “Olaaif rmtbbi ygbatfg, vb sbe wlcv mtjaalcu klat atlr rfclbg.”

Yi Jiamu looked up at the other person. This costume looked gentle and elegant. If there weren’t so many people behind him then it would really seem like an ordinary conversation.

Yi Jiamu obviously didn’t want to talk. “Can I refuse?” ye8hQl

The senior student sneered and in the blink of an eye, there was a bright dagger in his hand. “What do you think?”

Yi Jiamu was silent before reluctantly nodding. “Okay, then talk quickly.”

It seemed they thought he was too naive. The people following him couldn’t help laughing. “It won’t just be fast. We will also be very light.”

Moments later, Yi Jiamu was led to a narrow alley by these people. At the same time, he was surrounded and could clearly see what this group looked like. Apart from the senior student who had talked to him, all the others were wearing clothes of a hooligan from head to toe. They should be the gangsters giving the school a headache. TV0ZDO

Yi Jiamu observed them before looking at the senior student again. He didn’t quite understand why a student of Sublime Star would be mixed up with these people.

The senior student noticed Yi Jiamu’s gaze and played with the dagger in his hand. “Little school brother, don’t look at me like that. Who told you to stand out and make my School of Combat lose so badly? There is always a price to pay for being too proud.”

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

His eyes swept over Yi Jiamu’s face and he shook his head regrettably. “It is a pity that you’re such a beautiful omega.”

Yi Jiamu watched him indifferently while finally understanding. FNtdbY

No wonder why all the students who were attacked were from the School of Theory. It turned out that the reporting failure had hit the School of Combat in the face. Some people couldn’t swallow this and wanted to use tricks to teach a lesson.

The gangsters became impatient. “Why are you talking so much nonsense here?”

The senior student smiled. “What does it matter? Once his memory is wiped, he won’t remember anything.”

It turned out that they were so fearless because one of them had the ability to wipe memories. The senior student wanted to keep talking but he was picked up by the collar and thrown unceremoniously to the side. oFxd4B

The man who did it was burly and had an elongated scar on his face. He walked to Yi Jiamu and almost completely covered Yi Jiamu’s body with his shadow. “You talk too much. Didn’t you hear this kid say he was in a hurry?”

Yi Jiamu was covered by the man’s shadow. He looked up and calmly smiled. “Yes, I’m in a hurry.”

Cici was still waiting for his nutrient solution in the dormitory.

No one expected that at this time, the weak little omega could still be so calm. They couldn’t help falling silent for a moment. VWRtBA

Then they saw Yi Jiamu show a harmless smile. “So, are you going to come one by one or together?”


At the same time, Gu Yesheng and Lu Zexiu just came out of the rest room of the school’s Abilities Association.

Just like in previous years, this was the time for major organizations to recruit new students. The school’s Abilities Association represented the highest level in Sublime Star and this time of year was naturally very important to them. PJv3kd

Lu Zexiu had always set a good example as the president and required perfection in all details. As for Gu Yesheng, he might have the name of vice-president but he just slept on the sofa for the whole day. He was selling his face.

Gu Yesheng rubbed his messy hair. “It’s strange. Why are there so few people on the road today?”

Lu Zexiu told him, “There was a new announcement released by the school yesterday. Someone is attacking the students of our school so everyone should return to their dormitories as soon as possible.”

“Oh yeah, I saw it.” Gu Yesheng remembered. “I heard they were caused by some gangsters mixing in? Che, these wastes have come back!” Ka0Sdp

Lu Zexiu’s eyes lowered. “They are disturbing the school system. They must be taken seriously.”

Gu Yesheng looked at his grim expression and laughed. “Why? Are you planning to take care of it?”

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Lu Zexiu raised his eyebrows. “All matters involving Sublime Star should be taken seriously by our association.”

Gu Yesheng was speechless. “…Don’t die because you’re so busy.” 1dO0BS

They were walking when they saw a few people in a hurry. Their words fell into the two people’s ears.

“Those people just now, it is those bastards right?”

“Doesn’t it matter that they took a classmate away? Do you want to…”

“Why are you thinking? They are all ruthless people. Don’t be nosy! It is enough to report it to the police office!” d1nc 9

“But… the police office is quite far from here. Will it be too late?”

“Listen to me, don’t worry about things you can’t handle.”

“Speaking of which, there’s one more thing I’m concerned about. Don’t you think that silver-white hair is familiar?”

“Yes. Now that you said this, the person who was taken away seems to be…” 7j Bs6

The panicked people were directly stopped by Gu Yesheng. They saw his face and their expressions changed.

Gu Yesheng’s eyes were drooping lazily and his mouth was curved up in a smile that didn’t seem to be a smile. His eyes were deep. “Excuse me, I just overheard you. Where did you say you saw the silver-haired classmate?”

Just then, a deep chill filled the surroundings.

The students couldn’t help shaking. They pointed and stuttered. “Ov… over there. We just saw that classmate being taken into that alley.” k9nvI4

Gu Yesheng patted the person’s shoulder in a soothing manner and he had an unclear smile when he looked at Lu Zexiu. “President, the business you want is here.”

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